Diamond & Me

Diamond, born in 1893 at Howrah town near Calcutta, India was astrange phenomenon on earth which started in our country in early part of 20th century when numerous people began to see him in dreams at his 7 years age. At 12 years 4 months divine realisations started spontaneously within him proving that he was so born. As he was born with separated soul and body, so people saw him in dreams from his childhood and narrated these dreams after 25-30 years though these used to happen without his knowledge.

The most mysterious part of such phenomenon is that even after his demise in 1967, innumerable people irrespective of religion, sex and age see him in their dreams. Not only so, he appears in physical body before many people.Later on, they see his photo and identify.

Seeing this Holy man in dreams the seers get their body purified, their thinking and feeling purified,they get their God-the-Preceptor, they see God’s light,they get themselves transformed into God and finally they see the descent of God assuming the form of this Supreme man in them. But all these happenings come to pass through sheer grace of God.

Another interesting part of this phenomenon is that, he wrote two books ‘Religion and Realisation’ in two versions, one in Bengali ,another in English based on his personal realisations and mearly reading this book innumerable people see him in dreams.

Diamond clarified the mystery of the appearance in dreams thus; The seer’s lifepower without any knowledge of the seer himself making her way to the cerebrum,assumes the human form, comes down and appears in the causal body of the blessed man.

Why this man appears in dreams? Because he is a marked man. This mark has been given to him by the Supreme One from within. He attains this Supreme One in whom He expresses Himself . It means spontaneous expression of the Supreme One from within.

At the age of 18 in the year 1959, Dipak had the opportunity of being in contact with ‘Diamond’ at Howrah. For three years he had been in touch with Diamond and then due to higher study he became detached from Diamond and again after 5 years of Diamond’s demise at 74 years of age, a peculiar dream brought Dipak back to the world of Diamond and divine dreams, mainly based on Upanishads. Since 1972 innumerable strange dreams used to appear in him and recorded systematically date wise with interpretations appearing in him spontaneously.