About Diamond

Diamond born in 1893 at Howrah (adjacent of Calcutta, now Kolkata) had spontaneous innumerable divine realizations since his childhood and ultimately attained supremacy through the process of Raj joga in his body thus being transformed into every human being’s own self as described in Upanishads written thousands and thousands of years ago.

He is seen by innumerable people without being heard or seen. Afterwards, somehow or other, they come, see and corroborate. It is their consciousness or lifepower which assumes the form of the ‘Diamond’ and they see him ultimately leading every human being towards perfectness and giving divine peace and happiness.

Download Introduction of ‘Religion and Realisation’ written by ‘Diamond picked up in the street’.

Diamond Wrote two books ‘Religion and Realisation’ in two versions, one in Bengali, another in English based on his personal realisations and mearly reading this book innumerable people see him in dreams.

This book is available for free download in this website.

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