Diamond and the Amazing Facts about Dreams and Reality

Diamond and the Amazing Facts about Dreams and Reality

Vol-2, January, 2011


-Jahangir Batliwala, Kolkata

I first came to Diamond (Sri Jibankrishna) on 1st December, 1956. The manner in which he received me, a stranger, charmed me very much. It seemed that I was a close relation of his. His words were an added attraction. The words were simple but very forceful. I felt in him a dynamic personality which made me almost spellbound. I listened with rapt attention. The small room in which he was living was packed to capacity. The men were sitting on the floor in traditional Indian style. All seemed very alert. Perhaps they were not ready to miss a single word of his. One gentleman was reading out from a big Bengali book. Later on I came to know that it was Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita and contained conversation of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa with his devotees. Diamond was giving his yogic commentaries on the words of Sri Ramkrishna. He was sitting on his bedstead. When I entered the room everybody made room for me. He received me very cordially and asked me to take my seat by his side. I hesitatingly agreed on his persuation. The reading was stopped and Diamond started talking to me. Afterwards I came to know that every newcomer was treated in the same way. The reading was resumed after some time.

I have got to say so many things about this strange man. I have no doubt that he himself is God. I have come to this conclusion after mixing with him for a long time and having had my realizations in dreams along with other members of my family by his grace. Out of a large number of such dreams I have selected only a few.

My divine dreams

18th December, 1956, Tuesday.

At about 4-30 a.m., I saw a bust figure of prophet Zoroaster while lying flat on my bed. This was my third divine dream after I came in contact with Diamond.

12th January, 1957, Saturday.

I saw in a dream the Master seated on his bed in a corner. He spoke out emphatically,’Get ready within a few months.’ I saluted him and left the room.

11th July, 1957,Thursday.

II saw in a dream the Master came to my house only with dhoti on. I stood by him. He addressed me in Bengali, ’Daaran Mosai’ (Please wait Sir) and then proceeded to a person standing a few yards away near whom a body with a child in her arms was also standing.

17th July, 1959, Saturday.

There was a difference of 3n.p in ledger No11 which I used to check. On the 17th night, in dream, I heard one saying that the 3n.p difference was to be found in the posting of the 10th inst. On Monday the 19th inst., at 10 o’clock I attended office and began calling out the items of the 10th inst. To my utter surprise, I found out that an entry of Rs 315.85 n.p was posted as Rs 315.88 n.p. When other officers asked me how I managed to find out the difference so quickly, I told them that God told me in dream to see the posting of the 10th inst. This is how God (Diamond) reveals to a man that the universe is within him.

Sometimes I see that the Master is reclining on the bed. It seems that he is moving. I touch my stomach; I feel as if it is his and so on.


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