(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 9, May, 2016

Chapter 54

I am one and many

December 5, 1959

Swami Vivekananda has mentioned, ‘…. then alone he has reached the universal brotherhood and that man alone is Vedantist.’ But the term ‘Brotherhood’ does not stand. In another place he is saying, ‘…. Therefore Vedanta formulates not universal brotherhood but universal oneness’ (complete works Volume -VIII). A big exploitation of a big personality! Which one will be taken by human beings? Whether universal brotherhood or Universal Oneness?

But what we are seeing here? I am seeing myself with the eye of the whole human race. I am one and at the same time I am many. His is that version of the great Vedic Rishis, ‘you are born to become Universal.’

Brihad-Aranyaka UUpanishad has mentioned thus:

He became corresponding in form to every form.

This is to be looked upon as a form of him.

Indra (Brahma) by his magic powers (Maya) goes about in many forms;

Yoked are his ten-hundred steeds.

He (i.e., the Soul or Atman), verily, is the steeds.

He, verily, is tens and thousands, many and endless.

This Brahma is without an earlier and without a later,

Without an inside and without an outside.

This Soul is the Brahma, the all-perceiving. – Such is the instruction. (2.5.19)

Grace means spontaneous evolution

December 26, 1959

The term ‘Grace’ has been explained by people just to fulfill the vested interest. But what is its actual meaning? Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) has said ‘When God within the body wishes to liberate himself, then there will be actual liberation of ‘Atma’ or ‘Soul’. That means spontaneous evolution of life power. This spontaneous evolution which individual gets is called grace. Otherwise the term ‘Grace’ is an abstract idea. How many times I have told you that never consider the abstract idea of anything without any proof. So long ‘Faith’ is considered as ‘Religion’. But now this ‘Religion’ has become ‘Reality’.

What is ‘One is All’

December, 1959.

‘All is One’ is proved here. But ‘One is All’ is not yet proved. In Kasmir Shaivism (written by Thero) it is called ‘Satvidyatatva’.

So long I had to depend upon you as you came and said, ‘We are you’. But do not think that I can drown Himalayas within the pacific ocean. Not at all. Whatever will arises in my mind automatically that will act in the spiritual world. Then only it will be proved that ‘One is All’, otherwise nothing can be concluded.

Duty of a human life

December, 1959.

What is the duty of a man? To see God and then to be transformed into God, – ‘Swena rupena abhinispadyate’ (To become transformed into Him or God – Upanishad). Then what remains after that? Nothing – ‘Being one with divinity there cannot be any further progress in that sense’ (Swami Vivekananda). What do I say to you? Whatever happens you will get within this life. You have got such rare human life, so you have to utilize it. Don’t listen to them that there are 82 millions rebirth – it is nothing but a hoax.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 9, May, 2016


Anuj Miharia

Mr Ajit Kejriwal of Kolkata is a friend of mine and he sees many divine dreams. It was 19th September, 2009, I had been to his residence for discussion about Diamond. He narrated to me a strange dream seen by his grandson Anuj Neharia((his daughter’s son) when he was only 5. Now he is 8years old. His narration runs thus:

One day my grandson Anuj told me,’You know grandpa, one day I was dreaming that God took me in the sky and flew in many places. Then He asked me pointing to many houses beneath,’ which house you  would go?’ Pointing to a particular house I said,’I would go to that house.’ Then He took me to that house and disappeared. At that moment another old man took me inside the house.’

Then Ajit said,’ My grandson saw this dream three years ago. On 19th September, 2009 my wife(Renu) asked him,’Which God did you see in your dream?’ He then showed the photo of Sri Ramkrishna and Diamond((Jibankrishna) hanging against the wall and pointing on Sri Ramkrishna’s photo said,’this old man was flying in the sky with me.’ Then he again pointed out Diamond’s photo and said,’ This old man took me inside the house.’

My wife said,’ But you said that He was God?’ Anuj answered,’ Why, is not God old?’ The most mysterious part is that Anuj neither saw Diamond’s photo nor heard anything about Diamond before.

This incident happened after 42 years of Diamond’s demise.



Volume 9, May, 2016

Chapter 72

Realization  of  other’s  spiritual  condition

328).    18th December, 1978.  Monday.

Early morning dream:   I saw many devotees of Jibankrishna in a group, specially Sri Khagendra Nath Ghosh of Sainthia of Bribhum District. He seemed to be very jolly. Here the dream went off.

The dream indicates that the present mental condition of Sri Ghosh may turn to betterment.

The present mental condition of the seer is passing through a peculiar situation—the mind is staying at the 3rd and 4th plane off and on and sometimes to upper planes. At this time the seer is becoming imbecile. The seer realizes that the life force is staying at the lower planes, as after effect of the dream seen on 1. 12. 78.

Realization  of  other’s  spiritual  condition

329).   20th December, 1978.

Early morning dream:   The dream started with the vision of Sri Indranath Mrukerjee’s  countryside residence at Makardah of Howrah District with a gathering of quite a number of Jibankriahna devotees. In a large room discussion was going on about Jibankrishna . At this moment Sri Lakhmi Narayan Birla renouned Indrustialist came there along with his granddaughter and grandson. I went for making tea and noticed that the rooms were in a very dirty condition. So I cleaned up everything , and washed with water. Entering the main room I saw Sri Birla in meditation. There I also saw my eldest nephew Sanjay talking with Birla’s granddaughter and grandson. I told them not to talk as Sri Birla’s meditation would be interrupted. I felt very happy by seeing such condition of Sri Birla and at this moment the dream went off.

The dream may have two aspects:  Either Mr Birla may have spiritual improvement or he may help the seer by protecting him from all hazzards in his school where the seer is engaged in compiling matters about Jibankrishna smoothly for future publication. This came true when Sri Birla made all the suitable arrangements for the seer to carry on his work on Sri Jibankrishna.

Cry for the welfare of mankind

330). 27th December, 1978.

Early morning dream:  In my dream I was crying for the welfare of mankind and it continued for a long time. Then the dream was off.

[TThis type of dream has happened many times. It is still unknown what will be its effect on human race in future. Here I am not crying. The Soul or Atman within me is crying i.e., the Soul of every human being is crying. Atman is one and the same in every human being.]

Advancement  of  the  austerity  of  the  seer

331).    7th January, 1979.  Sunday.

Early morning dream:  I first saw myself driving a car, as if going somewhere. Coming to my destination I noticed that IU could not control the brake and felt as if the accident would occur at this moment. But after taking a turn the car stopped.

The scene changed: I saw myself going to my residence at Lake Town. I was passing by a lake and saw the road was waterlogged. Fearing to fall due to broken road, I took the right side and suddenly slipped on the mud. My pajama and shirt were drenched with mud. Two Ladies were passing by at this moment. So I told them, ‘I am drowning into the mud.’ But without bothering they went away with laughing. So I myself stood up and washing my cloth with the pond water started for my residence. The dream went off.

[The dream indicates that during the course of my austerity the life power got disturbed, but automatically overcoming the disturbances it took its own way. The road means the passage within the body through which the life force moves towards seventh plane.]

Indication of future – spreading of the effect of the magazine ‘Manikya’

332). 17th January, 1979, Wednesday.

Early morning dream: I saw my elder brother Pankaj reading the magazine ‘Manikya’. Seeing this I said, ‘This is such a thing, a day will come when people will become mad and search for it.’ Then showing the matters for publication kept in the locker I said to my brother, ‘what you are seeing is the most precious thing and nobody can value it now.’ While saying this, I was in a blissful condition. Then the dream went off.

[The dream shows the future. After nearly 15 years it came true.]

Indication  of  new  phase

333).   21st January, 1979,  Sunday.   Place :  Ghatshila, Singhbum District .

Early morning dream: I have gone to an unknown place and noticed that far away everything was drowned under water. I saw a bridge, but broken. As soon as I crossed the bridge, it broke down. After roaming here and there, when I was on the way of returning, noticed the bamboo bridge was rebuilt automatically in a nice manner. The dream went off.

The dream indicates that a new phase is coming in my austerity and in spite of all hazards o the austerity it will make its own advancement.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 9, May, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “The devotee replied – It is Arjuna’s chariot I see. In front of it, both Lord Krishna and Arjuna are seated and talking. It makes me weep”.

Arjuna – represents ‘I’-ness or ego.

Chariot – is body.

Lord Krishna – is God with form.

The whole picture reveals that God has taken charge of the devotee and is conducting him. It is realization.

(Some lines from the song of Ramprasad).

  1. “The yogi who enjoys in the Self, gets this Primordial Force of the body as Inner Self or Atman and the size of the Inner Self becomes ‘Pranab’ or ‘Aum’ or ‘Nad’ (Sound)”.

The plain meaning of the line is that Primordial Power or Adya Sakti in the body has got another form and that is Aum or Nad – a sound only. To throw more light on it, let us go a step more. Human body is microcosm and the Universe is macrocosm. The big universe before our very eyes has got another form as a sound, or in another words, a sound is seen as a big Universe. It is Vedic Descent, an individual realization and no proof can be set forth.

“Everything is possible with God”.

– Sri Ramkrishna

After penetration of the sound comes Sthitha Samadhi. Some advocates that this Nad sounds like Aum. Thakur differs with them and says that it is but the sound of a bell. He claims that it is so shown to him by the Divine Mother.

Aum – is a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit-knowing people may understand it; but, what about for the rest of the human race? So Thakur is right. God is for one and all. Nad is but One of His forms and it is meant for all, and not only for Sanskrit-knowing people. So Thakur is correct and Nad is a sound to be heard by all by the grace of God.

  1. “The macrocosm in the form of microcosm in the womb of the Mother”.

Mother – is this very body. Yes, ‘I’ or ego is the son to body. Body bears this ‘I’, as a mother carries her child. The exact relation of the body and ‘I’ is that of mother and baby.

Womb – is cerebrum or the seventh plane where in the Jara Samadhi this vast Universe appears as a seed – i.e. microcosm; and macrocosm is Ra of Thakur; when the Universe is seen within this Atman. It is Viswarupa.

  1. “I, by being a dwarf, shall hold the moon”.

Moon – is the symbol of devotion. In the Chetan Samadhi an aspirant sees the moon in the cerebrum.

‘I’ or egoism has become a dwarf, that is, ‘I’-ness has lessened. More the ego diminishes, more the realizations come.

  1. “(Line of a song) – “Withhold me from deliverance”.

Almost all the people of India (Hindus of course) are being pursued to believe in getting liberation after death. It is an eyewash and smells sophistry. Liberation must be attained in this life or it has no value. According to the ‘Sachhanda Darshan’ (the philosophy of the spontaneous revelation), no sooner God in the body assumes a form it is visualized by the man; it is Immediate Liberation – Sadya mukti.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 9, May, 2016

Seeing Jibankrishna or Diamond in dream as an unknown person

Ranita Maity is a 9 years old girl (In the year 2000) and is a listener at Barisha Reading Centre, Kolkata where the Bengali book of Jibankrishna ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and realization in English version) is read regularly. She has narrated how she saw Jibankrishna in dream without seeing his photo before. A few of her dreams are also as narrated by her are also given along with a realization in reality.

1)            On April 15, 2000, I was dreaming that Sri Ramkrishna was seated on a throne in my worship room. An old man was having a chit chat with him. He was unknown to me. In whichever direction I was looking I was noticing the portrait of Sri Ramkrishna. Then my dream was off.

Later on when I saw the photo of JiIbankrishna from Pabitra grandpa I recognized that the old man talking with Sri Ramkrishna in my dream was Jibnakrishna.

2)            On April 18, 2000, I saw in my dream blue ocean and Sri Ramkrishna was seated on the midst of it. He called me to sit beside him and patted. I sat beside him and drank the water. It was very sweet. Grandpa Pabitra was coming through the bank. Seeing him Sri Ramkrishna asked, ‘Does he read before you?’ Then my dream was off. [Sportive forms of God-the-Preceptor]

3)            On April 27, 2000, I saw in my dream that I was walking on the blue sea shore and Jibankrishna was coming towards me. Suddenly I remembered that I drank this water when Sri Ramkrishna was meditating in the midst of the sea (in my previous dream). So I wished to drink this water once more. Jibankrishna grandpa read my mind and said, ‘Drink as much as you can.’ I drank the water in large quantity. My dream was off. [Sportive forms of God-the-Preceptor]

4)            One may 8, 2000, I saw in dream that my sister pupun and I had gone to park to ride on sleep. We saw that a snake spread her fang and came to bite us. We moved away and so the bite fell on the sleep,

I caught hold of the mouth and my sister held the tail putting on our shoulders. We started moving on the road and met Jibankrishna. Both of us exclaimed, ‘Oh Lord, you are here!’ He said, ‘Don’t call me Lord, call me brother’. So I started calling him brother Jiban and so did my sister. Jibankrishna had some Rosgullas (A kind of sweet made of milk) in his hand. He threw these to us and those entered into our mouth. We also threw these to him and those entered into his mouth automatically. We played this for a long time and then my dream was off.

[Sportive forms of God-the-Preceptor.]

5)            On November 16, 2000 I saw in my dream that in a large field Jibankrishna and many of us were standing. After sometime I saw that taking the forms of light he was entering into the bodies of everyone.

Then my dream was off.

[The dream indicates that Jibankrishna is the self of every human being. Self or Soul is seen as light.]

6)            One March 4, 2001, I saw in my dream a rice wooden hut in the midst of a hut. In that hut Jibankrishna, mother Sarada (wife of Sri Ramkrishna) and I used to live. One day a person entered into the room and said, ‘Brother Jibu (Jibankrishna) will you read the book’? It was then the noontime in the summer season. Jibnakrishna was sleeping. Hearing the person’s request he became angry and said, ‘You don’t let me sleep at noon’! But he started reading.

After a while two persons came and told Jibankrishna, ‘We have not come yet and you have started reading’? I recognized one of them as Sri Ramkrishna and another one as Swami Vivekananda, and the person who came first was transformed into Sri M. (Mahendra Nath Dutta who was a companion of Sri Ramkrishna and writer of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna in the nineteenth century).After the reading was over, Vivekananda and I went to the market and purchased a big watermelon, a bunch of bananas, an apple and some cooked vegetables with paraths (Pasted flat floor fried in oil).

Then we returned home and gave the watermelon to Jibankrishna, bananas to Sri Ramkrishna, the apple to Sri ‘M’ and mother Sarada, Vivekananda and I ate the paratha and cooked vegetables. But Sri Ramkrishna snatched the apple from Sri ‘M’ and gave him a banana. My dream then was off.

[These are all the sportive forms of God-the-Preceptor or the Supreme Self in dream within the body. The esoteric meaning is as such.

Sri Ramkrishna – Incarnation of God, the symbol of individualism, Sri ‘M’ – symbol of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna which represents the whole Hindu religion or individualistic religion; Swamiji – symbol of Rajyyoga or the spontaneous evolution of self within the body; Mother Sarada – symbol of Adyasakti or the Primeval mother, Jibankrishna – God-the-Preceptor and the symbol of Universalism.

All these attributes will in future be manifested within the seer by the grace of god-the-Preceptor and Adyasakti.

Here hut is the body.]

Future vision – Jibankrishna enveloping the world

7)            On March 15, 2001, I saw in a dream that all types of races of the whole world had gathered in a circular manner in a huge field. I was also there. In the midst of the circle Jibankrishna was standing. Over his head the midday sun was seen though it was early morning. A part of the rays entered into the head of Jibankrishna and the sun disappeared.

I told Jibankrishna very loudly, ‘The whole sun has entered into your body. You are Param Brahma (Supreme self), you are God.’ Hearing this he said, ‘No, no! Discard these words that the sun has entered in me. Even my existence is not there, so what about the sun’!

Then I saw that form his forehead the rays were transformed into small Jibankrishna and entered into everybody present in the field. Then he disappeared.

Then within the dream I saw that I had gone to Jibankrishna’s residence to narrate this dream. Hearing this dream he said, ‘write this dream and given it to Pabitra grandpa (Reader at Barisha Reading Centre). The dream was over.

[The dream indicates that in future all the races of the world may see Jibnakrishna within them and will be enlightened with the knowledge of supreme self with establishment of oneness.

8)            On March16, 2001, I saw in reality that a patch of white smoke was floating. I heard a voice near my ear, ‘This is dream, this is dream, this is dream. Whoever sees dreams – those dreams come to me by flying.’ It seemed that the voice belonged to Jibankrishna.

Future vision about spreading of Jibankrishna’s cult in America

9)            On June 28, 2001, I saw in my dream that I have got up on a high rise building. There was a big crowd in that house. The reading of the great epics Ramayan and Mahabharat was going on. I replaced those books by the ‘Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali book written by Jibakrishna) and told them to read those books. But I saw that Jibankrishna himself started reading. After that he took me beneath a tree. There were many seeds on the ground. He gave me one seed to eat. I said, ‘I have tooth-ache, how can I eat? So he took out the inner part of the seed and gave me and I ate it. Its taste was just like a mixture of ghee (Made from butter by boiling), honey, milk and sandesh (made from milk).

Thereafter Jibankrishna collected the seeds and taking me and my sister by a plane wanted to spread in different towns of the world where true religious people live.

But finding only Kolkata City in India he dropped a seed in Chicago of U.S.A. By a computer he saw only two divine people in Chicago. But he said that later on many people of the world get him (As God-the-Preceptor).

After that he made arrangement for supper after returning home. He gave me ghee, butter, honey, milk etc. to eat. After finishing all I said, ‘Though I ate all these, I cannot digest.’

Jibankrishna said, ‘You eat the seed and that will be the only way for digestion. Then he said, ‘You have achieved this seed.’ Thereafter my dream was off.

[The true religious book is ‘The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna’ and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ or ‘Religion and Realization’. The dream also indicates the spreading of Jibankrishna’s  cult in future in different parts of the world specially in U.S.A. It is noteworthy that Swami Vivekananda gave his first religious lecture in world Religious conference in Chicago and owned great popularity in different parts of the world.]



Volume 9, May, 2016

Chapter 34

Indication of the seer’s spiritual condition

June, 1960:

Satya Ganguly (To Jibankrishna) – I saw a peculiar dream. I was seeing that I was going somewhere by a jeep. Ultimately it took us to an old fort. There were no steps. The path lead to the fort.

After going there I was seeing through a window a man named Jyotish. Then returning from there to our house I was seated on the long corridor. Some people were seated there. They were telling me, ‘We shall see Jibankrishna’. I told, ‘I am opening my mouth, see him inside it’. I felt that during that time I was having a state of Samadhi (Profound meditation merging in God). My face was then transformed into your face and seeing it they were saying, ‘There is Jibankrishna!’. Then I saw that you were seated in all of them.

Jibankrishna – It is a very good dream. It shows that you and I are one and at the same time the dream is showing your preaching power. Ultimately you may have to do this job.

The Religion of Jibankrishna is beyond Samadhi

June 17, 1960:

Netai Ghosh (To Jibankrishna) – I was seeing in my dream that a good number of people were fed in this room and standing on a place you were telling me, ‘Bring the page of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna where Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) was telling Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) to cross the region of Samadhi (Profound meditation merged in God and it is the zenith of individualistic spiritual realization).

Jibankrishna – Just see what is happening here! Our phenomenon is beyond Samadhi, though I cannot manifest it myself. If it manifests spontaneously then only it will serve the purpose otherwise there is no other way.

Indication of the seer’s spiritual condition

June 18, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Today Bhakatji came. He saw in his dream that I was telling him to give a lecture standing on a pandal. I know the meaning of it. Whomever he will say about our phenomenon he or she will get this Supreme Cult.

Visualization of God is indicated to others and the forecast of Jibankrishna on future world

June 19, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To listeners) – Pravat never agrees that he has visualized God. Ultimately his wife saw in dream that Pravat has visualized God. Yet he disagrees. Then he himself saw in dream that he was coming to me after getting down from the bus at Kadamtala and saw that a crowed was saying very loudly that he has visualized God.

Now what is the meaning of this dream? The meaning is that whatever I shall say, the world will say the same thing. There is another thing above it, but I should not say now. Let it manifest in its own way.

Jibankrishna’s form exists within every human being unknowingly

June 21, 1960:

Bholanath Mukherjee (To Jibankrishna) – Last night I saw in my dream that several group photos of ours were taken. There were some familiar and some unfamiliar persons. Just in the midst of us you were seated. When the last photo was taken, it seemed to me that I should show you one photo. But I noticed that in each photo only your outline was seen whereas we were prominent. Showing you a photo I asked you, ‘Why your figure is an outline?’ You were smiling and then said, ‘It is because you could not recognize me properly, and so I remain a mystery. But you are prominent to me’. Here the dream was off.

Jibankrishna – What should I say? It was clear in your dream. But listen to another meaning. I am in every human being unknowingly whether they see my form or not.