Diamond and the amazing facts about dreams and reality

Vol 8,Aug,2011

I have seen Diamond in physical body before I meet him

Upendranath Mukherjee, Kolkata

It was 1954, one day after my work I was returning home by a bus accompanied by a friend. I was in a stinging posture and a very health man wearing Punjabi and dhoti was seated in front my seat. I had various rings on my fingers. Noticing these he said. ‘What are the uses of these, what will these benefit you’?

He added, ‘it is good to recite Gayatri hymns’ of course I used to perform it that time. So I took this comment very gladly. But at the same I was a bit surprised with the thoughts, that I was a Brahmin and recite these hymns, how could he know it! However, after a while when his side sit became vacant, I sat there and asked him, ‘where do you live’? He said, ‘why’? I said, ‘I shall meet you later on? He answered, ‘when time will come, you will? Later on I got down from the bus. My companion asked me, ‘the man with whom you were talking a seemed to be peculiar?

Later on my younger brother took me to Diamond. When introduced by him, he said, ‘I know’? Then he said, ‘are you seeking god? He is within you. In the realistic world you have so many works, you have no time. But when you sleep, god will come and talk to you’.

Thereafter I used to go to him sometimes alone, sometimes in groups.

One day I went to him. Two or three people were in the room at that time. Due to mosquitoes the resins were on fire below his cot. He took his loose Punjabi from the bracket on the wall and put it on. As soon as he did it, it flashed in my mind, ‘Oh! This is the same man I saw in the bus with the same dress and told me that when time would come. I would meet him. But I did not enquire because I thought perhaps he went to that place at that time. But after a day I could not but ash him, ‘do you go to that side’? He said, ‘no, no, every 3 months interval I go to Calcutta Corporation Office, otherwise don’t go anywhere why you are asking like that’? I then narrated the incident of meeting him in the bus. Hearing this he said, ‘no! God took my form and talked to you that day. That form came out of your body.’ Hearing this I became perplexed and said nothing.

Later on by his grace I experienced many realizations through dreams getting him as my god-the-Preceptor. One day I had a dream in which I saw the huge sun and a black shadow fell on it. After a while small lockets began to emerge from the sun and spread away everywhere. I saw the image of Diamond in every locket.

One day I saw seated in my shop and with open eyes I saw Diamond sitting in the cloud. Thus innumerable divine dreams about him had enriched me giving perpetual peace and joy in my life.

Diamond’s action after his death

Mrs Bela chakrabarty resides at Baguiati, Kolkata. She has a neighbor named Kamala. Mrs Biva Das used to read Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O- Anubhuti’ regularly in his residence. Mrs Chakrabarty also uses to go there often and she likes to hear the reading. Within a few days she started to have divine dreams. A few are narrated in her own version.

1) I saw in my dream that I was standing on the steps of the river Ganges at Dakshinaswar near Kolkata. At that moment an unknown person was seen swimming in the Ganges. Seeing me he said, ’’Come and swim with me.’ I felt very shy and thought how could I swim with an unknown person!’ And moreover I had no practice of swimming for a long period. So I told him, ’I shall take an earthen jug and with this support I shall swim.’ I started swimming. After a while I got up and crossing a bridge I came to the road. There  I saw Biva and many other ladies of the reading centre. I became joyous when I saw them. All of us took snacks at a shop and then returned home.

After this dream I started attending Biva’s reading centre regularly.

[The meaning of the dream is such- Unknown man is God who is calling her for swimming which means the seer will experience divine realizations by the grace of God. Seeing others in dream means the growing attractions for others.]

2) I was sleeping in the afternoon. I dreamt that Biva was telling me, ’Bela, will you not go to the reading centre?’ I woke up and went to the reading centre.

3) I dreamt that I had gone to somebody’s house whom in reality I used to call sister. I saw her worshiping an idol. Whichever room I was entering, I was seeing idols in every room. I stayed there the whole day. In the evening, when I was coming out, I saw a person with and shirt. He came to me and said, ‘You should come again.’ I told him, ‘You will also come.’ But he did not answer. I guessed that he might be Diamond. Here the dream was off. Afterwards seeing Diamond’s photo I recognized that person in my dream to be Diamond.

[In dream the seer has got Diamond as her God-the-Preceptor.]

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