(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 22, November, 2015

Chapter 43

Seeing Jibankrishna in dreams is the Cosmic Law

August, 1959.

What do you know about formless object? It is very difficult to conceive. See my body – here at 12 years 4 months age I got the grace of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna). Then at 14 years the ‘Rajyoga’ manifested within my body and after that people began to see me in dreams. Now, I am quite ignorant that people see me in dreams. Oh, even 20 years ago I had no idea that such phenomenon would happen. So, my ignorance about the phenomenon happened within my body is ‘Nirakar’ (Formless).

An Evolution took place in my body and for that reason you have seen me within you. This becomes the Cosmic Law. The evolution that happened in my body is transformed into Cosmic Law and manifests within you.

Then coming here when you narrated your realizations I came to know. Nobody knows what is formless object. Here it is proved through you.

Individualistic austerity is full of prejudices

August, 1959.

In my case the individualistic austerity took place spontaneously and I can conceive it well. For that reason I can say that all these austerities are full of old prejudices, even this visualization of God as it happened before long, long years ago.

What is happening spontaneously is true. Just see, had it happened before? Do we find any proof or record of it? Did thousands and thousands of people saw a man within their bodies like this? No, we don’t have any record.

To see Jibnakrishna in dreams is a reality

August, 1959.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, ‘To achieve God some imposition is required like Lord and servant.’ That means one has to create something. To create means imagination. But what happens in your case? When have your spiritual life begun? From seeing me within you, isn’t it? Then what happened? Am I your imagination? Am I an imaginary object? I am a reality. Then what is happening? In their case it was unreal and in our case it is real. ‘All the religions of the world are but hypothesis’ (Swami Vivekananda), and in our case it s not hypothesis, it is real.

Difference between individualistic austerity and Universal austerity

August, 1959.

Nobody could say what is Universal austerity. Universal austerity means formation of a class encircling a man. This is the heading, and its explanation is this : When the human race irrespective of races, religions, sexes and ages see a living man within them and announce, ‘We have seen you within us and you and we are one’.

Sportive form of God

August, 1959.

What we have achieved? We have achieved Oneness. That means though physically we are many but internally we are one, and we have witnessed it here. What is the proof that a man has become God? It’s proof is that he will appear within myriads of people (Sada jananang Hridaya sannibistah’ – Upanishad).

What is the meaning of the sportive forms of God? The manifestation of God within the body. At first He manifests Himself within a human body and then shows His sportive forms. It means that after manifestation He shows the seer His different forms, teaches and advices and the seer will see and listen – this is the real sportive forms of God.

Man is above all

August, 1959.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, “He who is the pure Soul is the ‘Mahakaran’ (great dissolution).” When he used the term ‘He’, it proves that he meant a human being.

Now in which state you see me within you? In a casual body. I am becoming your casual body and when it is applicable to all, I am becoming ‘Mahakaran’ (Great Causal body). What did Thakur mean about ‘PureSoul’, was not known. He said nothing about it. Even we had no idea about it. But see here. Who did it? What do you mean by ‘Pure Soul’? A living man, isn’t it?

I have understood that whatever was said about Religion was meant human being and nothing else. As for example the Vedic sages said, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (I am the Brahma or God), what did he mean? After all he was a human being.

Here the sayings of Chandidas (A saint cum Poet of Bengal several Centuries ago) are significant when he said, ‘Listen brothers, above all man is the truth and nothing above that.

It can be said like this, ‘Above all human being is the greatest.’ Listen, never forget it.

Thakur used the term ‘Advaitagyan’ (knowledge of non-dualism) – that was the last word. And in that place what we have got? How many numbers am I? I am one. Then what has happened here? You have become one, and this is the knowledge of oneness. So what do you find here? What was the finish in Thakur is the beginning here.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume – 22, November, 2015

Indranath Mukherjee


I saw that whenever any  body went to him he asked the new comer whether he had seen any divine dream specially him. To him within the body means to see a Mahayogi (The great Yogi) and seeing him within the body, the sense of oneness grows and at the same time the seer gets his attributes and power.

He asked me the same thing also. The first dream I saw was that I was going to our village house by Martin toy train. Within the coach Jibankrishna was seated and in front of him I was seated. There were some books in his hands. He was reading the book loudly so that I could hear. Then he asked me, ‘Could you understand’? I did not tell him that I could not understand it properly. Then handing over the books to me he said, ‘Give these books to Nikunja’.

One day a new comer had come to him. Pointing out his finger to every body he was saying, ‘All of them see me in dreams. Not only so, all the members of their houses also see me in dreams’. Then pointing out his finger to me he said, ‘That Indu is seated there, he never discusses anything with any number of his family about our phenomenon and so none of his relatives see me’. I was thinking at that time that he noticed minutely that everybody says something about their family members, but I never talked anything.

On my way to home I was thinking that his form is the form of Brahma (Supreme Brahma) and as I never discussed any thing about him with my family members, they never saw him in dreams, so I was depriving them of seeing Jibankrishna in dreams and I was becoming guilty.

On that very day during our dinner I started talking about Jibankrishna with others- What does divine dreams mean, to see river, ocean, sun, moon in dreams means divine dreams. In other nights when I used to come back home I used to read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali book written by Jibankrishna based on his lifelong personal divine experiences based on the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna – Its English version is ‘Religion and Realization’) in front of my mother. One night during our dinner I was saying that, to eat mango in dream means to achieve ‘Brahmagyan’ (Supreme knowledge). Hearing this one of my brothers made comments with contempting voice, ‘Oh, to eat mango in dreams means to achieve supreme knowledge’!

Then one day my elder sister-in-law said, ‘Last night I dreamed that early in the morning standing on the roof top of our neighboring house one gentleman was singing devotional song by clapping his hands. He had strong and stout figure, bare upper body with short hair cut. The description of the figure confirmed me that she saw Jibankrishna.

After a few days my elder brother said, ‘Last night I saw a dream, I saw that I had gone to the shop of Sadhu Seth at Kali Babu market. In the mean time my father wearing dhoti and Punjabi with a walking stick was coming out of the shop. Before coming out he introduced me with the owner of the shop. The owner took me inside the shop. In a room large number of people were seated. Everybody wore white dresses,  but it seemed to me that all of them were saints. Then through the middle door I went to the second room and I saw the room was fully packed with people and all had foods in plates in front of them. I also sat and a plate was placed in front of me. I thought when food was there, let me eat it. While I was going to eat I saw that smeared mango was kept on the plate. I began to eat. In the mean time through the front door one gentleman entered into the room. Coming near me he handed over a big mango stone with kernel. I began to eat that. Then my brother said, ‘Generally I do not see dreams on eating and though I see it, just before starting eating I wake up. But last night I eat the stone kernel up to the finishing’.

I asked, ‘How did the gentleman look who gave you the mango stone’? The description my brother gave tallied with the description my sister-in-law gave the other day.


Volume – 22, November, 2015

Chapter – 61

The  indication of future coverage of Jibankrishna and new phase of austerity of the seer crossing  the  regions  of  knowledge  and  ignorance and  indication  of  new  realizations

279)   26th November, 1977, Saturday.

Early morning dream:   I saw some pins pricked below my two feet while walking on road, yet I had no pain. With ease I was uprooting those pins. Some of the pins were new. While uprooting all those pins from the right feet, I started uprooting the pins from the left feet. Many of them were old and while uprooting those, pass used to ooze out and these were also taken out. But I felt no pain.

In the next scene I saw a colored fire work stick on the hand of a person which started sparkling of fire in plenty from one side. While observing this scene I woke up.

[The first scene corroborates the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna ‘Removal of spines of knowledge and ignorance’, i.e. the seer is crossing the regions of both knowledge and ignorance.

The next scene indicates that the seer is going to have more and more realizations of various types in the long run, as this was also experienced by Jibankrishna during his austerity and gave such explanation.

End of individualistic austerity and beginning of universal austerity

280)   3rd  December, 1977, Saturday.

Early morning dream:   I saw a huge river in front of me and I was standing on the side of the river. The other side was invisible. I also noticed a young girl standing nearby. I was preparing myself to cross the river. Both sides of the river were peculiarly connected by a very wide earthen bridge. When I was about to cross the bridge, I noticed that a very familiar friend of mine ‘Biswabaran’ by name crossed the river before me and reached the other bank. While I was crossing, I felt it very difficult to cross. I also felt that the girl was still standing on the bank. The bridge was very rough, although I was crossing. While reaching at the end, I saw that the end was fenced with bamboo sticks in such a way that it would be very difficult to cross that fence. But with a little effort when I was about to reach the other side of the fence, I saw a house in front of me where many devotees of Jibankrishna were present among whom only Raghunath Sen was remembered. i also noticed that a bed was kept ready specially for me. While removing the fence I was about to reach the other side, the dream went off.

The dream has a link with the two dreams seen on 25th and 26th November, 1977. Which indicated that the seer would have new realizations in the long run.

Here crossing the bridge means crossing one phase to another in the austerity. ‘Biswabaran’ means reception by the universe. Here he was guiding the seer to reach the house on the other side of the river where the bed was ready for the seer. The girl is ‘Adyasakti’ or Holy Mother. This means that by the grace of her the seer was able to cross the phase of individualism and reach the zone of universalism.

Accompaniment  of  devotees  and  achievement

of  spiritual  wealth 

281)   7th December, 1977, Sunday.  Place :  Makardah, Howhah.

Early morning dream:  I was at the Makardah (Howrah) residence of Indranath Mukherjee, a devotee of Jibankrishna where a large number of devotees had assembled. Somebody was engaged in cooking, some in spiritual discussions. They were all staying there as used to be happened in reality. There I saw Sm. Indira Gandhi, the then prime minister of India who was staying in a very simplest manner. Sometimes she used to cut vegetables for cooking. At this moment the dream went off.

Indira means Lakshmi Devi, Hindu goddess who represents spiritual wealth and peace. The seer will achieve these characteristics and at the same time will have increased brain power as to see so many devotees within means increasing brain power.

Gift  of  power  by  the  Holy  Ghost  to  continue

publishing  ‘Manikya’  magazine  

282)   9th December, 1977, Friday.

Early morning dream:   Jibankrishna was seen on a roof top room of a house busy with correction of a manuscript. It seemed it was for ‘Manikya’ magazine. Then he began to correct a writing of mine. I said, ‘It was written in hurry, so there were some mistakes’.

Meanwhile two women were seen outside listening to me. At this moment  Jibankrishna felt thirsty and I was about to bring water from outside . He said, ‘You sit beside me, you need not bring water’ and so Gopal Roy, a devotee went outside and brought water for him. It seemed to me within the dream that Jibankrishna did not allow me to go outside due to the presence of the ladies. At this moment the dream went off and I woke up.

[The dream indicates in two ways:  (1)  The seer is empowered by the Holy Ghost to continue publishing the magazine ‘Manikya’ and  (2)  The seer is being protected from all allurements by the Holy Ghost.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume – 22, November, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

480.  “Both father and mother are to be looked upon as god and goddess”.

Here it is a combination of the two ideas; Servant and Son. Hanuman serves Rama and here Hanuman is a servant. Jesus cries out “Father! Father!” Here Jesus is a Son. If a son serves his parents with such earnestness and zeal then he may get realization of the sixth plane, i.e., God with form. It is called Sahajiya or the easy way.

In Universalism there is no Father or Mother’.

To worship God as ‘Father’ or ‘Mother’ is an imaginary data and it is called Bhava, a false start of emotion for reaching Godhood and a man cannot get his end. The Vedic Truth stands good and the man from Brahmapura must come; otherwise, no goal can be reached.

Sometimes in dream ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’ are seen, but there they represent “The First man” (Adi Purusha)and “The Primordial Force” or Kundalini.

481.    If a man takes to the family-life after attainment of God then to physical connection remains with the wife”

It is Thakur’s own life. Not that he neglected his wife but on the contrary the Holy Mother was worshipped by him as goddess.

The lust vanishes from the body. “When there is Rama, there is noKama(lust)”.

“The love of the washer-woman is like pure gold, symbol of Atma, and it does not carry the least smell of lust”,—– Chandidas.

The lust has left the man and its outward manifestation is visible in the body. Let somebody utter the word ‘lust’before him or let him utter the wordKama, he shall get Samadhi.

It is Pratyahar of Yoga and it means to cast off.

The sound of the word may pollute the body of the devotee. He (God in the man is in an awakened condition) manifests Himself to a degree and saves the body from the contamination of pollution.

482.    “The common people cannot reckon them”.

Common people—-means those people who think that they are ‘bodies’, a lump of flesh and blood only, and having no sense of God within, nay, a bit more, devoid of the sense that he is born to become God. The sole aim of this life is to get transformed into God”—- Shri  Ramkrishna.

Cannot reckon them—-yes, it is very difficult to recognize a True man. It needs grace of God and Yoga. God within you will assume the form of the True man living in the outside and appear within you, I, e., a True or Perfect or Real man has got his abode in every man. This is the only test for a True man. “The publicity of the True man is given by God”.—– Shri  Ramkrishna.

It is Universalism and Universalism only which reveals the True man as pointed out by Rabindranath Tagore,

“Yes, there is a ‘man’ in us and that Man crossing the border of the individual ‘mandom’ always abides in the heart (cerebrum—-the seventh plane) of each and every member of the human race”—-and this saying of Rabindranath runs abrest with the teachings of the Vedas, but with “Diamond” it is His life-picture.

Again to add to it, Dr. Tagore borrowed it from the Baul Sampradaya ofBengaland with them also it is but an imagery. With us even at the present era it is de facto and the first alive appearance in the human life of the prayers of the Vedic Rishis and the human race alike.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume – 22, November, 2015

Jibankrishna in Sun

Mrs. Averi Majumdar from Beleghata Reading Centre has narrated her dream and trance as such:

On May 26, 2003 I was seated in the evening for reading Jibankrishna’s book ‘Dharma-0-Anubhuti’.  While bowing the book I saw in a trance that Jibankrishna was seated in the sun with folded legs on a low table.  He was writing something on a paper and sometimes peeping below he again went on writing.  Here my trance was off.

On August 17, 2003 I saw an elongated high rise building.  The steps were outside.  I was going up through those steps to the roof top and saw a cream like substance kept in a bowl.  I ate that and it seemed as if I went there for eating that cream.

All the time I was feeling that somebody was accompanying me.  When I was about to get down I was scared how to get down.  At that moment that invisible companion told me, ’You follow the same way as you got up.’ But when I stepped down that person locked me in a small room.  A huge snake entwisted me around the waist.  Thereafter along with my mother I entered into a factory.  It seemed that this was the factory of religion.  With a huge figure Jibankrishna was seated there.  Beside him there was a mat and in front of that a small table covered with cloth was kept.  Jibankrishna told me to sit on that table, but hugging his waist I said, ‘No I shall not go anywhere without you’.

With a sweet voice Jibankrishna said, ‘Nothing will happen.  I am with you, and then holding my hand he put me on the mat.

It was noticed then that the cover of the table was gradually raising and light was emerging from that cover.  In the light it was seen that both the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and ‘Dharma-0-Anubhuti’ (Bengali book written by Jibankrishna on the  basis of his personal spiritual revelation) were formed on the table.  My dream was off.

[The dream indicates the spiritual status of the seer, to get up means progress of austerity.  To eat cream means the seer will achieve the true religion, i.e., Oneness.]

Saikat Kundu

November 21, 2003

I heard about Jibankrishna for the first time from an aunt (wife of Kalyan Dasgupta who was a reader of Beleghata Reading Center, Kolkata).  Uncle Kalyan told me to attend a great gathering of Jibankrishna at Beleghata and I helped him to write the sayings of Jibankrishna.  But I had never gone to Beleghata Reading Center.

Then in the night I saw in my dream that within the two computers in my room the images of Jibankrishna appeared.  Being scared I looked at the door and saw that Jibankrishna was standing there.  When I looked at the window I saw him standing.  He told me, ‘where will you run away, there is no way to flee.’ My dream was then off.

[The effect of attending such gathering touched the seer and he got the grace of Jiban Krishna who became his God-the-Preceptor.]



Volume – 22, November, 2015

Chapter 23

Vision of sea of God.


January 30, 1956.
Jatish Roychoudhary (To Jibankrishna)- During  chanting of lord Rama I saw in my dream that a five-six years boy was playing and running on the sea beach.


Jibankrishana- That boy is the child lord Krishna and that sea is the sea of God or ‘Sachhidanandasagar.’

According to Vedanta the meaning is that in one way you the child Lord Krishna and you had become that
sea of God.

The meaning of marriage in dreams.


February 12, 1956.
Khagendranath Ghosh (To Jibankrishna) – In a dream I saw that I was seated on a cart. It was dawn. One Brahmin came and wished to see my fate by seeing me palm. I said, ‘Where is the light? It is just the dawn. Besides, I myself know the palmistry.’ Just at this moment the beautiful morning sun rays came from the east and flooded my body with red colour. I became so delighted by seeing that unusual rays. The Brahmin saw the lines on my palm and said that I would be married. Then he went way. In the mean time Sri Ramkrishna came out of a temple and said, ‘Why have you shown your palm’?  I was ashamed and the dream
was off.

Jibankrishna- This is called the showing of future. In Tantra this marriage in dream is depicted as the union of ‘Jibatma’ and ‘Paramatma’. (Paramatma – The great soul and Jibatma- The soul with animal attributes).

Visualization of God in the form of light.


February 20, 1956.
Khagendranath Ghosh (To Jibankrishna)- In the dream I saw my residence in the village. I bowed down to a Brahmin named Abhaypada as God. Then and there I saw divine light. I told him, ‘See, I cannot bow down to
others because during my bowing I saw God and there are goosebumps on my body.’ Then my dream was off.

Jibankrishna- You saw God’s light. Whomever you will bow down his good attributes will be transformed to your body. Your body has achieved a great power. For that reason you cannot bow down to any body.

Elimination of political prejudice.


February 21,1956.
Santosh Guchait (To Jibankrishna)- That night I went out of your residence. It took about 11 P.M. to reach my house. I slept and dreamed that Sri Ramkrishna was seated just in a posture as is seen in the photo. Then I saw you. Your body was glittering and closing your eyes you were seated with folded hands, as it you were meditating.

Jibankrishna- It means that your political prejudice will be eliminated now, and you yourself are understanding it.

Austerity of Vedanta


March 24, 1956.
Khagendranath Ghosh (To Jibankrishna)- I dreamed a field. I told one person that this world is dream-like and asked him to analyze its meaning. Then again I told him, ‘See, What you see and hear, everything is the realization of the brain. Dream is also a realization of the brain’. But  he understood nothing.


Jibankrishna-  You are having the austerity of Vedanta.

Meaning of south facing in dream.


April 9, 1956.
Sourendra Bhattacharjee (To Jibankrishna)- I dreamed that day that you were talking with me standing near the gate of our house. Suddenly brother Biswanath appeared there from somewhere. You slapped him on his forehead and said, ‘You go here and there’! Then he went to the southward direction.

Jibankrishna- The dream showed the right thing. He had no realization in the seventh plane and so God-the –preceptor opened the door in between sixth (Forehead) and seventh plane. And in Vedas it is mentioned ‘Rudra Jatte Dakshinamukham tena mang pahi me nityam’ (When destroyer lord Shiva faces southward direction the blessings of God are showered) – so the blessings are showered on Biswanath, as he went to the southward direction.