(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume –24, December, 2015

Chapter 45

Swami Vivekananda’s ‘Point of Union’ and Diamond’s Oneness

September 20, 1959

Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) was a wonderful person. What has happened here was mentioned by him as he said ‘Point of Union’.

Here everybody sees me in dreams. Then I am becoming a Point! But am I a Point? No, I am a living person. Swamiji talked about ‘one and oneness’. I am one, and all of these persons have achieved oneness by seeing me within them.

Swamiji has mentioned about this phenomenon happening here in his complete works volume no 7, page 161.

That Nalini is sitting here. He was seeing in his dream that Swamiji was telling him, ‘What I have written in my book volume 7, page 161 has happened there’ (Nalini had no idea about the book). What a strange thing! In that version the universal austerity (The term austerity is used by so many English translators in Vedas to depict the progress of spiritualism) was mentioned. We have understood now that man is Brahma(God).

This is very difficult to understand this. Just see, have I understood all these things in a day? This is the ultimate result of long days’ experiences. So, will you understand within a moment? Yes, somebody may quote Thakur, ‘If a light is taken within a room having a darkness for thousand years, will the light go gradually? It goes within a moment’. In that case you can see me within you in a moment, and then you have to find things gradually, and it takes time.

See, the more you will see me within you, the more your brain will be clear, and after seeing me in dreams there will be a change within you.

[That plan alone is practical, which does not destroy the individuality of any man in religion and at the same time shows him a Point of Union with all others”. – Swami Vivekananda – The ideal of a Universal Religion – Complete Works, Mayabati Memorial Edition, Vol – ii, page 384.]

To conceive a thing takes long time

September 20, 1959

Within this room everybody has seen me in dreams, trances, meditation and in physical body. Now, if their forms and names are eliminated then who exists here? I exist, isn’t so? What shall we term this phenomenon? It is better to term it as spiritual. Otherwise if we say that it is happning due to some physical forces, there will be some anomalies. Then I have to live with my physical body for ever, otherwise how can I draw a conclusion?

In an individual body whenever a man gets ‘Samadhi’(Profound meditation merged in God), he visualizes God and each time he gets the taste of new things new power.

For how many days you are coming here! My achievement is the ultimate result of long, long experiences. Can anybody understand these things in a day? It takes long time to conceive.

The human body is the only place for the sportive forms of God

September 23, 1959

Swami Vivekananda is saying – “In reply to a question. – ‘Ishwara’ – I give the following definition. Ishwara is the sum total of individuals, yet he is an individual. ‘Samosthi’ or collected equals God. ‘Byasthi’ or analyzed equals ‘Jiva’. The existence of Ishwara therefore depends on that of Jiva. Thus Jiva and Ishwara are co-existent beings. When one exists the other must.” (Swami Vivekananda’s works) – Now this is the explanation of Jshwaratatva (Godhood). So many times I have told you that Swamiji was an outstanding scholar. His genius cannot be compared. His conceiving capacity after studying Vedas and Upanishads was immense. Still he could not establish its proof in his life. But now you are announcing that in every human being I live being ‘One’. You are saying so by your countless realizations. Still I am an individual living man. And I have told you already that there is no other place except a human body for manifestation of God. Swamiji is saying – ‘When one exists then other must’ – yes, I have already told you that this universe is eternal and will remain eternal. Again, Swamiji is saying – ‘… except on our earth in all the higher spheres’ – now, what is this earth and what is this higher sphere?  Earth, – this human body and higher sphere – Spirituality. And about Brahma (supreme self) Swamiji is saying – ‘Brahma exists alone’. What does it mean? Seeing Abhay (Fearless) in dreams for four months I realized after a long time that ‘Abhayam Bai Janakah praptosi’ (The great Vedic Rishi Jagyabalka said to king Janaka, Rama’s father-in-law), – ‘Janaka you have become freed from fear). This means – I exist alone, because when there are two, there will be fear. ‘I exist alone’ – this proof you are giving and this is the explanation of Brahma.

So, though Swamiji could not give any proof about the concept of Brahma, but his concept is wonderful.

Meaning of real knowledge

September 27, 1959.

What do you mean by knowledgeable person? After studying physics or chemistry and outward objects how much knowledge a man achieves? Human beings are continuously searching the mystery of Nature, and I am searching for the mystery of human life. This is the Cosmic Law.

When you see me within you, it is termed as Nature’s Law, and for that reason you see me within you. I am getting my own knowledge here continuously. This is the real knowledgeable person.

To see me within the body is the Cosmic Law. In Vedas this is mentioned as ‘Ritam’ (Happening of Truth). Law may be interpreted as truth in one sense. When you are seeing me within you, that is truth and this is happening according to Nature’s Law.

The term ‘God’ or ‘Brahma’ is prejudiced

October, 1959.

The phenomenon of manifestation of spiritualism after seeing me within the body is encircled within the living human bodies. So this term ‘Brahma’ cannot be used, because in our scriptures this term may be used, but in other countries this term is not used. Here all the living human beings are seeing a living human being, and so I cannot be termed as God or Brahma, because this is also prejudiced. This can be termed as a living human being.

[In Brihad aranyaka Upanishad a progressive attempt was made to conceive of Brahma. It was admitted that Brahma was to be found not only in the not-Self but also in the Self; that it was not only the essence of cosmical phenomena, but also of the organic and mental functions of the human person.

This probably was an outgrowth of the macrocosmic conception of an enormous human person.

We find in Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad where the great Sage Gagya said to king Ajatsatru of Beneras about Brahma thus:-

The Person who is yonder in the sun – him, indeed I worship as Brahma!!

The Person who is here in fire, – him, indeed I worship as Brahma!

The Person who is here in a mirror, – him, indeed, I w!

The Person here, who is in the body(Atman)), – him, indeed, I worship as God![2.1]

In the spiritual world there is no high or low

October, 1959.

Here, who is high or who is low? All of us are same. Have I any superiority complex? No, not at all. The Vedic Rishis (sages) are saying, ‘Aham asmi (I only exist), but what about others? No, there is no value of the individualistic austerity. When this will become Universal, then only it carries sense. For this reason, see how I am discarding that individualistic austerity saying, ‘That is nothing’, and how this yogic interpretation of the ‘Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ was recorded by showing me a single dream (In the book ‘Religion and Realization’)!

This book is based on my lifelong spiritual revelations, having more depth Thakur’s (Sri Ramkrishna) realizations, otherwise later on people do not want to accept.

Let this be aside. Now Khitish, so many people are seeing me within them, who is doing this? It is better to say in the light of dualism – I have no control over it and had I do that, I would have been the Lord, as because I cannot appear within anybody according to my wish. So,all theseare done by God.

Still how much we have learnt about it? So long I had been discussing on individualistic austerity, but now one year three months (4th june,1958) have passed, we have conceived that this is completely a new phenomenon, but still we cannot understand this phenomenon properly.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume –24, December, 2015

Jibankrishna as I saw him

Asim Biswas

From our childhood we have been seeing that the traditional religions have been passing through complete darkness. Human being has kept God outside without knowing that he himself is Brahma or Supreme self.

The first light was shown by Sri Ramkrishna who first announced, ‘I swear that I have seen God.’ We came to know it from his Gospel.  The same words we heard from Jibankrishna. At the age of 24 years 8 months he visualized God. In the Gospel Sri Ramkrishna was saying, ‘Somebody will come and say, this- this’! Whereas Jibankrishna said, ‘This is God – this is the visualization of God when somebody will come and say’.

In the Vedic process during the austerity of five sheaths or seven planes this visualization of Atma or God can be seen. After completion of this austerity Jibankrihna achieved accomplishment in dreams or the five states of austerity. He said, ‘Whom you see in dreams, He is the God.’ He dreamed that introducing his hand inside a dark cave he dragged out a person holding his hairs named Anath Bandhu. With folded hands he said, ‘You should know that you are God, though your sportive forms will be hidden.’ But he did not inform anybody. After a few months after his dream I dreamed that Sri Ramkrishna was seated  on raised place in a garden. Swami Vivekananda came and asked him, ‘What do you want’? Without answering anything Swamiji went away. Thereafter he came to Sri Ramkrishna three times and asked the same question and three times he got the same questions from Sri Ramkrishna. Then Jibankrishna came to Sri Ramkrishna and asked, ‘What I have get’? He said, ‘What else you will get, you yourself are the God.’ Sri Ramkrishna was seated as it was and Jibankrishna was going away, saying. ‘I do not have austerity of individualism but Universalism.’ Then I (Asim or infinity) was running after him. But as the distance between him and me was increasing I cried and at the moment a lady wearing red sari came out of a room and appearing before me and asked, ‘Why are you crying? I said, ‘I cannot catch hold of him.’ Then she held my right hand with her left hand and said, ‘come with me, I shall take you to him.’ Then my dream was off.

After going to his residence at kadamtala, Howrah I narrated my dream to him, he said, ‘keep it secret, do not tell anybody. It was shown to me also and for that reason do not expose it to anybody.

Thereafter when many of his companions began to see him as God, or the person in the sun, then he said to others, ‘Asim also saw it and then told me to narrate the dream to others. Almost everyday I had to repeat the dreams in his room.

Now a days (After Jibankrishna’s demise in 1967) I use to go to different Reading Centres.  The purpose is to see how many people see Jibankrishna in dreams. It was his forecast that this phenomenon of seeing him in dreams will spread throughout the world one day. He used to say, ‘I cannot see it in our lifetime but you will see something in your lifetime.’ And now I see how many people of different Reading Centres where Jibankrishna’s book is read are seeing him in different states of life .e.g., dream, trance, meditation and waking state. They are having divine pleasure and peace inspite of living family lives. But all these are happening in hidden condition. No body surrounding them know anything what is happening with the seers. This was shown to Jibankrishna in dream previously mentioned.

It was a bit troublesome to go to his residence. When somebody saw him in dream, we had to take him to him, and when it spread we fell into more trouble.

Once my youngest sister used to taunt me about this. I told Jibankrishna about it. One day my sister saw in a dream that keeping her head on Jibankrishna’s feet she was saying to him, ‘Without knowing anything I remarked about you. Please forgive me’. He was saying, ‘well mother, let it be, let it be.’ This incident he used to tell everybody in his room.

After seeing this dream my sister was trying to catch hold of somebody so that she could go to Jibankrishna’s house to corroborate his dream. She requested me, but I said, ‘Woman folks are not allowed to go there. I shall not give you his address, then I shall be guilty.

From my home I used to go to him alone. That time I started seeing him in dreams. But I was eager to see him in walking state. I told Jibankrishna about my intention. But I saw that he was looking at me with large eyes. He said, ‘See you have achieved the Truth with ease, but still why are you not satisfied? This is called the delirium. In delirium the patient says, I want to drink more water, more water.’ In the same way when this accomplishment is achieved without any self exertion, one is not satisfied.’

He used to advice us, ‘Read loudly. Do you know why? The sound will spread in the ether and penetrate through the human bodies wherever it will get congenial ground and oneness will be manifested within those bodies whenever they will see me within them.

And now we can see how Jibankrishna’s form is spreading within innumerable people of all ages, races, religions and sexes establishing oneness among themselves- this is the unity in diversity of Vedas –Sah Ekah- He is one.



Volume –24, December, 2015

Chapter 63

Destruction  of  previous  individual realizations

286)   24th December, 1977.  Thursday.  Place :  Makardah.  Early morning dream:  One unknown boy came to me with a message that Jibankrishna said that all the previous realizations of the seer were null and void. The dream then went off.

After waking up, I began to think, was there any fault in me? Why did it happen like that? But I did not have any feeling of sorrow or disappointment. I went on thinking—probably it may be due to certain good reasons as I neither wanted these realizations nor had any affinity for these, so it was God’s wish that He made these null and void.

After long years I realized that these individual austerity is of no use as Jibankrishna also said. He also made his own individual austerity null and void as universalism is the truth. So I  realized that as new phase would come so these old realizations would not be necessary and that’s why these were made null and void .

Destruction  of  animal passion  and  self-egoism

287)    5th January, 1978, Monday.

Early morning dream:  I saw a house just like a church. At the top a flock of goats were tied in a room. Someone was saying, ‘Every day a goat is slashed. This is a country where goats are slashed.  After this nothing was remembered.

After waking up, I could remember one saying of Jibankrishna, ‘Whatever comes up in individual austerity, all those are animal expressions. Do you know why? Under any circumstances egoism cannot be annihilated except the mind annihilation’.

Here is the indication that animal passion as symbolized by goats is going to be annihilated followed by annihilation of egoism which persists even in individual austerity but is completely wiped out in mass austerity  Then and there it flashes in the mind of the seer— Oh! That’s why all the previous individual realizations were being spoiled as said by Jibankrishna in the seer’s dream as because new mass austerity will occur in the body of the seer!

Visualisation   of  Vulture-like  birds

288)     6th January, 1978, Tuesday.

Early morning dream:  A high rising building was visualized with birds similar to vultures on the roof-top. But their bodies were glossy and smooth unlike vultures. I was observing them from a down floor room. One of the birds suddenly was coming towards my room and I was going to close the door, but it entered into the room and with a thrush by the bird suddenly I was awakened.

After this dream the seer began to have animal dreams every day . The meaning remained unknown.

Initiation   of  mass  austerity

289)    12th  January,  1978,  Friday.

In reality my mother used to read loudly ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (the Bengali book written by Jibankrishna based on his realizations) every day early morning in my presence while sleeping. To-day also she was reading the 1st part of the book while I was half-awakened. Within a short time I fell asleep and in dream I was hearing my mother reading the book with a supernatural voice echoing everywhere. Then she finished the book and uttered ‘Shanti’, Shanti’, ‘Shanti’(‘Peace, peace, peace’) and it appeared to me as if she finished the 3rd part of the book (based on universalism) and touched the book on her head.

Just at the moment I woke up and surprisingly noticed that my mother finished the 1st part of the book . But still the words ‘Peace, Peace, Peace’ were echoing in my ears.

At the moment no meaning appeared in my mind. But after a long time (9th November, 1978 ) it suddenly flashed in my mind that Mother means Adyasakti or this physical body. She was actually reading the 1st part of ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ which deals with individualistic realizations but in dream I was hearing the 3rd part which deals with universalism. It indicates that Adyasakti will bestow her grace upon me to have universal austerity in future and there will be no need of individualistic realizations.

Long time back in 1972, Jibankrishna said to me in my dream, ‘You will write 2nd and 3rd part of ‘Dharm-O-Anubhuti’ which meant that I would have realizations of a part of individualism and also universalism in future and these would create effect on my body as ‘to write’ means the effect is realized in the body.

After this dream I am passing through a peculiar mental condition and almost everybody I am having dreams on worldly surroundings. But I remained merely as a seer without any aberration of mind. Sometimes it appears in my mind that my body should not last anymore and it is not known for how many days this condition will linger.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume –24, December, 2015


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it i487. “If it so happens, that he (Sadhu) meets a women, he looks upon her as his mother and offers his worship”.

It is not so required in the present case. Sadhu and the women are but ‘One’ spiritually, and a spontaneous self-Knowledge springs up and rejects all other ideas about woman.

488.  “A Sadhu always thinks of God”.

The mind of a Sadhu always rests in the seventh plane.

It is very adroitly and nicely pointed out by Sankaracharya, the great non-dualist of India, “The man who all the day and night keeps on moving on Brahma is a Sadhu.”

Brahma is in the seventh plane or the cerebrum.

489.  “He (Sadhu) talks of God and God alone and nothing else”.

The mind of a Sdhu never comes down from the fifth plane.

When a man’s mind is on the fifth plane he talks of Gos and God alone.

To talk of God only is an insignia that the mind of the man is on the fifth plane.

490.  “He (Sadhu) renders services to all beings”.

By Mahayoga he transforms others spiritually into his own self in the shape of his own person.

As Sadhu is Perfect so the service rendered by him is the perfect one.

491. “As long as they (trees) are younger they are to be fenced around”.

The life-power is awakening in a man in a feeble way. He should not ventilate it. He should be on his guard and nurture it so that it may grow.

492.  “When the trunk of the tree grows thick and strong, the fencing is removed”.

When life-power or Kundalini is awakened in dull measure, no further precaution is required.

493.  “Now if an elephant is tied to the tree, the elephant cannot break it”.

Elephant—is the symbol of mind. Life-power or Kundalini when awakened controls the mind.

494.  “First besmear your hands with oil and then break open the Jack-fruit”.

Oil—is the symbol of Chaitanya or Yogic consciousness as seen in the cerebrum and it flares up emitting brilliant red light.

Jack-fruit—is the world. It yields a flavoury sweet juice. The world is full of temptations and allurements. If this Yogic consciousness is attained, the temptation and allurements will fail to bewitch the attainer. His body and Atma separates. He becomes Atma, remains aloof, and nothing can tarnish him.

To add to it, the metaphor of jack-fruit reminds one of the five sheaths as realized in the human body as pointed out in the Vedas.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume –24, December, 2015 Realization of oneness

Mrs. Sumitra Pramanik from Beleghata Reading Centre, Kolkata has narrated a dream thus:

On December 17, 2000 I went to a large gathering of Jibankrishna followers at Beleghata.  In the same night I saw in my dream that a huge gathering had taken place at the assembly and everybody was seated in lines for supper.  They had served rice on earthen plates and water in earthen glasses.  But I was seeing that everybody was Jibankrishna having the supper.   I was looking at them thinking, ‘what a strange thing’!  Then my dream was off.

[Attending the reading of Jiban Krishna or Diamond the austerity starts and then the sense of oneness grows within the listeners.]

Experience of the other World

Mrs. Renu Dutta from Beleghata Reading Centre, Kolkata has narrated her dream thus:

On November 10, 2000 I saw in my dream a little girl who was telling me, ‘For away there my parents stay.  Will you take me and keep me there’?

I was going with her and saw a huge water body.  I was thinking how to go there.’  The girl said, ‘It is possible to go through that water.  Let us go.’  We went through that water and reached that place which seemed to be an island.  There were many building in that island.  The girl guided me and we entered into a room where Jibankrishna was seated.  He told me, ‘can you see that there are people in every room!’ I saw that many of my relatives who expired are living there, but all are alive.  All the rooms except one are full.  Jibankrishna told me, ‘This is your room. After your demise you will stay here.  Now go to the north part and see.’

I went there with the girl and saw the beautiful sky and full moon.  Beneath it ten fire places for the dead ones were burning.  The girl showed her parents.  As if Jibankrishna was her father.  He told me, ‘Now you go’, and told the girl, ‘see him off.  This time you will not get any water body’.  The girl left me in the mid-way and I came back home.  Then I woke up.

[Adyasakti or primeval mother by her grace showed God to the seer.  In the initial realization of austerity water is seen.  The universe is within the cerebrum and all are alive, which was shown in the dream.]

Jibankrishna in Sun and his teaching

Mrs. Sisubala Daw from Beleghata Reading Centre, Kolkata has narrated her dreams thus :

On November 7, 2000 I saw in my dream that I finished by bath and bowed to the Sun.  From behind somebody was reciting some Sanskrit hymns and I was following him.  The hymn was such :

‘……………..Suryamandalastha Purushah Jiban Krishna’ (The Purusha Jibankrishna in Sun).  Saying this hymn when I looked at the Sun I saw the bright face of Jibankrishna.  Then my dream was off.

[It revealed the hymn of Isha Upanishad where it is narrated:

On June 20, 2001 I saw Jibankrishna in my dream as if he was a farmer and was returning home after cultivation.  I told him, ‘sit down’.  He asked, ‘where should I sit’?  I said, ‘sit on my cot.’

Sitting on my cot he said, ‘I am feeling thirsty’.  I had sweets at my home.  So I gave him the sweet with water.  Drinking the water he said to me, ’you should go to the Reading Centre and the name you recite you should, continue.  Then you will cross this life span with ease.  Here my dream was off.

[God-the-Preceptor teaches the seer in such a way].



Volume –24, December, 2015

Chapter 25

Indication of the spiritual condition of the devotees

June 23, 1956:

Ashutosh Singha (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that a large bamboo and on it all of you and I sat. Then the bamboo was flying like a plane

Jinankrishna – Bamboo is the symbol of spinal cord where Ira, Pingala, Sususmna nerves exist. Austerity in performed through these nerves. This is not only indicating your austerity but of others who use to come to me.

Divinity minimises animal passion

June 30, 1956:

Khitish Roy Chowdhury (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that suddenly an angry form of a person appeared and began to hot a goddess sitting on a lotus with a sword. But she only began to laugh.

Jibankrishna – When the divinity of a man increases, his animal passion becomes weaker and even if it hits the divinity, it cannot control the divinity.

Indication of the seer’s spiritual condition

July 11, 1956:

Siddheswar Mukherjee (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in my meditation some wavy lights – sometime blue, sometime golden, and again white, though I saw the white light a bit far away.

Jibankrishna – Oh, my boy this shows your advanced condition. Your minds tends to go to formless state. Blue light indicates universal consciousness, golden light means Atma or Soul and white light means the pure state.

Visualization of God is informed by others

March 6, 1957:

Asim Biswas (To Jibankrishna) – In a dream I saw that I was going back home from here. Reaching near Bamungachi pool I saw a well beside the road. Somebody told me to  jump into the well. Appearing there you said, ‘No, No, why will he jump! He is not such Cheap. He has visualized God’.

Hearing this dream with folded hands Jibankrishna bowed to Asim and said, ‘My Boy, what should I say to you to you. You are already told in the dream. This is called self-revelation’. Sayign this Jibankrishna bowed again to Asim.

Seeing Jibankrishna and his companions before seeing them in reality

April 26, 1958:

Rabi of Barrackpore narrated to Jibankrishna about his wife’s dream. She had never seen Jibankrishna before. She dreamed that Sri Ramkrishna was seated in a room with about 25 devotees. There was a portrait of him in that room. Then from that portrait you came out. What she described about that figure indicated that the figure was you and among those companions some were identified as Satya, Nath, Ram, etc. But the rest could not be identified.

Jibankrishna – She had seen a strange dream and what a surprise that she not only saw me, but saw some of the companions in this room without seeing them before. How amazing is God’s sportive forms. This confirms that the universe is within the Atma or Soul. Pay my regards to my mother.