(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 1, January, 2016 

Chapter 46

Law of human life

October, 1959.

Unless a man falls in distress, he never remembers or calls God. But there are many who never remember God even in thousands of distressed conditions.

A philosopher of sixteenth century, may be of these three countries like Germany, Belgium or France once said, ‘Immediately after birth a child gets a sense of God, and that is a motion at the end of life. This motion is the Law – Cosmic Law, the motion of life or rather law of human life.

A pure form – A living man’s form

October 5, 1959

Rabindra Nath Tagore in his book ‘Religion of man’ mentioned – Those who know the symptom of Atma or Soul are the ‘Munis’ (sages), the best. The symptom of Atma is the pure intellect which unites all.’ Here ‘Muni’ means who remains without talking, which means I exist alone, otherwise with whom I shall talk? And by pure intellect union is not possible. It should be pure form of a living human being, My form is manifested within myriads of people as you are saying to me, ‘We have been seen you in dreams’. By saying that you are establishing the fact that you are not in existence, but I exist only and where does it exist? In the spiritual world.

Remember, there is no such existence of Atma or Soul separately. That is a doctrine. In Vedas they are saying about God’s light and then and there they are saying ‘He is the best man.’ So why do you call this best man as Atma? You are seeing the form of a living man, why should you call it Atma? So lastly with great grief and sorrow Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) said, ‘There is no existence of Atma,’ though he was a great Hindu monk!

Hindu mythology is merely imaginary

October, 1959.

During Hindu dynasty in India, the kings instructed the scholars to write Puranas (Mythologies) for eradication of Buddhismm from India. What an intellectual brain they had. They wrote in such a fashion that afterwards people made nomenclatures of the sacred places created in those books.

This Brindaban (a sacred place) was a creation of Sri Chaitanya which was mentioned by his six disciples. Can you mix these things with the earth! No, these have become so much intermingled with the earth that it is impossible to eradicate from the earth. Whoever new comers will be born, their brains will be such that they can never think of new things. These are so strange! This goddess Durga, her impression is so much stamped in the brain that it is very difficult to eradicate. There are so many ritualistic performs which are impossible to eradicate from the brain.

Achievement of knowledge

October 7, 1959

What is the meaning of achievement of knowledge? This whole human race and I, and what is my relation with them – to know – this is the knowledge.

Now this human race and my relation with them – what is this? ‘Oneness’. So what is the utility of worshipping? Knowledge is to find unity in the midst of diversity. And this will not stand when I shall say, but you have to announce that you and we are one, and you are doing so.

Oneness is proved in Jibankrishna’s era

October 7, 1959.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said that the Holy Mother Kali told him, ‘Brahma is truth and the world is illusion.’ Here Thakur himself became Kali and heard himself his own words. Because this man himself is Brahma (Supreme Self). Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) mentioned after colour, creed and sex about Universal brotherhood.

But here their versions are not applicable. Here after seeing me in dreams, trances you are saying, ‘Sir, we have seen you within us,’ and for this reason you are proving oneness. I am not seeing what ‘ism’ we shall term this? Oh, this is the ism of truth. What manifests being a unit among many is the truth. Though Swamiji said a very important thing that, ‘Behind all, a man who sees.’ That living man is the Vedantist. In this context Swamiji merely mentioned without having an proof and here we are getting direct proof.


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume 1, January, 2016 


 Sisir  Kumar Mukherjee

The first time I met Jibankrishna it was the year 1958. The person with whom I went there never went for the second time. But the greatest obstacle came from my side, because whenever Jibankrisna used to explain Sri Ramkrishna’s metaphors my body always shivered. After going for 4-5 days once my body shivered very forcefully and so without saying anything I came back from Jibankrishna’s room. Then after about two months again I went to him. Seeing me he said, ‘Why do you come so late? Come here frequently. Unless you come how do you listen so many discussions and conceive? In fact I always felt  a great attraction going to him, but due to lack of a companion I could not go always.

Thereafter whenever I got companions I went to him, and when they were not available I could not go. Once in a holiday in the afternoon I went to him by walking from Howrah station. I saw none except one person reading the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna in presence of Jibankrishna. Seeing me Jibankrishna said, ‘Come and sit on my cot beside me.’ I thought that my legs were dusty, and so let me sit on the floor. He said, No, no, sit beside me.’ I sat beside him and the same shivering started in my body. It seemed always that I would fall down. When Jibankrishna fell into ‘Samadhi’ state with a sound, my shivering increased to a great extent.

However, nothing worst happened due to Jibankrishna’s grace. I realized later on that during that time he relieved me from that state. Henceforth my fear was eliminated and started going to him frequently. One day at noon I was listening to the reading, suddenly he said,’ Go to Beleghata’. During those days Sushil Banerjee used to go there to read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. Jibankrishna told me, ‘you need not read, but just go with Sushil Babu and listen to the reading.’ This was starting of going to Beleghata Reading centre. One day brother charu came and said, ‘Jibankrishna said that Sisir will read.’ I fell in a great confusion. How shall I read! Sushil Babu, ‘When he said, read something to day, otherwise it will be unethical.’ So I started reading the Gospel, but I began to sweat. However, next time going to Jibankrishna I said, ‘the reading is not possible for me. He asked, ‘Why’? I said, I cannot explain the Gospel.’ He said, ‘you can read well, so read only’ The first time I attended Beleghata Reading centre was about 1966. Firstly I used to read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and then Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’. But strangly by merely listening to the reading many people dreamed Jibankrishna. I am now narrating a remarkable dream which still now shake me. When I went to Beleghata Reading centre in the year 1966, during that time I used to live near Desapriya park in Kolkata. One night I saw in a dream that at Rasbehari Avenue near lake market a first class bogie of train was standing on the tram line without any engine. While crossing the road I was thinking, ‘Oh, how did a Rail bogie come on the tram line! Coming near the line I saw that brother Ram was standing near the door of the bogie. He told me, ‘Come up! Come up!’ Then I got up in the bogie and the train left. I asked somebody, ‘There is no engine, how the train is moving’? Someone said, ‘This is a special vehicle, and so it is moving without engine.’ I saw that Jibankrishna along with some people were seated in the bogie. I felt a great joy and the dream was off. After three days I went to Jibankrishna. He asked me, ‘How do you come today! Won’t you go to the Reading Centre’? I said, ‘yes, I shall go. I saw a dream. So I have come to tell you.’ ‘What is that dream?’ He asked. I narrated my dream. Hearing it he said, ‘Every thing of yours will become special.’ Now I am experiencing it in my everyday life. Jibankrishna has become special in my life and he will remain eternal in my life.


Volume 1, January, 2016

Chapter 64

Indication  of  quick  completion  of  Ascent  Descent

290)    30th January, 1978. Monday .

Early morning dream:   I was seated on an open place . Suddenly I observed that with a very fast movement I went up in the air and in a similar fashion went down with a sitting posture. I went on thinking that with such a fast motion I went down from the sky, but nothing happened to me! Here the dream went off and after waking up it flashed in my mind that this was the indication of a very quick course of austerity in both ascent and descent.

Indication  of  achievement  of  condition  beyond  universalism 

291)     31st January, 1978. Tuesday.

Early morning dream:   I observed that I had double teeth in a row—one outside and another inside. The outside teeth suddenly fell down and the inside tooth remained intact and the dream went off.

Jibankrishna once said, the elephant has two sets of teeth—one outside for decoration and another set inside for eating. The outside one depicts universalism i.e., when thousands of people see him within them and the inside one depicts when sees innumerable people inside him meaning he may have the power of controlling the spiritual world, though the effect was not yet seen in his lifetime. The seer’s dream may have an indication of the future.

Indication  of  innumerable  realizations  and  the  spiritual  condition  of   devotees

292)     2nd February, 1978.  Wednesday.

Early morning dream:  I was going to Jibankrishna at his Howrah, Kadamtala’s residence, as if he has come back again after physical death and so I was going to him . As soon as I  reached the entrance of Kedar Deuti Lane, I felt a tremendous force within me . I  was roaring with the words ‘Jibankrishna’, ‘Jibankrishna’, and entered the Lane, I thought that I would surprise  Jibankrishna by suddenly entering his room . But before that  Jibankrishna noticed me . On the cot he was half-lying resting his left elbow on his head. Entering the room I placed my head on the cot and paid my regard to  Jibankrishna . He asked me, ‘Why so sudden presence ! What are you doing now ? I said, , ‘Long time back l I have left the service of the Agri-Horticultural Society of India and now is in service at Hindi High School . Now there is plenty of time and that’s why I can come to you so early.’ (In reality the same thing happened in the life of the seer and so he could afford more time after publication of the magazine ‘Manikya’ for collection and writing, editing of matters).

Grace  of  Jibankrishna  is bestowed  upon  elder  brother

293)     11th March, 1978 , Saturday.

Early morning dream:   I was seated on a pond side with many other familiar ones who were seated here and there. Suddenly my elder brother came from somewhere and jumped in the pond and drowned. I was looking to everybody for help, but nobody turned up. I knew swimming a little bit. So I came down in the pond and put my hand inside the water  where my brother drowned. I traced out my brother and carried him outside, put him on the land and tried some tricks to take out water from his abdomen. Water began to ooze out with some juice of tablets. It was understood that these tablets were swallowed before. After getting back sense, he said, ‘During this time I have seen him’. I asked, ‘Who is he?’ He said—‘Jibankrishna’. Hearing this looking to the others I said, ‘Well everything is solved. Do you know why ? There is a zone in the brain. When mind enters there, ordinary man dies. But after seeing Jibankrishna there is no such fear’. After this I woke up .

The dream indicates the shower of grace upon the elder brother.

Indication  of  new  realizations

294)     12th, March, 1978. Sunday ,

Early morning dream: I was  stood inside a room . Suddenly I saw myself going near a spider web, which trapped me immediately. I tried to get rid of the web. Then I saw a fierce looking spider with red legs and eyes standing on the floor. As soon as I came near the spider, it jumped on me and I went upwards in the air . Still it did not leave me  and jumped near my eyes. With this thrush I woke up,

In Vedas there was description of red eyed spider which was depicted as Parambrahma  or Supreme Self in sun. The same thing is visualized by the seer. There is another meaning that the seer may have new realizations.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 1, January, 2016 


Place:—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

495.    “A man of ‘Discrimination’ (Viveka) knows that God is Real and everything else is unreal”.

Discrimination is Viveka—the capacity to discriminate between real and unreal.

A man gets discrimination after coming down from the Jara Samadhi. He will be firmly established in it. Every turn and every effort of his life will be directed towards God. In short, he lives for God and God alone as evinced in the life of Thakur. This is Viveka.

496.    “Being established in discrimination one wants to know God”.

To have established is discrimination means to see God in the seventh plane as otherwise no discrimination can come out. After seeing God or Atma, the sense that ‘I am Atma’ and ‘not this body’ springs up automatically and this is real discrimination.

To know God—means to know the attributes or nature of God. Yes, a man sees God as pointed out and spoken out by God-the-Preceptor but the seer is not aware of any attribute of God. Then comes automatic enfoldment of Atma or God. “If Atma, out of grace unfolds Himself”.

—– Shri  Ramkrishna.

Atma unfolds Himself in the five following ways as pointed out in the realization of the Vadanta.

They are : —

(1)  To see God or Atma.

(2)  To see the Universe within this Atma.

(3)  This big Universe turns into Seed or Jara Samadhi.

(4)  The existence of the Seed appears to be a Dream.

(5)  This Dream is succeeded by Sthitha Samadhi.

497.   “Discrimination succeeds ‘Nivritti’ (Lit, mind without any occupation)”.

Nivritti is a cool, composite and even condition of mind. No Nivritti can be had until and unless God-the Preceptor appears within the body. (Brahmachari appeared and the mind of the snake turned inward from the outward world in the metaphor as used by Thakur, vide explanation no. 41, page 79).

Then the yoga starts. Life-power or Kundalini gets awakened and in course of the upward progress of the life-power a man gets Samadhi and then real Nivritti comes. In short, more the divinity appears within, more the Nivritti grows.

Furthermore, there is a kind of Samadhi known as Nirvija Samadhi which literally means burning up the seeds of desire.

498.   “Then the mind gets a liking to have a walk to Kali, the wish-fulfilling Tree”.

Nivritti has freed the mind from the load of the worldly enjoyments, so the mind is free now and it gets upward course from the fourth plane to the seventh plane and at the end this Kalpataru or the wish-fulfilling Tree is seen.

An aspirant or Sadhaka has but one wish and that is to attain God, or in other words, to get himself transformed into God.

Here a young, fresh and lively mango tree is seen and the tree has un-ripened mangoes on the branches at the top.

“When the juice of the ‘Invisible creeper’ or ‘Alek Lata’ oozes in the abdomen then a tree grows”.

——–Shri Ramkrishna.

Alek Lata or the invisible creeper is Brahma or God.

When this ripe mango is placed and the hand of the aspirant and he commences eating, licking and devouring it, Then his wish is fulfilled.

499.   “In the end , all-told together, there is but One”.

You along exist and you are that One. It is Viswarupa or the Universe within you.

It is the Cosmic Man of Jainism.

An instance is quoted here from the Gospel of Shri Ramkrishna.

“The crow Bhushandi is feeling to save itself from Shri Ramchandra. Wherever it flees it finds that the hand of Rama is holding a chase to catch it. Vishandi gets tried and exhausted. Then it surrenders to Rama. Rama catches it and puts it in his mouth. Bhushandi then opens its eyes and finds that it is cosily resting on the very same branch where it used to perch.

“Bhushandi out of its own experience came to understand that though Rama outwardly looked like an ordinary man but the whole Universe was within Rama”.

Rama means One.

It is so with one and all human being but after attainment of Brahma.

So far goes the ‘Individualism’ bearing no proof as it is a pure esoteric condition.

Universalism speaks and reveals a realistic data having advance its own proof.

Let a man attain Paramajyoti and thousands see Him within and declare it by setting up “One and Oneness”.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 1, January, 2016

Seeing Jibankrishna in dreams without seeing his photo

Mrs. Smritikana Mukherjee is a listener of a Reading Center and resides at Sonarpur, 24-Parganas (South), West Bengal, India.  Here Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-0-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) and the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna are read regularly.

Smritikana has narrated her dream thus:

One day in the year 2004, I was lying on bed at my sister’s residence in the night and dreamt that an old gentleman was seated near my head on the cot.  It seemed that he was special and I began to feel a great divine joy.  Then my dream was off.

Next morning seeing a photo in my sister’s house I asked, ‘who is he?  My sister said, ‘He is Lord Jiban Krishna’.  I told her, ‘This man appeared in my dream last night’.

[Like innumerable Ms. Smritikana is also a blessed one who got the grace of God and got Jibankrishna as her God-the-Preceptor.]

Chandan Mullik has narrated his dream thus:

On October 10, 2000, in the afternoon I met Madan and discussed with him about the reading of ‘Dharma-0-Anubhuti’ (Jiban Krishna’s Bengali book) and the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.  I admitted that I could not read these books properly.

However, after returning home I opened the books, read a bit and then lied on my bed.  I slept and dreamt that a big frame was hanging in the wall.  Inside that frame I began to draw a line drawn picture and it took the form of Jiban Krishna as seen in photo.  He had broad shoulder, big ears and eyes and smiling with two teeth shown from outside.  But next moment I saw that it was my picture sitting like Jiban Krishna.  After waking up I looked at the wall.  Then sitting on my bet I shed tears.  But did not know why?.

[Chandan thus got the grace of Jibankrishna and got him as God the Preceptor.]

Seeing Jiban Krishna (Diamond) in dreams and in abroad.

Some people residing outside India see Jiban Krishna in dreams.  Here are a few incidents:

Ms. Kajal Sakar from Sanfrancisco, California, USA, has narrated her dream thus:

It was the year 2009, one night I saw in a dream that I was crying and at the same time from the photograph Jibankrishna also was shedding tears.  He told me, ‘when you cry I also feel crying’.  I said, ‘Then you stop crying, I shall also stop.  At that moment Jiban Krishna came out of the Photograph. He wore a full trouser only.  The ceiling fan was on and his cheek was cut by the blade of the fan during his coming out, because he was very tall. He said, ‘It is better to sit’.  So he sat on the cot. I had many conversations with him.  I told him, I am mad of you.’  He said, ‘That is all right’.

After a long conversation I was roaming within the colony holding his hand and showing him everything.  Then he said, ‘I have to go now.  It seemed as if he had appointment with another devotee, so he was so hasty.

When Jibankrishna came out of the photograph the frame became a bit blackish.  Now he jumped into that frame and it leaned to one side due to his hastiness.  The dream was off.

[The action of Jibankrishna is always like in his photo as it was during his life time.  His grace always falls upon the devotees.].



Volume 1, January, 2016

Chapter 26

Seeing Jibankrishna and his companions before seeing them in reality

April 26, 1958:

Rabi of Barrackpore narrated to Jibankrishna about his wife’s dream. She had never seen Jibankrishna before. She dreamed that Sri Ramkrishna was seated in a room with about 25 devotees. There was a portrait of him in that room. Then from that portrait you came out. What she described about that figure indicated that the figure was you and among those companions some were identified as Satya, Nath, Ram, etc. But the rest could not be identified.

Jibankrishna – She had seen a strange dream and what a surprise that she not only saw me, but saw some of the companions in this room without seeing them before. How amazing is God’s sportive forms. This confirms that the universe is within the Atma or Soul. Pay my regards to my mother.

Self-revealed Dream

May 4, 1958:

Binoy Mukherjee (To Jibankrishna) –  I saw in a dream that in the space you and I were staying. Both of our bodies foggy. Inspite of my solid body I saw feeling light. You were making from various lights different kinds of men, animals, trees, etc  and everything was living. The dream continued for a long time and whatever you were explaining I could understand within a short time. Then you said  ‘you see, that are no actions and their effects. All are the actions of God’.

Waking up in the morning I was feeling a great divine joy though I could not remember any of the processes shown in the dream.

Jibankrishna – It is a strange and nice dream. But it is self-revealed because you have understood everything.

God saves the devotee

June 1, 1958:

Prabhat Basu (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that a hermit was seated in a room with a disciple of 20-25 years old. The hermit was saying to me ‘I am God’. I told him ‘what is the proof that you are God?’ Then the hermit was emerging light from his eyes. I said ‘I do not want to see those supernatural powers. My Preceptor has held my hands’. Then the hermit said ‘I do not know anything. Will you see that I shall harm You?’ Then I came out of his room and saw that you are standing outside.

Hearing this dream you said yesterday, ‘you are beyond all these supernatural powers’.

Jibankrishna – You saw that I was standing in front of you, it means I am protecting you from all types of dangers.

Sound is Brahma – Sound produces form

June 22, 1958:

Ravi of Allahabad (To Jibankrishna) – last night brother Radhu and I were lying on the bed. Till 1:30AM we were discussing about you. After sometime both of us heard a sound. Thereafter your form appeared. You said, ‘hey, why are you talking so long?’ Brother Radhu heard the sound, but as I saw you and heard your voice, he could not see you. Later on I told him.

Jibankrishna (To Radhu) – when both of you heard the sound, you were in the same plane and for that reason both of you heard the sound, but during vision of the form, it was not so. Only Ravi saw me. This means Ravi’s mind was in the state of Brahma with form while you were in the state of formless Brahma.







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