By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-7, March, 2012

 The difference between traditional concept  of ‘Supreme One’ or ‘Brahma’ and Upanishad

As Sri Ramkrishna says, ‘No vocabulary can give expression to Brahma’.

This is an anti-vedic description. The sophists did it to thwart the vedic principle and thus to establish their superiority. Those who fail to real ‘Brahmajnan’ or ‘Paravidya’ or universalism with definite data and proof have recourse to this sophistry. They say that there are different schools with different opinions and our ‘Brahman’ or the ‘Supreme One’ cannot be defined as ‘he’ is ‘Anirvachaniyam’ (cannot be expressed by words) or ‘Abangmanasogocharam’ (beyond mind, words or senses). Granting ach and every concession to the entertainers of this opinion it is nothing but that ‘Laya Yoga’ where no-ego consciousness remains and an Avatar like Sri Ramkrishna, after attainment of this stage, comes back (as Sri Ramkrishna further says that an ordinary man never returns) simply and solely to announce a negative relition to the existentialist humanity.

Against such data or sophistry, the Vedic Mantra speaks for itself.

“And thus this Blessed man, rising from the lower physical plane (to the seventh plane) attains the Supreme Light, and in his own form made of god’s light, appears within myriads of people to prove His attainment of the Supreme Light or the Brahmahood, as he is the Perfect and the Supreme One”. (Chhandrogya Upanishad8/12/3).

This man will assume the form and again specified in the following:

“Thou art woman, thou art man, thou art boy and also girl, thou art old man tottering with a stick and verily thou art the whole human race”.

(Swetaswatar Upanishad – 4/3)

It establishes ‘one and oneness’. It is a positive declaration as it will be announced by myriads and thus it sets at naught the negative school of ‘Anirbachaniyam’ (in expressible in words) and ‘Avyapadeshyam’ (indescribable).

To live is the fundamental question of life and let one live being one with all. If an individual is the ‘Supreme One’ or the ‘Perfect One’ let Him make all as one with Him, i.e., perfect and live in eternal bliss.

Knowledge and devotion

Sri Ramkrishna says, “The method of knowledge is a path and the method of devotion is also a path”. it is a tone of compromise and all his sayings are tinged with this color. It is toleration and it means a kind of mental inertia for want of a thorough and true knowledge. Here both ‘Knowledge’ and ‘Devotion’ are based on self-exertion.

The Vedic principle tells a different tale as it is only through spontaneity that the goal of ‘oneness’ is reached and there is no other path but automatic revelation of the self and thus to become ‘Twam Jato Bavasi Viswatamukhah’ – ‘Thou art but all’.

“Knowledge” as meant by Sri Ramkrishna is a rational discrimination and it leads to a ‘Nowhere’ zone. Whereas religion is a positive thing and it has two aspects:-

1.        ‘Paramjyoti’ or the Supreme Light is seen in the seventh plane, shown by the unknown man of Brahmapura.

2.        The test of visualizing the Supreme Light lies in oneness that follows and the publicity is unique.

The path of devotion enables a man to visualize an imaginary form in the sixth plane as the aspirant aspires and creates an imaginary figure. So far as the individualism is concerned the visualization of the deity cannot bring any self-satisfaction to the seer and even it is so admitted by Sri Ramkrishna as he spoke out – “until and unless ‘Atma’ is visualized doubts linger in one’s mind”.

In the Vedic principle each and every doubt is removed and there is no room there either, for the so-called ‘knowledge’ and ‘Devotion’.


So we find that there is but one way to ‘ONENESS’.



Volume – 7, March, 2012

 Diamond in his life-time

My first visit to Diamond (Jibankrishna)

Sudhindra Nath Sinha


In my life I came in contact with a holy person whom I saw to be quite different from other traditional religions teachers. He never moved out of his residence to teach people about religious matters. People used to come to him and the next day or after same time saw him in dreams. Then an amazing fact used to happen. The whole members of the person’s family used to see Jibankrishna in dreams even including the maid servants.

Women were not allowed to come, but miraculously they saw him in their dreams.

A large number of people saw him in dreams and even in reality before coming to him or without hearing anything about him. Even they brought their relatives to Jibankrishna and later on all of them saw him in dreams, trances, meditations etc.

The life force with Jibankrishna was manifested so forcefully with innumerable divine realizations. He openly appealed to everybody in the room to expose their realizations, saying that these are the wealth of every human being, everybody should know and listen.

About 1 year have passed from now (April, 1969) when I first met Jibankrishna. I heard about him from my colleague Pramatha Majumdar of Calcutta Corporation. The monsoon had just started. One day after deciding to go to Jibankrishna we assembled near an office beside Nilratan Sarkar Medical College at 4 p.m. and then entered into a room which was very bit and airy. It was still daylight. While entering I noticed Jibankrishna busy with his work sitting on a chair. Seeing us he asked Pramatha, ‘Oh Pramatha, you told about him that day’? Addressing me he said, ‘Come, come my brother! See, you have come, and I am having goosebumps on my body’, I saw that all his body hairs became straightened. His body was reddish, eyes were large and bright on roundish face and had short hair cutting. His voice was sweet and very clear. He asked, ‘where is god my brother?’ I answered, ‘He is within us and everywhere in the universe’. He said, ‘Let the outside be aside, He is within every human body. See while offering flowers to goddess Kali, Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) offered it on his own head (in ecstasy). He is within you, within me’. While saying, his body became still. Then he again said, ‘Thakur had frequent Samadhi, isn’t?’ As soon as he said this, again his body became still after shuddering with a luminous face. This was repeated several times. Later on I knew that this was the Samadhi state, which he used to have off and on, while discussing about god. With great surprise and regard I had been looking at him. After a while he said, ‘This is Brahmavidya (Supreme Cult). As soon as you utter, something about God, this symptom will appear in you.’ Then he asked me whether I was married. When I said, ‘No’, he made a sigh of relief, and then asked, ‘Do you dream and have you seen Thakur in dreams’? I said, ‘No, but I have seen him in ecstasy’. He said, ‘If you ever see him in dream, tell me. There are two types of dreams. One is animal dream and another is divine dream. In every religious books these dreams are mentioned. In our Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad it is mentioned that seeing something in divine dreams is the purest’. At this moment Pramatha told Jibankrishna, ’Brother Jibu, afte the dream of last supper our meeting at your place was closed. Then with the out burst of riot in 1946 and division of the nation in 1947, we are completely disconnected. After such a long time we again met. He nodded. Meanwhile one office bearer came with some files for his signature and he signed.

It was the 5 O’clock and we understood that we had to leave now. He said, ‘Come again!’ All of us came out. He went forward to avail the hus.

So many thoughts came in my mind. I read ‘the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and now I felt the same sweet feeling as used to happen with the devotees while meeting Sri Ramkrishna (as described in the gospel). For a few days I couldn’t forget this memory. Then after ten days with Pramatha and another fellow Amal Chatterjee I went to his office. At that time he was drinking tea with some snacks. Seeing us he took us to another small chamber and shared the snacks with all of us.

Seeing Amal with weak body he gave him instruction to take regular physical exercise and said, ‘unless the body becomes strong enough, this supreme cult won’t manifest properly’. We had many discussions about Sri Ramkrishna and his past incidents with the monks of Belur Math. Then he got up for his official work and told Pramatha to take me to his residence. Pramatha enquired about the direction of his residence and we came out.

After a few days, Pramatha and I went to Jibankrisha’s residence in a week day after our office hours. At that time he just sat in his room after coming from his office washing his hands and mouth. He called us. Hearing that we also went after our office hours he bought sweets from a shop through his nephew and entertained us. The reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna started. We were hearing with charm and rapt attention. During the reading the yogic symptoms manifested in his body. The room was small with a portrait of Sri Ramkrishna with a sitting posture in Samadhi state as seen in the photograph.

When the topics about austerity of Sri Ramkrishna were read, he said, “I don’t know anything about self-exertion, any hymns and never worshipped Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) offering flowers. He has given me this cot and merely lying on this cot I experienced his sportive forms in dreams night after night. When he first appeared in my dream, I was only 12 years 4 months old. I never knew that he was Sri Ramkrishna. After long years seeing his photo I recognized that he used to appear in my dream. After this incident I became such through innumerable realizations in my life step by step. Whenever he was discussing different yogic symptoms were expressed in his body.

He gave hints of his past realizations. During discussions he said once, ‘Kavir has mentioned, ‘Live pure and simple life and behold the creation of the universe within you’. At 24 years 8 months age when after visualizing Atma or should within me, I was undergoing austerity of Vedanta, I visualized the universe within Atma or soul. Then the real concept grows that this world is not outside, it is within the body. After a long time when I got this reference in the book ‘cultural heritage’ about this comment of saint kavir, I was overwhelmed with joy’.

Jibankrishna mentioned, many times about this comment to each whoever used to come to him. He himself live a very simple life, which he got as instruction from Sri Ramkrishna through dreams. In that dream Sri Ramkrishna told him to livelihood through work. Sri Ramkrishna also served in Dakshineswar Temple as priest in his early life and used to get pension after early retirement.

At 8 O’clock in the night we came out after reading was completed.


Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)


Alok Banerjee had a contact with Dhiren Mondal, a companion of Diamond. They had regular discussion on Diamond. One day Dhiren took him to the residence of Raghunath Sen, another companion of Diamond. It was winter then. He wore a coat and there was Rs.500/- in the pocket. Dhiren told him not to go that day with this amount of money, better to go another day. But he said that nothing would happen, it was kept in inside pocket. After having some discussions on Diamond at Raghu’s house he came back home and had a dream that night.

He saw that he had gone to a lake. Nowhere he found an empty bench to sit. At one side he saw an old man sitting on a bench keeping his walking stick beside. While he was hesitating to sit, the old man gave him hints to sit and moved his stick away. Then he asked, ‘have you gone to the other side of the lake? The launch has come you better go to other side, it is a very nice place.’ Alok told the old man, ‘so why are you here?’ He said, ‘boys and girls are taking their bath, so I am sitting here.’ Hearing his words Alok had gone there and saw, really the launch had come. He went on seeing the beautiful site. Suddenly it flashed in his mind that he had the money in his inside pocket. In the meanwhile some drollish young ones came and began to behave with him saucily. So the moved away from there and came to a shop like house. A man came to him and asked, ‘something happened to you’? Alok said, ‘I have lost my coat with Rs.500/-‘. He brought a coat and asked, ‘see, whether this coat belongs to you’. Alok said, ‘yes this is mine’. But while going to wear it, it did not fit him. The man said, ‘so why have you said that it is yours’? Then he brought another coat, but I didn’t dare to say that it was mine. He said, ‘it is yours.’ Saying this, taking the Rs.500/- notes from the pocket of the coat he threw all the notes in the air and again collecting the notes returned to Alok with a laughing face. Alok felt very uneasy. Returning to his old place he noticed that the old man was moving away from the bench. Alok held hand and went to take him to the other side of the lake. Meanwhile he saw a drunken man was coming towards him, though no smell was coming out of his mouth. So Alok held his hand also and went to take them both to the other side of the lake. But all on a sudden all the scenes vanished like magic and he saw only flowers spread all over. Wherever he casted his eyes, he saw nothing but flowers and he was standing alone. At this moment the dream went off. The old man seemed to him to be Diamond. After a few days of this dream he saw another dream. He was at Puri sea beach. Thereon a hillock Diamond was seated. When Alok came nearer to Diamond he gave him hints to sit down. Sitting there Alok told him, ‘I want to tell everybody about you, but they don’t listen to me’. Hearing this he burst into laughing which he had never heard before in his life. His heart was shivering and started running. But he saw everywhere there were walls of stones. Suddenly he saw that sitting on the wall Sri Ramkrishna was showing him something pointing his fingers. Looking at that site he noticed that the height of the wall in that region was a bit low. As soon as went there, Sri Ramkrishna holding his hand took him on the wall and his dream went off.

Thus in his dream Alok was fortunate to see both his God-the-Preceptor Diamond and Sri Ramkrishna and gradually got his peace and divine joy in his life.



Volume -7, march, 2012


5)      Merging of dream into reality

30th May, 1976, Place : Makardah, Howrah

It was 4-00 A.M. Mr. Indranath Mukherjee (Diamond’s companion) was reading the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ 3rd part after finishing ‘Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita’ (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna). Sometimes I was falling into drowsiness and sometimes was in the waking condition. During this time I could hear the reading.

Then once I felt into deep sleep and had a dream – I went out of Raghunath Sen’s residence at Taltala after long spiritual discussions with many other devotees as usual practice and care towards Esplanade and  brother Indranath was accompanying me reading Diamond’s book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ very loudly. I was hearing this loud sound and thought – oh! Why he was reading all these things so loudly among so much crowd! But brother Indranath continued his reading near my ears. When I again woke up, I was hearing the reading. Again I slept and again I had the same experience as before and wherever the I was going brother Indranath continued reading near his ears. At last when I woke up finally, he heard that brother Indranath was still reading the book ‘‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’.

Realized that what brother Indranath was reading in reality the same thing I was hearing even in dream.

[Thus both dream and reality merged inside the seer which is a symptom of increase of brain power.

6)      Reality and dream are identical 

23rd October, 1976.

Early morning dream : Arun Ghosh brought the cream of milk for feeding me. I told him to keep it as I would eat it again sometime due to my hurry for going to Raghunath Sen’s house at Taltala where many devotees used  to  gather regularly for spiritual discussions.

In the mean time brother Arun asked me about the reason for my non attendance at Makardah on 21st October where many devotees gathered.

I answered that due to illness I could not go there (In reality the same thing happened). Here the dream went off.

Here the dream and reality all became identical which is the realization of Vedanta.

7)      Both dream and reality are identical

27th October, 1977, Thursday Place : Makardah, Howrah

In reality, on  26th October, at the residence of Indranath Mukherjee (where many devotees assemble from time to time and stay overnights for get together and spiritual discussions), I was preparing myself for the night sleep. On both sides of the big cot, two pillows were kept keeping the middle portion vacant and some pillows were heaped near the heads. A devotee, Ashim Biswas was supposed to sleep on the cot.

Jokingly I was telling brother Asim ‘we shall comfortably lie on both sides of the cot, and if Jibankrishna lies in between us, it will be very nice.’ Then we went on sleep.

In the early morning I dreamt : I was seated on one side of the cot, on the right side someone was seated and in front Jibankrishna along with Binay Mukhopadhyaya were seated. Jibankrishna was discussing on certain spiritual topics in a very simple manner, although nothing was kept in the memory afterwards.

Brother Binay was telling Jibankrishna, ‘we explain the topics so elaborately and you explain in such a simple manner’! Then brother Binay was going to say something more, but Jibankrishna without paying any attention to him, continued to give explanations.

After this, I noticed that on the same cot with the same arrangements as in reality where both brother Asim and I was lying, Jibankrishna lied down in between us and begain to narrate his previous life’s incidents in a funny way with an open hearted laughing. Once he mentioned one incident about ‘Kesto Maharaj’ (his old companion who was converted into Sannyasi). All his talking, behavior were seeming so easy and charming which could not be explained.

At this moment, when I was turning to my right side, in my half waking condition, I felt that still Jibankrishna was lying in between us.

Thereafter I was fully awakened. It was then 3-00 A.M.

The dream reveals that both reality and dream have become identical to the seer.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -7, March, 2012


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

22 .  “   And you are blessed with knowledge”?

The man who has got knowledge of himself is called Jnani, who is he ?

The body must be in full-bloom-youth i.e. between 24 and 25 years of age .There will be no defect in the body. God in full measure will come out and accumulate in the cerebrum. God-the-Preceptor will point out and show God (Atma). Then succeeds various forms of God and they will annihilate time and space. Then comes the realization and consciousness from within that I am not body but I am God .

This state is attainment of knowledge and he who has attained this state is called a man of knowledge (Jnani). This is but the first stage of attaining knowledge as in full knowledge there remains no-ego-consciousness to give out “Not I, but Thou (God)”.

23.  “Yes, have you got faith in God with form or without form”?

“God emanates from the body and is transformed into ‘no-ego-consciousness’ and again from “no-ego-consciousness’ comes God with form”—Shri Ramkrishna . (Nitya and Lila—from Lila to Nitya and Nitya to Lila) .

God with form is seen in the fourth sheath or the sixth plane . Here the devotee sees his God with form. You are a devotee of Jesus and if (God in you takes pity on you then He will come out from your body in the form of Jesus and you will see Him ; nay, you may even talk Him though not in all cases .

There is another form of higher realization of God with forms . Jesus you see before you but that Jesus will be transformed before your very eyes into Mary, and Mary again may change into Shri Ramkrishna and so on . It makes you conscious that there is one God but He appears in various forms .

God without form starts from seeing the Atma in the cerebrum till God, after various sportive forms, reaches and is transformed into ‘no-ego-consciousness’, and if God wills it then He may descend into divine consciousness only in give out—“Not, I, but Thou and Thou “.

24 .  “But cling to your own faith “.

If God makes one understand all about God then one understands what God is .


If God out of His own accord emanates and in the body and realization in full degree covers at every stage of transformation of the life-force to God then God is seen, understood and can be spoken of. Nobody knows who is God or what is God. If God makes Himself known to you then you are in a state to know .