(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 3, February, 2016

Chapter 48

Traditional Religion is hypothesis

October 18, 1959.

See, how wonderfully Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, ‘God can be seen’. In an individual austerity since time immemorial nobody uttered such words. Among so many Upanishads only Brihad Aranyata Upanishad mentioned that God should be Visualized. They have only said ‘should be’. During the era of Vedic Rishis (Sages) what happened alike our phenomenon was recorded a little bit in Upanishad.

Whenever Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) said, ‘All the religions are but hypothesis,’ he was eradicating all the traditional religions, But here I have not eradicated the traditional religions. On the Contrary Swamiji is doing this job. In this context I am a man of construction i.e., to upgrade the religion to a real religion.

This human life is full of divine joy

October 18, 1959.

In the religion these words ‘save me’ were created to suppress the truth of the human life. These words ‘save me’, indicates that you are sinner and so you are uttering these words. But see how wonderful the human life is! Yes, I am Universal. Upanishad is saying ‘Amritasya Putrah’ (Sons of Amrita or Immortal self). What a wonderful version! And in that case they are crying ‘save me’!

These days what I am continuously saying? I shall live forever with this physical body. Upanishads created heaven by saying ‘Sons of Immortal self’ and on the contrary they have created hell by uttering the words ‘Save me’.

This world is true a man is true

October, 1959.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, ‘Mother (goddess Kali) showed that Brahma is true and the world is illusion.’ Thakur heard those words. But it is nothing but self hypnotism. He created a superior self, being that self he heard all these things and guessed those to be true.

But here we are seeing that the world is true and at the same time a man is true – all are same. What is felt in ‘Atmagyan’(Self-knowledge) may be true to a man but may not be true to the world.

What we are seeing here? The human race coming to me are saying, ‘we have become you.’ All are Jibankrishna – real man. All are one and this is the Universal oneness. So there is no question that the world is illusion.

To see Jibankrishna within the body has become the Cosmic Law

October, 1959.

My form has spread throughout the world. It is ready for manifestation. Whenever congenial ground will be available it will manifest. Either after seeing me physically or without seeing my physical form, he will see me in dreams. This is the Cosmic Law. Its proof was first borne by khagen when he saw me in dream without seeing my physical body. He said, ‘your form has spread in every human body,’

All human beings are same in the spiritual world

October, 1959.

In the spiritual world all are same. The question of incarnation of God or devotee does not arise. Because thousands of people have seen my form within themselves. So in the spiritual world all are becoming one. When all are same, then who is superior and who is inferior? But all these are happening without my knowledge.

Here Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and Parsees are seeing my form within them. There is no diversity between the religions.

So long every religion has created an Avatar (Incarnation of God) and made a group.

Buddha was termed as ‘Tathagata’ (He is to come) and a group was established. This classification has been running so long. But Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, ‘Avatar can be visible and His manikin form is within the human body; and then said, ‘I am seeing Rama in everybody’. But others did not see! He alone saw it. Others may not believe it. But here all of you are seeing that every human being are one in a point. This one is Brahma (Supreme Self) and He is in a living form. So Brahma is a living person! When you are seeing me within yourselves, you are being transformed into me and all are become one. Thakur considered human being as the superior most. But before him Chandidas (Bengali poet and saint some six hundred years ago in Bengali, India) said, ‘Above all man is the truth, nothing above that.’

My boys, this human being is Brahma, and we have got the full definition of Brahma. So if everybody is one, then there is no question of Avatar or devotees. Here all the old religions have become outdated.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume 3, February, 2016

Jibankrishna as we saw him

Bholanath Mukherjee.

To say something about Jibankrishna, first of all to say that we have seen two stages in his life the first one is individualism which was up to June 4, 1958 and the second one was universalism which started from June 4 onwards.

His austerity started when he was 12 years 4 months old and saw Sri Ramkrishna in dream getting him as his God-the-Preceptor without knowing who he was. Then at 15 years seeing Sri Ramkrishna’s photo he could recognize him.

However, his accomplishment in austerity was fulfilled at the age of 24 years 8 months after visualization of Atman or Soul within him. He was the epitome of Sri Ramkrishna in whom all the individualistic austerity of the great Religious teachers starting from Moses to Sri Chaitanyadeva (Incarnation of Lord Krishna and founder of Vaisnava cult in India), and when Jibankrishna got him as his God-the-the-Preceptor, he assimilated all these individualistic austerities and achieved a surplus body. But even all these individualistic austerities were discarded by him when he realized in 4th June, 1958 that these were of no use, even in spite of their deep impressions and powers.

He had no idea that God can be seen, yet why he visualized God? He used to say that a man is born with innumerable prejudices of past and future, racial, religious, family and the country. Whatever has happened in the world so far, all these are within a human brain. So this visualization of God is also a kind of that prejudice. In the past whoever had experienced it, could not say specially how God looked like. But in Jibankrrishna we get a specific and vivid description about God. But still he discarded it because it is confined within an individual, and he never accepted anything unless it is not common to all.

Then the stage of universalism came in 4th June, 1958. He started asking the listeners, ‘You worship Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) but why do you see me within you’? Whoever used to come to him this was his question to him.

When anybody dreamed and narrated to Jibankrishna, he used to say to him, ‘My boy, Thakur said, ‘if you see me advising you in dream, ‘you should know that he is God-the-Preceptor’. So my boy after seeing me in your dream you have achieved God-the-Preceptor and you have got a pillow to lean comfortably.’’

Yet, after a period he started saying, ‘My boy, whom you see in dream, He is not Preceptor, He is Brahma (Supreme self)’, and that Brahma is showing His sporting forms in myriads of people irrespective of religion, race, age and sex. The ultimate result of it is the spiritual oneness. How it was established? Even though no woman folks were allowed in his room, yet when even any woman folk’s dream was narrated to him by any of the listener, he used to say, ‘Oh, I and that mother are one’. Hearing it we used to get surprised, thinking that how he could say these words about that mother who was not allowed to enter into his room! Once he said to us about the reason of such restriction. He said, ‘See, the Hindu mothers are very orthodox, conservative. When they get something they take it very seriously and never discard it. And you know why I do not allow the mothers to come here? Had I allowed them, they would have left working for the family and sit here and that will create a fair here when you will have no space to sit.

A few incidents about the mothers are narrated here. When my mother saw him in dream, I took her to his residence for identification. I told my mother, ‘’Mother, in this dark night there is light in the room. Through the window you see him. My wife, after seeing Jibankrishna in dream went to his residence with my son Swapan. Jibankrishna asked Swapan, ‘Has your mother come’? He said, ‘yes, she has come.’ At once he got down from his cot and told one of his nephews by knowing the door of his room. ‘Hey, Swapan’s mother has come out side, offer her a cup of tea.’

Another day’s incident; Our intimate friend Phoni’s wife once was walking on the front rode of Jibankrishna’s room Just to identify him seen in dream. Jibankrishna made comments, after guessing that one lady was walking on the road for a long time, ‘Is she not satisfied with seeing me’? Then he told Hiru, Oh Hiru, tell her to go away from here.’ So Hiru went out and told her to go away. When he came inside, Jibankrishna asked, ‘Hiru, who is that mother’? Hiru said, ‘She is brother Phoni’s wife.’ ‘Do you know her, Hiru? Hiru- ‘yes, she is very familiar to me.’ But Jibankrishna asked Hiru repeatedly whether he used polite words, as he Jibankrishna knew Hiru’s temperament. Ultimately he understood that Hiru almost drove her away. At once Jibankrishna asked Hiru, ‘Hiru, Listen, do you go to Phani’s house? ‘Yes, I go’. ‘’Then this evening after the reading is over, go to their house and holding the feet of the mother, say with my name, ‘Please forgive your son and utter these words three times’. Hiru felt as if he fell from the sky.  He asked me, ‘Bhola, what a problem I have now.’ I said, ‘This is the result of your behavior, so taste it now. But I can not say anything.’ However both of us went to Phani’s house and Hiru, holding the feet of Phani’s wife, ‘I am not saying it sister, Jibankrishna sends this message that you forgive his fault, you forgive his fault,  you forgive his fault.’ Phani’s wife asked, ‘What is the matter’? But Hiru did not say anything in details. How can we understand Jibankrishna?  Once Jibankrishna did not allow anybody for 2 months. Then one day Jibankrishna sent a message for me through Hiru to go to him.

Next day on 9th January, 1958 I went to him. He called me, ‘Bhola, come my boy, come’. After repeated requests I sat on the cot beside him. After a long discussion, he said, ‘Let us meditate, go and close the door.’ I start meditation sitting beside him. He put his hand on my fleshy part of the thigh first and then on my head. At that time I felt it. But when he lifted his hand from my head I could not feel. I had meditation for 2 hours. I was lost in an infinity and when my mind was descending I was having a beautiful vision. I was seeing a dome as high as a monument. On the top was standing an unknown person with bare upper body, wearing a dhoti like a Jangia. He had a Herculian figure about six and half feet tall. Holding a very big size flat bamboo tray full of some kind of roasted rice, looking like Jasmine flowers, he was scattering these all round. Innumerable people both male and female were picking those flower like objects. I had never seen such eagerness of human beings before. Then the seen was changed. I was now seeing an ocean of light but with an enormous softness. During this vision I was feeling that I was sitting on the cot of Jibankrishna. He said, ‘Sit, lean against the pillow. Have you any vision’? I said, ‘Yes, I have, but cannot think where I was so long for 2 hours? Then I narrated my vision.

He said, ‘In the past I was an imagination, I am reality with proof. Human beings will not want anything without me. Their thirst for knowledge will increase in course of time, but when it will end, that I do not know my boy.’

Thousands of years age ‘Brahma Sutra’ was created. They said, ‘Then there remains a question who is Brahma’ (Athato Brahmajigyasa’). Then nobody knew who was Brahma (or Supreme self). Nobody could say about Brahma. Since thousands and thousands of years the Vedic Sages were saying, ‘Aham Brahasmi’ (I am Brahma), ‘Listen the sons of the great Immortal of the world’ (Srinvantu Bisve Amritasya putrah), but nobody could explain these words.

Starting from Moses about three and half thousand years ago up to Buddha about two and half thousand years ago they said, ‘Tathagata’ (He has come). But who was ‘He’ and where was the proof? But here we have got the proof who is Brahma? He is a living human being.



Volume 3, February, 2016

Chapter 66

Indication  of  the  seer’s  spiritual  condition

299).    4th May, 1978 .  Thursday.

Early morning dream:   I saw a room in front of me where many devotees were staying . They were reading a book concerning a dream of  Jibankrishna . Mr. Indranath Mukherjee made a comment that there was nothing in it except a third grade dream. I kept silent for a moment and then said, ‘No, it is not that; when anyone has experienced realizations, then only these can be understood’. When Mr Arun Ghosh also started to say something, with a great emphasis I said, ‘Yes, these can be understood based only on realizations’. When I was saying these, I was feeling that some superpower forces were coming out of my body. I said many more things and then the dream went off.

The dream merely indicated that some spiritual forces are acting within the body of the seer.

Control  over  the  evil  senses

300).   Last week of May, 1978.

I saw a ghost in front of me , but I  had no fear in my mind and an automatic recitation of the name ‘Jibankrishna,’ began to come out from my body.

The dream shows that the seer has grown control over the evil senses .

Cry  for  human  race

301)     Last week of May, 1978

After 2-3 days of the previous dream I dreamed in the early morning that I was sitting silently and a feeling of great sorrow was bursting out of my mind as if my chest would burst and I went on thinking—Oh! When will this Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’  be known by human race ! Meanwhile a devotee named Pravash (Naskar) came there and as soon as he said something I exclaimed, ‘Oh! The same thinking had been coming in my mind so long’! The dream then went off.

The dream indicates a future when innumerable human beings irrespective of cast and creed would be absorbed in ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ .

Accompaniment  of  the  Holy Ghost  and  devotees

302)     4th June, 1978. Sunday.

Noon time dream:   Jibankrishna was seated in a room . I was also seated in front of him along with Mr. Indranath Mukherjee sitting beside him and Mr. Raghunath Sen was seated behind Jibankrishna. They were talking with Jibankrishna and I  went on listening to them silently . After the dream went off no conversations were left in memory.

Frequent accompaniment with the Holy Ghost and devotees always increases the brain capacity.

Increase  of  brain  receptivity  and  realization  of  Nirguna or infinity

303)   21st June, 1978.  Place:  Ghatshila:

In my dream I saw my boyhood friend Nisith Bairagi (who took me to Jibankrishna) in two numbers.

304)  22nd June, 1978.

Second time I saw Nisith in dream.

305)  24th June, 1978.

In three consecutive days third time I saw Nisith in dream.

Nisith means dark—Nirguna (compared to black hole) which emits infinite power. The dream indicates that the seer is having more and more spiritual power.

Gradually the seer feels that his brain is becoming more and more purified to understand the concepts of Jibankrishna with increased brain faculty.

Increase  of  spiritual  power

306)     2nd July, 1978.  Sunday.

Early morning dream:   I saw a hurricane like device with a dim light. Suddenly it became bright and with this incident I became half slept with a flash in my memory about a previous dream of Jibankrishna while staying in Puri that a dim hazac became bright. He explained it as indication of increase in spiritual power.

Advancement  of  Austerity

307)     14th July, 1978, Friday .

Early morning dream:   At first I was visualizing the road of Tikiapara, Howrah, but much wider, and  Jibankrishna was walking very first on the road with his face in downward direction as in reality he used to do . As soon as I  saw him, I  started to follow him. Suddenly a young lady wanted to accompany me . But thinking something she postponed to do so and went to a different direction as if to a Rail station. But my vision was always fixed to Jibankrishna . Suddenly I dived to the sky and at a very low height I began to fly following  Jibankrishna. Cars and buses were running on the road and I continued to fly to catch Jibankrishna, sometimes above the vehicles . At this stage my dream went off and I woke up.

The dream clearly indicates that the seer’s advancement of austerity will continue smoothly in spite of any obstacles, centering Jibankrishna.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 3, February, 2016


Place:—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

504.    “An ant had been to a hillock of sugar. Did it need the whole hillock? A grain or two of sugar was sufficient”.

It is so spoken by Thakur of the Jiva-Kati or ordinary man.

Ant—is the symbol of Java-Kati.

Hillock of Sugar—the seventh plane.

An ordinary man reaching the seventh plane merges in it and does not return. Such a case has not yet been seen or heard of in our experience.

With us, we are ‘One’ in the spiritual world as it has been so declared by thousands comprising men, women, old, youths, children—the age varies from 92 to 4 years. As such, no question of Java-Kati or Isvar-Kati arises here.

The reatest blunder which is made in the dualism is the creation of Jiva-Kati or Iswar-Kati. This distinction between man and man in the atmic sphere is but a false data. In the Universalism Diamond is seen by one all proving the data ‘Thou art All’. The question of Jiva-Kati and Iswar-Kati does not arise.

505.   “Ours is the case of typhoid”.

A typhoid patient gets delirium. His idea in the brain runs amok. When a man thinks that he is the ‘body’ he is under delirium; whereas, in face, he is Atma and to have it finished with the declaration of Jajnavalkya, the Rishi or sage of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad to Usasta (the other sage), “Your soul is the inner self of all beings”.

Typhoid really cured when a living man attains Brahmahood and becomes ‘La Homme Universalle”.

506.   “Like disease, like remedy”.

The only remedy of the disease is to take shelter at the lotus feet of God. These feet are seen. It is a convalescent condition. The typhoid may relapse. The safety zone is the seventh plane where again these feet are seen. It is called Parama Pada, the higest stage.

An aspirant may come down to the lower stage from the sixth plane but if he obtains the stage Parama Pada then there is no slip.

Parama Pada is the symbol of Parama Atma or the Universal Atma in an individual aspirant.

But when one is actually transformed into Parama Atma or Universal Atma or Self and he must be a man alive, then he will be seen by thousands within their own bodies. Now Buddha or Jesus or Ramkrishna is seen within; it is but Brahmalin condition; that is, they are merged in Brahma—a living man, and Thakur’s ‘Ma’ and ‘Ra’, God and the Universe within as realized, explains the things.

507.   “Your entire responsibility will be His and He shall see to it”.

God in the form of God-the-Preceptor will appear within the body, I, e, .as Satchidananda Guru and everything else will follow. The form of God-the-Preceptor should be the form of a living man and that is the best.

508.   “The typhoid will be cured”.

When a man thinks that he is body made of flesh and blood he is a typhoid patient in delirium.

When God-the-Preceptor will show you God in the cerebrum and merges into it, then the sense grows that you are not flesh-and-blood-body and you are cured. It is the only remedy.



Volume 3, February, 2016

 (Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Chunilal Nandi frm Beleghata Reading Center, Kolkata narrates his experience thus:

It was December 26, 2001 when I first time listened to the reading of Jiban Krishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-0-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version).  It was my sister Sandhya’s residence at Behala, Kolkata.  Then I bought the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and every day I used to read it at my residence.

Within a few days, probably in the first week of January, 2002 I saw a dream:

With a few friends I had gone to Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Kolkata.  I put off my sandals and was going to enter into the temple.  At this moment I saw that Sri Ramkrishna Deva, Standing on the balcony was feeding some children.  Seeing me standing he said, ‘why are you standing there, come and sit here’. At this moment my dream was off.

[This is the effect of attending the reading centre, that the seer saw Sri Ramkrishna, the incarnation of God in his dream.]

Ms. Purnima Bhowmick from Barisha Reading Center, Kolkata has narrated her trance thus:

One day, I was reading the Bengali magazine Manikya (A Publication on Jiban- krishna).  In one place, I read that after his death he was telling one devotee in dream, ‘whenever you will remember me, you can see me’. Reading this line I was telling myself, ‘But I call you so many times, still I can’t see you’! Then I fell in a trance and saw that Jibankrishna had come to our kitchen and ate something from a plate held in his hand.  I was overwhelmed with joy and running towards my son I said, ‘Let us see Jiban- krishna has come to our kitchen’! Here my trance was off.

[What Jibankrishna said becomes true and manifests within the seer as he is the truth.]



Volume 3, February, 2016

Chapter 28

In dream damaged brain cells are indicated

July 28, 1958:

Pranab is 20 – 22 years old and narrated his dream to Jibankrishna.

I saw in a dream that one pocket along with the watch pocket of your shirt were torn and I was sewing those pockets.

Jibankrishna – This indicates that some of your brain cells are damaged. It may indicate my condition also.

Jibankrishna gives his own introduction to a devotee’s mother

July 30, 1958:

Jibankrishna (to the listeners of the room) – Arun (Ghosh) did not believe that womenfolk used to see me in dreams prior to seeing me in reality. So, one night his mother was a dream and told Arun, ‘Arun, the man to whom you go often in Howrah, I have seen him in dream and he gave me his introduction’. So, in such cases my form will give his introduction to the seer.

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream before seeing him in reality

August 8, 1958:

Vinay Mukherjee (to Jibankrishna) – I saw in my dream before coming to you. I saw in noontime dream your form of a thumb size. You were smiling looking at me.

Jibankrishna – What a strange dream!

[Jibankrishna’s form is Atma or Soul. In Upanishad Atma is described as  God’s light like the size of thumb.]

All the traditional religions are past

August 9, 1958:

Nalini Banerjee is a Christian. He narrated a dream to Jibankrishna as such.

I was seated in this room. There was a deem light in this room. Sri Aravinda seated in the room is listening to your discussion. Bholagiri , Kathiababa, Trailanga swami (past saints) and many others were also listening to the discussions made after June 4, 1958 and discussing among themselves. But I could not hear their discussions. At that time Sri Ramkrishna was laughing facing the north wall. The same laugh I heard today from you.

Jibankrishna – You did not hear their discussion. It means that they had hazy ideas about our phenomenon and they have become past or in other words their religions also have become past. And Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) was smiling which means he was getting pleasure. I am not without him.

Indication of future

August 15, 1958:

Jehangir Batliwala is a Parsee. He narrated a dream to Jibankrishna thus.

I saw in a dream, a bigger coin than the traditional one rupees coin. On it was inscribed your form from head to bust.

Jibankrishna – What did you understand?

Jehangir – It seems that one third of the World population will see you in dreams like us.

Jibankrishna – I cannot fathom it. Perhaps so many new things may happen in future. But all these are my imagination.








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