By Diamond Picked up in the street
Volume-19, December, 2011

True liberation of the human race

As for liberation there are four kinds of liberation running current in India.
They are:-
1. To get liberation after death. It is depicted above. Almost all the great teachers of India from Buddha down to Sri Ramkrishna advocated it. Nay, Sri Ramkrishna went a bit far, and endorsed as long as a man lives he cannot get liberation. He used to explain it through a metaphor. ‘Yes, just think of an earthen pot (ghata) kept beneath the water of an ocean. The pot is filled with water – water beneath it and water above it and water within it and water all around it and ‘water, water everywhere’, but still the pot has got a separate existence the pot exists. But when the pot is broken there is water only. It is really a matter of deep regret as liberation has got an absolutely different characteristic. Liberation is realistic and factual and it is announced by the humanity after seeing the liberated one within their own bodies and thus making the man seen within – La’ Homme Universalle. This is the Vedic liberation and it means not liberation of a single individual but it means and establishes liberation en masse. A bit further, it is not obtained by self-exertion but is distributed and the distribution has its own characteristic as it functions through the five elements – Earth (in the shape of a book); water or hydrogen – when the Sun and the ‘Man in the Sun’ is seen in one’s own cerebrum; ‘Teja’– by physically seeing the man when coming in contact with him; Air – by hearing his name and his instructions – and through Sky or Ether.
2. To be liberated step by step – As the aspirant is proceeding towards the seventh plane and in each and every plane or each kosha, various experiences occur and the aspirant comes to know about the piece-meal liberation of Atma from the body. But with all its ‘yes’, one only beguiles oneself with it and has self satisfaction which remains confined in the aspirant only. No, it is no liberation at all but a poor consolation to a diseased mind.
Liberation means, in the word of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Swami Vivekananda – ‘you must liberate the whole universe before you leave this body’ – though the great Swami could not bring it into existence in his life time. Let us go a bit back in the past, some two thousand years ago, Nagarjuna, the originator of the great vehicle or Mahayana system of Buddhism crated an imaginary ‘Avalokiteswara Bodhisatva’, who announced that he would not take his (Avalokiteswar Bodhisattva) own liberation till each and every member of the humanity is liberated. It is far distant glow and murmer of the Vedic Truth – ‘Twam jato bhavasi vishwatomukhah’ – Thou art but all. We are the most fortunate and the blessed people to find a de facto and alive picture of the thing itself in our everyday life.
3. Spontaneous revelation and immediate liberation. It has been mentioned in the Kashmiri Shaivism. The full text of it was not available even some eleven hundred years ago when Kashmiri Shavisim was written save and except that the name was mentioned only. It transpires that when the unknown man comes down from the Brahmapura and appears before the aspirant in the causal body, it is immediate liberation as favoured by spontaneous revelation. But it is liberation in embryo.
4. The Vedic liberation announces the liberation of the whole humanity or there is no liberation and it is called ‘Jivanmukti’ – ‘Freed in life’ and to add to it, this is ‘Kamachara’ state as spoken of by the Vedas.

Volume – 19, December,2011


My memorable moment with Diamond

Anath Nath Mondal
It was the third Saturday of November, 1951. I was just going to complete my 15 and finished my class nine examination. My most regarded Gour Mohan Kundu took me of Diamond as per our previous engagement. When we reached in front of the one storied residence of Diamond at Kali Banerjee Lane, Howrah (West Bengal, India), it was 5-00 PM, very cold then. We had a body cover with a sheet of cloth.
A few days back Gour told me, pointing out to a picture of Sri Ramkrishna hanging on the wall of his residence, ‘let us go to met him’. I asked him like a fool, ‘Is he still alive’? He answered, ‘let us see him first’! So had this idea that I was going to meet Sri Ramkrishna.
When we stood in front of the door, Gour told me, ‘keep quite, let me see first what he is doing’. The door was closed. He opened it slowly and I saw through the door that a person was half lying on a cot set north-south direction. He was very strongly built with a brown complexion as if a lion was lying. And on the north-east side of the cot a 22-23 years old young man was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. I came to know his name as Nemai Basu later on. As soon as Gour and I entered into the room, the reading was stopped and Diamond sat straight on the cot. I noticed that 2-3 persons were also seated the room. They were Loken Mukherjee and Satya Charan Ghosh. Gour told Diamond, ‘this is the boy about whom I told you the other day,’ and then he also sat on a chair. Diamond told me with a very sweet voice, ‘come my boy, sit here on the cot’. With a slight hesitation I sat on the cot beside Nemai.
Diamond’s room was small and extended in north-south direction. There were two doors, one on the east side, another on the west side. There were altogether four windows. There was a photograph of Sri Ramkrishna hung on the southern wall.
The reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna continued for some time and then Diamond said, ‘Let us have meditation now’. I asked him, ‘How to do it?’ Diamond said, ‘you have to bring your mind in between the two eyebrows.’ Then he showed me how to do it. When he was about to start meditation, he said, ‘Just notice me. My mind has now come to the fifth plane. That means near the throat. Now I have no sense in my hand.’ At this moment I asked him, ‘Well, we read about Kundalini in the Gospel, what is that’? No sooner my words were finished, than his lower abdomen began to shiver and then his whole body started shivering, ultimately falling in Samadhi State without any physical sense.
Thereafter Diamond fell in deep meditation and continued for an hour. But I couldn’t do it except keeping my eyes closed. However, after the meditation he switched on the light and told Nemai to start reading Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. He then asked me, ‘My boy, have you any vision in the meditation?’ I said, ‘No’. Meanwhile Gour told him, ‘He reads the Gospel very nicely at our residence.’ So he gave me the book to read. I read one chapter. But Diamond again gave it to Nemai, Because that time it was the principle that without having any instruction in dream to read Gospel, nobody would be allowed to read it in his room. After two months my Kundalini was awakened and in the dream Diamond gave in my hand Gospel to read the fifth volume.
However, when I was reading in the Gospel-God the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer, Diamond gave its explanation like this “ ‘God the Creator is to visualize Atman or Soul, God the Preserver is to visualize the Universe within the Atma and God the Destroyer is the seed form, dream and annihilation.’
I was only listening to his explanation with great charm though I could not understand the meaning of his explanation.
The reading came to an end at 9-00 pm and everybody touched the book on their heads. Lastly by bowing down to the photo of Sri Ramkrishna everybody began to leave his room one by one. When I was going to bow down to Diamond, holding my hand, he said, ‘come again my boy’. He then told Gour, ‘Gour bring him here again.’
When I came out of Diamond’s room, I was feeling that I came out of the outer world. Coming back home I was unable to sleep thinking about Diamond’s movement, his divine posture and explanations on the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. My body was still shivering with a divine feeling.
One of my significant dream seen in the month of January, 1951 is narrated:
I saw that I came out of the room of Diamond and went for a walk with him. He was holding my left hand with his right hand. I was seeing myself as a child of 6 years. Gradually crossing the main road, we crossed many Lanes, villages, fields and then reached a heavily crowded market place. But the market was closed at that time. In the midst of the market place on the cemented platform Diamond sat supporting his back on an elongated pillow and then the market opened. My dream went off.

The mysterious book of Diamond and his action through
Bolpur Reading Center
Part – 5
Snehamaya Ganguly, a resident of Surul village, Sriniketan (Birbhum district of West Bengal, India) published his first experience in the hand written Bengali magazine ‘Manik’ published from Charupalli reading centre.
An excerpt was narrated as such in his own version.
Incidentally, during Mr. Jiten Chatterjee’s stay at Sriniketan, during discussion on Rabindra Nath Tagor’s book ‘The world of belief’ he told about a very strange phenomenon. He said, ‘yes, even to-day it is a reality that a Universal man exists, and he expresses himself among innumerable people through dreams and reality not through belief and thought. And we are fortunate to come in Contact with that man’. I couldn’t understand anything that day. Next day he told me many things about that man Jibankrishna (Diamond) and at that very night dreams started like showers. And it was a strange coincidence that whatever Mr. Chatterjee explained was revealed in my dreams. He said that by effort God can not be achieved and I dreamt, ‘Two trains were resting side by side’. Suddenly one train started running and crossed the gate automatically. I pushed a button of another train to run but it didn’t. All my efforts failed to run the train.
Mr. Chatterjee told me that Diamond is spread from one body to another. When one day I told my sister (Moni) a few words about Diamond the very night she dreamt Diamond. When I told some others about Diamond all of them started to have divine dreams.
Once I did not believe that in dream ‘to eat’ means to progress in austerity. One night I saw a dream.
I saw that one monk standing on the road of Sriniketan and facing eastside was reciting the hymns of sun as described in Upanishad. His body was luminous. When Jiten uncle’s youngest son Gautam and I was crossing him, he looked at Goutam. It seemed to me that he had realized, Goutam was far superior to him in the spiritual world. After this dream I started to believe that the austerity achieved through dreams are far superior than the austerity achieved by exerting effort.
A few of my dreams :

1) Far away from me I saw sun rising and the form of Diamond inside it was visible. Holding a baby on my lap. I was calling everybody very loudly and running towards him and put down the baby from my lap. Then the form of Diamond in the sun vanished. In front of me I saw a wall and a dried flower garland floating in the air came to me and automatically encircled my neck. When I woke up I saw that I was reciting Diamond’s name ‘Jibankrishna’.

2) Jiten uncle, Diamond and I was walking on a road and reached a pond. A grasshopper was seen sitting idly on the water. After a while a bubble was seen there and on it Diamond, taking the form of child Srikrishna (Incarnation of God Vishnu in Hindu mythology) began to dance holding a flute in his hand. Gradually the form became normal size having a deep scar mark on the forehead. Next moment coming beside me he asked, ‘say what you have seen.’ I said, ‘By you grace you have shown me your sportive forms and I saw that.’ The dream went off.
As much Diamond’s sportive forms I am seeing. I am becoming overwhelmed with surprised. Many of my college friends also saw him in dream. In the present day in every aspect I am getting Diamond’s directions through dreams. I have now confusion about his Godhood and that God is a living human being in his form.

Volume -19, December, 2011
Vision of past

Vision of prehistoric age to middle age and indication of achieving a high brain power – An indication of discovery of time machine in future

25th November, 2002, Monday.
With a divine joy and sleepy feeling I woke up in the morning and sat on the bed with closed eyes having a stage of trance. Suddenly in front of my eyes a series of scenes appeared and moved away very fast. I remembered that these were the scenes of Egyptian civilizations up to the middle age of history. It was just like those in television with fast forward mode. These ultimately reached the modern age.
Everything seemed to me as if I travelled in a time machine and travelled thousand and thousand years with an unbelievable speed.
After getting the sense I began to think that it was an indication of dormant super power of human brain which may be exposed in future. At the same time this was an indication of achieving a very high brain power by the seer by which many supernatural phenomena may happen in the long run.

Adam and Eve – vision of far past

Second week of March, 2004.
Early morning: I saw myself completely naked roaming with a woman who was also completely naked. I was roaming completely unconcerned and un-attached to anything, having no worries and anxieties and lust in my mind. My complexion was very bright and fair, but the woman had slightly suppressed color. The surroundings seemed to be prehistoric. So long I had no sense that I was roaming without clothes, suddenly I realized, Oh! I have no clothes on my body! Then and there we put clothes on. Here the dream went off.
Instantly the story of Adam and Eve as described in Old Testament appeared in my mind. But the significance remained unknown to me. In microcosm, Adam is the prime man in whose body manifestation of God occurred and Eve was his causal body who lived in reality coming out of Adam’s body.

Vision of far past – The Vedic era before ten thousand years

April 16, 2008, Wednesday.
Early morning dream : I was seeing an unknown open area which seemed to be of very far past scene. I was roaming here and there. In one place of a field I noticed that a group of people sitting on the ground in a circle were chanting some hymns. I was a little bit dark due to evening time. They were not clearly visible. Sometimes a sound ‘Hing’ was heard in between the chanting. The sound as well as the languages were quite unnatural and unusual though it was very melodious. Suddenly a voice was heard near me, ‘They are chanting the Vedic hymns.’ I realized that another man was with me though I couldn’t recognize his presence so long. Then the dream was off, though the chanting was echoing in my ear throughout the day.
[In the evening a quote of Swami Vivekananda flashed in my mind. He said, ‘The actual meaning and lyrics of the Vedic hymns are lost. They are not uttered properly. These hymns were properly used to be uttered by the Vedic Rishis and for that reason would manifest in their bodies. But that is a lost chapter now.’
I realized that I heard the accurate musical noting of the Vedic hymns in my dream.
This has been proved in a strange manner after a few months.
On 28th August, 2008, on account of my writing a book on Diamond with reference to Upanishad, I had to read Chandogya Upanishad for reference. There in one chapter I read an incident which perplexed me to a great extent.
In the twelve chapter of the first volume of Chandogya Upanishad, it is written like this :
Once the son of Dalvya Rishi and the son Bak or Glub of Mitra Rishi went out of their village for studying Vedas.
Then some Rishis in the disguise of white dogs appeared before them and asked them to enchant hymns, and to come in the next morning to the same place. So they waited there till next morning. The Rishis in the disguise of white dogs chanted the Vedic hymns with utterance of a sound ‘Hing’ in between the hymns (In Vedic era during hymns one of the Rishis used to utter this word ‘Hing’. This hymn belongs to seventh Sukta of ninth Mondal of Ricveda.
The whole dream thus became clear to me and I understood that I saw the same incident described in Chandogya Upanishad though it happened some thousands of years before Upanishads were written. The Upanishads were written some three to four thousands of years ago on the basis of memories from generation after generation, while Ric Veda is the oldest. But the incidents happened much prior to that.
The effect of the dream was such. I felt no trouble in searching the references out of 13 Upanishads for my book though this was the first time I read Upanishads.
Whenever I wanted any reference, it took seconds to find the same. this is really astonishing and amazing.]

By Diamond picked up in the street
Volume -19, December,2011

Infinity is within a human being
Infinity does not lie in the outside but it is within a man – The most wonderful and unfathomable creation of God. In the course of transformation of life-power into God without form, the life-power is transformed into the geometrical point of Euclid and infinity lies beyond the point. It is a point about which Buddha spoke while he was interrogated on his death-bed. It is the great ‘Is’ (Asti) of Vedas.

The ideal body for God’s full manifestation

If a single fibre of the body is damaged and if it be not in a full-fledged fresh condition then there will be no accumulation of god in full measure in the cerebrum of the seventh plane. If you want to buy a thing in full measure then you have got to pay the cost in ratio. The full measure of the body is between 24 and 25 years of age and the body must be really a strong-built one. He must have full grace of god-the-Preceptor between 12 and 13 years of age. God-the-Preceptor will teach him all the course of transformation of life-power into god and in course of time the signs of transformation will be exhibited in the body as they will penetrate and come out from within to without. The five sheaths in the body will take their birth in succession and successive transformations and realizations will come upon spontaneously, then god in the body will be separated in to-to and make you conscious that you are god and not body.

God shines like the sun of knowledge
within a human body

God within is like the sun of knowledge. ‘I’ am but one of his rays and this ray appears direct from the sun. ‘I’ and sun have got direct connection. The sun bears and reveals the universe. The sun, the universe and ‘I’ are interlinked and have got straight connection. This is not a metaphor. There is no room for any kind of figure of speech here. It is seen and realized. The first one happened at the entrance to the seventh plane when the sun is seen behind the hanging silken curtain. The second one is to see the universe within god and that is ascribed as the beginning of special knowledge about God. What is special knowledge? What is God? He who holds the universe within him is God. But it is also only one aspect of God. The universe is but a reflection in the mirror of ‘I’.