(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 23, December, 2015

Chapter 44

Proof of God’s existence

August, 1959.

‘Sankhya’ wrote – ‘Iswarasiddheh pramanavabat’ (There is no proof that God exists). The writer could not prove the existence of God.

What has happened here? With proof it is ‘Ekam Sat’, i.e., He is one. They didn’t have any idea about that ‘one’, whereas with proof we are establishing the ‘oneness’. So reversing the version of ‘Sankhya’ we are saying ‘There is a proof that God exists’. We have come to know here with proof what is God. It is ‘Sada jananang hridaye sannibistah – jah ekah sa Bhagawan’ – Upanishad (He who is seen within every human being is God) and who is He? He is a living human being.

Difference between Hindu religion, Aryan Cult and Dravidian Cult

August, 1959.

Do you know what is Aryan Cult? It is the spontaneous revelation of self, whereas Non-Aryan Cult is mortification of Self.

The religion of the Vedic sages was the spontaneous revelation of life-power of a human body. Jainism is also a religion of self-mortification.

Dravidian religion was emotion and devotion and Hinduism is the combination of all these.

To perform austerity means to visualize imaginary God by self-exertion. But what happened in my case? I did not exert anything. All my austerities were performed automatically. Still I am saying that I have rejected all my individualistic austerities. Why? As because it does not occur within all.

This won’t do that a very few persons will have these individualistic realizations and others will look at them. I have accepted that religion which is common to all.

Thakur said, ‘When you see that He (God) will come and tell you, then it will be correct.’ On the contrary I say, ‘When the human race will come and say, then it is true’.

God is a living human being

August, 1959.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, ‘Own-self is felt by self perception.’ Now explain it. The answer is that in case of Thakur, he is feeling own-self an in our case we are visualizing own-self-not by feeling but in reality. He was taking on the basis of scriptures and that is not correct.

What has happened here? It is nature’s revelation. No, I should not say ‘Nature’, otherwise by the term ‘Nature’, all will mean the sun earth, trees etc. Rather let me say, ‘Spontaneous revelation of truth in a human body’.

What is Divine Consciousness

August, 1959.

What do you mean by ‘Divine Consciousness’? It is achieving the knowledge of oneness, i.e., to know that outside we are many but inside all are one.

Don’t take it in the light of ‘Vedanta’. This phenomenon has crossed Vedanta to a large extent. They mentioned about ‘oneness’, but could not say what is oneness. When I am saying that I am a living being all your Vedanta’s, scriptures and traditional religions become extinct.

The importance of Diamond’s book ‘Religion and Realization’

August, 1959.

I should say one thing to you. I have understood that the full-fledged individualistic austerity will not happen to anybody. Whatever was performed happen within this body. For this reason it was recorded in my book ‘Religion and Realization’, which has shown the maximum individualistic austerity and was recorded. This is the maximum. I can say more but then your brain will be prejudiced. Let it flash within your brain spontaneously.

What is God – Man is born to become God

August, 1959.

Can you say what is God? God is a motion – perpetual motion. This normal motion is always running within a human body. For example, Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) was lying and Latu Maharaj (His disciple) was messaging his feet. At this moment Thakur was asking Latu, ‘Latu, when does God sleep’? Latu answered, ‘How can I know.’ Hearing this Thakur said, ‘Oh, does He sleep anytime! He is always in awakening state, as HE is awaken, so we can sleep.

A man has come to this earth to become God. Just see, this has started at my 12 years 4 months age and now I am 67 years old, what I have understood? I have only understood that God is one. I have not understood anything except this oneness.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume 23, December, 2015

Indranath Mukherjee

Part 3

I saw that whenever anybody went to him he asked the new comer whether he had seen any divine dream specially him. To him within the body means to see a Mahayogi (The great Yogi) and seeing him within the body, the sense of oneness grows and at the same time the seer gets his attributes and power.

He asked me the same thing also. The first dream I saw was that I was going to our village house by Martin toy train. Within the coach Jibankrishna was seated and in front of him I was seated. There were some books in his hands. He was reading the book loudly so that I could hear. Then he asked me, ‘Could you understand’? I did not tell him that I could not understand it properly. Then handing over the books to me he said, ‘Give these books to Nikunja’.

One day a new comer had come to him. Pointing out his finger to everybody he was saying, ‘All of them see me in dreams. Not only so, all the members of their houses also see me in dreams’. Then pointing out his finger to me he said, ‘That Indu is seated there, he never discusses anything with any number of his family about our phenomenon and so none of his relatives see me’. I was thinking at that time that he noticed minutely that everybody says something about their family members, but I never talked anything.

On my way to home I was thinking that his form is the form of Brahma (Supreme Brahma) and as I never discussed anything about him with my family members, they never saw him in dreams, so I was depriving them of seeing Jibankrishna in dreams and I was becoming guilty.

On that very day during our dinner I started talking about Jibankrishna with others- What does divine dreams mean, to see river, ocean, sun, moon in dreams means divine dreams. In other nights when I used to come back home I used to read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali book written by Jibankrishna based on his lifelong personal divine experiences based on the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna – Its English version is ‘Religion and Realization’) in front of my mother. One night during our dinner I was saying that, to eat mango in dream means to achieve ‘Brahmagyan’ (Supreme knowledge). Hearing this one of my brothers made comments with a mild voice, ‘Oh, to eat mango in dreams means to achieve supreme knowledge’!

Then one day my elder sister-in-law said, ‘Last night I dreamed that early in the morning standing on the roof top of our neighboring house one gentleman was singing devotional song by clapping his hands. He had strong and stout figure, bare upper body with short hair cut. The description of the figure confirmed me that she saw Jibankrishna.

After a few days my elder brother said, ‘Last night I saw a dream, I saw that I had gone to the shop of Sadhu Seth at Kali Babu market. In the mean time my father wearing dhoti and Punjabi with a walking stick was coming out of the shop. Before coming out he introduced me with the owner of the shop. The owner took me inside the shop. In a room large number of people were seated. Everybody wore white dresses,  but it seemed to me that all of them were saints. Then through the middle door I went to the second room and I saw the room was fully packed with people and all had foods in plates in front of them. I also sat and a plate was placed in front of me. I thought when food was there, let me eat it. While I was going to eat I saw that smeared mango was kept on the plate. I began to eat. In the mean time through the front door one gentleman entered into the room. Coming near me he handed over a big mango stone with kernel. I began to eat that. Then my brother said, ‘Generally I do not see dreams on eating and though I see it, just before starting eating I wake up. But last night I eat the stone kernel up to the finishing’.

I asked, ‘How did the gentleman look who gave you the mango stone’? The description my brother gave tallied with the description my sister-in-law gave the other day.



Volume 23, December, 2015

Chapter 62

Accompaniment  with  devotees  and  the  Holy Ghost—

feeling  of  unification  of  reality  and  dream  

283)   17th December, 1977,  Saturday.

Early morning dream:   The scene opened with a new place and a new building with a common room for all the devotees of Jibankrishna. All would assemble there. At this moment Jibankrishna came there. It seemed as if he has returned with his Physical body after his demise and I also felt as if he had no physical death in reality. With a great joy I was thinking that now onwards I would narrate to Jibankrishna all the happenings at Taltala where all the devotees used to assemble and at the same time about my dreams also.

The whole environment seemed to be full of great joy. At this moment I noticed that Jibankrishna was about to keep one jug of water at the entrance of the door. I was seated on the floor and at this moment my feet were touched with the body of Jibankrishna, so I bowed and paid my ‘Pranam’ (Salute) by touching my hand on the feet of Jibankrishna who seemed to be so kith and kin to me. Then Jibankrishna kept the jug full of water near the door and the dream went off.

The dream was long lasting and I felt no difference between the dream and the reality. Moreover my  brain power is increasing by seeing so many devotees in the dream.

End  of  the  realizations  of  individualism  and

starting  of  mass  realization

284)    18th December,  1977, Sunday.

Early morning dream:  I was going to the office of my very familiar architect (Shyamal). His office in reality was in the 1st floor, but in dream I saw that the whole building belonged to him and it was huge with several floors. At the top was his own chamber. I stepped up and while reaching his chamber found no trace of him, as he went outside somewhere. I saw three Chinese ladies. One of them was typist and familiar to me, another one was seen only once and the third one was unknown and unseen.

The typist lady said that the architect had gone somewhere. So I was about to go out but while getting down the passage seemed to be forgotten. I found a passage from the top floor to the ground on the back side and I started stepping down from one floor to another and ultimately reaching the ground floor saw the steps had continued to a market area. So I reached the market ultimately and then woke up.

The dream indicates the different planes inside the body. To reach the floor means ascent and to get down from the back side means descent and then arriving to a market indicates that the seer will have the mass austerity or realizations as the market means a common of all.

Experience of time-machine – revelation and vision of the present and future status of the world

285) 19th December, 1977.           

Early morning dream: I had gone to Kadamtala, Howrah and stayed at someone’s house where a devotee Raghunath Sen was also staying. Both of us were non-attached to anything. After a while I was coming alone towards Kolkata and while crossing the Howrah Bridge saw a machine of rectangular shape with a glass fixed in front and kept on the bridge. With a great curiosity I fixed my eyes on that machine and suddenly all the scenes were completely changed. The machine seemed to be a time machine by which one can visualize either past or future through annihilation of time. I was visualizing a future when a war had started. The bridge was packed with soldiers. Civilians were very few, but it was calm and quite in the surrounding. Many frigates were seen moving in the river Ganges. I was roaming unconcerned in that future. Then when I moved my eyes from the machine, I got back the present time.

Thereafter I crossed that bridge and went to a house situated at Kolkata. It was huge and there I met my mother. She told me, ‘I have seen a spirit.’ I said, ‘you have seen a good thing – it is ‘Paravidya’ (Supreme knowledge).’ Saying this I began to get up on the top floor of the building and reaching a landing saw a cut head of a woman lying on one corner mixed up with dust and almost dried. The eyes were full of sorrow. Giving a surprise to me the head started talking to me narrating here distress condition. I told her, ‘you chant the name of God, the name of Jibankrishna (Diamond) and it will be good to you.’ She then started chanting.

Then I came down and while moving on the road met Diamond (my God-the-Preceptor). But his figure was a bit different. I narrated the past incident to him. He asked, ‘what you have said’? I answered, ‘I said, you chant the name of God and then it will serve your purpose.’ Hearing this he said, ‘you have said very well’. At this moment the dream went off.

Again when I fell asleep, I saw another dream.’ I was supposed to go to Diamond’s residence at Kadamtala After hearing the news that he had again come to Kadamtala. It was 7-30 AM then. While starting for Kadamtala, I thought, ‘Oh, he is now at Betaitala (Howrah)’. Then it again revealed in my mind, ‘now I have to attend the school and it will be late, so I shall go in the afternoon’! But instantly my mind revolted and said to myself ‘hang everything! I shall go to him now and stay with him forever and won’t go anywhere. I shall go even by walking if necessary.’  With this strong attitude I started walking for Diamond. Here the dream went off.

The first scene showed a time machine which is a dream of the scientists and trying to invent with great efforts. The seer had the experience of the time machine – it means the brain- cell is already exposed and in future it may be invented with much advancement of science. Moreover it requires very advanced brain capacity which the seer has achieved in embryo.

In the next scene the cut head with sorrowful eyes of a woman represents the present situation of the world which is full of wars, disturbances etc. and the head wanted to be relieved from these. While the seer asked her to chant ‘God’ and ‘Jibankrishna’, she began to do the same thing. It means that in future the name of ‘Jibankrishna’ will bring peace and unity among the human race.

The second dream indicates the future of the seer.

Jibankrishna (Diamond) had almost the similar dream long time back where he said to a distressed woman with sorrowful face to chant the name of God.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 23, December, 2015       


Place:—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

483.    “Every now and then one should retire in solitude, pray to God for being ‘Perfect’, or to be one with Him, or getting transformed into Godhead.”

Solitude does not mean ‘Alexander Selkirk’ in the island or alone in the Himalayan cave or in the desert of Sahara or in the forest of Africa. It simply means a place where there is no kith and kin and kin of a man so that he may have an un-diverted attention and he mind may be at rest and peace.

This is Vividisha. This Brahma Vidya or Supreme Culture or culture which makes a man spiritually One with all the rest of the human race cannot be had by self-exertion. It is Para Vidya and not Apara Vidya. In Para Vidya the Knowledge comes spontaneously from within and Apara Vidya means the knowledge got from the outside.

Not unlike the Rishis of the ancient time Thakur declared openly, “Yes, I have seen God.” Whereas, in case of Buddha, he did not do so; he did not see God. In case of Buddha, it was self-exertion and in case of Thakur, it was spontaneous. Just remember—-eleven years old lade Ramkrishna (Gadadhar then) on his way to the village Anur saw Light within and got Samadhi. This was the fountainhead from which every other realizations followed.

This Thakur’s ‘Seeing of God’ did not bear any proof as chalked out in the Vedas—-“Twam Jato Bhavasi Viswato-mukhah”.

In short, it is not acknowledge in the Vedas.

La Homme Universalle  or the Universal Man bears the insignia of the saying of the Bible—-“Be Perfect as your Father in Heaven is Perfect”.

The Vedic Truth also declared long long ago—-“The Man in the Sun is Perfect”. Otherwise perfection does not follow.

484.    “He who with all the tendencies of life, mind and the innermost self, has merged into God is Sadhu”.

God alone is Sadhu or Perfect or Advaitam.

A MAN becomes GOD.

He is seen within by thousands and thousands and in the some cases He says openly, “Hallo, look here! Do you know who I am? I am God.” Really, it is wonder of wonders!

485.    “Renunciation of ‘woman and wealth’ is the denomination of a Sadhu”.

It is secondary.

A man may feigen it.

486.    “He is a Sadhu whom women see in their heart and at the same time heart and at the same time he is not seen in the company of women folk.

The term avtar in Bengali as used by Thakur has got double meanings ;

(1)  To live in the heart of the women; i. e., the women without coming in contact with him shall see him within them. This is happening here in the house of the male members who visit here and attend the reading of the Gospel of Shri Ramkeishna. The male members see the Sadhu (the Diamond) and the women-folk of their house also see him within them; even in some cases the maid-servant is not excluded.

(2)  The women folks are not required to attend.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 23, December, 2015

Biswanath Sau from Beleghata Reading Centre, Kolkata has narrated a dream.

On May 10 2004, I saw in my dream that I had gone to my maternal aunt’s residence near Howrah Kalibabu Market with my father.  While playing I reached a house.  I saw that some old persons were seated.  One of them was reading a book and an aged person called me from his cot.  As soon as I went to him he took me on his lap and fed me some sweets. Everybody was calling him Jibankrishna.  I was thinking how my age became 7-8 years old!  Actually I was 58 years old, but I was noticing my face and body like my childhood.  I was feeling joy.

In the meanwhile, my father reached there after searching for a long time.  By waving his hands he called me, but noticing that Jibankrishna raised his hands and said, ‘He will go later on.  My dream was off.

[There is an indication that the seer might get the grace of God-the-Preceptor Jibankrishna in his childhood without his knowledge and this is revealed now through his dream.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in reality

Mrs. Savitri Paswan

Mrs. Savitri Paswan from Beleghata Reading Center has narrated a dream.

One day in the year 2004 my mind was in a great depression sitting on a place I was weeping.  Suddenly in my open eyes I saw that on the throne of Lord Shiva’s idol Jibankrishna jumped and sat on the throne.  From his naval region light was emerging filling the whole room.  So long I was weeping in reality, but after seeing him in reality my mind was full of divine joy.

[The seer actually saw it in here half-conscious state.  It also indicates that Jibankrishna is himself Lord Shiva who is the insignia of ‘oneness’].

How the effect of dream was manifested in reality

Mrs. Bijali Manna has narrated her strange experience as such.

On the occasion of Janmasthami (birth day celebration of Lord Krishna) every year ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and ‘Dharma-0-Anubhuti’ written by Jibankrishna (Diamond) are read.  I decided going to listen in the morning.  But I felt drowsiness and slept and I saw in dream that Jibankrishna had come to me and said, ‘The books are read at Raut’s house and you are still sleeping? Get up and go immediately.’  Saying this he slapped on my cheek.  I woke up shedding tears with joy. I prepared myself hastily and went there.

When I narrated my dream everybody looked at me with great surprise an saw the scars of slapping on my cheek.  It had swelled being reddish in colour.

I through that such type of slapping as necessary in our life.

[The same type of incident is described in Chaitanya – Bhagabat (Life history of Sri Chaitanya who preached vaishnava cult. 500 years ago in Bengal) where in dream Lord Jagannath and Balaram slapped on Pundarik Vidyanidhi, deciple of Sri Chaitanya in dream due to his adverse attitude on the Sebaits of the Jagannath temple and his cheek swelled next day.  In the next morning Swarup Damodar, companion of Sri Chaitanya came to him and noticed the sears of slapping with five fingers.  It happens as divine dream and reality are identical.



Volume 23, December, 2015

Chapter 24


Outward worship is insignificant.


April 14, 1956.
Ashutosh Sinha (To Jibankrishna) – A few days back on the occasion  of Lord Shiva’s worshiping day I intented to go to Dakshineswar temple. On that very night I dreamed that all the arrangements were made for
lord Shiva’s worship including flowers, sandal wood paste etc., Suddenly a mad woman came from somewhere and spoiled all the arrangements and the standing on the flowers etc started pissing.
Jibankrishna – The dream indicates that you do not need any outward worshiping of goods and goddesses.

Meaning of ocean and ship in dream.


April 15, 1956.
Jyotirmay Basak (Jibankrishna) – Now I saw in my meditation an ocean and a big ship on it.

Jibankrishna – Ocean means of God or Divine consciousness. Ship is

God-the- Preceptor. Showing a big ship indicates a large capacity of
your brain.
Dream guides the seer.


April 22, 1956.
Indu Chatterjee (To Jibankrishna) – In dream I saw that one person was saying, ‘Do not be two-faced. You should be one-faced. But I could not see him.

Jibankrishna – Oh! It is very good. Two-faced means both lust and yoga which cannot go together. One faced means only yoga. You are instructed to keep you mind on God only.
Indication on writing about Jibankrishna.


May 5,1956.
Netai Patra (To Jibankrishna) – Last night I saw in my dream that you were  seated on your cot. Some of us were seated on the floor. Some discussions were going on about writing. At this moment you said, ‘So you write these things.’

Jibankrishna- It is a good dream. I see that you are given the power of writing.

[It happened so in future when the seer started keeping regular diary on daily discussions of Jibankrishna and later on it was published in the form of book.]
Seeing God’s light.


June 10, 1956.
Kumudbandhu Roy (To Jibankrishna) – one night I saw in a dream that the rays of a torch like light appeared before my forehead and began to grow bigger. I was in this state for a long time.

Jibankrishna – This light is God’s light. You stayed for a long time. It means you were merged with God.