Diamond and the amazing facts about dreams and reality

Vol-1, December, 2010



In the year 1893, a new era in the spiritual world has begun when a child was born at Howrah Town near Calcutta(kolkata). From his very childhood divine realisations began

to manifest within his body. At 12 years4months age the first Vedic Truth revealed within him with the appearance of God-the-Preceptor in his dream and thereafter numerous realisations started within his body with ultimate result of visualising ‘Atman’ or ‘Soul’ or ‘God’ at his 24years 8months age followed by innumerable realisations.

As a result, he was being seen in dreams among countless people irrespective of religions, sexes and ages in many parts of the country without his knowledge. Afterwards people narrated their dreams and identified him. In recent years, he is also being seen by many people throughout the world.

Such phenomenon was mentioned in Upanishads, but without citing any proof. We are quite fortunate to witness such phenomenon in our life as will be revealed gradually from numerous examples.

My first meeting with Diamond and the amazing experience in London:

Dr. Subrata Banerjee, 1879 Jahns Drive, Wheaton, U.S.A

It was September, 1964. My elderly Mr Dhiren Roy was taking me to a Holy man named Jibankrishna(Diamond) at Howrah Town, saying,’ This is the second person in the world religious history who has seen God after Sri Ramkrishna’. I could not believe but went with him.

Ultimately we entered into a lane and reached the house. I saw that an old man was seated on his cot- stout, strongly built body, eyes deep, bright like a yogi.

Somebody was reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and he was explaining its inner meanings from time to time. One time, he asked me where I saw any divine dreams. But I could not answer as I had no idea what divine dreams were

However, my first dreams after his meeting was such: In the same night of my meeting Diamond, I saw that Diamond himself was reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna sitting within a Temple. I got God-the-Preceptor within myself according to Diamond’s version.

Thereafter, I had lots of dreams in my life. But the most memorable incident was when I was in London in 1967. Diamond himself write a lecture for me for the Theosophical Society of London. It was on Universal One and Oneness. Then the day came. Mr Asamanja Mukherjee alongwith Mr Binay Roy my friend and devotee and another gentleman were with me in the hall. For 40 minutes I read the lecture and

everybody became joyous. About 50-60 audiences were present and many of them were asking questions which I answered quietly. Then one of the audiences who was a British lady(40-45years old) came forward and said, ‘ you see, I was seeing the illuminated face of this holy man on your forehead and even now I am seeing two illuminated faces of the

holy man on your right forehead, though the other one on your left forehead was not clear.’ Hearing this I bowed her and almost lost my speech with joy and surprise.

This is the first time in the world that such phenomenon happened when during lecture about someone his face is seen on the forehead of the lecturer specially when the seer have not seen the writer’s figure.

Hearing this through my letter, Diamond made comments,’ tillto-day Brahma’or God was a visible one through mind’s eye. Do you know what is the meaning of the appearance of my face on Subrata’s forehead? This has surpassed all religious books, realisations and any other religious theories and expressed in reality. Did I know anything about all these? Did I know that my image would be seen by myriads of people? I have been merely a spectator throughout my life for all these mysteries.

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