(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 6, March, 2016

Chapter 51

Man is the greatest of all – Harmony of religions

November 13, 1959.

In the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is saying – In Vedas, mythologies and Tantra it is written only about God. To them God is Superior and man is inferior. They have suppressed the human beings. And what am I saying? A man is transformed into God. It is the process of evolution of man.

Today early in the morning when I was waking up from my sleep, it was flashing in my mind, what is the situation now and thought that I should explain these things to you to-day.

What is the situation now? Irrespective of religions whoever comes here, their individual religions remain intact, but in addition they are seeing me within them. A Muslim is seeing me within him, but for that is he not performing his ritualistic work or does he not perform ‘Ajan’ or has he stopped reading Koran? He remains Muslim and in addition he is seeing me in dreams, trances etc.

A Buddhist is seeing me within him. Has he become converted into Hindu? No, he remains a Buddhist. Whatever religion one possesses, he remains the same in spite of seeing me within him. This is the present situation here now, and this is Swamiji’s (Swami Vivekananda) Point of Union and Point of Harmony. All the religions remain intact and where is the harmony? To see my form within the body. Among all religions this is harmony and among the whole human race this is Point of Union. Why should we bother what will happen afterwards. Whatever will happen will happen automatically.

[Swami Vivekananda in his lecture delivered in America in the year 1900, “Is Vedanta the Future Religion?’ mentioned thus:

“Therefore Vedanta formulates not Universal brotherhood but Universal oneness”. “The hour comes when great men shall arise and cast off these kindergartens of religions and shall make vivid and powerful the true Religion, the worship of the Spirit by the Spirit”.

Again in his Complete Works, Volume ii he mentioned on “The Ideal of a Universal Religion”, “So far it is all right theoritically, but is there any way of practically working out this harmony in religions? We find that this recognition that all the various views of religion are true has been very old. Hundreds of attempts have been made in India, in Alexandria, in Europe, in China, in Japan, in Tibet, and lastly in America, to formulate a harmonious religious creed, to make all religions come together in love. They have all failed, because they did not adopt any practical plan. Many have admitted that all the religions of the world are right, but they show no practical way of bringing them together, so as to enable each of them to maintain its own individuality in the conflux. That plan alone is practical, which does not destroy the individuality of any man in religion and at the same time shows him a point of union with all others.”

Swamiji also remarked in his Complete Works volume vii , “Granted that you attain personal liberation by means of the realization of the ;Advaita;, but what matters it to the world?> You must liberate the whole universe before you leave this body. Then only you will be established in the Eternal Truth. Has that Bliss any match, my boy”?

The whole Universe is within a human brain

November 13, 1959.

Where is the proof that the Universe is within a human body? As soon as I am projecting this world outside, I have got its proof in my individualistic realization. When I was 24 years 8 months old I visualized God or Atma within me. Then when I saw the Universe within that Atma I realized that this Universe is within me. But others will merely believe it. Nobody could give any proof of it to the world. Though on another side there is a proof when Upanishads have mentioned about spider and its net. A spider ejects the net from the body and stays within that.

The spider is used here as an insignia of Brahma or God. The Vedic Rishis (sages) are also saying, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (I am Brahma).

Its development is witnessed by us here. You are bearing the proof that I am Brahma. But is it so that only I am Brahma, and the Universe is within me? No, each man is Brahma and the Universe is within every human being. You have also got the proof that this Universe is within you. Where do you see your dream? Within the brain. In that divine dream when you see a big place or a sea, river or cities, what I have told you? Your brain is such a small place, but how such big things accommodate? This is the proof that the Universe is within each human being (in seed form).

The Real form of oneness is Jibankrishna (Diamond)

November 13, 1959

This morning after waking up from sleep suddenly it flashed in my mind, what is our present situation. Let all the religions of the world be there, above all the main criteria is to see my form within the body whatever belief on own religion a man holds, seeing my form will not be a barrier to him.

Swami Vivekananda in his complete works, vol-II has mentioned – “That plan alone is practical, which does not destroy the individuality of any man in religion, ad at the same time shows him a point of Union with all others.” It was his ‘plan’ – merely a plan. And says, ‘Point of Union’ but cannot clarify. It is form of a living human being which you are experiencing. So it is merely an intellectualism with Swamiji but a reality to us. As because I am not a ‘Pint’ at all. I have told you several times that I am a living human being. In this context let me tell you about a dream which was seen by a friend Khagen Das of Dr. Prakash Adhya.

During that period the sons and daughters of Khagen used to stay at Delhi, and his sons used to send him their daily diaries. One day Khagen saw in his dream – his son’s letter was received and somebody was reading. He and his wife were listening. After hearing his wife was writing an extra line under the letter.

Now can you say what is this extra line? This is ‘to see my form within’ and the letter signifies the traditional religion of the world.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume 6, March, 2016

Jibankrishna as I saw him

Nirmal Chandra Mondal

On March 16, 1967, I first met Jibankrishna at his new residence Betaitala, Howrah (He used to live with his cousin Sri Maniklal Bose). But first I saw him in a dream on March 11, 1967. On that day I went to the Reading Centre at Abinash Chatterjee Lane, Beleghata, Kolkata, with the mother of one of my friends. When I reached the reading had already started. Mrs. Kamala Chakravarty was the reader and Sushil Babu was giving the interpretation on the metaphors of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. At the end during discussion Sushil Babu told me, ‘If God wills you can see Him tonight’. At the same night I saw a long dream. I had gone to a factory of Sushil Babu and the reader Mrs. Kamala Chakravarty was the supervisor, and as if I had gone as an inspector. Mother Kamala was taking me round the factory. Where the weavers were weaving different dresses. Seeing all these things the time was over and at 5 PM the closing bell was rung. Meanwhile mother Kamala was showing me the progress of work near a weaving machine. But as the work was not enough I was not satisfied.

The scene was changed. I had gone to the Reading Centre where I attended during day time. But it seemed to me as if I had gone there for the first time. Sushil Babu told me to listen to the reading with others and said to one of the mothers of the Reading Centre, ‘He is a new comer, buy some sweets for him (though in reality it was not so). For a long time the reading went on and when it was finished Sushil Babu gave me four sweets. I was very happy getting four sweets instead of one or two. It was beyond my expectation.

Now was the time to go back home and the scene again changed. I was walking on a path inside a field. I saw that a strong and stout man with bare upper body and wearing a dhoti was coming from the opposite direction. As soon as he came in front of me it seemed that he was a honorable man. I bent down and bowed to him. Touching his hand on my head, ‘Come again! Come again’! When I became straight I saw that many people were singing the song on Hari (A name of God) using different musical instruments. They had colored each other with red powder like ‘Holi’ festival. I was shocked and said, ‘Will this goon now’? The strong person said, ‘Yes, now it will continue here’. Saying this with raised hands he also joined the singing party. I noticed that three oxen were lying face to face and their bodies were shivering by the sweet tuning of the song. With the same sensation I woke up. It was then 3:45AM. Even after waking this hilarity persisted for a long time. This was my day’s listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s book and dream.

Next day going to the Reading Centre I narrated my dream, and hearing the description of the person Sushil Babu said, ‘You have seen Jibankrishna’, and then told that mother, ‘Bhaloma, one day you show him the residence of Jibankrishna. Let him corroborated his dream’.

March 16, 1967. In the afternoon I went to Jibankrishna’s residence and saw him directly. He was seated on his cot. Showing me Sushil Babu told him, ‘This young boy has come to Beleghata Reading Centre for the first time and saw you in dream’. Then he told me, ‘Bow down to him’. So I did. Then Jibankrishna asked me to bow to Sushil Babu. I also bowed to him. Then Jibankrishna asked me, ‘What have you seen’? I said, ‘For the whole night I dreamed’. He said, ‘The same thing happened to me. After waking up in the morning my head seemed to be heavy and I pushed my head in between my knees. You know that I am within every drop of your blood’. Then he listened to my dream with great attention and asked, ‘Have you seen me in reality before’? When I said, ‘No’, he again asked, ‘Have you read the English poem ‘God made them all’? Alexander has written it’. My answer was ‘Yes’. Then he asked, ‘Well, have you seen him in dream’? Again I answered ‘No’. Then he said, ‘So how did you see me in dream’? Showing all the listeners of the room he said, ‘They all see me in dreams, but I do not come to know anything about it my boy’. Saying this he began to laugh. Seeing this smile I began to think, is there such person in this world!



Volume 6, March, 2016

Chapter 69

Controlling  motion  of  the  life power  to  and  fro  by

The  grace  of ‘Adyasakti’ or  the  Holy  Mother

317)     13th September, 1978.  Wednesday .

Late night dream:   I was going to an unknown place along with my elder brother and an unknown person who was cycling himself carrying my elder brother.

The road was somewhere near Chowringhee area of Kolkata and was very wide. Pedestrians and traffic were very few. While cycling, we went to a place where the road became closed due to a fencing and that seemed to be a private road. While coming back, we noticed that an army man was calling us saying , ‘The incharge of this campus is calling you’. I asked, ‘Why’? He answered, ‘This is a prohibited place and only for army staff. You have to give explanations’. So they went to the residence of the incharge. We saw that the incharge was a lady with a goun, short statured, slightly black complexed, complacent and seemed to be a Christian. She came and told me, ‘You have to go to Fort Willium and give explanation’. I noticed that the lady seemed to be good hearted and passionate to the me. She was talking with a smiling face and said, ‘ This is a prohibited place and why you have come here’? I said, ‘We have come here by mistake. However, we will never do it in future’.

Then I asked, ‘What may happen there’? She said, ‘Perhaps there may be fine or may keep your money with them or may give warning’. I said, There some superior officers know me very well as because I made garden designs for them’ (which also happened in reality)’. Then I thought that I had several hundred notes in my bag, what would happen to them? I saw that elder brother and his companion got nervous. So I said to them, ‘You need not worry. I shall face the situation’. Saying this I kept the bag with the lady keeping major amount of money and took a little amount so that all the money could not be fined. The lady with a smiling face kept my bag . Then and there I saw that two military policemen came there to take us to Fort Willium by car. They were also talking to us with smiling face and said that my companions and I had to give explanation there. I said, ‘I know many superior officers there and of course we have trespassed by mistake’. I noticed that one of the policeman took a handcuff with him . I thought—Oh! Would they take us with handcuff! Meanwhile the lady arranged some refreshments for us before going to Fort Willium . I thought that whatever trouble would come we had to face it and nothing to do. So I kept quiet and gave my brother and his companion hope for the best. Just at this moment I woke up and an instant feeling appeared in my mind—probably the life force within his body went to a wrong path, because during the austerity many diversions use to come in front of the seer and to rectify them the grace of body or Adyasakti is needed to be pleased to the seer and so I kept the spiritual wealth with her so that these were not lost. Here money means spiritual wealth (in reality the seer had over three hundred divine dreams which was unknown to him and verified after counting).

Advancement  of  Austerity

318) .    18th September, 1978. Monday .

Early morning dream  :  In this dream I was seeing myself carried by an unknown boy on a bicycle, but this time a motor is fixed with the bicycle and it was running automatically . The destination is Dilip Mitra’s   (a devotee), but the address was unknown although the direction was known.

I was supposed to go through Raja Dinendra Street but I was observing that this was as if an endless journey.

After a while I observed a river in front surrounded by deep vegetation with trees looking like a village surrounding unlike the real one. I went on thinking with great surprise—where had these come from! Then a doubt came in my mind—would this boy take me to the exact place!

After a while a ditch appeared before us. A shopkeeper was asked about the exact directing and the exact location.

I noticed that the rood crossed the ditch and went straight to Dilip’s residence and that was Raja Dinendra street although there was no similarity with the real one . At this moment I saw that the boy was well ahead of me and so with the cycle I crossed the ditch and caught the main road. I thought that I would drive now very fast as the engine was fixed with the cycle and so I started the engine . Here the dream went off.

The dream indicates the internal motion of life power during the austerity to further advancement with the help of God (The unknown boy). This time it also shows that the strength of the life power is increased as the bicycle is fitted with motor and it also indicates that the whole process of austerity is running automatically as the bicycle is running automatically.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 6, March, 2016   


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

517.    “Bharadwaja and other Rishis eulogized Rama and spoke, “Oh Rama, you are that Indivisible Existence—-Knowledge—Bliss Absolute. You have come down to us as a man. In fact, you have enveloped yourself with your Maya (Illusion), so you look like a man.”

Here the mythological idea of an Avatar is given and not the Yogic form. The idea is that God is in Heaven—an unknown world situated far, far away and lot you loose the rein of your imagination but Heaven is still far away and there is no end of it. One fine morning in the gay month of May he thought to come down as a man for enjoying sports in the midst of the human race. Then followed the “Immaculate Conception.” In course of time the human race gets an Avatar. It is of Dravidian and Semitic origin and later on when Hinduism was created and flourished it was accepted and given Publicity through various channels to misguide and to rule over the people.

The Aryan culture or Sanatan Dharma (spontaneous revelation of life-power) is very simple and confined in the Physical body of a man. It is based on the Rajayoga and then it is succeeded by the Mahayoga. The former is “Individualism” (Byesti)—individual and the latter is “Universalism”(Samasti—Universal). Both of them come and flourish spontaneously in a man. It is taught by God-the-preceptor before the disciple has the least knowledge of the thing; any, the recipient of the teachings does not hear the word even. Then follows a galaxy of realizations until a man gets the Manikin form within him and it has been declared as an Avatar or Incarnation of God and not God Himself yet. Here ends Avatarbad, “In a man there is a Manikin form”— Shri Ramkrishna. Then follows Godhead or Brahma.

Up to Avatar there is no outward proof of the attainment, save and except, you have got to believe. But when a man becomes Brahma, the proof will be borne by the human race and it is very assertive and positive as they shall see Him within their own bodies; they shall hear the seeing of the same from their wife, sons, daughters, father, mother, brothers, friends and neighbours.

It is but evolution of the life-power.

518.    “Bharadwaja and other eleven Rishis were great devotees of Rama”.

These Rishis were creations of imaginations in the mythology to carry out the publicity of the cult of devotion with a tinge of the Aryan cult.

The later period of the Hinduism was but a happy micture of Non-Aryanism, Dravidianism, Buddhism and Aryan culruew in a drop.

The pure culture of the Aryan was the self-evolution of the life-power and it was meant for the whole human race, i.e. Universal.

519.    “They (the Rishis—twelve in number) had a permanent love for God”.

The yogic form of this type of love is known very easily. At the first sight the devotee will look like his Ishta and it will be so declared by the seer Suppose a devotee of Buddha is seen and the seer will see him like Buddha and he will declare it at once. “What, are you Buddha born again?” It so happened with Thakur and Mathur Babu (a great devotee of Thakur and the son-in-law of Rani Rasmani—the owner of the temple of Dakshineswar). Mathur Babu was in the verandah of the gardenhouse adjacent to the room of Thakut. Thakur was loitering in the verandah of his own room. The sight was distinct and clear to Mathur Babu. He saw at the front side of Thakur, there was no Thakur but the goddess of the temple and on his back, it was Siva. Mathur Babu could not control himself; he came down being highly agitated, fell down at the feet of Thakur and said, “Father, I have come to know you ! You are nobody else, but the goddess of the temple has come to us. I have seen a with my own eyes”.

This is supreme love for God. But it is Individualism and it cannot render any high services to the cause of the humanity. It is a rare thing and it can hardly be obtained; and even if it manifests, it remains confined in the individual.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 6, March, 2016

Ms. Radharani Mukherjee from Barisha Reading Centre, Kolkata has narrated her dreams thus :

On July 2, 1994 I saw in my dream that the reader Amulya Ghosh was reading the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. A girl was seated in-front of him. Beside her were seated Babai and I. The reader was interpreting the Gospel Suddenly the girl said something and the reader shouted, ‘Do you know who am I? I am Jibankrishna.’ Everything became quiet. After a while the reader told Babai, ‘come this side? But he was scared to go to him. Then he told me, ‘Even you come to me.’ I was then looking at him. In the mean time Babai moved to him by holding the corner of my sari. The reader put his hand on my shoulder. The dream was off.

[Whoever has seen Jibankrishna he or she becomes Jibankrishna or one with Jibankrishna.]

In the month of October, 1997, One night I saw in a dream that the reader Amulya Ghosh was walking on the road by holding the hand of Sovan. Walking behind the reader I was telling him, ‘Sir, during reading I cannot talk anything, but so many questions arise in me.’ He said, ‘yes, you can say.’

At that time I fixed my eyes on the sky and I could not here anything what he was saying. I saw a huge face in the blue sky and his big eyes were dazzling. I was then thinking whose face was it! At the same time I was feeling a great joy and recognized that it was Jibankrishna’s face. At this moment my dream was off.

[Sky is the fifth plane. The face is God’s face.]

Ms. Umarani Ghosh from Barisha Reading Centre, Kolkata has narrated her dreams thus :

1)                  In reality one day I felt sad due to some family disturbances. On that night (5th June, 2000) I saw a dream : I was transformed into mother Sarada (wife of Sri Ramkrishna, incarnation of God) and I had become ten year old. I wore a red bordered sari and was seated under a tree. In the mean time Jibankrishna came and putting his hand on my shoulder said, ‘I shall take you to Howrah in a rented house. At that moment I work up and all my sadness were removed from my mind. I felt a great peace and joy.

2)                  On August 20, 2001 there was a discussion about Brahma or Supreme self in our Reading Centre. In that night I saw in a dream that an unknown person came in front of me and said, ‘Extend your hand and see what is Brahma.’ I extended my right hand with the palm upward. What he put on my palm was like a ‘Swastika’ sign and what a bright illuminated object. It was a rosy jelly like substance jumping on my right palm illuminating a bring light. The unknown person said, ‘This is Atma (Soul)’.

[The seer visualized Atma or Soul by an unknown person or God. This is a second class visualization of Atma.]

3)            In reality one day in the year 2001 I got an invitation from one of my relative of Andul, Howrah due to Kalipuja festival. Due to some reasons I could not go and so I was lying with a sorrowful mind.

On the day of the festival at noon I saw in my dream that I got down at Andul Railway station from Howrah Station. I saw that Jibankrishna was standing in front of me holding a can of curd. I saw with surprise that the whole station including all of us became yellow in color. Then both of us went to my relative’s house and sat in a room of the first floor. One lady family member offered Jibankrishna with a plate of rice. He ate the rice mixing with the curd he brought with him. Then after finishing his supper he kept a little amount of rice mixed with curd for me and I ate that residue. Then my dream was off.

[Curd is the symbol of Atma or Soul; Rice is the symbol of Supreme knowledge. Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor. After visualizing Atma the austerity is performed by Atma within the body by the grace of God-the-Preceptor.]

4)            On December 30, 2002, in the night I saw in my dream that I had gone to the residence of Sri Ramkrishna at Kamarpukur village of Hoogly district (West Bengal, India). I was seeing the earthen hut with big portico cleaned with wet cloth. The basil platform was decorated.  In the front room a cot was placed and the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (written by Jibankrishna in Bengali) was kept on it with a mat placed in front.

At the same time I was seeing Sri Ramkrishna’s elder brother with his wife, second elder brother and their mother. She was cleaning rice and Sri Ramkrishna was walking on the portico. He was about 23-24 years old. I was also walking with Sri Ramkrishna. I was feeling a great joy. At this moment my dream was off.

[Here the previous birth of the seer was shown. She was during Sri Ramkrishna’s time and came in contact with him.

The esoteric meaning is thus :

Rice – brain cells; Mother – the body; Sri Ramkrishna – God the incarnation.

The seer’s brain cells are cleaned by the grace of Adyasakti or body for further realizations.

Furthermore, there was time annihilation and the seer experienced the past incident.]



Volume 6, March, 2016   

Chapter 31

The meaning of seeing rebirth

March 4, 1959:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Asim (Mukherjee) saw in a dream that he was Jesus Christ in his previous birth. It means that the prejudices of Christ are dominated with him and he will preach as Christ did. (Showing Jehangir Batliwala a Parsee) that Jehangir is sitting here. He saw himself as Zoroaster in his previous life. Nut it does not mean that he was actually Zoroaster. Here Vedanta says rightly that within a human brain past, present and future prejudices are existing. Those prejudices are seen in dreams. It is eternal and according to necessity these prejudices are seen in dreams.

Indication of future in dreams

March 6, 1959:

Satya Ganguly (To Jibankrishna) – I saw a dream but could not understand its meaning.

Jibankrishna – What have you seen?

Satya – In dream I had an oracle that someone was saying, ‘When everything will be okay, innumerable bees will sit on the beehive.

Kali Banerjee (To Jibankrishna) – Every human being will see you in dream and among them myriads of people will come to you. The oracle is indicating that.

Jibankrishna – How do I know? Unless this is manifested nothing can be interpreted.

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream from a distance of 500 miles by a Sikh gentleman

March 10, 1959:

Diamond (to the listeners) – I was stunned after hearing a news from Allahabad. Some three persons at Allahabad have seen me in reality here. The rest fifty have seen me in dreams without coming to me. Among them are old, and children. Once a week they sit in a place and read the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. One day one Sikh gentleman asked them, ‘What do you read there’? They said, ‘There is a gentleman residing at Howrah. He has written a book on yogic interpretation of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and we have come to know him as God. You take this book Forward and read. That very night he read it and saw in a dream that I have gone to him and said – ‘You give lecture on religious matter and write article on newspapers but you have no idea about religion, but yet why do you do all these things? You read this Forward well and then I shall talk to you’.

After four days he again dreamed that I was walking on a sea and calling him waving my hand to follow me.

Diamond then explained, ‘The sea is Brahma (Supreme self as symbol) and I am also Brahma (God in form) so it was shown that I was walking on the sea and indicating him to follow my path.

Seeing Jibankrishna in reality by a lady without knowing anything about him

March 18, 1959:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Today Nath said that Ramaswamy’s wife saw two years back that at Jagubabu’s market, on a mat I was seated and was talking to her. She asked about my address. I told her, ‘When time will come you can see me’. Ramaswamy is a good artist. So he draw my picture and showed to her. Then and there she said, ‘Yes, I have seen him’. This is a strange thing! I never talk to a woman, so these happenings are really amazing.






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