Diamond the image of future universal oneness

Diamond – an image of Universal Oneness

Volume -10, September, 2011


“God – the – Preceptor assumes human form, appears before you, blesses you and says, ‘you will attain god – head’. God in the body takes this unknown or by-gone human form, selects you as a bridegroom, in other words makes your body a playground for his blissful and joyous sports.

He teaches you the whole course of ‘Rajyago’, the emanation and transformation of God through the five sheaths or the seventh planes into the Supreme Bliss.

Sri RamKrishna says, ‘Without the bliss of God – the – Preceptor, there cannot be any upward progress’. This upward progress means the upward motion of the life power in a man that is, waking of life power and her march in the seventh plane. “Without the attainment of God – the – Preceptor, the life power does not wake up. There cannot be any realizations without life power being wakened up.

The attainment of God – the – Preceptor is a kind of transformation into God – with – Form as God in the body assumes that form out of sheet mercy.”

Among various measures God – the – Preceptor expresses himself in the body as an unknown man as one of the measure, ‘Unknown man’ means the human form of God – the – Preceptor whom you did not see before; but afterwards you will be coming to know everything about him.

My Diary of Divine Dreams

Volume – 10, September, 2011


21)    16th, September, 1972.  Early morning dream :  I was standing alone on a place . Suddenly a serpent jumped on my back and sticking all alone my spinal cord gradually opened her fan on my head. Without any fear I stood still. And then the serpent moved away and jumped on the ground in front of me.

After this incident I went to Diamond and saw a number of devotees seated around him. I felt that I went to him after a long gap. One of the devotees was reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and Diamond was giving explanations as he used to do in his lifetime.

Diamond was seated on his cot and I also sat on the floor in front of him . After a while Diamond started conversation with me.

Me –See, as I did my Ph. D. course, so I was deprived of your companion and missed such a great phenomenon.

Diamond—No, No, my boy! It is good that you have got a footing.

Me—When I used to come to you long time back, I was a bit immature. I could not understand you and your sayings.

Diamond—See, it does not matter. You know that you were a teenager at that time and it is a natural habit for that age. Don’t worry for that.

Meanwhile I noticed that everybody was leaving the room one by one. Diamond came down from his cot and sat on the floor in front of me. He was looking very joyous. I thought that I had been chatting with him so long, let me tell him that I was incapable of doing meditation. But I felt very uneasy to beg something from him as this was my natural habit in reality also.

Another thought came in my mind that he had expired 5 years ago, but looking so joyous and rejuvenated! Moreover I was having him in front of me, so why should I need meditation?

Then I told him, ‘so long I did not come to you, I should never do such mistake. The Puja (Worship ceremony of goddess Durga in Bengali culture) holiday is knocking at the doo, I shall come to you at noon and stay full time’. He gave a sweet smile and said,’ yes you do that’. The dream then off.

[The first scene indicated that kundalini, in the form of snake is awakened within the seer.

The second scene indicated that all the happenings happened in the real life of the seer are being wiped out by God-the-Preceptor from the seer’s mind through consolation.]



22)   6th December,  1972, Wednesday .   Early morning dream :  I had gone to Howrah town (adjacent to Calcutta where Diamond used to reside) . But with a great surprise, I noticed that most of the old buildings had been demolished substituted by new ones. Everything was looking attractive with lakes, gardens, modern architectural buildings . I went on thinking that henceforth I should stay here permanently.

However, I also noticed that the lane where one of my friend Nisith (who took me to Diamond in reality) used to reside became widened and I was sitting in a Doctor’s Chamber just at the entrance of the lane (in reality it was so). Suddenly I saw that Diamond came and sat beside me. I began to read Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna so that he could hear it : I had also some conversations with him in between reading. Diamond looked very joyous and I felt very happy seeing him after a long gap . But I was feeling guilty for having a long gap of meeting him (which happened in reality) . So I asked him, ‘well, since I left you, you must have  forgotten me’ !

Diamond—What are you saying! Why should I not remember you!

Me—You have never seen me within you in trance, then I am not your close associate!

Diamond—Oh, No! No! who said this to you!

While saying these to me, he continued patting on my body. Meanwhile he went out to the corridor. I kept sitting holding the book in my hand. Suddenly I noticed that my elder brother was also seated there.  However, I thought that before Diamond’s departure, I should pay my salute on his feet. But at this moment suddenly I woke up and thought that the dream remained incomplete. Let me sleep again to see the last part of my dream and so I slept again and saw in the dream that Diamond again had come to me in the same place as before. This time he was standing on the corridor (as he did in the previous dream) and continued our conversations.

Me— You know that I had a dream. Diamond came forward and said, ’say, what you have dreamt’. I narrated the same dream seen in my first dream and asked, ‘well, is this dream signifying my reflection of mind’? With a smiling face he said, ‘I shall say something to you’. But he did not say anything and went away. The dream went off.

[ Firstly, the dream was a corroboration of the saying  811 of the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond based on his personal reflections . (vide dream no 5).

Secondly, this was the first experience in dream where I narrated the previous scene in the next one.]


Volume -10, September, 2011

My first experience with Diamond

Patit Paban Dutta, Howrah.

It was 1956 when I used to go to Dr. Nitai Patra’s Homeo dispensary very frequently. Sometimes he used to talk about spiritualism. One day he proposed to me, ‘will you go to a saint’? I asked, ‘Does he regard Holy Mother Kali’? he answered with negation and said, ‘he used to read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna giving explanations on it’. I did not like it and disagreed.

I was an employee in Calcutta Telephone. That was Wednesday, 15th June, 1956. After my morning shift in the office I returned home and went to bed after finished my bath and lunch. It was 2-00 PM. to 2-30 PM. Suddenly my sleep was disrupted and saw a light was illuminating from my body. It was only 3-00 PM then I go nervous and thought whether it happened due to my negative attitude to Doctor. However, then and there I rushed to Doctor’s  house  and said ‘let’s go to that man where you proposed to take me’. He was then preparing himself for buying medicines from Calcutta. He told me, ‘go alone. It will be same to go there with or without me. No introduction is necessary. And if you go with me, you will have to wait till tomorrow’. So, I decided to wait till tomorrow.

It was 16th June, 1956. Thursday, at 2-00 PM, I first met Diamond at 12, Kedar Deuti Lane, Howrah. He was then seated on his cot. There were four persons sitting on floor. One old man named P. P. Singha Roy was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. Diamond called me with a very affectionate voice, ‘come, my boy, come and sit!’ I have never heard such sweet tone from anyone. Then with a smiling  face asked  me, ‘Have you ever dreamt? If so, tell me.’ I said, ‘Yes, many days back I saw goddess sitala.’ Hearing this he was happy and said, ‘It is good. It means the Holy Mother is pouring her grace upon you’. There were many conversations, but now nothing I could remember.

As I saw him in my first dream seen on 1st July, 1956 is such – I was ascending in my office by wooden steps. These were so narrow that I was not feeling comfortable. Then I met one my aunt. I asked her, ‘why these steps are so narrow’? She answered, ‘It was constructed according to your uncle’s wish’. However, after a while I reached the second floor and pissed there. Then reaching to the topmost room saw that Diamond was lying there. He told me to sit near him and explained something on Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. Then I said, ‘it is mentioned in Bhaktamal (a religious book about Sri Krishna’s sportive forms) that he was eating a jackfruit.’ Hearing this he patted all my body even up to my leg with his hands. I said to him, ‘you are a nobleman. What is the cause of touching my leg’? Then as soon as I was going to pay my honor to him, he moved on his side and said, ‘ Do you say Sri Ramkrishna’s name to anybody’? I said, ‘I don’t as you will be displeased.’ Then he gave me the orders to say about Sri Ramkrishna’s name to people. At this moment my dream went off.

Diamond’s after-death appearance in dreams and reality

(Dr Dipak Kumar Pramanik)


Mr Ajit Kejriwal of Kolkata is a friend of mine and he sees many divine dreams. It was 19th September, 2009, I had been to his residence for discussion about Diamond. He narrated to me a strange dream seen by his grandson Anuj Neharia((his daughter’s son) when he was only 5. Now he is 8years old. His narration runs thus:

One day my grandson Anuj told me, ’You know grandpa, one day I was dreaming that God took me in the sky and flew in many places. Then He asked me pointing to many houses beneath,’ which house you would go?’ Pointing to a particular house I said, ’I would go to that house.’ Then He took me to that house and disappeared. At that moment another old man took me inside the house.’

Then Ajit said,’ My grandson saw this dream three years ago. On 19th September, 2009 my wife (Renu) asked him,’Which god did you see in your dream?’ He then showed the photo of Sri Ramkrishna and Diamond (Jibankrishna) hanging against the wall and pointing on Sri Ramkrishna’s  photo said, ’this old man was flying in the sky with me.’ Then he again pointed out Diamond’s photo and said,’ This old man took me inside the house.’

My wife said, ’ But you said that He was God?’ Anuj answered,’ Why, is not God old?’ The most mysterious part is that Anuj neither saw Diamond’s photo nor heard anything about Diamond before.

This incident happened after 42 years of Diamond’s demise.


Manindra Nayek resides at Dum Dum, Kolkata. For a long time he has been composing our magazine ‘Kurie Powa Manik’(Diamond picked up in the street). This magazine deals with divine dreams and publishing different diaries on Diamond. He came to know many things about Diamond and read the manuscripts very minutely.

One day he told me(June1,2008,Sunday),’I dreamed that I was sitting at my residence of my birth place in a village of Midnapore District(West Bengal State, India). I was talking to one of my neighbor named Srimanta about a tour program. But though I was talking to Srimanta, he seemed to be Diamond having beard and short hair-cutting as I see in Diamond’s photograph. Then my dream went off.

Manindra told me another incident experienced by him some four years ago. He narrated,’ I was passing through Jessore road coming from Calcutta airport side by my bicycle. At one time I saw that a bus was coming from the opposite direction towards me. All on a sudden another vehicle came from my back side and I fell in between the two vehicles. Death was sure. Suddenly I felt that a gentleman came with a high speed and dragged my hand pushing me from inside the two vehicles. I saw him at a glance and all on a sudden he disappeared. Now I have understood and recognized him to be Diamond.

[I told Manindra, that you have got the blessings of God-the-Preceptor who saved your life physically. Your life force acted like this. This human body has infinite power. It can do anything and everything.

Manindra  now sees many divine dreams and has got his peace in mind.]


(Dr Dipak Kumar Pramanik)


I am going to narrate  a very strange phenomenon happening since the early part of 20th century encircling a person known as Diamond or Jibankrishna who was born in 1893 at Howrah Town near Calcutta(now Kolkata), India.

His achievement of God-the-Preceptor in the form of Sri Ramkrishna at 12 years 4months age and thereafter having spontaneous numerous divine realizations made him visualizing ‘Atma’ or ‘Soul’ or God in the form of God’s light as described in Upanishads at 24years 8months age transforming his image into the Soul of every human being and as a result, a miraculous incident began to initiate.

People started seeing him in dreams, meditations, trances  even in reality without his knowledge. Later on they came to him, narrated their visions and then identified him as the same man seen in their visions.

But it was a strange thing that he was being that he was being seen by many when he was only 7years old. After long years the seers came to him incidentally and narrated their visions. It proved that he was so born.

Firstly Diamond used to discourage people about seeing him in dreams that these were hallucinations. But in early 50’s of the 20th century when countless people began to see him in dreams, trances, meditations and even in reality and narrated to him their visions, he realized that this was something else and after consulting different Upanishads  he found that these phenomena were mentioned though they could not cite any examples. Later on he termed this phenomenon as Universal religion or Oneness which was called by Swami Vivekananda as ‘Point of Union’.

The most striking part of this phenomenon is that , even after his death in 1967, still innumerable people of all religions, sexes and ages see him in their dreams, meditations, trances and in reality and is spreading not only in our country but in many other country of the world.

Now what is the effect of seeing Diamond within the body? We have witnessed and still are witnessing the following effects : (1) The seer becomes purified in mind and feeling; (2)  The seer sees different sportive forms of God through dreams; (3) The seer gets Diamond as God-the-Preceptor who guides and teaches the seer on spiritualism throughout his life; (4) The seer achieves perfectness; (5) The seer grows a sense of oneness with all within himself.

The theory of attaining Godhood and its proof has been mentioned in different Upanishads in various ways which are as follows:

BrihadAranyaka Upanishad(2.5.13) has mentioned-

“The shinning immortal Person who is in this mankind and with reference to oneself, this shinning immortal Person who exists as a human being- he is just this Soul, this Immortal, this Brahma, this All.”

Svetasvatara Upanishad(3..11) has mentioned-

Who is this face, the head, the neck of all; Who dwells in the heart of all beings; All pervading is He and bountiful; Therefore omnipotent and kindly(Siva).

KathaUpanishad (6.14) has mentioned-

When are liberated all; The desires that lodge in one’s heart; Then a mortal becomes immortal; Therein he reachesBrahma.

SvetasvataraUpanishad (4.3) has mentioned-

Thou art woman, Thou art man; Thou art the youth and the maiden too; Thou as an old man tottering with a staff; Being born, Thou becomest facing in every direction.

The era of Diamond reveals that a man may see all the sportive forms of God with all His attributes in dreams and becomes Brahma to be united with each human race bearing love for each other and be united in a point which is the first occurrence of its kind in the world history.