About Me

I, Dr. Dipak Pramanik, a professional Horticulturist cum landscape designer was fortunate to come in contact with Diamond in 1959, when I was 18 years old , just completing Intermediate college term. But after 3 years due to higher study I was disconnected. But after long 10 years in 1972 one night he appeared in my dream and forecasted about my future,which came true in the long run and ultimately changed my way of life throwing me into the ocean of his

world with 700 divine dreams till now.

For long 38 years I have been associated with a magazine publishing innumerable divine dreams with interpretations.

For the last 10 years I am also publishing another magazine on this aspect and published 11 books on ‘Diamond’s sayings, realisations divine dreams with interpretations.

Books Written by me:

Lost Man Lost Man-Lifelong spiritual realisations of Diamond to achieve the state of Godhood and its effects on human race are compiled in this book.
He Mahajiban – The experiences of numerous people at the first meeting with Diamond and after effects are compiled in this book.
Eternal sayings– A compilation of spiritual sayings of Diamond from different diaries.
Ritam Badisyami-Daily spiritual conversations of Diamond as recorded by Ramkrishna ghosh in his diary are compiled.
Yogic interpretations of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna– The yogic interpretations given daily by Diamond are compiled from different diaries.
Sri Sri Jibankrishna sangsraya– Daily spiritual conversations of Diamond recorded in the diary of Anath Mondal are compiled in this book.
Vinay Satak– The diary on regular spiritual conversations of Diamond as written by Vinay Mukherji is edited.
Kato katha pare mone– A diary written by Ananda Mohan Ghosh on daily spiriritual conversatiopns of Diamond is edited.
Kadamtalar katha– A diary written by Khagen Ghosh on daily spiritual conversations of Diamond is edited.
Swapnerswarnath– Special issue of a magazine run by Dr D Pramanik which includes numerous divine dreams of people throughout the world.
Beyond Upanishad– Experiences and narrations on the basis of Upanishads by Diamond as well as beyond Upanishads are compiled.
Tales of Divine Dreams-Divine dreams interpretations by Diamond are compiled in this book.