(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 4, February, 2016

Chapter 49

Jibankrishna’s image is within the brain of every human being

October, 1959.

Everybody here is seeing my form within him. Whoever is seeing me is becoming one in a point. But whether he or she is Buddhist, Jains, Muslims, Christians or Hindus, the individualities remain as such.

In this way a harmony can be established among all religions.

This phenomenon of seeing a man in dreams, trances etc. in large numbers is not mentioned in any scriptures of the world. Remember my image is stamped within the brains of the whole human race of the world.

The manifestation of own self The Supreme Self is a living human being

November 1, 1959.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is saying, God is everywhere as Supreme self or ‘Bibhu’. But there is no proof who is this Bibhu. Here in our case you have understood who is this Bibhu? All of you see my form within yourselves, so I am becoming that Bibhu. Bibhu means Paramatma (Supreme Self). Then I am becoming this Paramatma. This terminology is based on their versions. But whenever I am saying that I am a living man what happens? That term ‘Paramatma’ does not stand. For this reason this is called mystic knowledge. The Vedic Rishis (sages) termed it as mystic knowledge. There is something behind these things which are unknown to us.

Dualism is imaginary

November 4, 1959

In dualism everything is imaginary. In Upanishads we are experiencing our own self in individualistic austerity. The revelation of one’s self is observed. When in Pranamaya Kosla (fourth plane) I saw water, my own self. In the first plane of Vijnanmaya Kosha when I saw half man, half woman or sky – that is my own self. In the second plane of Vijnanmaya Kosha or the sixth plane I saw many forms of God or light – that is my own self. In the seventh plane when I visualized God – that is my own self. What are all these Visualizations? All these show what is the form of my life power. Then in the austerity of Vedanta which occurred spontaneously also showed the form of my life power.

Then above all these things we are seeing what is my own self. The whole universe is announcing, ‘we are you’! – Universal oneness with one living human being. In the spiritual world oneness is established encircling a living man. ‘Religion is oneness’ (Swami Vivekananda) – But it is Swamiji’s intellectual conception, whereas we have got the thing alive.

Nothing exists beyond ‘Oneness’

November 5, 1959

Try to remember three things of Swami Vivekananda. First : Being one with divinity there cannot be any further progress in that sense; Second “ Point of Union; Third : Vedanta continues its search. These three things are very important. Now, you see my form within you. But do I do after that? I buy banana from market and eat. What does it mean? I am living an ordinary life like you.

You have heard that past, present and future are within our body and we got its proof. But in their cases they are giving stress on macrocosm and in macrocosm these things cannot manifest and to imply will result tom foolery.

This strange phenomenon is created in me without my knowledge. This is really an amazing thing. How did it happen is not known to us. And there will be no progress beyond it, because nothing is left beyond ‘one’ and it is the end point.

What is God’s creation – existence – dissolution

November 5, 1959.

In Vedanta I have got a word ‘Uparati’. It means a brain without any prejudice. This thing is created in brain without my knowledge. How did it happen we don’t know. As you see me within you, so this is the symptom of Godhood, or in one sense I am transformed into God. I never worshiped any gods or goddesses or even Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) with a single flower. I don’t know a single hymn. This is the condition of a non-prejudiced brain. Thereafter the phenomenon is created in my brain. Thereafter the ultimate action is to become one by many.

As this world is true so God is true to the same extent. Unless there is existence of the world the existence of God cannot be proved.

Thakur said that the Almighty God means creation, existence and dissolution. In macrocosm it is correct. My creation within you is this creation. There is already existence and dissolution means as I am destroying your prejudices.

According to mythology, God has created this world, then there is existence and ultimately the world will be destroyed. But this won’t happen as there is no proof of it and for that reason I don’t accept it.

There is another explanation. When a man is born it is creation. He will exist and one day he will die. But in microcosm we have got its proof that I have been transformed into God and each man is God. Try to remember Swamiji’s (Swami Vivekananda) words:

(1) Being united with divinity there is no further progress in that sense; (2) Point of Union; (3) Vedanta Continues its search for the final unity.

See, you see my form within you and what I do? I go to market purchase bananas and eat. This means I am living by the same ordinary life like you. So all these terms are meant for the esoteric conditions of a human being and they are only nurturing about the outward objects. In macrocosm this has no value.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume 4, February, 2016

Jibankrishna as I saw him

Bholanath Mukherjee

Part 2

When Jibankrishna achieved the Godhood being appeared in myriads of people in dreams, trance, meditation, he said, ‘I am an ordinary man like you. Take me as your friend. [In Rigveda it is mentioned as such: ‘come, let us praise the wise and Everlasting God, even as a well-beloved friend.’] 6.58.1.

‘Can we see any reference in the past that such innumerable people saw any Religious Teachers within their bodies? Everybody gave commandments or sermons or doctrines, so long. But in Jibankrishna we found that gave human beings a relief by saying, ‘You have nothing to do whatever is required I shall do from inside of your body.’

The universal Soul or Atma is transformed into his from whenever he visualized Atman in full-fledged form. As a result the soul or Atman is common to every human being,  Jibankrishna will act from inside the human body leading them to perpetual bliss.

[ He who, dwelling in all things, yet is other than all things, whom all things do not know, whose body all things are, who controls all things from within- He is your Soul, the Inner controller, the Immortal. ] [Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad 3.7.15]

Now, as we do not find any such reference that a man is seen by myriads of people within them irrespective of race, religion, sex and age in the past, we are seeing here how Jibankrishna appears in innumerable people through dreams, trance, meditation and even in waking condition and is guiding them on spiritualism from inside. Even in Sri Ramkrishna we find the reference that only 4-5 people saw him in dreams in his life time. So in this aspect it is a completely new phenomenon in the world history.

Now I am going to narrate how I have met Jibankrishna for the first time and what was my experience.

It was the month of March-April, 1954 then when I could meet Jibankrishna. During that time I was passing through a family disaster. My father was attacked by Plurici. Before that I did not have any faith on  Hindu Gods and goddesses. But after this incident, I started running from one temple to another praying to different  goddesses for the recovery of my father. During that time I was an employee of M/s games finlay. A person named Narayana was also an employee there. Seeing my mental condition one day he told me, ‘Bhola, you have become so fervent for God, I shall show you a living God. I was shocked hearing these words. I asked him, ‘Will you show me really’? He said, ‘Yes, he is the similar to Srikrishna. Do you want to see him’? I said, ‘Brother, will you take me to-day’? He said, ‘I shall not go to-day, but brother Monoj goes there every Saturday and Sunday.’ I said, ‘Then please introduce me with him.’ So Narayana introduced me with brother Monoj.

Next Saturday I went to Jibankrishna with brother Monoj at Kadamtala, Howrah, going there I saw that the room was packed with listeners. Jibankrishna was seated on the floor with many listeners. He had bare  upper body. No body introduced me with him. Entering into the room and pushing the crowd I went near Jibankrishna and touching my head on the floor I bowed to him with my two hands touching feet. As soon as my two hands touched his legs I was senseless. Now  I understood that during that time I fell into Samadhi (Profound meditation merged into God).

Later on I heard from my friends that he asked, ‘From where he has come here? I do not know him. Oh see, this boy is enjoying ‘Brahmananda’ (Supreme Bliss)’. Then and there he fell into Samadhi and after coming down from Samadhi he said, ‘Oh see, this boy cannot go back home. His condition now has become like a man drunk with five bottles of wine. No, let me bring him down.’ Saying this he touched my head with hand and dragging his hand downwards he was uttering ‘Hail Ramkrishna! Hail Ramkrishna! Hail Ramkrishna!’ When in the third time he was uttering the words ‘Hail Ramkrishna’ and took his hand to the lowest region of my spinal cord, I was getting back my sense and said, ‘Who touched my head. I got up hastily and was looking at my friends. I was thinking, ‘What will they mind seeing my condition? Shame! Shame! Saying this I was intending to run away from there. Jibankrishna hastily caught hold my hand and making me sit near him said, ‘You have roamed here and there so long. Now do not go anywhere my boy’! Actually I went to many so called saints, and monks of reputation but I got no peace anywhere. He was a great man – Sometimes we address him as great man, sometimes as Jibankrishna and again sometimes as an old man. There were many reasons behind it. Some goers used to address him as ‘Thakur’. Hearing this he said, ‘Why Thakur? Thakur is only that Sri Ramkrishna. I am a pet dog of Thakur. So this chapter was closed. Some started addressing him as ‘Father’. He said, ‘Why Father? Father is only one who gives birth.’ So it is also a closed chapter.

Some started addressing him as lord. He said, ‘Lord is only one who is God.’ We were hearing these things and then thought how he should be addressed. So we decided that with him we should talk without any term but outside we should address him as ‘old man’. After accompanying with Jibankrishna for ten months, I felt great urge for bringing my father to him. His name was Radhikanath Mukherjee. He was a spiritual seeker and went to the Himalayas wearing Ochre cloth. My elder uncle went there and after six month’ searching brought him back.

So after coming in touch with Jibankrishna I thought, if I could bring my father to Jibankrishna and make him bow down to him it will be my great achievement. He was a man of great personality and never bowed down to any body. I was in search of an opportunity, and one day after taking a leave from my office I went home and told my father, ‘dad, there is a gentleman at Kadamtala, Howrah, will you go there’? My father asked me, ‘Does he wear Ochre cloth’? I said, No, he sit on cot and wears dhoti and Punjabi as we do. He serves in the office and went abroad’. Hearing this he said, ‘Yes, I shall go’. Next day I went to Jibankrishna with my father. I asked Jibankrishna previously, ‘See my father comes, should I bring him’? He said, ‘Yes of course’!

Wearing the ochre cloth my father was entering into the room with me. Jibankrishna was seated on the cot, with folded hands he welcomed my father, ‘Oh Mr. Mukherjee, come and sit on the cot. Making him sit beside him he said, ‘Mr. Mukherjee, this moment a man is Jiba’ (with animal passion), next moment he becomes ‘Shiva’ (with divinity)’. Saying this as soon as he touched the thigh of my father, he became finished. When we were coming out, Jibankrishna told me, Bhola take your father cautiously .’ In the bus we sat side by side. I asked my father, ‘Dad how did you see him?’ He said, ‘He is a very wise man.’

Next day I had to attend office. I asked my father, ‘ Dad can you go alone from Sovabazar to Kadamtala? He said, ‘Yes, I can’. Next day after office hours when I went to Jibankrishna at 6 P.M., he said to me, ‘Hey Bhola, your father came here at 3 P.M.’. On the next day I asked my father, ‘Dad, how did you see Jibankrishna’? He said, ‘He is a great Man.’ On the fourth day my father returned home at Nawadwip. Afterwards seeing a long dream about Jibankrishna he wrote me a letter. I read it before Jibankrishna.

Whenever Jibankrishna gave me interpretation on my father’s dream I informed my father.

On the second day my father went to Jibankrishna wearing ochre cloth, but on the third day I saw that leaving the ochre cloth, he wore dhoti and Punjabi and coming to Jibankrishna instead of bowing to him with folded hands, he put his head on Jibankrishna’s legs to pay his regard.

In the year 1962 when Jibankrishna decided to go puri, my father wanted to go and Jibankrishna allowed him. Once Jibankrishna told me, ‘You are the honest son of your father. You have donated this ‘Brahmavidya’ (Supreme Cult) to your father. Now I shall narrate a remarkable dream I saw. Once I dreamed that on the front side of a corridor outside our residence at Navadwip the road became widened and ennumerable male and female came running under that corridor. The goddess Kali was slaughtering them with her matchet. But again many people were running towards the corridor without any fear. All were appealing that their heads should be cut first. Flow of milk was coming out from goddess kali’s breast and spread all round at far distance. Those whose heads were slaughtered could not drink but those who were outside the circle could drink the milk. The right side of mother Kali was male and the left side was female.

[The dream indicated that those whose bodies (goddess Kali) will bestow grace or become favourable, they will achieve this ‘Brahmavidya’ or Supreme cult.]



Volume 4, February, 2016

Chapter 67

Indication  of  austerity  of  descent  and  blessings  of  God

306)     15th July, 1978.  Saturday.

Early morning dream:   A huge multistoried building was visible. The place seemed to be near an air field.

Then I saw a plank on one side on which an unknown faced gentleman was standing while on another side I was standing. That plank was flying down from a distant height above a gallery, resting step by step on the gallery, as if it was taking support, otherwise it would break into pieces. But all these incidents were being observed by me without any tension. Many other people were also doing the same thing, but many of them were falling on the ground being injured. Lastly my plank landed on the ground and I got down from it. The dream here ended.

The dream indicates that the seer’s advancement of austerity in descent (Nigam) will continue by the grace of God. The unknown person in dream is God who is balancing the seer standing on the other side of the plank. It also means that the austerity of the seer will advance systematically and in a balanced way.

Indication  of  future  spiritual  world  and  publicity  of  Jibankrishna

307)      Sometime in the midst July, 1978.

One day in an early morning I saw in a dream that the principal of our school had called me through a messenger. I asked, ‘Why’? He told me that he was told that the principal had seen Jibankrishna in a dream. While going to him my dream went off.

Perhaps the future was revealed in the dream.

The  future indication – spreading  of Jibankrishna’s  name  among  young ones

308).1st August, 1978, Monday.

Early morning dream:  In a football ground some young boys were playing football. I was watching it from the verandah of a house beside the ground. Then I heard some boys discussing among themselves about dreams, during the interval of the game near the verandah. Hearing this I began to explain about dreams to the boys. Here the dream went off.

This dream indicates that in future the name of Diamond may spread among young generations.

[within a few years quite a good number of young students began to see Diamond in dreams in Bolpur, Birbhun District of West Bengal. Not only so, strangely, the same scene was repeated at Sriniketan,Bolpur after a few years, but it happened with Snehamay, a young man who discussed with the boys playing football. He saw Diamond in dreams and was a regular reader in Bolpur reading center where Diamond’s book is regularly read.]

Increase  of  brain  power  with  accompaniment  of  large  number  of  people

309)     3rd  August, 1978. Thursday .

Early morning dream:   There is a vast field where innumerable devotees of Jibankrishna along with a huge number of unknown people had gathered. Reading and discussions were going on regarding Kathamrita (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna)and sayings of Sri Jibankrishna. In such a manner the whole night passed. Then the dream went off.

The huge field indicates the vast spiritual brain power of the seer. Gathering of large number of people also indicates the probability of increasing brain capacity with universal austerity.

Indication  of  realizations  on  mass  austerity

with  the  blessings  of  God

310)      4th  August,  1978 , Friday .

Early morning dream:   I had gone to a market along with my father (Amritalal—means vedic primeval man and immortality). I had no money in my pocket. I was seeking for a good papaya but could not find a good one. Suddenly a very good papaya was seen and it seemed to be a high quality and very sweet. I purchased it but couldn’t remember who gave the money and the dream went off.

Mango means individualism, while papaya denotes mass realizations as it contains innumerable seeds. The variety is of high quality and sweet which means in future the seer will have innumerable high quality universal realizations. The money was given by unknown one which means God will always be with the seer for more and more spiritual development.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 4, February, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

509.   “He is the master of His will”.

Everything takes place spontaneously and not by exertion. It is the fundamental principle of the spiritual world and the mystery of the human life.

It is Vidwat and not Vividisha.

It was so endorsed by the Rishis in the Upanishads and it so stands now.

“A leaf of a branch on a tree flutters in the breeze as it is so willed by God”—-Shri  Ramkrishna.

The  Master’s  Birthday  Ceremony

At Dakshineswar,  March–  11,  1883.

510.   “A holy man (Sadhu) must be far away from woman”.

It is a warning to the holy man. This Individualism in the Vividisha is so stiff and one-sided.

But in Universalism the question of woman does not arise at all.

Thousands of women see the ‘Diamond’ within their own bodies and it announces that in the spiritual world there is no man or woman but ‘ Diamond’—God alone. With God no question of male or female arises.

511.   “There all drown”

Yes, it is an idea in Vividisha where self-mortification rules supreme. It has its origin in the non-Aryan and Dravidian religions. In Vividisha self-mortification has taken the place of renunciation. Self-mortification and renunciation are identical. This renunciation of the Sanatan Dharma or the Aryan religion comes spontaneously. God manifesting in the body will conduct the life of the aspirant in such a way that the question of woman will never arise.

No woman-folk comes to the ‘Diamond’, but they see Him without coming; it is simply to announce the greatness of the Mahayoga as it was unknown. Yes, it speaks how puissant is the Mahayoga.

512.   “Please, don’t be saying so. It rests with Personal taste and also it depends upon the capacity of the stomach to digest. A fish is brought and the mother cooks variously suiting the stomach of her children. For some she cooks Pilau, but it is only for the strong stomach. For children with weak stomach is fish soup. Again, fried fish for some and pickled fish for some”.

Personal taste and capacity—They bespeak mental inclinations—the effect of the previous birth; it may be it may be compared with intuition.

Stomach—innate capacity of the body.


Mother—gross human body.

Cooking—the process of yoga.

Children—the whole human race.

Fish pilau—the realization of the Vedanta.

Fish soup—emotional and devotional religion of the Dravidian and Semitic cultures—known as Bhakti.

The sayings of Shri Chaitanya should be remembered—“The soup of the cat—fish”.

Fried fish—The rational way of thinking and discussion for attainment of Knowledge—Jnana-swarup (Form) Brahma.

Pickled fish—It is realization of Rasha (ambrosia)..

Bhava in Ascent becomes Rasha in Descent. The cerebrum has got thousand-petal lotus but abdomen (the berth of Rasha) has a million-petal lotus. Life-power rises in the seventh plane and it comes down in Descent to the abdomen. It is seen by others. The outward manifestation is that the body swings right and left. In other words it is demonstrative. Both Shri Radha of Vrindavan and Shri Chaitanya of Navadwip had this Rasha. Ramprasad says in his sing. “He whose body swings in ecstasy is seated on the lap of Mother

Our experience has taught us that the above program chalked out by Thakur for various kinds of people of different categories is changed now. The Mahayoga has done away with the previous rules and bindings of the past era as the ‘Diamond’ is seen by one and all irrespective of any bar. Everyone has got strong stomach and belongs to the same category and there is no different categories as specified in the metaphor. The music goes on in one tune and that is—“All is One” in the spiritual world. Man is Brahma and there is no other else. It is so evinced by the Mahayoga.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 4, February, 2016

Seeing Jibankrishna in reality by a blind old woman

Mrs. Charubala Devi is 101 years old. Recently she has become completely blind but regularly attends Barisha Reading Centre at Kolkata and listen to the reading of Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Rialization in English version).

One day in the month of August, 2000 she saw in reality that a very tall luminous gentleman with bare upper body and wearing dhoti was standing before her. Seeing him she was shivering and calling her daughter said, ‘Hey Madhavi, Thakur (Jibankrishna) was standing over there listening to your song’!

After this vision the whole day she was in a half-conscious state.

Master Sovan Chakraborty is ten years old and a regular listener of Barisha Reading Center He has narrated a few drams as such :

1)             On March 10, 1995, I saw in dream that a reading of ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ will be held. My teacher was the reader. Then I saw that Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna had come there. My teacher was having frequent Samadhi (Profound meditation merging into God). Seeing that Sri Ramkrisna and the listeners were enjoying. Sri Jibankrishna was seated silently closing his eyes.

2)             On January 1, 1996, I saw in dream that I had gone to Dakshineswar. There I saw both Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna were seated and talking with each other. When I sat in-front of them, Sri Jibankrishna asked Sri Ramkrishna, ‘Whom will you give dream? Sri Ramkrishna said, ‘I shall give it to Krishna and Radha.’ Then Sri Ramkrishna asked Sri Jibankrishna, ‘Whom will you give dreams’? Sri Jibankrishna answered ‘I shall give dreams to Sovan.’ Then my dream was off. [God-the-Preceptor gives his grace on the seer.]

3)             On May 24, 1997, I saw in dream that Sri Jibankrishna putting me on his shoulder was trotting in many countries.

[Sri Jibankrishna saw in his boyhood in dreams that Sri Ramkrishna, his God-the-Preceptor was trotting in different places in Calcutta putting him on his shoulder. The same type of realization was achieved by the seer. His future is indicated here.]

4)             On April 28, 2000 I saw in dream that in our residence reading of Jibankrishna’s book (‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’) was going on and I was listening to it very attentively. During reading the reader took out a photo of Sri Jibankrishna from his pocket and showing the photo to all the listeners said, ‘He is absolute, He is eternal, He is infinite.’ Hearing it I was feeling a divine joy.

[The dream is indicating the spiritual status of Sri Jibankrishna.]



Volume 4, February, 2016

Chapter 29

Exposing the Truth is revealed in dream

August 24, 1958:

Jibankrishna told Radhacharan Mitra to narrate his dream seen a few days ago.

Radhacharan – I saw in my dream my maternal uncle Satyaprakash in a room. He has expired. He rarely talked to anybody and did never believe these religions. When I discussed with his about our phenomenon, he became surprised. Then my dream was off.

Jibankrishna (to the listeners) – Have you heard the dream! Satyaprakash which means exposing the Truth and which has manifested here. In old religions such Truth was not exposed in such a way.


Indication of Jibankrishna’s Universalism enveloping the World

November 7, 1958:

Khitish Roychoudhury ( to Jibankrishna) – About one and half years ago I saw a dream. I saw that I was passing Bantra Public Library and on the banner it was written, ‘A Great man is coming, though it will be a bit delayed’. Then you asked me, ‘how do they know our phenomenon?’ I said, ‘Dilip lives here. It seems that hearing from him they have written so’.

Jibankrishna – Oh! It may indicate our universalism.

Seeing Jibankrishna long time ago before meeting him in reality

November 23, 1958:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – This is a strange phenomenon happening here. (Showing Moni Babu) That Moni Babu, when he came here for the first time, 25 years back he saw me in Chetlahat (Kolkata) with bald head. Firstly he could not understand. But after a few days when I shaved hair of my head, he said, ‘I saw you in such a condition in Chetlahat some 25 years back’. Actually I started shaving my head after coming to this house at Kedar Deuti Lane (Howrah).

(To Gopal) can you say Gopal, why ?

Gopal – So that he can recognize you.

Jibankrishna – Yes. And that Chetlahat (common market in Chetla) means that from time immemorial I am in existence among the commoners which proves the immortality and I say that this World is also eternal.

A man with attainment of dreams can see the future through dream

November 23, 1958:

Khitish Roychoudhury (To Jibankrishna) – Radhu (Radhacharan Mitra) saw in a dream that he had come to Howrah station. He thought that his office was there. A person asked him ‘have you read today’s newspaper?’. Radhu said, ‘prevously I used to take Basumati Paper, but now I have left it.’ Then that person gave him a newspaper. Opening it he saw that it was also ‘Basumati’ and the whole paper was black. On it there was a picture of a black globe and the names of all countries of the World were printed indicating dates of each country. Then two persons arising from a country which seemed to Radhu as Russia said, ‘We are challenging that we will win’.

Jibankrishna – What are your interpretation?

Khitish – Those two men became united which means to attain one-ism and the dates indicate that this one-ism will come according to those dates.

Jibankrishna – Yes. This one-ism is nowhere in the World. Again it may indicate some political aspects. You have achieved attainment in dreams, so you can see those future things.