Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 15, August, 2013

[Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

 These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books. ]

Diamond is the Soul personified with proof


What do you do with oracles? You hear it. This may be called ‘Sruti’ (means to keep in memory after hearing). The other name of Vedas is Sruti (because through generation after generation the rishis used to memorize the hymns i.e., the Truth revealed in human bodies). The rishis were the seers of hymns. The proof is old Testament where the Prophets told about this Truth. Another religious book is Koran which is full of oracles. Then in Vedas are ‘Sruti’ which were full of oracles. Now the question is who heard it? He is that Uttam Purusha or the Best Man. Then that Purusha was manifested as oracle and at the same time he was the listener! If you say, how! The listener was the Rishi who heard this oracle. Why had he returned to Atman or Soul? he said, ‘He is that best man and he is the Soul’ And prior to that he said, ‘And thus This Man, rising from the lower plane to the seventh plane, attains the supreme light, and by His own form made of God’s light, appears within myriads of people to prove His attainment of ‘Brahmatwa or the Brahmahood, as He is the perfect and the ‘Supreme One’. Why one and all scholars, all intellectuals, all religious teachers mentioned about the soul within the human body? Why none of them proved that He himself is the soul including this body? Both soul and person are identical. so why none of them became that ‘Purusha’ or person who could be the form of every human being? This proves that the inner person is the listener. For so many centuries that unknown person was the listener. Now that person achieved the body of flesh and blood. The form of a living human being has become the speaker within a human body and listener outside while the speaker is the human race. Because unless you tell me, I don’t know anything. I knew myself through you. For this reason I always say, ‘you are my masters, my God’. And you see, so long that ‘person’ remained in embryo stage within those Rishis and great religious teachers and in embryo stage there cannot be any austerities in full-fledged from. For this purpose a suitable human body is required. And this is that body. Now you say whether Vedas have mentioned about the past or the future? That proof is already in Vedas – ‘A man in the sun’. Who is that man? So many people aof all ages and sexes have seen me in the sun in their dreams. What is that sun? This life – sun. So long the sun will be there, human race will see me within them and I shall live with this form. There is no destruction of ‘Brahmavidya’ (knowledge of supreme one). Vedas have mentioned ‘Those who have known and seen Him, get perpetual peace and happiness’. I had no idea about this but have witnessed it lifelong. It was already in existence, only discovered. A living human being could not become ‘Brahma’ (one) in the past, but the Truth is discovered through me. And you are proving that, saying, ‘you are that Brahma or one’.

Brahma or Supreme Being is beyond the three attributes –

Satva, Rajah, Tamah (goodness-Activeness-Darkness)

One day in the month of December, 1964, Diamond said: Brahma is beyond the three attributes. These are Satva, Rajah and Tamah. I have achieved this Brahmahood and what I am seeing? Thieves, anti-socials, drunkards, honests, dishonests, ruffians, barbars, washerman, scholars, and many others are achieving this Brahmahood through me.

A ruffian of Posta had come to me along with his companions. Sitting here they had discussions with me. Then at the time of departure they said, ‘Last night I saw you in dream with al the houses, trees etc.’ Then I understood that this is the proof that Brahma is beyond the three attributes.

[In this context Svetasvatar Upanishad has mentioned as such:

The one God, hidden in all things,

All-pervading, the Inner soul of all things, the overseer of deeds in all things abiding, the witness, the sole thinker, devoid of qualities.]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume –15, August, 2013

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Anil Krishna Nath

Dhananjay Ghosh was my friend.  Once I asked him, ‘well, isn’t there any man where I can get mental peace’?

During this time I saw a dream.  I saw the form of a living goddess, ornamented with Jewells and very beautiful looking.  I have never seen such a form.  I was having a great divine joy.  The surrounding was illuminated by the bright luminous light emerging from her body.  She was telling me, ‘Hold your patient! Hold your patient’.

After a year suddenly one morning Dhananjay came to our residence.  It was December, 1954.  He said, ‘I told you, before that I would take you to a place.  Let us go now. So I reached Kedar Derti Lane of Howrah with him, where Jibankrishna used to reside.

Seeing us Jibankrishna said ‘come my boy, come’! Dhananjay and I bowed down to him.  He threw a glance at me.  I understood that he was intending to call me near him.

The reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on.  Jibankrishna told me to meditate.  Looking at the portrait of Sri Ramkrishna he said, ‘Be seated straight like him and meditate.’

This was the first time I did meditation.  So many throught were coming in my mind.  Gradually I tried to calm down my mind.  The form of goddess Sitala was appearing before my eyes.  But ultimately I had meditation for a long time.

During meditation I saw that I was offering flowers at the feet of goddess Sitala was appearing before my eyes.  But ultimately I had meditation for a long time.

During meditation I saw that I was offering flowers at the feet of goddess Sitala.  During this time I could not understand when he had patted on my head.  However, my meditation was off.  He asked, ‘Have you seen anything? You were having a good meditation.’ I told him about my vision.

He said, ‘once I asked Dhananjay whether he had meditation.  He said ‘yes’.  I asked him, ‘How did you know that you had meditation’?  He gave a good answer, ‘why? I could not hear any of your discussion and reading of the gospel’! I said, ‘you have answered in the right way’.

Then the reading of the gospel was over.  Everybody was bowing to him before their departure.  I also bowed him by touching his feet.  He put his hands on my head.  I could not raise my head, my whole body became half-paralyzed, the ears and face became very hot.  After a long time, I became normal and stood up.  He said, ‘you had Samadhi.  After going back home eat more.  Do exercise every day.  You must have strong body, then you will have spiritual manifestation in a proper way’.

I returned home at if I was drunk.  The whole mind and body became full of divine joy.  I heard that the reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna starts at noon.  Returning home I was feeling a great urge to go to Jibankrishna as soon as possible.  So after taking lunch I again went to Jibankrishna in the noon time.  As soon as I went there, he said, ‘oh, you have come! Come! What have you taken in your lunch’?

Then the reading of the gospel started. Many people were coming.  He mentioned about my morning incident in the room.

Till noon I went on looking at his face without feeling any tireness.  At night at the time of my departure I bowed down to him.  He said, ‘Try to remember the dream you will see in future’.  I nodded my head.

With a divine memory I returned home.  From that day a new life had begun.  I came to realize by the grace of Jibankrishna what is true religion and a dream life also started thereafter.

I have mentioned a few divine dreams among my numerous dreams here:

1)I saw in my dream that goddess Sitala was looking at me without closing her eye-lids and all round there was ocean of bright light.  I was feeling a great divine job and then my dream was off.

2)I saw a raised area and on it I was having meditation.  Jibankrishna was seated beside me.  Then I fell down during meditation on a plain floor.  He told uncle Basu,’pick him up from there’. Uncle Basu picked me up and kept me near Jibankrishna and lying down he began to kiss my two cheeks.  My saliva was smeared on his cheek and I wiped out that saliva with a cloth.

3)I saw that I was going somewhere through some lanes as if I was going to Jibankrishna.  On my way I saw a door and a boy showed me the exact direction.  When I was entering through that door, a person began to scold that boy as he showed me the way. However, I reached a house and saw Jibankrishna sitting there.  I bowed down on his feet.  At this moment I saw a snake with expanded hood.  During my bowing I pushed here back on one corner and my dream was off.

Once Dhiren Roy asked me, ‘well, why do you love Jibankrishna?  Why do you go to him everyday’?  I answered, ‘we do not know why love him, but we have not got such divine love anywhere what we have got from him’.  Dhiren said, ‘yes, the love of God is without any reason’.

December, 1975

11, Ganesh Majhi Lane, Sitalatala, Howrah.



Volume – 15, August, 2013

Vision of past and Future

Royal inaugural ceremony of Diamond as the Emperor Akbar – His identity as ruler of the spiritual world in future

22nd December, 1990.

38) Early morning dream:  I was witnessing the Royal inaugural ceremony of  Emperor Akbar. But he was not looking like Akbar as seen in picture. He was strongly built, head completely saved and young looking. Everybody was bowing to him putting heads on ground. I noticed that my mother and next brother also bowed to him and he was seated silently. Hesitantly I approached to him and ultimately kneeled down before him and touched my head on the ground. Suddenly the emperor raised his two legs and rested on my head. At that moment I had a spontaneous recitation of the name of ‘Jibankrishna’ within me and patted my own head. At that moment I was on the verge of waking up and it flashed in my mind- Oh! He was Jibankrishna himself, not Akbar! Due to royal dress he could not be identified!

After a long time of this dream the meaning flashed in me that this dream carried a great meaning which will have a great influence on earth. ‘Akbar’ means ‘Great’ as Muslim world use to say ‘Allah Ho Akbar’ – Allah is great. So what does it mean? Inaugural ceremony indicates that his almighty power on the spiritual world will cover the world in future and the indications are there that many Muslim brothers are seeing him in their dreams and still it is increasing. This will establish the real Universal Oneness among human beings of different religions and there will be no difference between religions in the long run.

Svetasvatar Upanishad has mentioned about this person thus:

The One who rules over every single source

In whom this whole world comes together and dissolves,

The Lord, the blessing-giver, God adorable –

By revering Him one goes for ever to this peace.(4.11)


Achievement  of very advanced brain capacity – talking in telepathic language – the future language

7th September, 1991

39) I became greatly upset after the death of my mother. Early in the morning I saw in my dream that my mother had come to me. It was playing in my mind that my mother already expired, then how she could return to me! With these thoughts I wanted to feel its reality by touching the astral body of my mother and by doing that I realized that she had the real gross body. Then I saw my grandfather who in reality expired long time back. I said to my grandfather, ‘you know that my mother has come back again after her demise and do you know how? She had pure and divine mind, so she can come to gross body from astral body.’

After a while I saw that my mother was walking within our house as she used to do in reality from the ground floor to the third floor. But she was looking very tired. I understood that this was the reason for which she expired due to very high pressure. Her heart could not bear such exhaustion.

After a while I had a conversation with my mother, but it was a telepathic language (a language through the thought waves and not by sound). I said in telepathic language, ‘Mother, how long you will remain on earth’? She also answered in the same language, ‘Many days’. Actually I felt that she would stay long only for my benefit. The dream then went off and after waking up my restless state was removed to a great extent.

The dream shows two aspects : Firstly, the seer had the realization that there is no difference between life and death – this is identical; Secondly, the experience of telepathic language shows that the seer has achieved a very advanced and high brain power as in far future human beings will gain the capacity of using telepathic language when their will be no necessity of using the traditional language.

Dream came true in waking life – Future vision

16th August, 1992, Sunday.

40) Early in the morning I met in my dream Diamond after a long gap. He was seated in a room with a smiling face wearing a white dhoti with bare body, and I was having a conversation with him. In the midst of talking I told him jokingly, ‘now-a-days you do not meet me’! But he only smiled and did not comment anything. Then I said, ‘I must have a fault, that’s why you do not come to me.’ He hastily answered, ‘no no! It is not that’! Then what he said could not be remembered. After a while I showed him all my compilation works on Diamond  and said, ‘you know, that after a hard work, till 1976 I have completed all these.’ Saying this I explained to him one by one all the topics e.g., his autobiographical sayings at different times, his own divine dreams, divine dreams and explanations etc. At the last stage showing him the compilation of his sayings I told him, ‘these are the sayings of you which you have said at different times on spiritual aspects. He saw every topic and appreciated me to a great extent and became delighted. At this time I woke up.

The dream have many indications :

(i)            In reality the seer actually started compilation work in the year 1976 after leaving the topmost post of a reputed concern joining an English medium school to get sufficient  time having no responsibility and being provided all facilities by the owner L.N. Birla. This helped a great deal to me to do my work without disturbances;

(ii)          The presentation of the compilation work to God-the-Preceptor and his appreciation transmitted power to the work as well as to me and these will be beneficial to the whole human race in the long run. Moreover a promise by Diamond in his early days that he would not hide any mystery of the spiritual aspects to the world and will tell the truth. These compilations are the result of his great sayings regarding the spiritual aspects. Moreover, this is a strange coincidence that as soon as the work was completed within a few days the facilities given to the seer were removed and he resigned from the full time job in the school.

(iii)         God does not count any faults of a devotee.

(iv)        [Within a few years all the compilations are being published one by one in different names in the magazines and thereafter as books.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -15, August, 2013


Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.


Place—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

163)                “Like  Vedantist  (non-dualists)  you  do  not  say

That  the  world  is  but  a  dream”.

Why those devotees do say so?

They are not blessed with this realization as they did not see God and there was no chance for them to do so. They are aged people. Had there been any chance for them to realize God then that would have come to pass at their youth within 25 years of age.

At  Surendra’s  )Suresh  Mitra’s )  house after  the  boat  trip.

164)                   “Have  the  fare  from  the  ladies  of  the  house. For  certain,  they  must  be  knowing

that  their  husbands  (Suresh Mitra & others)  pay visit  to us  at  the  temple  of


It means transmission of power from to one another and it speaks wonder.

In our case we find that husband comes and he see the “Diamond”—in the shape of my own person—within, and then other members of the family see me in the following four forms;—

(i)    In  dream.

(ii)    In  meditation.

(iii)   In  an  awakened  condition—as  a  living  man .

(iv)   In  trance.

It was not so in the time of Thakur.

Even the wife of Suresh Babu during the life—time of Thakur made a different preceptor or Guru.

165)               “There hung  on  the wall  an  oil-painting  and  Surendra  got  it  painted  specially  for  him

(Surendra). In  the  picture, it  was  so  pointed  out

by  Thakur  to  Keshab  about  the  harmony  of  all  religions,  viz.

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and also in other sectarianisms

such  as,  ‘Vaishnava’,  ‘Sakta’,  ‘Shaiva’, etc”.

It was but a picture—a creation of imagination .

“Many have admitted that all the religions of the world are right”–. Swami Vivekananda (The ideal of a Universal Religion).

Whereas, when a man becomes God, any member of the human race coming in contact with Him will see Him within his own body, and even in many cases without any contact they see Him. The question of religion, sect, caste or creed does not arise (vide Preface, page-17). This is harmony. This is Swami Vivekananda’s Point of Union” for which he laid down his glorious life, though it did not come into existence in his own life-time.

The great Swami exclaimed that no practical plan was adopted by any to bring about this harmony in the conflux of the claim of superiority and disparity over other religions.

In Volume II of the complete works of Swami Vivekananda [Ninth (Enlarged) Edition, 1958—published in Mayavati, Almora, Himalaya], the great Swami says, “That plan alone is practical which does not destroy the individuality of any man in religion and at the same time shows him a point of union with all others”.

No practical plan can be chalked out . This harmony is achieved through Mahayoga—the ‘Great Yoga’ which evinces that “All is One and One is All”—only in the spiritual world within(Vide Introduction, Page 15 &16).



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 15, August, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Jibankrishna’s after-death action on worldly life through dreams

Bisakha Chatterjee

One day in my father-in-law’s house a discussion was going on about dreams in presence of my elder brother Snehamay (Reader of Bolpur Reading Center). During discussion Snehamaya said that to see fish in dreams is very good. My sister-in-laws protested and said that dreams have no value. Snehamay said nothing and kept quite. On that very night I saw a dream.

I saw that there occurred a heavy flood in the river. Many buffaloes were flooded away. Nearby there was a whirlpool and the buffaloes were about to die within that Whirlpool. I was standing helplessly and here my dream was off.

Next day at noon after lunch Snehamay told me about a person in whom God manifested himself in full measure and the proof of his Godhood borne by myriads of people by seeing him in dreams, trances, meditations and in reality even after his demise in 1967.

Almost for an hour I listened to him about this person named Jibankrishna (Diamond).

That night I saw a dream which I narrated to my brother Snehamay next day.

The dream was like this: I saw an old man standing in front of me. He had short beard and short hair cutting with bare upper body and wearing a dhoti. Near his feet was standing a boy. He asked me, ‘will you take initiation’? I said, ‘yes’. He asked, ‘so early’? And he laughed. Within a moment the scene vanished and again a sound of laughing penetrated my ears and instantly two golden balls ran towards me. With a great fear I woke up.

After hearing my dream with a doubtful mind Snehamay went I Jiten uncle’s house and after coming back what he said overwhelmed me with surprise. He said that I got Jibankrishna as my God-the-Preceptor, and two golden balls indicated that I saw two leaved lotus (a sacred thing).

[In the first dream the seer’s animal passion was wiped out after showing the dying buffaloes and her doubt about dreams was removed.]

Thereafter I was almost flooded with divine dreams and Jibankrishna not only guided my spiritual life but also he solved many of my problems in the material world about which I am mentioning a few.

Once I saw in my dream that I have left my spectacles at my relative’s house. After returning home I couldn’t remember it. I was a bit worried. Then my dream was off.

Snehamay explained that I might not need the spectacles. Practically, from that very day I didn’t require spectacles. Once I joined as an instructor of a wool netting Center. In a festival month of December our products would be exhibited. I was requested to knit one or two wool covers. But I never knit it again. I was tensed. In the night I saw in a dream that Jibankrishna came and gave instructions on the color, design and the process of netting.

After waking up I started knitting. At noon after my knitting was over, the Block Inspectors came to visit the Center and after seeing the wool cover they became very happy.

Once I had a quarrel at my house. In the night in my dream Jibankrishna not only scolded me but also slapped me. Later on he patted me and told, ‘Never quarrel on the basis of old incidents. It hampers peace.’ The dream was off.

In many of my dreams after taking medicines I became cured in reality and sometimes JIbankrishna told me the name of medicine.

Once after taking a meal from a house on ceremonial occasion my stomach was upset. In my dream I told Jibankrishna, ‘Oh, I am having stomach pain.’ He was angry and said, ‘your bodies are built in a different manner. You cannot tolerate while taking food in anybody’s house. However, I am giving you a medicine and take it. Then he gave me homeopathic globules and I swallowed the medicine. When I woke up I felt that my ache was gone.

Now I shall finish after narrating an incident.

In a dream Jibankrishna told me, ‘Every early morning read my book for some time.’ I said, ‘who will listen’? He said, ‘Why, Baidyanath’ (My husband)! In the same night my husband dreamt that I was reading Jibankrishna’s book and he was listening.

After hearing each other’s dreams we became perplexed. So I started reading every morning and he used to listen to my reading lying on bed giving less attention. I used to fell offense for this. Later on he saw dreams four times that he was reading ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali version and ‘Religion and Realization in English  version) and in the last dream he saw that after finishing the reading he going out but saw that the door was locked from outside. So he was compelled to come back and again started reading. From that day he started reading Jibankrishna’s book every morning after leaving bed. His changes charmed me.

I also feel that Jibankrishna has taken my responsibility and my family and I always pray so that I can live my life with such joy, peace and happiness in spite of any hazards.













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