(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 8, April, 2016      

Chapter 53

Jibankrishna’s life is ordinary

November 27, 1959.

Whether you think me as God or Brahma is not accepted by me. I can wipe out that motive. Whenever you will say this, then and there I shall say, ‘I am an ordinary living human being.’

Every human being is God, but it should be manifested. See, I am quite ignorant that they see me in dreams, trances etc. I only come to know when you come and narrate to me. Really, I don’t know anything about all these happenings. Though there are cause and effect and we are getting the effect. It is sure that there is cause. This phenomenon is created automatically in my body without my knowledge and I cannot know anything about it.

Jibankrishna’s Cult is a new phenomenon – a forecast

November 29, 1959.

I am now reading the book ‘Kashmir Shaivism’ (written by Thero) and laughing. Do you know why? What they have written about the effects was based on intellect and thoughts. And now come here and see how I see all of you within me! This is the difference! However, still they have drawn an outline. But here the effect of seeing all of you within me will be such in future that whatever you will do or think will be mine. Without me you can think nothing and whatever you will do, you will think that I am doing. Whoever has seen me may get this state. But it should manifest in full-fledged form as it is seen now in tit-bits.

There is no similarity between the old traditional religion and our cult. This is completely a new thing and this is not dualism. This is something a phenomenon without any division – rather a cult of non-dualism. In your case you will feel your existence to an insignificant extent and the rest will be mine. This will gradually be developed within you and the angle of vision will be changed.

Whether this is religion or not is not known to me. But I have understood that this is a state of a living human being and this is the truth. The truth is revealed here.

The esoteric meaning of Sri Ramkrishna’s metaphor

November, 1959.

Just see what they are saying (in the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna)! “In the deep darkness ‘Mahakal’ (the Supreme person) is having sexual pleasure with ‘Mahakali’ (Supreme woman).” In what ignorance they are pushing the whole human race! What a common man will understand by this metaphor! Where does search for these two persons? Well instead of using this metaphor, if they would have said like this: “This human body is having continuous conflict with the divine consciousness to know about the self,” how simple it would have been! Even in a more simple way this can be said, “Within this human body and Atma or Soul, there is a continuous struggle to emanate the divine consciousness from this body.”

Vedanta is Universal

December 5, 1959.

Vedanta is no more imperfect (Swami Vivekananda said, ‘Vedanta is imperfect’, ‘Vedanta continues its search’). It has become perfect in me, or rather with me. It was imperfect with Swamiji, but with me it is perfect. But mind that, this Vedanta is not within the field of Himduism. It embraces every religion.

What is the main criteria of Vedanta? It is Oneness. A man is first, then religion comes, as because religion is created by man.

Why didn’t you understand so long that with me Vedanta has become perfect? But what has happened here has surpassed Vedanta, because I am a living human being, nothing else.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 8, April, 2016

Purabi Mukherjee is a resident of Kolkata,India. In the month of Nov-Dec, 2008 one day she was introduced to me by her sister-in-law Mrs Sikha Banerjee who was my ex-office assistant. Mrs Banerjee told me that she uses to see many divine dreams very frequently.

While I asked her, she narrated a very strange incident happened in her life when she just completed Higher Secondary examination at the age of 18. This was the narration:

In 1980, one day I went to Garia market near my residence. After shopping I wanted to go back home. Suddenly I noticed an old gentleman in the market, wearing a full sleeved Punjabi and dhoti( Bengali dress) having slight grayish short-cut hair and French-cut beard. With a sweet smiling face he was looking at me again and again.

I was very surprised at his look though I was not feeling any hesitation or uneasiness. On the contrary he seemed to be very familiar to me as if for a long time. However, with a confused mind I returned home. Nut still now, after so many years I could not forget that smile and I am having divine dreams since then.

When I asked her about dreams, she told me,’ One day I saw in a dream the number’14’ encircled with an illuminating light,’ Hearing this dream, instantly I brought the Bengali book ’Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond(English version of Religion and Realization) and showed her the serial no 14 of that book, where it is written about the first meeting of Sri’M’(Mahendra Nath Gupta, writer of Sri Sri Ramkrishna kathamrita, Bengali version of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) who, after his first meeting with Sri Ramkrishna made the comments like this:’ Who is  this gentleman who seems so familiar to me!! It seems to me as if I go back to him again and again. Is he so great!’ Then I clarified the dream to her as such: A person who attains Godhood seems familiar to the seer because God is the most lovable and As soon as she saw the photo, she was overwhelmed with joy and surprise, saying, ‘Oh! I saw him in the market in 1980!

I told her, ’You are one of the blessed one upon whom the blessings of God are being showered as He appeared before you  in flesh and blood after13 years of His demise.’



Volume 8, April, 2016

Chapter 71

Instruction  of  God  for  continuous  accompaniment  of  devotees

324) .   26th November, 1978.  Sunday .

Early morning dream:   I had gone to Sri Raghunath Sen’s residence at Taltala, Kolkata , where regular gathering of devotees are held. But two regular devotees Sri Arun Ghosh and Sri Khitish Roychoudhury were absent that day. Then at night on my way to return home through Dharmatala street I saw the foot path market was still there. I was alone. One unknown boy asked me, ‘Arunda has not come to-day? With great surprise I answered, ‘No, he has not come’. I went on thinking how did this boy know all these matters! However I decided that when I would meet Sri Arun Ghosh, I would ask him about the boy.

Thereafter I came to a four lane crossing similar to Wellington square. I would go back home through Cornwallis street. Suddenly I noticed that the road I would pick up was not horizontal, but vertically extended to a very high attitude just like a hilly road and the residences of Sri Ghosh and Sri Roychoudhury seemed to be there where they used to reside. At the same time it seemed to me that my  residence was also there. But someone at the time said, ‘That road has closed. No bus can go but can come. Then and there I thought, Oh! So they could not come to-day’! I thought, how could I go back home! So I decided to return to Taltala and started for Sri Sen’s residence through the market. At this time the dream went off.

[The dream clearly gave an indication that the seer has to spend his days through continuous spiritual practice and in accompaniment with the devotees.]

Achievement   of   power  for  controlling  life  force

325).    1st December, 1978.  Friday.

Early morning dream:   I had a dream to-day with a deep impression.  I was standing on a place. Suddenly I felt that my life force was moving up and down through my spinal cord in a zone below my waist. The life force was looking like a thick whitish condensed matter and it was moving just like the mercury used to move in a thermometer. It seemed to me that the zone was between third and fourth plane of the body.

At this moment I instructed the life force saying, ‘Go, Go upwards’. Then I noticed that the life force obeying my order approached towards my cerebrum with a groaning sound, but very smoothly. I realized that the life force was obeying my instruction and approaching towards the cerebrum. At that moment it was appearing to me that once more the life force reached this death zone in the cerebrum in a previous realization where death used to occur. Then I said to myself, ‘Then let me die, I want to experience death. But instead of that I saw that the life force merged at that point, and the very moment I was awakening uttering the word ‘Jibankrishna’.

[The dream gives a clear indication that the seer may have a power to control the life force and if it comes to reality the effect will be of long lasting effect.]

Realization   of  other’s  spiritual  condition

326).    Second  week  of  December,  1978.

Early morning dream:   Sri Khagendra Nath Ghosh, a devotee and Mr. Dipak Dasgupta, a senior ex-student of the Agricultural College, my ex-institution have come to my residence. Sri Ghosh was having meals at our house. At this moment the dream went off.

It seemed to the seer that there were some changes in the spiritual condition of Sri Ghosh, and within a few days through a letter of Mr. Ghosh, it revealed that he had been suffering from mental agonies. Taking meals in my house indicated that I will overcome at these hazzards and will have more realizations. At the same time it also revealed that the ex-senior student may have change in his spiritual aspects.

By the grace of Adyasakti (Body) elimination

of mortifying elements of cerebrum

327).    16th December, 1978, Saturday.

Early morning dream:   I was residing at a house. I felt pressure in my stomach and went to latrine, but due to some obstacles could not go. Then a middle-aged Lady came and said, ‘I shall give you water for cleaning’. With hesitation I said, ‘Why will you give’? She smiled and said, ‘I am mother’. The dream here went off.

The dream indicates that the cerebrum is going to be cleaned from mortifying elements , but there are some obstacles which will be cleared by the grace of the divine Mother or Adyasakti.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 8, April, 2016      


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

525.    “But you are at liberty to say that for some devotees God assumes a perennial (eternal) form”.

Perennial (eternal) form—The form of a man made of God’s light and it is seen by thousands. He is Parama Brahma—‘Man in the Sun’ as declared in the Chanadogya Upanishad and the seer of the Man in the Sun is called as Brahma in the golden chamber of the cerebrum (Brahma Hiranmaya Kosha). But both Man in the seer are but One and it is so declared by the Upanishad. It is de facto. It is seen in the seventh plane and not in the outside. It is termed as ‘Absolute Equality’ and ‘Abstract Equality’ by Plato.

‘Man in the Sun’—sun signifies life—power in a man. Life-power is eternal in a man. This life-power in the cerebrum assumes the form of the man who has attained God, i.e. who has become God. It will be seen by many and they will declare it. In other words, the man, who becomes God, turns to be the life-power of the Universe. Seeing Him in the Sun denotes it .

526.   “If  the arum is good then its shoots become good. Like father like son.”

It speaks of heredity. In Vividisha a good heredity is an essential requirement for attainment of this Brahmavidya or culture. Really it is not so. It is God’s grace—the only thing that is required.

In Universalism there is no bar for a man to eat the ‘Mango’ as every mn is Brahma in embryo because he is born as a man. It is his brith-right.

527.    “The holy man makes God known to the aspirant”.

Holy  man—is God-the-Oreceptor.

He is seen within the body. He is made of God’s light. He is nobody else but God with the form of a man who has become an Avatar. It is who shows Gd to the aspirant. Aspirant has no form. He has become Atma. He has pure consciousness there within this Atma. This pure consciousness sees and hears. He sees God-the-Preceptor from there and also hears God-the-Preceptor speaking—stretching his hand and pointing with his first finger. “This is God! This is seeing God!!”—and then God-the-Preceptor is merged in the God—within whom the aspirant is with pure consciousness (Suddha Man). It is wonder of the wonders to the seer as he did never conceive such thing, did never read it in any book nor did he hear it from anybody.

The Vedic version is that God is seen beyorid the conception of the human mind and speech. Thakur differs. He declares it emphatically that “God is seen by pure consciousness.” The writer collecting all the emphatics in him openly declares that Thakur is wonderfully correct and accurate. Thakur’s version runs thus “To see God is the sole purpose of the human life”.

Visit  to  Vidyasagar

Saturday,  August  5, 1882.

528.    “So long the bee buzzes as it does not sit on a flower. Sitting on the flower, it sips honey and becomes silent. After sipping honey it becomes intoxicated and some-times again, it buzzes”.

Bee—is the life-power of an aspirant.

Does not sit on a flower—To reach the seven plane.

It sips honey and becomes silent—Honey is Brahmananda or the Supreme Bliss and silence denotes Samadhi.

It becomes intoxicated— It loses its egoism or ‘I-ness’. It so happens in Samadhi.

Again, it buzzes—It is an Descent—“Thou, Thou”. It is so in Individualism. But in Universalism, it is ‘I’, and it must be so spoken by thousands. To clarify it—a man see the ‘Diamond’ within him. He comes says,—“I have seen you within” and it means “I am Thou”. In a similar way thousands see, come, and say and it means. “We are Thou. Here the ‘Diamond’ does not speak but thousands “Is” speak. Here lies the difference between Individualism and Universalism—just the reverse. Furthermore, Individualism does not bear any proof, whereas in the Universalism the proof is borne by thousands.

Attainment of Brahmahood or the La Homme Universalle in the life of a living man is the marked proof of liberation and nothing else. It is so spoken in the Vedas and its veracity we see in our everyday life even in this very era.

529.    “When an empty pitcher is dipped in the water of a tank, it makes a gurgling sound. It is filled up

and silence follows. But if the water of the Pitcher is poured into another pitcger, then again it sounds”.

Pitcher—is the human body.

Water—is Brahma (symbolic); it is so seen.

Tank—represents the seventh plane.

Sound—is Nada.

Silence—is Samadhi.

Pouring into another Pitcher—make a gift of Brahmavidya.

Again it sounds—Descent.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 8, April, 2016      

Mrs. Minati Das, a 60 years old listener of Barisha Reading Centre, Kolkata has narrated her dreams  thus :

1)         On February 28, 1998, I was seeing in my dream that I had gone to Kalighat for offering my worship to goddess Kali. Suddenly I heard that somebody was calling me saying, ‘Mother, get up’. The voice seemed to be very familiar to me. So I turned my head and saw that Jibankrishna was standing before me. But it the next moment I could not see him. Instead of him Sri Ramkrishna was standing there. But he also vanished and in place of him goddess Kali was standing there. Then my dream was off.

[The dream indicates there is no difference between Sri Jibankrishna and Sri Ramkrishna. It is also indicating that Adyasakti or the primeval power and Supreme Being are the same.]

2)         On March 5, 1998, I saw that was lying on a bed and a child was also lying beside my lap. I hurriedly got up and thought with surprise how a child came near me! Next moment I saw that the child was transformed into a young boy and wanted to drag me somewhere.

Then I saw that he took me to a large field where there were steps on columns on one side. The boy ascended a step and told me to get up and then and there disappeared. The steps were so high that I was falling down while getting up. Then I prayed to Jibankrishna, ‘Oh Thakur, how can I get up due to these high steps’? Immediately I saw that Jibankrishna came and told me, ‘Mother, give your hand.’ Then he held my hand tightly and I was able to get up.

Entering inside the room I saw an idol of a God which I could not recognize. There were many people and the worshipping was going on.

When after bowing down to that idol I looked at Jibankrishna, once I was seeing him and again I was seeing that God.

Then I came to get down but found no steps. Suddenly I saw a huge snake spreading its fang. It was oscillating wither tongue coming in and out. I was scared. I bowed down to her and said, ‘Mother, leave my way.’ Then that snake was transformed into a little girl and after getting down disappeared. My dream was off here.

[The seer was having austerity of ascend and descend by the grace of God-the-Preceptor and Adyasakti or primeval mother or Goddess.]

3)         May 21, 1998.

Every day I pray to Jibankrishna, ‘Thakur, you appear in my dream but don’t you appear in reality? When you appear in dream I am in unconscious state, I cannot understand anything. When you have shown me o much of your grace, please show me yourself in reality.’

Saying this to-day also I sat reciting Jibankrishna’s name with closed eyes. At this moment someone said, ‘Mother, open your eyes.’ I did not open my eyes with the first call. But when second   time the voice said, ‘Mother, open your eyes’, I looked at the idol of God Madan Mohan and saw that instead of the idol Jibankrishna was standing with a smiling face. I bowed down to him. Then and there he merged into the idol.

[There is only one God and there are no other Gods and Goddesses. God-the-Preceptor taught the seer about this concept.]

4)         On May 23, 1998 early in the morning I was dreaming that in the morning while I was worshiping, a little girl was calling me with a full basket of fruits. My daughter told me, ‘Ma, somebody was calling you.’ I went to the girl and asked, ‘Why are you calling me?’ She said, ‘Take this basket.’ I asked, ‘Who has sent this basket’? She said, ‘Jibankrishna has sent this basket for you.’ But I said, ‘I don’t need these fruits. Take this away.’ Then my daughter said, ‘Ma, when Jibnakrishna has sent fruits, take it.’ Standing there the girl was hearing our conversations. Suddenly I noticed that instead of the girl Jibankrishna himself was standing there holding the basket. He said, ‘Mother, I have brought these fruits for you, take it.’ I said, ‘Thakur what shall I do with so many fruits’! He said, ‘you eat all these fruits.’

I took the basket and saw that it contained 10-12 bananas, big size mangoes, some pomegranates and cucumbers. I told Jibankrishna, ‘Thakur, please come inside.’ He said, ‘yes mother I shall sit as I am very hungry.’ I hurriedly brought some sweets by my daughter. Then placing them on a plate I offered him. He said, ‘Mother, you have given me so many sweets’! I said, ‘Thakur, you said that you were hungry so I gave you so many sweets.’

Then he ate all the sweets with great satisfaction and said, ‘Now let me go,’ and here my dream was off.

[God-the-Preceptor shows his sportive forms in dreams in such ways and it is mentioned in Upanishads written several thousand years ago.]

5)         On June 7, 1998, early in the morning I dreamed that I had gone somewhere. It was surrounded by forests and hills. Whenever I was trying to climb up the hill I was sleeping down. Then I began to pray to Jibankrishna, ‘Thakur, how can I climb up, I can’t climb up’! At that moment came and said, ‘Mother hold my hand and come.’ I said, ‘You are so little girl, how can you climb me up?’ She said, ‘I live here, I am habituated.’ Then I climbed up the hill by holding the hand of the girl and I could not see her any more.

I saw that there were many caves in the hill. I was observing each and went inside a cave. There I saw a sage with long twisted hair sitting on a place. Seeing me he told me to sit down and asked, ‘Mother, for what purpose you have come here’? I said, ‘Father, I have seen a hill, so I have come to see this’ He told me, ‘Let us go, I am showing you the caves.’ Then he took me inside a cave. Thee I saw that Sri Ramkrishna and mother Sarada were seated and an earthen lamp was burning. The looked at me and smiled. From there we went to another cave. I saw there that numerous number of snakelets were playing. I was scared to see this and could not approach. The sage said, ‘Don’t be afraid, hold my hand and come with me. So I caught hold of the sage’s hand and went forward. There I saw that Jibankrishna was worshipping and those snakelets were transformed into human beings. They all sat surrounding Jibankrishna. After the worshipping was over he gave me the offerings. I took it and sat there. He told me, ‘Mother, eat this.’ I said, ‘you first eat and then I shal take.’ Then I fed him with my own hand and taking the rest I came out with the sage. It was then evening. I told the sage, ‘Father, show me the path, how can I get down’! He said, ‘Why are you fearing, I am with you.’ Then I was thinking, well, only Jibnakrishna is always with me, so who is he! When I was thinking this, I saw that the sage was transformed into Jibankrishna standing in front of me. I asked him, ‘Father, where is that sage’?

He began to laugh and said, ‘That sage was none. I took his form and I was examining you.’ Then my dream was off.

[Only God is the real sage and Jibankrishna is the true sage.

God-the-Preceptor thus tastes the seer through dreams]

6)         On May 17, 1998, early in the morning I saw that I had gone alone to a fair. I bought many toys for my grandson and also a small idol of Sri Ramkrishna. It became late night when I was returning from the fair and it started rain and storm. I was very much scared calling very loudly Sri Ramkrishna. I pressed his idol on my chest and told, ‘Thakur where are you? It is so dark, I can’t see anything, how shall I go home’? Suddenly I heard that from the idol Jibankrishna said, ‘Here I am.’ Then I saw that he came out from the idol and said, ‘Mother, are scared’? Saying this he held my hand, and instantly the rain and storm stopped. He then asked me, ‘Mother, for whom you have bought so many toys’? I said, ‘My new grandson is born, so I have bought for him.’

The after holding my hand he came to our house. I said, ‘Thakur, sit down and let me bring some food for you.’ Then I offered him many varieties of food. He ate those and said, ‘Now let me go.’ I said, ‘Thakur, I feel restless when I don’t see you.’ He said, ‘Mother, I am always with you.’ Here my dream was off.

[These are the sportive forms of God-the-Preceptor through dreams which are mentioned in Upanishads. Furthermore God is always with us but we cannot understand.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in Sun

7)         On March 4, 1999, I saw that I was standing in front of a house and the waves of the sea were striking the house. It was then becoming dawn. I looked at the sky to see the rising sun. Suddenly I saw that the morning sun was rising and Jibankrishna was seated within the sun. I kept on looking at him and then my dream was off.

[Person in sun is mentioned in Isa Upanishad as Parama Brahma or the Supreme Self.]



Volume 8, April, 2016

Chapter 33

Oneness of Jibankrishna is indicated

March 13, 1960:

Dhiren Roy (To Jibankrishna) – In a dream I was seeing that I had gone to a fair. I saw a hermit sitting there at the entrance. Seeing me he said, ‘Why are you making a whole into parts’? Then he said, ‘Go and see the fair, and you will find that everything is Lord Rama’. Hearing his words I went inside the fair and saw many stalls and all the customers and sellers were you.

Jibankrishna – What a strange dream!

Dhiren – Then after visiting the fair I returned to that hermit and saw that in every body hair of the hermit you were seated.

Jibankrishna – The dream is showing oneness. Everything is one which was shown in the dream. Before entering the fair, when the hermit said, ‘Everything is Lord Rama’ – it means ‘Rama’ represents ‘One’. So all are one.

Vision of own self in the mirror

April 14, 1960:

Dhiren Roy (To Jibankrishna) – I saw a strange dream. I was seeing a mirror and in it instead of seeing my face I was seeing your face.

Jibankrishna asked Sudhin about its meaning. Sudhin said after thinking a while, ‘It is the ownself’.

Jibankrishna – Then, who am I?

Sudhin – You are becoming God, we have to admit.

Jibankrishna – But I am a living human being. Why should I accept the term God? A living human being is one with God in the spiritual world. Rather I should term ‘Inner Man’.

The Atman or Soul of the whole human race is the form of Jibankrishna

May 19, 1960:

Jibankrishna was discussing about immortality. He said, the cell of immortality exists in this body. Can you take it out? No, not by exertion, if it manifests spontaneously then only it will do. Yes, this cell opens, but  that is confined with individualism. But that is of no use.

Dhiren Roy then narrated two of his dreams:

In one dream seen a few days ago I saw that from one of your eyes fire was emerging and from another eye the smiling impression was seen. In reality just now it flashed in my mind and so I told you.

A few days ago I saw another dream:

I was seeing that a mango fruit was swinging from the branch. I was looking at it thinking that I was standing here alone and as soon as it would fall down I would get it. But strangely it did not fall but burst in the tree and spread in the whole world in powdered form. What had I seen?

Jibankrishna – Oh! Oh! What should I tell you? Just a few minutes ago I was saying that your longevity could increase my longevity and so you were shown that the mango fruit spread throughout the whole world in powdered form. But still it is confined with individualism. When it will manifest is reality then only its proof will be achieved. Otherwise it will be merely hypothesis which has no place in my brain my boy!

Dream comes true in reality

May 28, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To Dhiren Roy) – Moni Babu had a dream. In reality his grandson became ill. He dreamed that I had kept him on my lap.

When he came and narrated the dream, I said, ‘He was not I, He was God. So when God had taken him on lap he would recover’. Though it may have another meaning. He may die. But ultimately the boy recovered.







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