ONENESS (Abstract)

ONENESS (Abstract)

By Diamond picked up in the street

The Vedic oneness and its proof

The vedic ‘oneness’ with its proof as experienced by diamond and thousands and thousands of others in their everyday life without undergoing any kind of hard religious discipline for a long time as done by Sri Ramkrishna runs:-

Spontaneously without the least exertion on his part a man becomes ‘Samprasada’ or the blessed one. God commences manifesting himself in him and then his life-power is collected, rises up from his body (physical sheath) into the cerebrum in the form of ‘Parama Jyoti’ (supreme light) and attains Brahmahood and he shall be distributing his Brahmahood through five elements to the humanity. They shall obtain it without any attempt on their part. This distribution does not take account of any cast distinction or barrier or any opposition of any kind. Thousands corroborate the fact and evince and prove that the vedic principle is alive and a reality.

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