Diamond and My Diary of Divine Dreams

Diamond and My Diary of Divine Dreams

Vol-2, January 2011


Dream No-2:  In the last part of 1959, I saw Diamond first in my dream. He was seated on his cot at his residence. This was my achievement of God-the-Preceptor in the form of Diamond who guided and taught me numerous lesions on yoga throughout my life as will be revealed gradually.


Dream No-3:  In the year 1964, in my dream I felt a snake bite and realized that the death was knocking at the door though, surprisingly, I felt no pain. When I was on the verge of death, suddenly my dream went off and I woke up.

[The meaning of this dream was realized after 10 long years when I understood that this was a touch of ‘Sthita Samadhi’( when the scattered life-power within a human body gets collected and assembles in the cerebrum and it gives the touch of death), though, by the grace of God-the-Preceptor the seer overcomes death to attend a new and higher spiritual life.

After this dream there was a long gap for eight years when I had no realizations except being busy with my service and research work.

Then in the year 1972, one dream completely changed my way of life and this will be an interesting story in the world of divine dreams.