By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-1, January, 2012

Every human being is L’homme – Universalle

According to Vedas visualization of god is equivalent to ‘Paramjyoti Upasampadya’ but the Vedic injunction is that the vision of God must have an immediate succession of ‘swena rupena abhinispadyate’, that is, very identical man shall be L’ home – Universalle and then and then alone the ego or ‘Aham’ is annihilated.

Every member of the human race is La’ hamme Universalle. There is no second one. And thus the question of comparison ceases from being in his brain or in other words to give a biological tough to it, the cell of ego or egoism is wiped out from his brain by the visualization of God.

Oneness comes through natural selection

Ashtavakra Samhita is a treasure of self-knowledge or Atmajnana. It is meant for one and all. It is written with the sole purpose of conveying the true knowledge of the self to the humanity so that they may have the true light and may be enlightened. They may conduct themselves in accordance with the principle of the book and come to know that they are Brahma and one. It deals only with individualism.

Sri Ramkrishna urges vehemently that this book is meant solely for the sanyasins and not for the common people. Let the house-holders and common people follow the path of dualism and remain in darkness for ever. This distinction petween a sanyasin and householder was declared as false and was openly denounced within a short time after the disappearance of Sri Ramkrishna from this world, in a public lecture in America by Swami Vivekanda. He addressed the Americans as ‘Thou art That’. It means Man is Brahma. No distinction exists between a Sanyasin (monk) and a house-holder. Brahmahood belongs to everyman. The Vedic revelation rests with the principle that he whom nature selects as its own is endowed with this ‘Para Vidya’ and through him this wonderful ‘oneness’ is distributed through the agency of five elements as it is nature’s creation and a natural demand of the humanity to be united into ‘one’ while alive and thus to make ‘one world’ in the Atmic (spiritual) sphere. Nature demands it and nature creates it.


Volume – 1, January,2012

Diamond in his life-time

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘ He Mahajivan’ or Great Divine Life)

I saw Diamond in dream before I met him

Abala Kanta Dutta

It was 13th December, 1959. At night I saw a dream. A fair was going on beside the river Ganges. Along with Mr. Khagendra Nath Ghosh I had gone there, outside the crowd both of us were roaming. Suddenly looking in front we saw Sri Ramkrishna and one unknown person walking on the path. We speeded up to catch them. But Sri Ramkrishna’s companion indicated by his hand not to follow them and after this my dream went off.

It was not difficult for me to identify Sri Ramkrishna but who was that companion with strongly built body and bald head wearing dhoti and Punjabi? In the next day when I went to the office of Dhiren Roy who started going to Diamond for some days. Hearing my dream he told me, ‘I shall give you the address of a person. When you find time, go there.’ But I couldn’t wait. That very day I went to that address at 3-00 pm. It was 14th December, 1959.

At the very first sight I recognized the person. Yes, I saw this person in my dream in the last night! I was almost speechless and went on thinking, how it was possible!

At that time he was drinking tea. I bowed down to him. But he said, ‘what is the utility of bowing down to me! I don’t know any hymns’, and then asked me, ‘Have you seen me before?’ I told him, ‘yes I have seen you in dram last night’. ‘What have you dreamt, tell me’, he asked. So I narrated my dream. Hearing it he became very happy and asked me, ‘why have you not brought them here?’ I couldn’t answer. But incidentally after a few months Mr. Khagen Ghosh had to come to him.

However, Diamond said to me, ‘Listen, my boy, the reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna.’

That day I listened to the reading and Diamond’s explanations on the Gospel for a long period. Then at 6-00 pm when I was coming out, Diamond held my hands and with a very soft and sweet voice told me ‘Again come my boy! Again come!’ The tone was such, as if he would be obliged by my coming to him.

After this day, for several years I was a regular gore to him. Even in Puri I had spent some of my days with him.

Now if anybody asks me, ‘what have you achieved by his company?’ Without any hesitation I shall answer, ‘I am a blessed one to see God within me, and with performing any austerity. My long deposited old prejudices about traditional religion were eradicated and my outward mind has become inside, I have realized that God is nowhere except human body. Lastly, I have achieved the power of overcoming all hazards in our daily life?

Now I am narrating a few of my realizations. After a few  months of coming in contact with Diamond, one day I saw in my meditation a room illuminated with soothing light and surrounding me some figures of my own form were seated having meditations. When I opened my eyes, even then I was seeing them with illuminated bodies.

In another dream I saw that I was meditating. In front of me a garland of various colored lotuses was hanging. Above the garland Diamond was seated having a sweet smile in his face. I started climbing up the garland with a slight trouble and he was inspiring me to go to him. Nut when I reached near him, my dream went off. I narrated this dream to him and he gave interpretations though I couldn’t remember it.

February, 1973

Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from my Bengali Book ‘Devswapner Kahini’ or Tales of Divine dreams)


Ms. Anindita Mondal lives at Ichapur, 24 Parganas (North) of West Bengal State, India. From the very childhood she used to hanker after one question – from where man comes, where does he go; why is he born and why does he die.

When she was 14-15 years old, she took interest in reading religious books. But still her thirst was not fulfilled. Lastly she got in hand the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and she felt peace. She head that Sri Ramkrishna was saying that God can be seen, only to call him from the core of the heart. Gradually she grew a great regard and attraction on Sri Ramkrishna. Whenever she fell in great agony or sorrow, she used to call Sri Ramkrishna. She had this belief that he has such force in his words, when he has said that God can be seen, one day she will find the right path.

Then in due course of time she finished her studies, got married and entered fully in family life. When she was going to give birth of a child, she came to her own house at Lake Town, Kolkata. There frequently she used to go to her father’s friend Sambhudas Chatterjee at his residence to hear discussions on Sri Ramkrishna and Diamond. Shambhudas gave her two issues of Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’. After reading the book she was mesmerized and incidentally she was introduced with Dhiren Mondal, a regular companion of Diamond. She took five issues of the magazine and the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond.

But still her thirsts were not fulfilled and one day she went to another companion of Diamond. At the first meeting he seemed to her to be so familiar. He gave her many issues of the magazine.

Then the day came when she dreamt Diamond.

The first dream was like this

Dream 1 :    It was the month of September,1993. She saw a huge fair with illuminations all round. It was too noisy and surpassing that noise she heard murmuring hymns. She tried to find its  source and ultimately came out the circle of the fair. She saw a baldheaded thin figured monk with a Kamandalu (brass bowl for keeping water) was reciting the hymns. She began to run after him, but before catching hold of him her dream went off. [He was Diamond who was the real Saint].

Dream 2 :    January,1994.

She saw herself alone standing near a great ocean. Everywhere the blue water was seen with a foam waves and she was taking bath. She was enjoying and the touch of the water was producing a great divine joy within her mind. The dream went off, but she always feels the joy. [the ocean is the ocean of God or Supreme one and the seer experienced the touch of it].

Dream 3 :    May – June,1994.

After completing the reading of the magazine, she slept and saw in the dream that the large heading ‘DHARMA-O-ANUBHUTI’ of the Bengali book (written by Diamond) was seen in the air. The dream went off.

[The effect of reading the book is being established in her.]

Dream 4 :

One day in 1994, she saw in a dream that she had gone to a hill with two roads on its two sides. On the hill top there was a white marble flower – half sprouted. With a great astonishment she kept on looking at that scene, as if she had come here to visualize God. She then took another road and noticed a house. Inside the house there were a large number of people and the noise was coming. As soon as she stood near the door, a middle aged married lady, wearing a sari, covering her head took her hand into her hand and entered inside. They reached a place through a lane. That was like a portico with a mausoleum. While she was saluting with her knees down on the floor, observed that an old man was seated beside the mausoleum in a semi-shady place. He had a little beard half black half white and giving her a look with a sweet smile. She fell on his feet with crying and felt a pain in her chest. He was no other than Diamond. And the dream went off.

[By the grace of the Holy Mother she met Diamond the Supreme One.]

Dream 5 :    13th November,1994.

In the dream Anindita felt that her consciousness was going to be dissolved and then felt a great divine joy. She lost her feelings of her body sense and after while she uttered ‘Om, Om’! Then she got back her body sense and saw her father-in-law standing in front of her. He told her, ‘now you see, you can do it. Why were you saying that you had not got your initiation for worshiping deities’? Here the dream went off.

[The seer had the experience of loosing body sense.]

Dream 7 :    September,1995.

Anindita has come to a narrow corridor. There was a circular room in front and she was seated on the floor outside the room. Inside there was an image of the Goddess of serpent. In front of the image 2-3 persons were seated. One of them was a woman. They were very arrogant looking. She felt very funny looking at them and asked, ‘well, what is the gain of worshiping such image’? They looked at her furiously and said, ‘why do we worship for gain’? But Anindita was not afraid and said, ‘yes of course, to achieve Godhood we worship.’ They said, ‘who are you to say all these? Have you seen God’? She answered, ‘yes’! As soon as she uttered these words she felt that she was emerging into the ocean of bliss, and an image of God in the form of Diamond sitting on an illuminated mat appeared in front of her. She was completely drowned in the ocean of bliss. When she got back her consciousness, she had still the feeling of bliss. Then those men told her, ‘It’s only once’! Anindita answered, ‘No! No! Whenever I went to see him. He will appear before me’. The dream went off.

[The dream is self-explanatory.]


Volume -1, January, 2012

The future indication – spreading of Diamond’s name among young ones

1st August, 1978, Monday.

Early morning dream:  In a football ground some young boys were playing football. I was watching it from the verandah of a house beside the ground. Then I heard some boys discussing among themselves about dreams, during the interval of the game near the verandah. Hearing this I began to explain about dreams to the boys. Here the dream went off.

This dream indicates that in future the name of Diamond may spread among young generations.

[within a few years quite a good number of young students began to see Diamond in dreams in Bolpur, Birbhun District of West Bengal. Not only so, strangely, the same scene was repeated at Sriniketan,Bolpur after a few years, but it happened with Snehamay, a young man who discussed with the boys playing football. He saw Diamond in dreams and was a regular reader in Bolpur reading center where Diamond’s book is regularly read.]

Oracle for future – Possibility of seeing Diamond

in physical  body

25th December, 1979, Monday.

Early morning dream :  I was saying something about yoga to Diamond’s companion Arun Ghosh, establishing my comments in support. Another companion Anil Nath was going to say something. But I said, ‘No, it is not applicable here. It will be like this.’ But as Arun Ghosh was unable to understand, I became sorry.

In another scene, I heard that some unknown  voice (Oracle) was saying, ‘In future people will see  Jibankrishna in his physical body.’ Then and there the dream went off.

The dream has two aspects. Firstly many devotees may not gain full conception about Diamond. Secondly, in future, this may happen that Diamond, in spite of his physical death will appear before anyone with his physical body besides dream.

[This oracle came true even after the demise of Diamond when large number of people are seeing him in physical body even now-a-days.]

Indication of devotee’s death

7th February, 1980, Thursday.

The previous day the news of a Diamond’s companion Binay Roy’s heart attack made me very gloomy.

Early in the morning  I saw in my dream that many of the companions had assembled in a room. Meanwhile Binay Roy suddenly entered  into the room with a bag in his hand with very bright figure and joyous mood. Seeing him I asked, ‘oh! You are not well and admitted in the hospital! How have you come here!’ Binay Roy said with a smiling face, ‘No, No, that is not correct. Nothing has happened to me,’ then and there the dream went off.

The dream indicated in both ways : either he will be recovered or he will expire and in the afternoon Binay Roy expired. Thus the dream came true in reality.


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -1, January,2012

(Continued after volume 6,June,2011 issue)

MARCH –1882, Place : –  Temple  of  dakshineswar

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  asThakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

6)   The prayer makes the body work up to emanate God from and in the Body(Gayatri) and this emanation is ultimately turned into sound(Om—Nad)”. Sandhya is evening prayer. It is gross. Gayatri is the innumerable realizations in course of transformations of God in the body till He is finally transformed into sound only. Om is Nad—the last sound. When the sound is penetrated, there remains no consciousness, not only human consciousness but divine consciousness also .

7)     There lives one “ Paramhansa”. Paramhansa  means gender.

The man who attains and realizes God in full measure in the body in accordance with the manifestations and realizations as laid down in the Vedanta is called Paramhasa. According to the Vedas, there are five sheaths. Yes, they are in the body and they are in seen. Life-power (Kundalini) gets itself transformed in each sheath and produces different kinds of manifestations and realizations. It is called Agam – Ascent. The life-power is rising to the cerebrum.

The God is rising from the body—the milk is being separated from the water. Here water is body and milk is God.

God with form is milk and then transforms Himself into butter (Atma) . The milk in full measure (in the form of cream) is separated from the water and the cream is made into butter. The body and God are separated from each other. This separation is manifested in the body. The head with neck will keep on moving quickly from right to left. There will be a sound like that of a dried betel-nut or a well dried cocoanut in a shell and it will be heard. It is required to ask such a man, if God in him has separated from his body. Before his reply comes, these movements of neck and head will come upon him and it will be seen .It is Brahma Vidya—the Supreme Culture. As soon as the man who has attained this culture will hear this, without any effort on his part, the culture in specific form (as there are other forms), will get itself manifested in his body. It is the manifestation of inner Truth in the physical body.

“Some people have heard about milk,some people have seen milk and some again have drunk milk and by drinking they have become strong and well-nourished”—Shri Ramkrishna .

‘To see milk’—is to see God in the body.

‘To drink milk and thereby to be strong and nourished’—is to be aware of the attributes of God. This man is called Vijnani—that is , a man having  knowledge of the attributes of God. Such a man, endowed with the knowledge and characteristics of the Atma seen in the body is Paramhansa .