(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 2, January, 2016 

Chapter 47

A dispassionate mind – who is the primeval man

October 10, 1959                                      

Probably you remember that in my boyhood (15 years old) I used to imagine if Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) comes to me, then I shall sit on his shoulder and make a complete round in whole Calcutta see, when god comes to a man, he wants so many things. And in that case what am I saying! I shall sit on his shoulder! Can you explain it? Oh! from my very childhood I had a dispassionate mind, and after 53 years I have got its meaning. Thakur is saying, ‘All of you are seated and I am seeing that He is sitting in everyone’s form.’ Now, who is this ‘He’? Is he saying anything about it? No! But you judge through your realizations. Suppose all of you are sitting in this room, what will you say? Does that ‘He’ mean Jibankrishna (Diamond)? Then what is happening? Are you not sitting on the shoulder of ‘He’? Thakur is saying, ‘One husband with different dresses.’ Its meaning is One Jibankrishnna is holding many forms. Again, Thakur is saying, ‘We begin to think about that Primeval man.’ Who is this Primeval man is not known. For each human being the Primeval man is his father. And when Bhola’s father is seeing me in dreams, then I am becoming his Primeval man. In universalism that is also proved that I am that Primeval man.

Real Love

October 16, 1959.

I am interpreting the meaning of love thus; that I love myself the most and for this reason I am consuming all of you. This means I love the whole world also. I love me so much that I am transforming this world into my own form though preserving the individualities.

That Jehangir sitting, he has the prejudices of 3500 years’ Persian religion, and keeping that individuality we are meeting at a point. In that case I am not becoming Universal man but become an inner man.

All of you see me within you and you are all human beings. This had been termed by Socrates as Universal man. In one sense I am not Universal man as all of you see me within. Here my form is a common factor but each of you has your individuality. Here in a point we are one and that is seeing my form within your bodies.

Religion is divided into four categories :

(1) Philosophy; (2) Mythology; (3) Symbolism and (4) Mysticism. Our phenomenon is mysticism. Long, long years, about nine thousand years ago Ric Veda termed it as mysticism.

Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) mentioned about ‘Point of Union’ and draw merely an outline and in that place here we have got this proof. If this would not happen here, how could we get the proof? We could not solve the mystery. But we are merely witnessing, we cannot fathom who is doing it, and how it is happening.

What is the ethics here? – I am a living being. What a wonderful thing it is! Have I done it? No, I don’t know anything about all these things and this is the mystery. This is so wonderful!

Swami Vivekananda’s ‘Point of Union’ is reality – Diamond’s forecast

October 17, 1959

We find the developed thing of Raja Rammohan Roy in sri Aravinda, and Thakur’s (Sri Ramkrishna) further development is seen in swami Vivekananda. Thakur is the symbol of Individualism and Swamiji was the symbol of universalism. And what he said in his life time has become reality here. You know that in Nalini’s dream Swamiji said to him,’What I have said in my works has manifested here (In the dream Swamiji mentioned that in my works volume 7 page 161, what I said has come to reality here. Later on Nalini Banerjee opened page 161 and found that Swamiji has mentioned about ‘Point of Union).

So Nalini’s dream is true! But what is the meaning of that ‘Point’ about which Swamiji mentioned? Had he been asked he would have termed it as Brahma or Atma or Bibhu (Paramatma) to bring a harmony. And that ‘Point’ has become the form of a living man which has manifested here and we can conceive this in our light.

However, Swamiji wanted such thing and he has taken this ‘Point’ as an inanimate figure, but in our case it is a living man.

But the phenomenon which has manifested here comes from your side. I have my own side and this may manifest in future which I am forecasting beforehand.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume 2, January, 2016


 Raghunath Sen

I had a great opportunity to see Jibankrishna in my own eyes in his life time and was so lucky to be closely associated with him. What type of man he was? We got a new man, who was just like us but was transformed into God step by step through Rajyoga, and you have got its proof by seeing him within you. He said repeatedly that this human being is transformed into God. Otherwise there is no God outside. There are so large human population on this earth, but why do you love this man so much by seeing him inside you! In his early stage we saw that he was so devoted to Sri Ramkrishna. Why in his early life, even just before his last breath I had heard him saying, ‘Keep aside your ‘Brahmatva’ (Godhood), if to-day my Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) comes I shall run to him and hugging his waist say, oh Thakur. I have got you and I shall not leave you anymore.’’ Even we all are devotees of Thakur. From our childhood we heard so much about Thakur, read so much. In our school every day afternoon our teacher used to make us to meditate and read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. Besides this every Sunday all of our family members used to go Dakshineswar (kali temple where Sri Ramkrishna used to live). But we understood nothing about Thakur.

In Jibankrishna’s room every day the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna used to be read.  We also read and he used to interpret the yogic meaning of Thakur’s metaphors, and sprouted the sayings of Sri Ramkrishna within us. By his grace we understood about Sri Ramkrishna, saw him within us learned to love him.
Now I am coming to my first meeting with Jibankrishna. During that time I was an employee of Indian Eastern Railway and used to work in the headquarter of Eastern Railway at Kolkata. My colleague was my college mate named Manu (Nirod Baran Roy). One day we were having discussion how to live a good life. He told me, ‘Either you marry and
live a family life or follow the path of a saint. You cannot live in between these two. He did like a true friend. I said, ‘Brother, I cannot do not do this because I had gone to so many so called saints, but saw only pomp and grandeur and rush of women folks. I do not like this, and shall not go anywhere. He said, ‘ Please come to a place and you will see none of these activities there. There are no such cases of money no pomp and grandeur, no high and low division.’ I said, ‘well, I shall go.’
On the day of my going I told my mother, ‘Mother, I shall go to visit a saint with Manu?’ She said, ‘Well, you go’. Probably it was November 9, 1955. After our office hour both of us went to Jibankrishna at Howrah Kadamtala. When we were entering into his room, we saw that he was seated on his cot. I was in a Vaisnava family (worshiping lord
Vishnu) under the class Saint Ramanuja. We had the custom to pay regards to any saint or Monk by laying on the ground. So entering into the room as our custom I bowed down to him by laying down on the floor. Seeing this he said immediately, ‘Oh this boy paid homage by laying down! He was fulfilled’!  I thought what did he mean by these
words! Later on I understood the meaning of these words that he took all my responsibilities. For the time being I lost my sense. After getting my sense I saw that the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on with varieties of discussions about God. It seemed to me very sweet. Then Jibankrishna told me, ‘My boy, Whom do you search for? Are you wanting God? Sit straight.’ Then pointing his finger towards me said, ‘God is within you’. So long we had this idea that God is outside. We searched God outside. To-day Jibankrishna said, ‘God is within your body’. But I just heard it, but could not conceive it. I could not go with him to Alpukur (Where he often used to go to the country side residence of his cousin Manik lal Basu) in the first instance, but seemed time I was able to accompany him. Thereafter wherever he went I accompanied him to Beneras, or Puri.

When for the second time I accompanied Jibankrishna in Alpukur, there were two rooms. In one room he used to sleep on a cot and on the floor I used to sleep on a bed. In another room other brothers used to stay.
We saw that immediately after waking up in the morning, he used to say, ‘See, Thakur said that in the morning one should wake up by seeing the faces of saints.’ There was a portrait of goddess Jagadhatri. At first he looked at that portrait after waking up and then started reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna asking us, ‘Hey, have you all woke up? The reading of the Gospel used to be started at the time of wake up in the morning and again when we were going to bed in the night. Throughout our life it continued.
When in Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital when he was carried on a stretcher to operation in the operation theatre, he was saying, ‘Thakur said to the disciples to continue performing austerities, and what I am saying? Continue reading the Gospel throughout your life.’ What happens due to this reading? He or she who reads it, get the blessings of God, and whoever listens it goodness is showered on him or her. He used to say, ‘So long you remember God it is plus and the rest is minus. He donated us the process of remembering God through reading. I can remember a few instances of his love, one of which I am narrating here. During his stay in Alpukur for the second time, he had a high fever. At night laying on bed he was suffering from very high fever. I was laying on the floor without any sleep and said to him, ‘Should I pat on your head’? Again and again I was walking up requesting him to allow me for patting him on his head, but he refused to take my service. Due to such strain and insomnia I felt ill the next day and reported
to him. He became worried and said, ‘All of them went for walking in the afternoon, what to do.’ Then he said, ‘Then lie down on my bed’. I did that. Then he started patting my body and head. Just imagine, we knew so long that we should serve such a person like him, but on the contrary we got his nurse. He often used to say, ‘I love mankind and
so I have donated myself among human beings like this and have transformed them into my form in the spiritual world. I can remember
One incident during his stay for three months in the cancer hospital. During that period an arrangement of a bed was made beside his bed in his cabin to assist him. One night Jibankrishna suffered from acidity. So I went to the nurse to bring medicine. Then they asked me, ‘Well what is his relation to you’? I said, ‘See, he is my friend.’ As soon
as I uttered ‘Friend’, they burst into laughter. Next day in the afternoon when  he was drinking a glass of Horlix as usual. I said to him, ‘Last night when I went to the nurses bring the medicine for your acidity, they asked me, ‘What is your relation with him’? I answered, ‘He is our friend.’ As soon as Jibankrishna heard it his body shook
vehemently holding the glass of horlix in his hand and then said, ‘Yes my friend, where will you get such friend! Where will you get such friend’! Yes, he is our friend, he is our mother, our father, and our God. Another strange incident I observed in the hospital. The doctors, nurses and their relatives, even the liftman used to see him in
dreams, and narrated to him, even many of them took their relatives to him to identify. Another day’s incident I remember, one early morning at about 5 A.M. one nurse appealed to him with folded hands, ‘Will you allow me to sing the prayers for Goddess Kali’? Getting his permission she started singing loudly and continued for one and half hours.
During that time Jibankrishna was standing with folded hands and his whole body was shaking. The tears rolled down from the eyes of the nurse, all along that time. After finishing she bowed down and left the room without any words. Later on when that nurse told Jibankrishna, ‘Oh Lord, we shall go to your house when you will be recovered.’ He said, ‘No mother, there is no arrangement for you there and mothers cannot enter there, (But he made another arrangements for all the mothers. Without going to him they see his sportive forms in dreams, trances, and in physical body even now after his demise in 1967).



Volume 2, January, 2016

Chapter 65

Purification  of  Body

295)     14th, March, 1978 . Wednesday.

Early morning dream:   I had a loose motion spoiling my trouser. I only wore a shirt now. Then I e went to a room. And saw Mr. Dwijendra Nath Roy, an old devotee who was talking to him and laughing. The seer then gave someone his trouser for washing and washed himself with soap . Here the dream went off.

In reality also the seer had a loose motion three times and automatically was cured.

Here the dream and the reality became identical and indicated that the seer’s body is becoming purified for further new realizations as Jibankrishna used to say, that in a dream excretion of stool means purification of cerebrum .

Indication  of  universal austerity

296) .    16th, April, 1978.  Sunday.  Place:   Ghatshila ,  Bihar.

Early morning dream: I was standing on the roof-top of a big house. From there I e visualized  below on the street a number of very tiny motor cars with a doll like kid sitting inside a each car.

Then I saw a mongoose dragging one car and the kid inside was crying loudly. I got down on the downstairs looking at the scene. I said to someone to release the car immediately. He got down with me with tense through the back door. Then opening the door of the boundary wall I went outside the campus and found that the man who went for searching the car vanished. The mongoose ran away and became out of sight. Very tensely I was passing beside a pond to trace the kid . Suddenly I noticed that another mongoose was running to attack me. I kicked him, yet he again attacked. So I retreated towards my house throwing brick pieces towards the mongoose. Yet he did not leave me. However, at last I entered my house and closed the door. Still to be sure for safety I  started to go upstairs closing the doors in each floor and meanwhile my dream went off.

The dream indicates thus: The ‘baby’ means minimum ‘ego’; the baby is lost means when a man approaches towards supreme divinity his ‘ego’ is lost . To search for the baby from top floor to ground means the mind is trying to go down from the seventh plane to lower plane for searching his ‘ego’, but the mongoose who helps human being (killing snakes ) or God helps the seer to the right path by forcing the seer to enter in his house for making his mind introspective.

It is also noteworthy that in individual austerity ‘ego’ is not wiped out, while in universal austerity there is no ‘ego’. Here the dream also indicates that the seer may have universal austerity in future.

Long  accompaniment of God-the-Preceptor and the seer’s future

297) .    27th April, 1978, Thursday.

Early morning dream:   I saw a house which belonged to me. My God-the-Preceptor had come there and it seemed to me as if this was the second phase after he had left his physical body and come back again. Some other devotees were also with me. Jibankrishna seemed to be very cheerful. All of them having chit-chats and sometimes reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on as it used to happen in his life time. I was also attending my school and after taking class I was accompanying  Jibankrishna. Every moment was appearing joyous.

Once I told a devotee Dhiren Mondal, ‘I shall not even go to school as I can hear more words from his mouth’.

The dream was thus running.  Sometimes I was waking up and again was accompanying with Jibankrishna in the midst of the dream and thus the morning came when the dream went off.

The dream has two aspects: First the Holy Ghost is bestowing his blessings upon the seer by giving long accompaniment in dream and secondly, the future is shown when the seer will have more and more time to spend his life with Jibankrishna’s cult after leaving the school. It happened in 1992, when circumstances forced  the seer to leave the school and devote more times for collection and compilation of  the sayings and diaries on  Jibankrishna.

Introspection  of  mind

298)    2nd May, 1978,   Tuesday .

Early morning dream :   A big house was seen and I was within it . I was approaching the door as if I would be going out of the house . But I noticed that three unknown ladies—cloud-colored , slightly fatty and large eyed, were standing near the door as if guarding it to prevent me for going out and here the dream went off .

In a recent dream it was indicating again and again that the seer was not allowed to go out of his house (as indicated in previous dream dated 16.4.78)  so as to keep the mind of the seer introspective . The three ladies are the three nerves of the body through which the life force of the body moves towards the seventh plane to be transformed into God.

Jibankrishna also had a similar dream where he saw similar ladies within a hut in a village who opened the door for him. This was opposite to the seer’s dream, though the description of a lady who opened the door was similar.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 2, January, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

500.   “From the involution (Absolute) to the evolution (Phenomenal world) and again from the evolution of the involution”.

There is another form of realization and this is realized by one and all, i.e., Universal.

A man becomes God but spiritually, as otherwise physically he is but a man like you.

He is seen within by thousands. The man seen within by thousands becomes Absolute and seers see the Leela within.

According to the Isha Upanishad, the man seen is the ‘Man in the Sun’ and seers see Him in their own “gold-sheath” (Hiranmaya Kosha).

Sun is the symbol of life-power in the seventh plane and some 30 men and women have seen the ‘Diamond’ so within them.

It may be taken as Plato’s ‘Absolute Equality’ and Abstract Equality’.

Five of the Upanishads : (1) Brihadaranyaka, (2) Chandoyga, (3) Maitri, (4) Taittiriya and (5) Isha point out the ‘man in the Sun’. It is but Macrocosm; whereas, the thing actually takes place in the microcosm. The plain meaning is not in the outside world but in the human body. ‘The sun’ and the ‘Man-in-the Sun’ are seen. It is so experienced here by many but within their own cerebrum and reported to ‘Diamond’. And they are some 30 or more. Even now it is running.

501.   “He (Atma) who is seen and shown by God-the-Preceptor as God has become this Universe and its living beings”.

It means ‘Ra’ of Thakur—the Universe with all its contents within Atma seen in the seventh plane,i.e., Viswarupa.

‘Ma’ first and then comes ‘Ra’. God first and then the Universe.

But the Universe is before the very eye of one and all. How does it come ? Man is Brhma or creator. He creates the Universe. At the time of opining the eyes for the first time he casts this Universe from within and then comes on the earth. It takes place at the time of his birth. Thakur says, “In the Vedas it is spoken of the spider and its cob-web. The spider casts the web from within and then rests on it”.

Spider—is man—living Brahma.

Cob-web—is the Universe.

It is an individual realization and no proof can be set up for it.

The secondary proof is Ra.

It can be set forth from Thakur’s own life. In the house of Balaram Bose. Thakur was in Samadhi after an earthquake. When he came down from Samadhi he said, “Do you know what realization was going through me? The Universe was looked like a Shalagram Sila (a round small shining marble stone worshipped as God by the Hindus as a symbol of the Universe in miniature) with your two opened eyes fixed in it (the eyes of Shri M who was addressed)”.

In other occasion he said, “I see a small Shalagram Sila in every man”.

502.    “He effaces ego in one or two”.

In the era of Thakur we find one, and that is Thakur and the term two is used simply to denote humility.

“A ghost cannot seek out a comrade.”—Shri Ramkrishna.

Ghost—is One and there is no comrade for Him.

This is in case of an individual realization.

But in the Universalism it bears a different character and proof.

A man becomes Brahma. He is seen by thousands ; nay, he is in every human being somewhere manifested, and in others—though they are the majority—in an unmanifested condition. When a man is one with all the living men in his inner self, the egoism automatically collapses. Egoism has its birth from the sense of difference and many.

503.   “Nobody can really know God”.

God has innumerable attributes—some are knows but the majority is unknown. We know God with attributes but God without attributes (Nirguna Brahma) is not known and unfathomable.

“No discourse can be held with Nirguna”— Shri  Ramkrishna.

The great Swami Vivekananda pointed out, “Where there is evolution there is involution”.

Yes, involution at the time of birth but enfoldment of the life-power is evolution and this life-power gives out more knowledge (Jnana)as it advances along with time.

As for instance, Thakur is the first man in the arena of the world to point out that to see God and attainment of Godhead are the sole aim of this human life; whereas, all the past teachers of the world give out moral codes for leading pious and holy life. As for Buddha, Nirvana is not in the life-time, but at the time of death.

Attainment of God means to become God and its proof will be borne by thousands.

In the Upanishad it is declared “I am Brahma”, but no proof is set up; nay, it goes further and declares “I am All”. But it is declared by one and not by thousands. It failed to set up any proof.

It is Universalism which bears proof and not Individualism.

A man becomes God and there is no other God anywhere else; rather everything else in relation to God is but pure imagination. He is One and One only, and this Oneness as experienced by thousands taking place with Diamond is the only attribute. It is so endorsed in the  Vedas – ‘Ekam Sat’,‘Sah Ekah’.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 2, January, 2016

Dr. Purabi Ghosh from London has narrated her dream thus:

It was some day in year 2004.  Ms. Biva Das came to London once.  Hearing the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) book ‘Religion and Realization’ and about him, I was charmed.  In that very night I saw a dream.

A middle aged very healthy gentleman was telling me many aspects about religion and I was listening spell bound, feeling a great divine joy.  But after I woke up I could not remember anything.  Hearing the description of Jibankrishna, I became sanguine that he appeared in my dream and taught me.

[The seer got Jibankrishna as her God-the-Preceptor.  He appears in dreams and teaches the seer yogas.]

From Dubai, Ms. Chandana Sinha has narrated a dream.  It was a night dream in some day of 2009 A.D.  I dreamt that I was reading a book alone in my room.  As my mother called me I came out.  I saw that a huge pandal was erected outside.  Aunt Bithi and uncle Pabitra were present there.  I talked to them and approaching a bit I aw that a noble gentleman as seated on a chair, wearing dhoti and Punjabi.  Being attracted by his personality I began to talk to him.  He discussed many aspects about oneness.  This was very impressive to me and I was feeling a great divine joy.  The dream was then off.

Afterwards seeing the photograph of Jiban kishna from my mother I understood that the gentleman in my dream was he.

[The seer saw and got Jibankrishna a sper God-the-Preceptor in dream without seeing him in his photo.  The reason is because Jibankrishna’s self has become the universal self, i.e. the soul of every human being has been transformed into Jibankrishna’s form and wherever congenial ground is available he appears.]



Volume 2, January, 2016

Chapter 27

Meaning of seeing the inflorescence of paddy in dream

June 25, 1958:

Poritosh Nath is Christian by religion and comes regularly to Jibankrishna. He narrated a dream to Jibankrishna.

One day in a trance I saw complete darkness. Within that darkness I saw a bright illuminated thumb and then your form appeared. At that time sowing some paddy inflorescence resting on my shoulder you said, ‘see this is paddy inflorescence!’.

Jibankrishna – Oh, you have seen a strange thing! That is a near approach of visualizing Atma or Soul. Previously I thought that at this stage someone might see a comet. But later on I understood, no the paddy inflorescence looks like the tale of a comet! When divine consciousness comes to the seventh plane and if the body thrives, then the seer visualizes Atma like that.

The Religion of oneness is the best

July 3, 1958:

Jiten Chatterjee (To Jibankrishna) – I saw a strange dream.

Jibankrishna – Say, what is that.

Jiten – In this room many of us were seated together. You went outside and after sitting on a marble lotus stood up again. The Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) sat on it and stood up. Sivaji also did the same thing. Thereafter the Sikhs sat on it and stood up. After this you returned and said ‘I am going to encircle some rooms with different religions. We are sure to win in this crusade. What do you say?’ Lastly I saw a map and on it only the name ‘Ambala’ (a town of Punjab in India) was left. The rest of the names were not seen.

Jibankrishna – This is really a strange dream. It cannot be understood properly. But however, the dream indicates that the religion of oneness is the best.

Corroboration of seeing Jibankrishna in Sun

July 6, 1958:

Jibankrishna asked Khagen Ghosh of Sainthia, Birbhum (West Bengal State, India) – Khagen, say any prominent dream seen within this period of 3 – 4 months during your stay at your home.

Khagen – In a dream I heard that someone was saying, ‘to see you in dream means to see ‘Parama Brahma’ (someone self).

Jibankrishna – Just see, after 4th June, 1958 some more six persons saw me in Sun and you quite unaware of it, yet see, you have heard the voice corroborating these realizations.

Without seeing Jibankrishna in reality how women folks see him in dream

July 27, 1958:

One aged person told Jibankrishna about his wife’s dream. She dreamed that she went to a saint. His health was very good. He had short hair cut and beard. He wore Dhoti and Punjabi. She told the saint, ‘say something about Radha and Krishna’. The saint told her, ‘all of you have become Brahma (supreme self), so what are your needs of Radha Krishna?’ She saw you.

Jibankrishna – What a strange dream! A housewife without coming here comes to know about our phenomenon and achieves that state. Previously I had this idea that womenfolk are not capable of achieving such Brahmahood, but now I see that there are no barrier. All are one. They also achieve this Brahmahood. And what happens to the mother? She is being transformed into my form and teaches herself through dream. I am within everybody.