(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 7, April, 2016      

Chapter 52

Controlling power of the spiritual world

November 15, 1959

Kashmir Shaivism has discussed about ‘Sadvidyatattwa’, where they have drawn an outline about our phenomenon (seeing a living human being by myriads of people). But they cann’t say the inner aspects, because they had no realizations. Still they have tried to conceive this. And in that area we are witnessing that phenomenon with full proof.

Now that ‘Sadvidyatattwa’ – that is active and this is the omnipotence which I have understood now. But this phenomenon has turned for a few days. A few days ago, as I was searching for its proof from you and to hear from your mouth, now this will not be required. It is not necessary now that the whole world will see my form. I have clearly understood now that my image has been stamped in every human being and whatever thoughts will appear in me will be trans-located within the brain of each human being, though this will happen spontaneously and not by self exertion. Now-a-days this new development where I see anybody’s form within me has some inner meaning. It means I am all these human beings.

What is Kashmir Shaivism – A new phase

November 15, 1959.

It is still unknown what is the ultimate result of seeing me within a body. This is called ‘Satvidya’ in Kashmir Shaivism. What is that? This ‘Satvidya’ is active always and there is an automatic effort to manifest that.

So long I had to depend on you. When this ‘Satvidya’ will manifest in me that is whenever anything will be manifested within me in the spiritual sphere, tha will become active in every human being of the world and then only I can tally it with our phenomenon. Otherwise I cannot draw any conclusion up till now, as because there is no place of any imagination in my brain.

Religion is no barrier to see my form within a human body

November 15, 1959.

Let any religion be in existence, there is no bar of seeing me within the body. What has happened here? It is enough to see me within. So long we criticized the traditional religions, but now there is no need of it. Is it possible to eradicate such old prejudices of traditional religions from the mind. For example, the Jewish religion of about four thousand years old, the Islam of about one thousand five hundred years old and so many old religions cannot be eradicated within a moment.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said that there is no need of wearing special dresses for getting God. In one sense he gave a bar to special dresses. But now even I do not mention those barriers. The only criteria now is to see my form within the body.

Manifestation of Omnipotency – the third phase

November 15, 1959.

Now I have realized that there is no need of seeing me within the body by the whole human race. So long it spread among so many people, but now it is centralizing within me. Now this will be in action and approach towards the omnipotence.

This ‘Satvidya’ (According to Kashmir Shaivism) is a state of action. The omnipotence is dormant in it.  Cannot conclude whether omnipotence will manifest or not, because I shall not accept imagination. What will manifest and be achieved will be accepted by me. Unless it manifests nothing can be concluded.

But so long what has manifested here is surplus something.

Up till now what I have understood, being active I will work in the spiritual world. I have understood now that I am a spiritual man.

Man is One

November 26, 1959.

Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) has divided religions into four categories: (1) Ritualism (Symbolism); (2) Philosophy; (3) Mythology and (4) Mysticism. Even Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) has made four divisions : (1) Nityajiv (who are liberated from birth); (2) Mumukshujiva (who are desirous to be liberated; (3) Baddhajiva (who will never be liberated). Only divisions and divisions! See, there are no division, deduction, or multiplication in religion. There is only addition (transformation) – Mahayoga – Akhandayoga. All human beings are one and the proof will be borne by humanities.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘He Mahajivan’)

Volume 7, March, 2016   

Jibankrishna as we saw him

Nirmal Chandra Mondal

On March 16, 1967, I first met Jibankrishna at his new residence Betaitala, Howrah (He used to live with his cousin Sri Maniklal Bose). But first I saw him in a dream on March 11, 1967. On that day I went to the Reading Centre at Abinash Chatterjee Lane, Beleghata, Kolkata, with the mother of one of my friends. When I reached the reading had already started. Mrs. Kamala Chakravarty was the reader and Sushil Babu was giving the interpretation on the metaphors of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. At the end during discussion Sushil Babu told me, ‘If God wills you can see Him tonight’. At the same night I saw a long dream. I had gone to a factory of Sushil Babu and the reader Mrs. Kamala Chakravarty was the supervisor, and as if I had gone as an inspector. Mother Kamala was taking me round the factory. Where the weavers were weaving different dresses. Seeing all these things the time was over and at 5 PM the closing bell was rung. Meanwhile mother Kamala was showing me the progress of work near a weaving machine. But as the work was not enough I was not satisfied.

The scene was changed. I had gone to the Reading Centre where I attended during day time. But it seemed to me as if I had gone there for the first time. Sushil Babu told me to listen to the reading with others and said to one of the mothers of the Reading Centre, ‘He is a new comer, buy some sweets for him (though in reality it was not so). For a long time the reading went on and when it was finished Sushil Babu gave me four sweets. I was very happy getting four sweets instead of one or two. It was beyond my expectation.

Now was the time to go back home and the scene again changed. I was walking on a path inside a field. I saw that a strong and stout man with bare upper body and wearing a dhoti was coming from the opposite direction. As soon as he came in front of me it seemed that he was a honorable man. I bent down and bowed to him. Touching his hand on my head, ‘Come again! Come again’! When I became straight I saw that many people were singing the song on Hari (A name of God) using different musical instruments. They had colored each other with red powder like ‘Holi’ festival. I was shocked and said, ‘Will this goon now’? The strong person said, ‘Yes, now it will continue here’. Saying this with raised hands he also joined the singing party. I noticed that three oxen were lying face to face and their bodies were shivering by the sweet tuning of the song. With the same sensation I woke up. It was then 3:45AM. Even after waking this hilarity persisted for a long time. This was my day’s listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s book and dream.

Next day going to the Reading Center I narrated my dream, and hearing the description of the person Sushil Babu said, ‘You have seen Jibankrishna’, and then told that mother, ‘Bhaloma, one day you show him the residence of Jibankrishna. Let him corroborated his dream’.

March 16, 1967. In the afternoon I went to Jibankrishna’s residence and saw him directly. He was seated on his cot. Showing me Sushil Babu told him, ‘This young boy has come to Beleghata Reading Centre for the first time and saw you in dream’. Then he told me, ‘Bow down to him’. So I did. Then Jibankrishna asked me to bow to Sushil Babu. I also bowed to him. Then Jibankrishna asked me, ‘What have you seen’? I said, ‘For the whole night I dreamed’. He said, ‘The same thing happened to me. After waking up in the morning my head seemed to be heavy and I pushed my head in between my knees. You know that I am within every drop of your blood’. Then he listened to my dream with great attention and asked, ‘Have you seen me in reality before’? When I said, ‘No’, he again asked, ‘Have you read the English poem ‘God made them all’? Alexander has written it’. My answer was ‘Yes’. Then he asked, ‘Well, have you seen him in dream’? Again I answered ‘No’. Then he said, ‘So how did you see me in dream’? Showing all the listeners of the room he said, ‘They all see me in dreams, but I do not come to know anything about it my boy’. Saying this he began to laugh. Seeing this smile I began to think, is there such person in this world!



Volume 7, April, 2016      

Chapter 70

Achievement  of  preaching  power

319).    29th September, 1978.  Friday.

In reality my elder brother’s brother-in-law named Ashok went to bed in my same room to night.

Early morning I had a dream:       I was explaining to him that, till to day it was the impression of human being that God becomes man, but here in Jibankrishna’s era we have come to know with experience that man becomes God’.

Then I continued to explain to him how a man is transformed into Godhood. At that time I was feeling an immense joy and he was also listening with a great interest. Here the dream was off.

The dream indicates that in reality when the seer speaks something about God to anybody he will listen without any opposition. This was also the forecast of Jibankrishna in reality .But still these attributes do not impress the mind of the seer as he always looks for new thing .

Indication  of  other’s  spiritual  condition

320).    2nd October, 1978.  Monday .

Early morning dream:   Mr. Abala Kanta Dutta, a Jibankrishna devotee was going to Ganges for bath but without any hair oil. So he said to me to buy the oil from the nearby shop. While talking to him I noticed that he was looking very pale and black and the face seemed to be a bit different look. While asked, he said something. Then I went to the shop for collecting the oil unwillingly as I was not wanting to collect the oil without money and so I stood there silently. Meanwhile Mr. Dutta collected oil from that shop and said, ‘I have got the oil’. Saying this he went for bath to the Ganges and dream went off .

The dream revealed the mental condition of Mr. Dutta and in reality he was suffering from mental depression. There is indication that he will recover from it and really he recovered within a few days.

Increase  of  brain  power  in  accompaniment

with a  large  number  of  devotees

321).    Third week of October, 1978.

Early morning dream:  A large number of devotees had gathered in a place and I was also present there. Reading of Kathamrita, spiritual discussions were going on and in this way We were spending day by day. Here the dream went off.

In a dream Jibankrishna said to the seer, ‘The more you will accompany devotees, the more you will be benefited and the effect of dreams will be bestowed on you. Frequent accompaniment with devotees in dreams indicates that the spiritual brain power of the seer is continuing to increase.

Increase  of  brain  power  in  accompaniment  with  devotees

322).    27th October, 1978 .

Early morning dream:   To-day also I saw myself with a large number of devotees gathered in a house. Reading and spiritual conversation were going on .

Everybody was in a delightful condition and in peace. Even after waking up this condition persisted throughout the day.

The indication is there again to show the increase of spiritual brain power of the seer.

Accompaniment  of the  Holy  Ghost

323).     2nd November, 1978.  Thursday, Place :  Makardah, Howrah.

Early morning dream:  I saw myself in my own residence . There was another building beside my esidence where Sri Dwijendranath Roy, a senior devotee and his elder cousine brother’s wife (Both residing at Ghatshila of Bihar state in reality) reside, though in reality she expired. All these were happening in a different place. Jibankrishna had come to Mr. Roy and would stay for some days.

It seemed to me as if this was the resurrection  of Jibankrishna, that meant he had come to a second phase life after his physical death. This incident was experienced by me in many of his previous dreams, but everything was seeming to me quite natural and I had no hastiness to go to Jibankrishna as because it was noontime when I got the news and this was Jibankrishna resting time. So I thought that I should go after his resting time. Meanwhile I met Dilip Mitra, a devotee who also seemed to go to Jibankrishna. A sense of hilarity was playing in my mind and with this hilarity I awoke.

[Such frequent companion with God-the-Preceptor as well as his devotees in dream increases the spiritual brain capacity for further superior realizations.

In recent times I was passing  through a peculiar condition i.e, a constant automatic  recitation was contining within my body and that was ‘Dharma-O-anubhuti’ (The Bengali book written by Jibankrishna on the basis of his realizations). Long time ago the recitation of ‘Bhayawan’(God), thereafter the name of ‘Jibankrishna’ changing to ‘Manus’(Man) and then only ‘Jiban’ used to be uttered spontaneously within the body in different phases .Now all these are vanished leaving with only ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’.

This condition passed away after four days while narrating to Sri Dhiren Mondal , a devotee.

Another condition is now-a-days coming—a sense of great peace. a sense of hilarity which persist throughout the days along with  a sense of merged life and death which cannot be expressed in language.

Long time back I had a dream where at the time of awakening, I was continuously uttering ‘life and death are same, there is no difference’. The effect thus has come down to my mind. This condition persisted for a week and then automatically vanished.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 7, April, 2016      


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

520.    “The sting of a venomous spider or scorpion cannot be cured by mere uttering of the magic words. It needs the application of the smoke of dried and burning cowdung cakes, the patient being covered with a blanket from head to foot”.

The sting of a venomous spider or scorpion—egoism or “I-ness”.

Cannot be cured—cannot transform the ego to God. To obtain Godhood is the only remedy.

Application of the smoke—awakening of life-power or Kundalini. Smoke rises high up in the sky, so Kundalini rises to the cerebrum.

Cow-dung-cake—transformed form of the five elements. This human body is also made of five elements—a transformed form.

Dried and burning—when the body does not hanker after creature-comforts or so called enjoyments, the body is dried. ‘Chaitanya’ or ‘Atma’ in the body gets awakened and perforce trying to come out from the Physical sheath to the sublet sheath, it is burning. A burning sensation is felt. It was so felt by Thakur. He was passing by the garden-house. As if, somebody threw a heap of burning coal over his body and he felt the sensation all over the body.

The burning sensation sprang up within his body automatically and he felt it. It was physical awakening of Atma and Atma is seen and so it is ‘Substance’. There was no other agent in the outside to throw the burning coal on the body of Thakur.


Covered with a blanket—Subtle body. The description is of the outside but really the subtle body is seen in the inside. Outside is used simply to denote the happening of the inside.

With outward symbols, the yogic conditions and actions are described.

521.    “After a bath in the Ganges, it is certain, that a man is absolved of all sins. But it is of no avail.

They say the sins rest on the top of the trees on the bank of the Ganges. No sooner the man

returns after his bath they come back and take their seats on his shoulder”.

Ganges—-Sushumna or the inner current of life-power.

A man is absolved of all sins—he has taken a plunge in the seventh plane where the Ganges (a river) is seen to flow by many.

Tree—-this human body.

Sins rest on the top—-they are not annihilated (annihilation takes place in Nitvija Samadhi—eradication of the seeds of all the evil propensities of the brain), but they remain in concealment.

The whole episode is that a man may get taste of God in the seventh plane but he must keep on there for good and if he comes back he will get back his fmer self of animality. This is vividisha and this is not correct. In the garb of Aryan culture, here an attempt has been made to insent Vividisha. But in the face of reality or Yoga the metaphor does not stand. It is out of God’s grace that a man is transformed into God and no variation can creep in. God is Ommipotent.

522.    “The declaration of the dogmatism runs thus—-“Well, look here, my religion is alone true

and all else is false”.

It is of the deepest regret and a failure to declare such a thing. God induces him to make a parade of his own ignorance.

Religion is the manifestation of one’s own Real or Divine Self and it takes place automatically in a man and it makes him God. Universalism starts. The human race will se him within and they shall announce “Thou art God”.

This is religion or in the language of the Philosophers, it is evolution of the life-power and its proof os borne by thousands.

523.    “Everybody will get God but He must appear within”.

The Bengali word ‘antarik’used here by Thakur literally means ‘within the heart’.

It is a yogic term. On the surface it transpires to be sincerity and earnestness but in the yoga, it means automatic revelation of the self in the inside of the body. The term has got double meanings—superficial and another cryptical. “Sastras (relirious treatises) have double meaning—one according to the popular sense of the word and the other according to the realizations taking place within”. —-  Shri  Ramkrishna.

It carries the sense that any and every member of the human race is born to be transformed into God, provided he gets spontaneous manifestation of God within his own physical body.

524.  A. “By chance some blind men came near on elephant. The animal was introduced to them as elephant.The blind men felt the elephant by parts only such as pillar, tail, winnowing—fan, etc. Their version varied”.

B. “Once a man had been in a forest and saw a chameleon on a tree. He saw it red. He came back and lold his friends that he saw a wonderful red animal on a tree in the forest. The friends differed with him in respect to the colour of the animal. To one it was violet; to another it was blue; to some it was scarlet; and so on”.

The above two metaphors bear the stamp of dualism. It evinces that dualism gives birth to all discords and disagreements. It had its origin in a partial realization.It is proved that it is more a curse than a bliss as it is an error in realization; but it is emphatically declared that it is right and correct. “Mother! No clock keeps correct time, but everyone thinks that his clock is right. To have one’s clock correctly adjusted, one must get it tallied with the sun”.——–Shri  Ramkrishna.

‘To get tallied with the sun’means that there is one sun and that one sun is seen by all, and so when a man becomes Brahma. He is seen by all in the inside of the body. The clock of evertone tallies and goes right.

All disagreements and discords vanish.

‘Man in the sun’ sets up attainment of Brahmahood and is an open declaration of the Universal Man.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 7, April, 2016      

Mrs. Kananbala Debnath from Barisha Reading Centre has narrated her dreams as such :

1)         One night in the years 1988 I saw in a dream that I was standing on the balcony of our residence. At this time I saw that Jibnakrishna was coming towards our house clapping his hands and reciting ‘Hail the Preceptor, hail the Preceptor,’ and then entered into the room where Jibankrishna’s book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ used to be read. I thought that he was the dearest and nearest one to us. So I should also stay in the room where he would stay. With this thought when I was going there my dream was off.

[The dream indicates the mental spiritual status of  the seer.]

2)         October 29, 1991, Thursday.

I was dreaming that I had gone to the residence of Sushil Banerjee (A companion of JiIbankrishna) at Howrah. I saw that one of him relatives was blaming him that due to him one of his close relatives died and as he always used to talk about Thakur (Jibankrishna), so due to Thakur  it happened so. But Sushil Babu denied and I also said that whatever happens Thakur does it for goodness.

Then from there I went to a field behind his residence. But why I did not know. Again when I was returning from that field I saw that in front of that house a man was seated beside a column. I was going towards him. Seeing me he said, ‘I know you’, and then he kept on looking at me. When I went near him, I recognized him and said, ‘Oh, he is God Jibankrishna’! I ran towards him and noticed that he was golden color with rosy lips. I wished to bow him by holding his two feet. Then he stood up. I hastily held his two feet and putting my head on the feet I bowed down. I began to say, ‘Take my body, mind and soul.’ At that time my body became cool and lost my sense.

When I got back my sense, I saw myself walking alone on the road. I saw a house beside the road and I entered into that house. I saw that Sushil Babu was lying I addressed him as grandpa. He said, ‘No grandpa, it should be teacher. So that was his age’? I guessed that he was asking about Jibankrishna’s age, so I said, ‘It will be 30-32 years.’ Saying this I again I went to another place and saw many house there. There I began to talk about Jibankrishna. Here the dream was off.

[The dream indicates many aspects :

The seer has grown the sense of depending wholly on God; Golden Jibankrishna – establishes Upanishad’s description about Golden Person who is Parama  Brahma or Supreme Self; and lastly the spiritual condition of Sushil Babu who has grown the capability of teaching people about God by his grace.]

3)         On March 5, 2000 I saw in the dream that Sri Ramkrishna was explaining from the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and two persons were with him. They seemed to be his disciples.

When he stood up, other disciples also stood in a queue. Standing in front of Sri Ramkrishna I was touching each disciple and identifying them I was saying, ‘This is Naren, this is Rakhal, this is Bhabanath.’ Just at this time my dream was off.

[The dream indicates two aspects : Firstly due to time annihilation the seer saw the past and her previous relationship with Sri Ramkrishna (who lived in the nineteenth century); Secondly the sayings of the Gospel will be manifested within the seer’s body.



Volume 7, April, 2016      

Chapter 32

Jibankrishna is all

April 2, 1959:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Listen to a strange incident. One of us was walking on Grand Trunk Road in the morning. Suddenly he saw that a dead body of a beggar was lying on one side of the road. Two policemen were also posted there. He then saw that instead of the beggar my dead body was lying there.

Just see, what a strange thing. It indicates that I am all.

The significance of seeing Jibankrishna in dream with turban

April 3, 1959:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – In a dream of Aryadeva (The Buddhist name of Paul Adam of France, a soldier in World War 2) I appeared before him with turban. It was shown to two other persons here that whenever I appear in dream outside India, I use the turban. It is because outside India people will recognize me as an Indian by the sign of turban.

Gaining the Supreme Cult human beings cross all debates

April 5, 1959:

Kumud Bandhu Roy (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that I was giving examination in logic. Then after a while due to some reason I submitted my paper to the invigilator and came out. I told him ‘After returning I shall finish my answer and submit the paper’. Then during my walking on a field I thought Oh, I have something to finish my answer, so let me finish it. After returning I wanted back my answer paper, but none could get it. So I had nothing to do and my dream was off.

After about a month suddenly its meaning flashed in my mind that I have crossed all debates.

Jibankrishna – How long these debates persist? When a man exists alone then only no debates persist because with whom he will debate. It means when one achieves Supreme Cult he becomes one with the Supreme Cult. So no question of logic comes.

Seeing Jibankrishna’s previous birth in dream

May 7, 1959:

Being asked by Jibankrishna Phani Samadder narrated a dream of one of his ex-students.

Phani – He saw you in a dream first. You are telling him ‘Do you want to know about my previous birth? Listen I was Ramkrishna in my previous birth and then you look the form of Sri Ramkrishna. Then you said ‘Do you want to know my previous birth prior to Ramkrishna?’ I was this God with four hands and you were transformed into that God. At the same time he was also transformed into that God.

Jibankrishna – It means, he was transformed into my form. Previously these were mythologies and now these have become my biology.

Incidents in reality are shown in dream

May 10, 1959:

In this room, Jibankrishna was discussing about immortality. In this connection Kumud Bandhu Roy told Jibankrishna ‘I have seen a dream on this aspect. I was moving towards sacred places in the Himalayas with some bags in my hand. Suddenly I heard an oracle – There is no necessity for going to any sacred place. Nothing will happen there. Only the ‘Amartirtha’ (sacred place of immortality) is the real sacred place.’ Then my sleep was disrupted. After coming back from bathroom I again slept and dreamed that I had gone to you and by uttering some Sanskrit hymns you explained those. I had never heard such hymns in my life. That was the first time I heard from you. But as I could not understand it properly when you were going to explain it again my dream was off.

Jibankrishna – This is called ‘Daiba’ (spontaneous). Just this aspect on immortality was to be discussed here today, that was shown to you prior to that and you would tell us about the same matter. What a strange thing! See what happens in future. Let me bow down to you. What a wonderful message you have carried for us! Shower your blessings so that it happens in future.