Diamond and the Amazing Facts about Dreams

Diamond and the Amazing Facts about Dreams


H. Hiramanik, Kolkata

A few years back my friend and colleague Mr. J. N. Batliwala suggested that I would find much pleasure to meet a Rajyogi whose company he had been enjoying for a long time. After a few days we made an appointment and went to him. He was Sri Jibankrishna (Diamond). I was greatly impressed at the very first meeting. Mr. Batliwala has held many divine dreams after he came in contact with Sri Jibankrishna. In that sense I am quite poor. But I have one experience. Whenever I speak of Him I see Him before my eyes. The Master used to say that it had a great significance.

I feel that there is a treasure in Him which should be unfolded to the world for the benefit of the whole human race.


My friend Mr. Batliwala proposed to me to translate ‘Religion and Realization’ by Diamond Picked up in the street’ into Hindi. At that time I agreed with some hesitation. In spite of my having faith in religion, I did not want to confine the literature and the poet in me in the narrow boundaries of religion. Yet, I wanted to see the pious author of this book. After having a talk with him, I was impressed to get ready for the translation work. As I read it, I mystic world was growing around.

When I reached the 3rd chapter of the book in the journey of translation and began to mediate on the Vedic lore.’ Jyotih Upasampadya,’ I felt a wonderful kind of sensation in me. All on a sudden the words’what are you doing’seem to ring in my ears. Raising my eyes, I saw an old snow-coloured, heavenly figure with God’s light. He pointed to something and said, ’See! There is he!’ At that moment, I lost the vision and saw only endless blue sky with thick clouds at some places; and in the middle of that I saw a flood of light thousand and thousand times brighter than the sun at the zenith This dramatic sight lasted only for a few seconds. What was it, I do not know myself. Even I did not want to express this myself.

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