Diamond-The Image of Universal Religion-Oneness

Diamond-The Image of Universal Religion-Oneness

Vol-1, December, 2010

The mystery of attaining Godhood and its proof:

Who is this man? Yes, he is a marked man. This mark has been given to him by the Supreme One from within. This very mark reveals the meaning, experiences and proof of the Vedic aphorism,’ He attains this Supreme One, in whom the Supreme One from within the body expresses Himself. It means the spontaneous expression of the Supreme One from within. …

According to Vedas, the proof of the attainment of this Brahmahood (Supreme One) will be corroborated by the appearance in the very form made of the light of God of the attainer in the innumerable people. The attainer himself will also see almost all within himself, whosoever will come in contact with him.

The attainer of the Brahmahood clarifies and bears proof of the aphorism-‘One is All and All is One’-Pantheism. The translation of the Vedic stanza is this- Thousands will see Him within themselves and He shall see thousands within Him. This is the peculiar characteristic of the ‘Parama Brahma’ and nothing else. This is the most mysterious feature of the miracle as it is nothing but the most unsurmountable miracle for one man to be seen by myriads of men as long as he lives.

Now the question of solving the mystery and bringing out its nature in the day-light is left to the scientists. …

Every human being has got an innate Brahmahood within him. Sometimes this Brahmahood unfolds itself, bears its proof (by appearing within myriads of people). And the Truth is perennial one, as spoken in the Vedas