Diamond and the Amazing Facts about Dreams and Reality


DIAMOND’S ACTION  AFTER HIS DEATH :  This dream occurred with Amarendra Nath Sasmal Of DumDum,Kolkata in between January and May,1998.

Amarendra had been composing and printing our Bengali magazine for a long time. Whenever he went to compose, seeing the dreams of different people he used to repent why he did not see such dreams. In the meantime due to his bad work for 117th issue he was going to be terminated from his contact.

It was 6th April, 1998, being worried he went to bed at night and had a dream- Diamond had come to him along with Lord Krishna and Shiva. Diamond told him,’What you are doing, carry on. See only that  the work is of good quality.’ The dream went off. Waking up in the morning he felt a great relief with a great joy in mind after seeing Diamond in dream.[Diamond expired in 1967.]


( By Rebati Mohan Poddar)

That might be a month of December,1966 or January,1967, I can’t just remember. It was about 8-30 a.m, I was reading a newspaper sitting in my friend’s medical chamber. In the meantime Dr Manoranjan Saha entered into the chamber. We had some discussions about the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’(Religion and Realization) written by Diamond. During the discussion I narrated to him a dream seen a few days back. Hearing this dream he said,’Oh, you have advanced so much! Come one day to our Patachakra’(Where Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Dharma-O-Anubhuti books are read regularly by a group of devotees). But I did not get the opportunity of going there. One day seeing me Doctor said,’whyyou didn’t come?’ I felt a bit shy. Then after a few days I went there and thereafter I began to go there for quite a few days for hearing reading of ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti.’ Then one day I had a dream which is as follows: I was walking alone on a wide road of Kolkata. Suddenly somebody from the backside pushed me forward against my will and took me to a Dentist’s chamber where one of my teeth was uprooted by the Dentist. Then that unknown man placed me on his lap and began to fan me with a hand fan and then my dream went off.

Next day I narrated this dream among the devotees of the reading place, Some found connections between that unknown man of the dream and the writer of the book’Dharma-O-Anubhuti. I got curious and took the address of the writer. And one day at 2p.m I went to that address at Betaitala,Sibpur, Howrah. Looking at me through the window one placid looking old man said,’Come my boy, come! Then as soon as I entered the room, holding my hands seated me on his cot beside him. With great shyness and hesitation touching my head on his knees I paid my honour to him. Keeping his hands on my head he uttered,’Peace! Peace! Peace!’ I told him about my dream. Hearing it he said,’Have you ever seen that man who took you to the Dentist in your dream?’ I said,’No! I didn’t.’ He shouted,’How do you recognize him? Did anybody ever recognize God?’ Hearing this I lifted my face and looked at him. What a surprise! This is the same man, who forcibly took me to the Dentist in my dream! So long I did not watch him properly. I was puzzled with a great surprise. Then I narrated to him some of my dreams seen previously and then asked him some questions.

Question1-Whwther I should take bath in the river ganges?

Diamond- It will keep your body fit.

Question2-Whether I should  read Gita(Hindu religious book of great importance)?

Diamond-If you love you read.

Question3- There are some yearly worships of some gods and goddess. If I do not maintain, Should I be guilty?

Diamond- Whom do you worship? You are He(God)

After a while Gopal Roy came. Then reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna started. At one place it was mentioned that Keshab Chandra Sen was ill and Sri Ramkrishna was going to see him. Hearing this, Diamond said to me,’You see, this is the automatic connection! Keshab Sen was ill and Sri Ramkrishna was going to see him, and in your dream you had problem in your teeth, your treatment was made in God’s hospital!’

With great peace in mind I returned home.


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