Indication  of  Publicity  of  the  seer’s  dream  in  future

14)  23rd, June, 1972  Friday .   Early morning dream :  Accompanied by my friend Nisith, younger sister Prakriti and younger brother Malay I went out for a walk . While walking, I was narrating my dreams to Nisith and here the dream went off .

[ The dream was revealed to me thus : Prakriti is the symbol of Nature , Malay denotes gentle breeze and Nisith means nirguna or dark which means infinite . My dreams will remain in dark and in due course of time these will spread like a gentle breeze in nature or in the world .]

Accompaniment  with  God-the-Preceptor

15)   24th June , 1972 ,  Saturday ,  Early morning dream :  I had gone to Diamond and saw someone reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna . In between reading conversation was also going on . Devotees were coming and going . One known lady was also seen in the crowd . She was seated along with others on open corridor outside the room .

As soon as I saw the lady, it appeared in my mind that when woman folks began to come, Diamond might not be alive more .

However , Diamond seemed to be very bright . After a while when I bowed down to him with great devotion he patted my head and body with great affection and here the dream went off .

[ In this dream the seer was being blessed by God-the- Preceptor and afterwards a great peace persisted in his mind . ]