(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 21, November, 2015

Chapter 42

Difference between Sri Ramkrishna and former spiritual preachers

August, 1959.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, ‘God can be visualized’ – yes, this is something wonderful words. The whole world is indebted to him for this. These very words were not heard from any of the former preachers.

Let us consider Buddha. He denied the existence of God. In case of Sankaracharya it was void. Ramanuj considered God including the creatures and world. He did not say what is Brahma or God. Jesus said, ‘Father, thou who art in Heaven.’ Later on he said, ‘My Father and I are one.’ Sri Chaitanya uttered ‘Krishna, Krishna’ only. Then come to Thakur who said, ‘God can be seen; seeing God is the main objective of a human life. None uttered such words as he did. Human race become relieved.

See, how many people can see God? In an individualistic austerity only Thakur saw God and none.

For this reason I have rejected the individualistic austerity. What is its value if it does not happen within the whole human race? And if others do not have this vision, they may not believe it. If it is confined within a single man and it is not normal.

Furthermore, Thakur also said not about seeing God only, he said about the achievement of Godhood. When seeing God is so difficult, what about achievement of Godhood! But this has manifested here.

Principle of life – God is One

August, 1959.

What is the Principle of life? A man is born to become God. There is a continuous change, and a transformation. You can understand it because you have realizations within you. If you do not understand it, you would have cut me into pieces. How many Gods are there? One, – this is ‘Advaitavad’ (One-ism). See the individualistic austerity is not acceptable because what is not common to all is not true. I have achieved the Supreme knowledge and if I announce it, it won’t do. The whole human race should announce it then it is correct. Truth comes from the reverse.

Some 9000 years ago the Vedic sages said::

“Sing to your Agni (Fire god) with each song, at every sacrifice, for strength.

Come, let us praise the Wise and Everlasting God, even as a well-beloved friend “.[6.58.1]

Again, in later periods sages of the Upanishad era said, “So, whoever worships another divinity (than his Self) thinking, ‘He is one and I another’, he knows not. He is like a sacrificial animal for the gods. [1.4.10]

There is nothing after death

August, 1959.

Nachiketa went to Yama (God of death) to know the mystery of death (Katho Upanishad), that means to know what was after death. They did not want to see this life. They did not know how wonderful this life was. What I say to you? This human life is all. Whatever will be done will take place in this present life, otherwise there is nothing after death. Whatever you can do, do it within this present life.

What I say? I want to live with this physical body for ever. Those who have achieved this truth, don’t know what is death, even they don’t think about the death.

See this body! What a wonderful thing has happened! They didn’t want to know what was light on the contrary searched for what was in the dark.

Listen, I am not a Hindu, not a Muslim, not a Christian. I am only a man who is Jibankrishna.  Nothing is there within me except myself – I am the measure.

Time is eternal

August, 1959.

Listen, time immemorial – eternal, and beyond any attributes. A child is seeing me, the father is seeing me and the grandfather is seeing me in dreams.

The child has the attribute of ‘Satva’, the father has the attribute of ‘Rajas’ and the grandfather has the attribute of ‘Tamo’ (creation – Existence – Dissolution). Among these three He (God) is in existence. So it is proved that He is not confined in any attributes.

When a man achieves God or is rather transformed God, What happens? He surpasses all hazards. Do they vanish? No! He is above all these, i.e., he becomes apathetic.

Evolution and Revelation

August, 1959.

Evolution and Revelation – what is Evolution? See, I visualized God – what happens? – Evolution and Revelation both.

At first I saw water in Pranamaya Kosha (sheath) – what happened – Evolved; Then in the fourth plane (Monomaya Kosha) that water was transformed into light – Evolved; Then in the fifth plane (Vijnanmaya Kosha) the mind reached the throat, and I saw sky. What happened – Evolved; Then in that same sheath in between two eyebrows I saw the eye of knowledge with a form of Lord Buddha within that eye; Then in the seventh plane the mind came and I visualized God; Then I saw the Divine conscious; After that the conscious descended from the cerebrum to the waist and thereafter I saw the manikin form of incarnation. Ultimately I was transformed into God. All these are Evolution. Then his own-self becomes Universal – All are Evolution. Man is born so.

What happens to a man’s natural motion? He has come to this world to become God. As for example, the diamond in a coal mine. What is the scientific definition of diamond? A super form of Carbon. So what is this human body? He is transformed into diamond or God. Diamond is the transformed form of coal.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 21, November, 2015

 Indranath Mukherjee.

Part 1

Form 1947, I have been working with child education and moving from one school to another for learning about the methods and materials of child education. Then in the year 1997 I decided to established a primary school in the first floor of a one of my close relatives’ house.

I went to the head master of the primary section of Calcutta Park Institution for efficient teacher. He said, ‘For lady teacher you have to give advertisements in the news paper. I asked, ‘Why lady teacher’? He said, ‘Without lady teacher it is not a job for gents teacher to teach children of the nursery section.’ So I had no other way to advertise for lady teachers.

After an inauguration the school opened in the month of May, 1957. For three years the school was running and six lady teachers were working. But I was feeling uncomfortable to work with them and so I thought to hand over the school to somebody else, but at the same time I thought that I would be an unemployed person after this. With this confusionary situation I went one day to my friend Nikunja Behari Das and asked, ‘Do you know any saintly man where I can go after my whole day’s work? He said, ‘There is a holy man at Kadamtala’. I thought that such a holy man lives so near, yet still I have not heard his name? I asked, ‘What is his name’? He said, ‘Jibankrishna Ghosh.’ I asked no second question.

Quite a lot of days passed. Seeing no other way again I asked Nikunja, ‘Where does that holy man stay about whom you talked that day? Where is his address’? Taking the address and direction one Sunday morning I went to the residence of Jibankrishna at Keder Deuti lane, Kadamtala, Howrah. Reaching in front of the room, I noticed that sitting on a cot he was reading a book, I was going to sit on the floor, but he said, ‘Not there on the cot.’ He asked about my name and living place and whether I was married. He was happy that I was a bachelor. Then he asked whether I read the Gospel of Ramkrishna. I said , ‘Yes, I have read it.’ Then he asked, ‘In the house avoid talking with any other women other than my mother.’ After this he talked many things about the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna, and again he repeated his instruction not to talk with any woman in the house except my mother. Then he asked, ‘Who are the other members in your house’? I said, ‘My, mother, aunts, brothers,  sisters, sister-in-laws etc,’ – Just at this moment he scolded me and said again, ‘Don’t talked to any other lady member except your mother.’ Being silent I was thinking that our house is fully packed with members; what they will think about my normalcy of brain?  After thinking for a few moments I decided that well, I should do it. But then I asked him, ‘But outside my house’? He was astonished and kept on looking at me and then said, ‘Why you are saying so’? I said, ‘I am running a nursery and kindergarten school and without lady teachers this cannot be run properly. Hearing this he did not say anything and said, ‘Come in the afternoon. During that time many visitors come.’ I thought that he did not ask a second question. Why? Because throughout his life he talked only about God, but never he remained unemployed. He earned money by working and then retired like common people, and so he wanted that everyman should earn his livelihood by working honestly. So when he heard that I was helpless, he kept silent. Since then I was going to school and after the school hours I used to go to him.



Volume – 21, November, 2015                                                                 

Chapter – 60

Increase  of  spiritual  power

275)   21st  November, 1977, Monday.

Early morning dream:  One of my class mate Debasish said to me, ‘Dipak, I saw you in a dream with a very healthy figure’. Saying this he gave an explanation which could not be remembered later on. Then I told him, ‘See, you have not seen me. Your divine consciousness has taken my figure—He is God’.

After saying this, I stood silently making comments to myself with a great grief and sorrow, ‘Hang it, why he has seen me instead of Jibankrishna in his dream! Ah! He could have seen him’! I went on uttering these to myself and shed tears with great sorrow. Here the dream went off.

The robust health of the seer indicates the high spiritual power and the dream also indicates that the seer is not accepting such condition that anyone sees him instead of Jibankrishna in the dream. This means that the seer has become devoid of egoism.

Confirmation  of  ‘Shivatva’  or  Oneness

276)   22nd  November, 1977, Tuesday.

Early morning dream:    I saw a serpent with two heads on both-the ends. Somebody said, ‘This serpent is like this type’. Then and there I saw myself walking with that serpent encircling my neck with hoods erected, just like Lord Shiva’s picture. Then the dream went off.

[The dream indicates the achievement of Lord Shiva’s entity or in other words the Oneness.]

Establishment  of  the  realizations  of  ‘Dharma  O  Anubhuti book

within  the  body  

277)  22nd November,  1977.

After the first dream I woke up and again fell asleep and had this dream:  I was seated in a room where many devotees of Jibankrishna were also seated. A discussion was raised about one of my dream which I saw long time back

The dream was thus:  Jibankrishna was reading ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’( Bengali book written by Jibankrishna himself) and along with Arun Ghosh, another devotee I was hearing with a very reluctant position. Then I thought that I should not listen in such a way and so I was about to sit straight in a meditation posture. But someone said, ‘There is no need of sitting in such a way; You go on listening in your previous posture’.

Hearing this dream Indranath Mukherjee and Raghunath Sen said ‘This is indicating also the higher stage of Arun Ghosh’. I said, ‘Besides this there are other meanings – one is, it shows that when one gets God-the-Preceptor within him, he gets pillow to lean (saying of Sri Ramkrishna); Secondly, the realizations of ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti are being established in me’. Hearing this Khitish Roy Choudhury said, ‘How is it possible?’ I r said, ‘Although it is not at par   Jibankrishna, but of the next stage . Moreover, Jibankrishna said in my first dream (Feb. 1972 and confirmed on 7.7.74)—You will write the 2nd and 3rd part of Dharma-O-Anubhuti .

This also means that the realizations of the 2nd and 3rd part will be established within the body’.

After hearing this everybody said, ‘Yes, it is correct’. Then I woke up.

[The first dream is a confirmation of the previous two dreams seen on 21.3.77 and 16.11.77 which indicated that the seer had the 75% divinity and this dream is the proof by showing the seer with the same entity of Lord Shiva.]

 The indication of future publicity of Diamond and new phase of austerity of the seer

278) 25th November, 1977, Friday.

17) Early morning dream : Ragunath Sen, a companion of Diamond was telling somebody about the latest spiritual condition of mine explaining that my condition was such that I became incapable of scrutinizing the examination papers of the students and some other persons should do it. Hearing this I was going somewhere with a bunch of examination papers. Meanwhile I noticed that in some very young boys some of Diamond’s sayings were manifested. Seeing this I said to a young boy, ‘see, each saying of Diamond is a seed and that seed is fallen in each human being; wherever it gets favorable condition, it will be manifested. It is just like seeds which are carried by birds and germinate in favorable conditions. Next I noticed a building which belonged to me. On the back side there was a lot of open space. Big holes were seen in rows for planting of fruit plants and these were nine in numbers. Meanwhile I saw that my next brother Asit was going to transplant some vegetable seedlings beside those holes. I told him, ‘The saplings of fruit plants will be planted here, you better transplant the vegetable seedlings in that area.’ Saying this pointed out that particular place which was ready for transplantation. So he went there for transplanting. So he went there for transplanting and the dream went off.

The first scene indicates the superior spiritual condition of the seer. The second part of the first scene indicates the future when Diamond will be manifested in innumerable young generations.

After some years the manifestation of Diamond was observed in many young generations in many places.

The second scene indicates that new realizations will occur in the seer in both long term and short term basis, as fruit plants give fruit after long years and vegetables are short term crops.

[This came true in the long run when the seer was having innumerable divine realizations within him.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 21, November, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

476.          “The  sun  rises”.

Sun—is the symbol of Knowledge—Jnana.

It is also seen in Samadhi when a man attains Brahma-Jnana.

477.          “The moon  fades  and  is  no  more  seen”.

With the advent of Knowledge the Devotion vanishes.

“After seeing God there remains no ritualistic religion for the man.”—-Shri  Ramkrishna.

Ritualism is a part and parcel of devotion or Bhakti. A man starts with ritualism and stops there. No evolution  follows.

To clarify, let us point out Thakur’s own life. In India, there were innumerable Kali-temples. Thakur was a worshipper, Pujari, in one temple. He came out of the temple being ‘One’, i.e., identical with the goddess of the Temple. Why it did not so happen with other Pujaris—priests ? Their start and finish remained the same.

The  Master  at  the  house  of  Joygopal  Sen

November  28, 1883.

(In the English translation of the Gospel of Shri Ramkrishna two chapters bearing the same date have been fixed  together, whereas the ‘Yogic’ interpretation is done according to the Bengali Gospel and the difference is due to it).

478.         “After attainment of God, the world does not appear impermanent to him any more”.

Attainment  of  God—-To  become  God.

A man through internal evolution of life-power attains Godhead ; but it is purely spiritual. The attainer of God will be seen by thousands and thousands of members of the human race bearing testimony to the fact. Then  attainment of God or Godhead is proved. Nay, it goes furthermore, it evinces that God is One internally in different forms and names and both running interlinked at the same time.

The data of seeing the Godhead within goes to prove (i) God is real, (ii) the human race is real and  (iii) the body of every human being is the pleasure-house of God as He manifests there in the shape of a person and that person is also identical with a living human being.

479.          “Let you feed your kindly thinking that you are feeding God”.

The first principal that runs in the under-current of the idea is called Sahajiya or the easy way to get God with form made of God’s light. It is in the sixth plane. Everything is Brahma or God. My own child is also God. Let me  start with it. Let the idea get matured, then spontaneously Yoga will grow in the body and it will create a form made of God’s light. The form will be seen by you but not by others, save and except in the case where two men of the same plane meet. It is a stepping-stone of the entrance of the culture.

The idea has got five aspects and one of them is Vatsalya, i.e., to think and love God as one’s own baby.

It is cherished by a dualistic devotee towards God with form.

It has also got two ways—(i) in Ascent and (ii) in Descent.

In Ascent—the example is ‘Gopal’ of Gopal’s mother or the revered Brahmin widow of Kamarhati. Gopal is the form of babyKrishna. She (the widow) by the grace of Thakur got her causal body transformed in the form of a childKrishna. The child used to come out from her body, played and beloved exactly like a living child—sometimes showing affection, some-times demanding, sometimes distemper, sometimes teasing, sometimes serving etc. But this cannot give the Supreme Bliss.

It was the car festival in the house of Shri Balaram Bose. Thakur was invited and he came. Gopal’s mother was also invited and she arrived. After pleasing conversation with Thakur while she was going to the house she saw Swami Vivekananda.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 21, November, 2015

Mrs. Gita Jana from Beleghata Reading Centre has narrated her dreams thus:

I was seriously ill.  In the night during my calling Jibankrishna came by a small canoe near the bank and told me to get up on it.  He extended his hand and I said that I could get up myself.  But ignoring my excuse he took me on the canoe holding my hand and both of us sat on it.  With only a single steer we reached the other side of the canal and then my dream was off.

[The canal is the life-river which can be crossed by the grace of God-the-Preceptor.  Jibankrishna is God-the –Preceptor.]

Jibankrishna in Sun in reality

On October 5, 2000 I was seated on a chair in my room with the intention of reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.  It was morning.  Mrs. Kalpana Biswas from Beleghata Reading Center has narrated how she saw Jiban Krishna in sun in reality.

I looked at the sun and saw the shadow form of Jibankrishna within the sun.  Gradually that form became elongated and ultimately took the form of a point.  In my body I felt shivering.

On September 14, 2003.  I saw in a dream that I was staying in a room of the third floor.  From the corridor my daughter was calling me repeatedly.  I rushed to the corridor and my daughter pointed to the sky with her finger.  In that sky I saw huge form of Jibankrishna almost covering the whole sky.  He wore a dhoti with clean shaved head and a sandal wood marking on his forehead like Sri Chaitanya  (Bengali Religious teacher of the vaisnaba cult who worships Lord Vishnu.  He was born five hundred years ago in Bengal).

I was thinking that I had never heard about this marking on Jibankrishna’s forehead.  At the same time my daughter also said, ‘Mom, have you noticed one thing?  There is a sandal wood marking on Jibankrishna’s forehead’!  I was feeling a great divine joy and then the form gradually disappeared in the sky.  My dream was off.

[The dream indicates that Jiban Krishna is the universal consciousness].



Volume – 21, November, 2015

Chapter 22

Meaning of vision of father in dream.

January 17, 1956.

Dhiren Chakravarty (To Jibankrishna) –I saw in my dream that I fell in danger. When I shouted ‘Hail Ramkrishna’, the danger was gone. Then I saw that my father came to me. He passed away long time back. He told me, ‘Brahma (Supreme Being) can be seen without form.’ I said, ‘Not everybody. In an era only one can see.’ Then he said, ‘So, see this, see this’!

Jibankrishna – Father is the primeval person of the Vedas. He is the self of Brahma. When one visualize formless Brahma, nothing can be conceived, because that state is beyond perception. So the formless Brahma takes the form of father and appears in realization.

Bathing in ocean and its meaning.

January 19, 1956.

Abhay Mukherjee (To Jibankrishna)- One night I saw in a dream that you are taking bath in the ocean.

Jibankrishna- Ocean in dream means the Divine Ocean or ocean of Supreme consciousness, and its effect will fall upon you also.

Kundalini means Primeval power.

January 25, 1956.

Nirod Baran Roy- I saw in a dream a few days back that from the telephone board in my office two ten rupees notes fell on the ground. I picked up. Another day in a meditation I saw Sri Ramkrishna sitting on a lotus flower and a snake encircling the flower was standing behind Sri Ramkrishna expending her hood on Sri Ramkrishna’s head and then she  was transformed into goddess kali. In another realization I
saw waves in the ocean and a child was swimming in it.

Jibankrishna- See, Kundalini is called the Primeval power and so Kundalini or snake was transformed into goddess kali (Primeval Power). That child is God.

Father – Austerity of Vedas: Uncle- Austerity of tantra.

January 25, 1956.

Khagendra Nath Ghosh (To Jibankrishna) In a dream I saw that I would go to my father for supper, but my uncle was calling me. His voice was

Jibankrishna- Your austerity of tantra is more forceful, though the austerity of Vedas is greatest.

Jibankrishna is merged in Nature- Seeing him in dream as unknown person.

January 27, 1956.

Raimohan Karmakar (To Jibankrishna) – Fifteen days before one Sunday I was discussing with a gentleman an astronomy. It was about 1-30 or 2 p.m. Suddenly an upper part of body with a face floated before my eyes. With a great surprise I was watching that form and thought that I had never seen such form before. I went on thinking why I was seeing such form though I never saw him before? The gentleman was looking at
me with a great surprise. Then that form vanished gradually. Now coming to you I saw that you were that person whom I saw that day and so I was looking at you with a great surprise.

Jibankrishna- This state is called merging in nature and for this reason so many people see me without seeing or knowing about me before.

Indication of body preservation.

January 29, 1956.

Khagendra Nath Ghosh (To Jibankrishna)-  I came to you and said, ‘Oh my boy, preserve your body with great care. So that it is not spoiled.’ Then an unknown man gave me a key and with the help of that I opened a lock.

Jibankrishna- Oh the danger was eliminated It means that your body will be preserved.








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