Translated from my Bengali book ‘Upanishader pare’(Beyond Upanishad)

Volume- 1, January, 2013

[Jibankrishna used to discuss his lifelong divine realizations with innumerable listeners at his residence every day. Many of these discussions were based on Upanishads and yogic interpretations on The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.

 These discussions were recorded by some listeners in their diaries. Based on a compilation work from these diaries I have published thirteen books in Bengali. The articles are translated from my books. ]

‘Swena-Rupena-Abhinispadyate’ or ‘Paramjyoti’ as per

Upanishad is judicious but in the life of Diamond it is realistic


What the Religious book writers have said is either judicial or realistic? You say which Rishi has visualized ‘Paramjyoti’ (The Supreme Light) and who has attained the state of ‘Swena-Rupena Abhinispadyate’ (transforming own form into others) and where is the proof? But what has happened here? This book (Religion and Realization) is based on my personal revelations. This is the first and the last book in the world history based on personal revelations, because henceforth none will have the lower zone (Below sixth plane) realizations in future. In reality no Full-Fledged individualistic visualization of god will happen. Thakur (Sri RamKrishna) has given a criteria about visualizing god. But what is the speciality in visualization of God in reality? During the time of visualizing god, no sense persists about the movement of kundalini or life-power. The seer sees only divine lights all round. And within that light I am only seeing Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) showing me the thumb-like lump of light with his finger (extending the hand) and saying – This is God! This is seeing God! Thakur is within that divine light and so I. What do you suppose? Was it physical Jibankrishna (Diamond)? No! I am then transformed into Pure Soul. Then Thakur merged into that divine light. And what was this god? I saw that inside that divine light there was another more powerful lump of light demarcated by a fine bluish light, almost in the shape of a thumb, and this is God.

Gita could not describe visualization of God and what they have said, they have taken it from Upanishad –

What I saw? I saw that a divine light emerging from ‘Muladhar’ (The root of the five sheath) like a flash reached the sixth plane and then as soon as reached the cerebrum, it flashed up to the sixth plane. Though it is taking time to describe, the whole phenomenon happens in the twinkling of an eye.

Remember, Religion is based on Yoga. It is not inferential or imaginary. And Yoga means Rajyoga which means spontaneous revelation of self, not by self-exertion.

[This Atma or Soul is mentioned in Upanishad as such:

I know this mighty Person(Purusha) of the color of the sun,

Beyond darkness.

Only by knowing Him does one pass over death.

There is no other path for going there. (Svetasvatar Upanishad -3.8)


The ‘Paravidya’ or the Supreme Cult has

manifested in Diamond  with proof


In Kaivalya pada  of ‘Patanjal Darshan’ it is mentioned that Nature has no right on such Yogi and he becomes a liberated person.

Now I am showing you the difference. What is the difference? Between Semitic and Aryan Cult’, because to some extent it carries the sense of self-exertion. Better I should use the term ‘Para Vidya’ (or Supreme Cult). In his own case Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is mentioning knowledge and devotion, and in case of Sri Chaitanya distributed devotion to all casts. Now you see how Thakur has mentioned the difference between him and Sri Chaitanya!

Now, come to the main issue. ‘There is no right of Nature on that yogi’, that means he is then transformed into Purusha (Male). In his book ‘Religion of mankind’ Rabindra Nath Tagore has mentioned that the barrier of Nature could not hold him’. Though he said these intellectually from Upanishads. But what Patanjal has said? Who has been liberated after getting the state of ‘Kaivalya’!

Now leaving aside Thakur I am mentioning the quote of the Rishi, ‘I am Brahma’ (Supreme Being). But as he said himself, so his words were not accepted by the world. What is the proof of that? Then he could not otherwise mention ‘The question of Brahma or Supreme Being’.

But what I have told you so many times? Truth comes from the reverse. My life is such, otherwise – ‘I am telling you, and you believe it’. There is no question of the term ‘Faith’ in religion. Its proof should be borne by the world without your knowledge, what you are seeing in your eyes here. Am I going to you for proof that I have become such? Or have I asked you, ‘Have you seen me in dream’? On the contrary you have seen me and you are bearing the proof. And seeing me within you, you are transformed into Purusha (Male) irrespective of sexes. You have not become the slave of that Purusha on the contrary you have become one with him.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 1, January, 2013

I saw Jibankrishna in dream before seeing him in reality

Mrs. Rekha Mukherjee

My eldest brother had an accompaniment with Jibankrishna.  I heard so many things about Jibankrishna from him and became astonished.  My thirst for hearing more about Jibankrishna had increased day by day and again and again I wanted to hear more from him.  Since then a question arose in my mind in what way.  I could see him and my thirst for seeing Jiban Krishna increased gradually.  I had not seen Sri Ramkrishna, but I heard so many times about him, had seen his photo and discussed about him so many times that it always seemed to me as if I had seen Sri Ramkrishna in reality.  So I wanted to go to Dakshineswar and  went several times.

The first day when I heard from my brother that there was a man like Sri Ramkrishna and he used to live at Kadamtala, Howrah, and my brother had gone to him several times, I was overwhelmed with job.  It seemed probably I could meet him, so I requested my brother, ‘will you take me there, I shall see him’.  My brother said, ‘No it is not permitted for women folks to see him face to face.  They can see him sitting at their houses. Hearing this mind was suppressed.  So I asked him, ‘what I have to do to see him? He said, “Read the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’, ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’  (Religion and Realization written by Jibankrishna), then you can see him.  I asked, ‘How do I know that I have seen him ‘ I have never seen him before’.  He said, ‘he will give his own introduction’.  I started reading ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ but nothing I could understand.  My utmost intension was how to see him. Why did he give this barrier to us?   Had we not any right to see him?  I used to keep the book ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ under my pillow while going to bed, if I could see him.  Lying on bed I used to think how to see him.  Then again I asked my brother, ‘I am trying so much, but can’t see him’.  He said, by effort he cannot be seen.  You will see him spontaneously’.  I said, ‘I cannot understand the book ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’.  My brother said, ‘well, read the gospel and then you will understand’.

I read a portion of the gospel and one night I had a dream.  I sow in the dream that I had gone to ‘Nahabatkhana’ (where Holey Mother Sarada, wife of Sri Ramkrishna used to live) of Dakshineswar temple.  On the ground floor I asked somebody, ‘where is Thakur (Sri  Ramkrishna’?  He said, ‘He is upstairs’,  I got up and saw in a room there was a picture of Sri Ramkrishna in a frame kept on the table.  I was bowing down with great devotion, just at this moment somebody said, ‘while I am in living condition, why are bowing down to a picture’?   Looking at my back I saw that Sri Ramkrishna was in a lying posture on a large cot.   My mind became full of great job and instantly bowed to him by touching his feet.  He sat and gave me blessings saying something from the gospel, though I could not remember later on.  Then I woke up.

Henceforth, I used to read regularly the gospel.  This was my first divine dream in my life.  Before seeing this dream I never know about Nahabatkhana’.  After seeing the dream I went to Dakshineswar temple to tally with my dream and became surprised to see the similarity, as if I had come there before.  This dream was stamped permanently in my life.

Thereafter I finished the five volumes of the gospel and then started reading ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’.  This time I could understand it a bit more.  During that time my brothers read these books in many Reading Centers.  I told my brother, ‘please arrange a Reading Center at our residence, I shall listen.’  He arranged it and brother Sudhangshu used to read here regularly.  In the meanwhile all my family members saw Jibankrishna in dreams several times.  Though I also saw Jibankrishna in dreams I could not be satisfied unless I saw him in reality.  Actually I wanted to see him in reality.

During this time, I heard that he was ill and was admitted in Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital at Kolkata (1967 A.D).  I wept after hearing this and said to myself, ‘oh; what a disease and I have to lose him.   No, this can’t be, surely he will be cured.  I prayed to God always and thought that I was praying to God for God.

Every day I used to take news about him, and once told my elder brother, ‘He is staying so nearer to us, can I see him one day’?  He prevented me, when I told brother Sudhangshu, he said, ‘Everybody is going to see him, you can go and identify his form.

I said, ‘If my brother hears it he will be angry’.  He said, ‘go by hiding yourself’.  I thought that I must take this opportunity,  if I lose this opportunity, I shall never get it back.  Let me go and identify him and fulfill my thirst.  I must go and I should not tell my elder brother.  I felt a great excitement.

I felt that somebody was pulling me.  Then the day came.  I could not remember the date now.  In the morning I prepared myself but was scared if I met my brother.  After having lunch it started raining cats and dogs.  There was no sign of stopping. I lied being helpless and feared whether it would be possible to see him.   I slept and got up at 3-30 P.M. suddenly.  I saw that the sky became clear. I called my elder sister and after getting prepared called our mother.  She tried to prevent us from going in such a bad weather.  But we didn’t listen to her.  I had become desperate, I must go.  So we went out and got down at New Alipore by bus.  We were supposed to go from there to Chetla, as we had to take brother Sudhangshu’s wife with us.  Time was very short.  After getting down we saw that there was no bus.  The road was so water logged that traffic was completely stranded. Nobody knew when these would move.  We started walking through the water and when reached brother Sudhangshu’s residence at Chetla it was already 5-30 P.M.  The visiting hour was upto 6-00 P.M. in the hospital.  We were in hurry but could not leave brother Sudhangshu’s wife.  As it was the first time, we went to their house; she did not allow us to leave without taking any sweets.  So after finishing, we rushed to the hospital.  When we reached Rashbehari Avenue it was 5-50 P.M.  If we had to go by walking it would be closed.  So, we took a taxi and told the driver to drive as fast as possible.  But by mistake he entered into the second gate.  However, when we got down at the first gate the bell was rung for 6 o’clock.  We reached the lift, the second bell rang.  We were filling a great struggle in our mind at that time.  Even getting up in the upstairs we were mistaken and asked somebody about the exact room.  When we reached in front of Jibankrishna’s room, we made a sigh of great relief.  We were lucky that due to heavy rain nobody could reach there.  When we stood near the door, Jibankrishna asked the ward boy, ‘who has come’?  He said, ‘some ladies have come to see you’.  Jibankrishna said, ‘open the curtain, let them see me properly’.  The ward boy opened the curtain.  We saw he was seated with smiling face.  So long we stood with folded hands, he also kept his hands folded and paid regards to us.  What a smiling face we observed.  As if he knew everything that we took so much trouble to see him, and it seemed as if he tested our tenacity.      Yes, he was the same person whom I saw in dreams.  As if he had been so well known to me for a long time.  My mind as not wanting to leave, but the time was up.  Three bells were already rung, how many people left but time had stopped before me.  I had no outside sense.  I got the sense back seeing the doctors and nurses coming towards us.  We had no alternatives except leaving now.  We started walking away.

In that very night I saw again Jibankrishna in my dream.  It was so vivid and all my doubts and confusions were eradicated from my mind.  It brought bliss to my life which cannot be described by any language, rather it was a realization only and nothing else.

August, 1972

8/A, Banamali Naskar Road,

Behala, Kolkata – 700060.



Volume -1, January, 2013


Publicity of Diamond in America in future – meeting a famous actor of Hollywood

13) July 24, 2010, Saturday.

Early morning dream : I saw that the world famous Hollywood actor and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman had come to our Lake Town residence and was waiting for me in the drawing room. I was outside for a moment. Coming back home I was surprised to see him as I could not expect that such a famous person would come to meet me.

However, I started talking to him. He was very modest, and pleasant in personality. Once he said that a calm and quiet place would be better to talk. So I took him to my residential office in the mezzanine floor. I told him there will be no difficulty. I have a sofa cum bed also and you can rest there thought is a bit shorter that your height’. He said, ‘It will not be uneasy for me.’

Then I told him, ‘Let me prepare tea for you as you have a jet lag after such a long journey. You are tired. But I am asking you why have you come to me’? He said, ‘Jibankrishna (Diamond) has asked me to come to you.’ Being surprised I asked him, ‘How do you know his name’? He said, ‘One of Diamond’s companion is a resident of our country.’ I said, ‘Oh! He is Dr. Subrata Banerjee.’ He said, ‘Yes, I have got Diamond’s book Religion and Realization from him. For that reason I have come to know his name.’

Then I began to prepare tea on the other side of a wooden partition. Suddenly I heard the voices of two persons. Peeping out through the partition I noticed that my grandfather (expired in 1967) Damodar and another familiar person Atmaram had come inside the room. Sitting on the floor my grandfather was asking him about published books and I saw that Henry Morgan was sitting on the floor waiting for tea.

Meanwhile I saw that my elder brother’s wife was getting down from the 2nd floor. I went outside the door and told her, ‘Do you know who is this gentleman? And I told details about Mr. Morgan. At this moment I saw my youngest uncle getting down and I told him also in details about Mr. Morgan. When I was about to enter into my room, my dream was off.

[I was very surprised about this dream and found no clues. Only a faint meaning appears that this may show that among the Americans Diamond will be widely spread in future, as he talked about ‘oneness’ – the religion of mankind. It is only to wait now.]


The future spirituality in America – The arrival of

American President

14) January 12, 2011, Wednesday.

Early morning dream: I heard a news that the American President Barak Obama would come to me at our residence of Santipur (Nadia district, West Bengal State, India, 90 km away from Kolkata and an old town of 1200 years old, famous for its culture and sweet language and a place of peace). Due to this everybody was busy for arranging the security. I came to know that special security people would come for checking. I was also arranging everything in our residence. At this moment my dream was off.

[This is the second time I dreamed the President of America. In my first dream I saw Bill Clinton and the Vice – President Al Gore during Kargil War between India and Pakistan and I was supposed to bring ghee (a product made from butter and a symbol of pure consciousness) for the American ambassador from Santipur. The next day he came toIndiafor discussion with the Prime Minister Atal Behari Bajpeyee and I also saw him in that same dream where I was giving some lecture to them. Strangely within two days the Kargill War stopped.

However, it seemed to me that American President represents the whole country and he is coming to Santipur, a place of peace which means that in future this ‘Oneness’ of Diamond will spread in America to a large extent which will bring peace in the world in far future as America is a symbol of liberty and was the first place which took the ideology of Swami Vivekananda more than hundred years ago. This country is suitable for such ideology due to liberal mentality of the people.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 1, January, 2013


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .


Place—Temple of Dakshineswar.

98).                       “In  one  tank”.

Tank—is the seventh plane in the cerebrum and it is seen . The first class realization is to see the thing as it is . The laying cover of the cerebrum folds up and the seventh plane is seen. “The drop-scene in a theatre is withdrawn”—Shri Ramkrishna.

The second class realization is by a symbol. A tank of God’s light is seen.

There is a third class realization and it is also by a symbol. A tank of water is seen . Further the seventh plane is represented by flowers, such as—full-bloomed lotus or big roses.

99).                “He is addressed by same as “Allah,” by some as

“God” and by some  as  “Brahma”.

Here the absolute is meant “Allah”, “God” and “Brahma”. These are the different terminology of the same and one Absolute.

100).              “Some  say  ‘Kali’  and  some  others  say  ‘Rama’

‘Hari’  ‘Jesus’  and  ‘Durga’.

(Kali, Rama, Hari, Durga and the different forms and attributes as depicted in the Hindu mythology. Jesus is the saviour in Christianity).

It is Relative Truth. In the fourth sheath or the sixth plane in the process of transformation, God is seen in various forms. Some see it in one form only and some in different forms. When at first this form is seen, it is understood as if this is come from outside. But after losing one’s ego-consciousness, when a man comes back in divine consciousness, it is shown to him that all the forms of God he saw in the process of Ascent did come out from his own body.

101).                “Mahakali”—is  the  Absolute”.

102) .               “Nitya  Kali”—is the sound. It is perpetual and there is no break in its course . It is heard. From sound comes ‘Form’. It is called sportive form .

103).                 “Raksha  Kali”—is the protectoress  of the sportive forms . On the surface the sportive form is protected by continuous creation .


104).                 “Shyama  Kali”—is the preserver and benefactress .

105).                “Smashan  Kali”—is deluge, destruction and annihilation .

These five forms are but different aspects of God, the Absolute, and the Relative. The first of the two forms are your parents. They existed before your birth. You come out of their physical bodies. The three other forms are but your human body.  The simultaneous operations of growth, preservation and destruction are on their march in it.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 1, January, 2013

Seeing Diamond in dreams and reality after his death through Reading Centers

Part – 2

Dhruba Mukherjee is a regular listener of Lucknow Reading Center where Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) is read.

After listening to the reading he started seeing Diamond (Jibankrishna) in dreams and trances in various ways. Here is his narration of the second trance:

One day in the month of July, 1992, I saw that I had gone to an unknown state. I became very thirsty and was roaming in a beautiful hilly village. I was hankering after sweet water. In different places of the village there were different types of water. After roaming for a long time I met an old man. Being asked he said, ‘There are varieties of water which are used for many types of work even for drinking purpose. But there is only one place where sweet water is available and there are two big tigers. Whenever the villagers go there, they drive them away by roaring. I asked him, ‘Are they ferocious? Did they kill anybody?’ The old man said, ‘No, they did not kill anybody. They only roared and drove away the villagers? So I got a mental strength and decided to drink that water and then leave the village. Then with a recitation of the name ‘Jibankrishna’ I approached towards that water body. As soon as I reached there one of the tiger came and grabbed my neck with his mouth and another one grabbed another side of my neck. They talked like human being and told me, ‘First satisfy us with some answers then you will be allowed to drink water, otherwise you cannot and we shall not leave you. I was helpless at that time.

They asked – Who are you?

I – ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (I am Brahma or Supreme Being).

Tigers – Who is Brahma?

I – Man is Brahma.

Tigers – What is Religion? And what is the path of it?

I – Oneness is Religion. Unity is the goal of Religion. And the path of modern Religion is ‘Vidyat’ (Spontaneous).

Tigers – Who is your Preceptor?

I – God is the Preceptor.

Tigers – Who is ‘Uttama Purusha’ (The best man)?

I – The author of ‘Gita’ could not explain it properly. But our Religious Teacher Jibankrishna exposed this mystery and explained like this – The person who has attained Godhood and achieved the Brahmagyan (Supreme-knowledge, self –knowledge and Paramatma (The Supreme Being) and ‘Tatwagyan’ (The knowledge of ‘Thou’) and then appears in dreams, trances etc. among myriads of people ultimately transforming their attributes into his own attributes than only he will become the best man. Jaimini has said that this number is not limited within twenty thousand, it should be numberless.

And at the same time this should not be limited to a specific country, this should spread everywhere in the world. Jibankrishna is this best man as he has achieved all these.

Tigers – What is the greatest surprise?

I – Death is the reality in a human’s life. But knowing this a man forgets it. After performing the death ceremony in the grave or cemetery they forget it forever. This is the greatest surprise, isn’t it?

The tigers then told me, ‘we are very much pleased by your answer. Now you are free and drink water.’ I drank a large amount of water for a long time. When, I turned back I saw not race of the tigers and in their place Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna were standing, looking at me with smiling faces. I paid my homage to both of them by lying down on the ground. They gave their blessings to me and my trance was off.

[The seer got a clear conception on the true Religion i.e., oneness and got the blessings of both Avatar Sri Ramkrishna (in carnation of God) and the Holy Ghost Jibankrishna.]



Volume – 1, January, 2013


[Excerpt of the letter written by Ananda Mohan Ghosh addressing to Arun Ghosh when Jibankrishna was alive.  It was written when Arun Ghosh was stationed at Asansol of Burdwan District, West Bengal, India, as a Railway employee. Both of them were Jibankrishna’s companions.]

June 23, 1957

Jibankrishna told us that day, “Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said – If God preaches then it will be preaching.  But hat will see?  From Buddha’s period to up till now we can only see preaching, even Thakur cannot be omitted. But here he proved his forecast through so many people.  What did not happened in his life he had manifested here.  Otherwise what is the meaning of his words ‘If God preaches then it will be preaching’?

If you would not achieve God-the Preceptor nothing could be conceived.  Thakur proved that Truth here.  You should hear another thing that so long the religion was preached from outside, but henceforth God will manifest within you in my form and will teach you from inside.  If in future anybody gets God-the-Preceptor within him or her, will see my form.  Remember my oracle, ‘Two will not exist, only one will exist’.

For a while Jibankrishna kept silent.  Then said, ‘But you know that this world is full of hotchpotch, nothing can be concluded specifically.

On last Friday Jibankrishna said during discussion, ‘See, those who are ordinary people or some kind of notorious type, if they call God, may get His grace.  But those, who cheat people by the name of God, they never get His grace.  Let me cite an example of such type of evil minded man.

There was a man who was addicted to tobacco.  Once he got down from his cot and while he was going to enter his hand into an earthen bowl for ‘tike’ (small pallets of cow dung and earth for fuel), there was a snake inside that bowl which bite his hand.  He understood that he was bitten by a very poisonous snake, and he could not escape death.  So he lied down on his bed and began to call his wife.  When his wife came near him, he told her without saying anything about snake bite, ‘You prepare for me a handful of tobacco leaves to smoke.’  As soon as his wife entered her hand into that bowl, she was also bitten by the snake.  She cried with pain.  Then that man scolded here and driving her out of the room called his only son.  As soon as he entered his hand into the bowl as per instruction of his father he was also bitten by the snake.’

All of us were listening to his story with great astonishment.  With a little smile he made comments, ‘That man thought that I had acquired all these wealth by my own effort and they (wife and son) would enjoy all these!  So understand now what type of people are those!

He again said with a smiling face, ‘There is another peculiar type of man. A man is going to die.  The lawyer has come for making his will.  He is asking the man who will be the successor’?  The man says to him, ‘Write in such a manner so that my wife and son do not get a single coin’.  Then the lawyer made the will in his own name.

Hearing this all of us laughed loudly.  Last Sunday he said, ‘See, you are seeing me physically, hearing my words and seeing me in dreams.  Do you know what is happening?  These are called established shiva (Lord Shiva).  But after my death those who will get me as their God-the-Preceptor will be Shiva emerging from earth automatically.

Satya Ganguly said to him, ‘Though it may seen to be jealous comment, yet I am asking that we agree that they will not get your companion, or will not listen to your words,  but how it is possible that they will surpass us or will have superior realizations.?

Jibankrishna said, ‘But they will not know anything about me or without seeing my photo they will see me within them, that will be much remarkable phenomenon.  And in that case you are seeing me within you after hearing from me.  But one thing is there that on one side though they are better than you but on another side they are lesser than you in weight (because they could get jibankrishna’s physical companion).