Diamond the Immortal Soul Who Appears After Death in Dreams and Reality

Diamond the Immortal Soul Who Appears After Death in Dreams and Reality

Vol-2, January, 2011


-Sanjay Sen, Netaji Nagar, Kolkata

On 1st July, 1971(After Diamond’s demise in 1967), I went to Mr. Dhiren Roy, a devotee of Diamond and heard many things about Diamond from him. After then upto 2nd July I felt very gloomy and could not pay attention to my work. On 2nd night I saw in a dream that I was going to visit Kedarnath (Hindu sacred place). After crossing Guptakasi I was only 6 miles away. Suddenly I noticed that Dhiren uncle was accompanying me. Going on one side of the road I saw that the river Alakananda was well below our spot. All on a sudden Dhiren uncle pushed me down. While falling, I saw a tiger standing on a place of the hill. But strangely his body was resembling a tiger while the head like Buddha. While falling down further I saw a lion standing on another place of the hill, but his head was like Swami Vevekananda. Then further down I saw an elephant whose head was like Sri Ramkrishna. I was still falling down and just at the point of falling in the water, I saw a tall and stout holy man emerging from inside the water and standing in the water upto his knees, held me on his lap and came out of the water. He wore dhoti and a long coat but completely dry as if he was not at all inside the water. He had fair complexion with backbrush hair, sharp nose. Holding my hand he started walking along the bank of the river. Within a short moment as soon as I recovered from the shock of my falling down, I found no trace of him. I was alone then and the dream went off. The whole day I felt joyous and peaceful. After a few days when I narrated this dream to Dhiren uncle, he showed me a photo of Diamond. And what a surprise! The same man appeared in my dream! Though the photo was of his young age and bald headed. The man in the dream was middle aged and with hairs on the head. Perhaps I saw Diamond at his middle age in my dream.

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