(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 11, June, 2016

Chapter 56

To see Diamond (Jibankrishna) within the body is the Cosmic Law

January 5, 1960

‘Realization of God without forms’ – means through my evolution of self at the age of fourteen years, people started seeing my form within their bodies. What happened to me? I couldn’t found anything about my form. That is called Principle, and this principle is converted into Cosmic Law. This Principle is called impersonal, because this is not confined within the individual austerity and this is called Brahma or Supreme Being without form.

It is no doubt very difficult to understand. I am clarifying it to you. What is the fundamental theory about this Principle? That is unknown both to you and me. And this fundamental theory is converted into the Cosmic Law. What is that? The human race will continue to see my form – this is the Law. How Upanishad has mentioned it? There is a Purusha (in person) in Brahmapura (or Cerebrum) and he is to be seen, from where the religion starts. But we can’t see any of his form. So this is the austerity without form which is taking place spontaneously and will continue in future.

The Cosmic Law is formed in a Cosmic Body

January 11, 1960.

In the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was saying to Narendra Swami Vivekananda) – “Whom you are calling Brahma (Supreme Self) I am calling him ‘Kali’ (Goddess Kali), whom the Muslim call Allah or whom the Christians call God, I call Him ‘Kali’.”

Now the question is  who is this Kali, the gentleman, Sir? Why Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) was not saying ‘Cosmic Body’? And is this Kali of Thakur is the goddess Kali of Dakshienwar temple? To us this Kali means this human body. That goddess Kali can never be the Cosmic Body. Where is the proof? Other than Hindus nobody of the world will not accept that goddess Kali. A Hindu can worship Kali, but others won’t do.

Now whether the picture of Thakur can be the Cosmic Body.’ No Because on the basis of Cosmic Body the Cosmic Law is established. The Cosmic Law cannot be established on the picture of a dead person. A living man becomes the Cosmic Law.

A principle is established through my evolution. What is that Principle? It is to see my form and this is the Cosmic Law. What is that Cosmic Law? The fulfillment of one’s own requirement of his body. Is this Law challengeable which established encircling me? No my boy! Seeing my form within a human body will perpetually continue.

‘Oneness’ is the achievement of Godhood

January 14, 1960

See, I wanted a boon from God, ‘Whomever I say that he should visualize God, he would visualize him. But it didn’t happen. How did I compare individualistic visualization of God? It is just like Matric examination pass in school level. Had I get that boon, what would have happened? I would have been a globe trotter. But let me say now, what a great thing we have achieved from God here! I need not say anything, even nobody needs know me or listen anything from me, but still a man gets Brahmahood spontaneously. (after seeing him within). Brahmahood and oneness are same and this is the achievement of Godhood.

A man is born to know ‘who am I’

January 17, 1960.

Can you say why a man has come to this world? To know ‘Who am I’. The revelation of this self-knowledge is continuously running within a human body without his knowledge.

This revelation starts from the very birth. In the scriptures the term ‘Janmadasya’ (From the very childhood) was mentioned and so I have told you many times some of the revelations from my childhood. This revelation has started from my 12 years 4 months age to show ‘Who am I’. From my achievement of God-the-Preceptor up to visualization of Atma or Soul this revelation of self-knowledge was shown. Then myriads of people saw me within their bodies. This was the revelation of self-knowledge and what did it signify? This whole human race and I are one. And who are saying this? The human race are saying. I need not say this, revelation will happen spontaneously.


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 11, June, 2016


Deblina Kundu resides at Howrah Town near Kolkata. Her maternal grandfather Basudeb Roy was a regular companion of Diamond from his young age. Deblina heard many times about Diamond from Basudeb though she never saw Diamond physically. As Basudeb was her grandpa, she used to consider Diamond as her grandpa. Deblina had some ideas about Diamond’s figure as his photograph was kept hanging against the wall.

Deblina narrated two very interesting incidents happened in her life at her early age which she never forgot. The first incident happened about 18 years ago when her age was about 2-2.5years old. One day she was lying on her grandpa’s cot. After a while she decided to get down but couldn’t due to her height. Suddenly  Diamond, coming out of the photo held her and put her on the floor. Later, seeing Deblina moving on the floor everybody was surprised and asked, ’How did you get down from such a high cot?’ she said, ‘ Why? That grandpa came out of the photo and put me down on the floor.’

The second incident happened when she was 4years old. She was then a student of St Thomas school at Howrah in the nursery section.

One day, the teacher did not come to the class in the schedule time. As a monitor she became in charge of the class, but could not control anybody. So all became out of control and made a great noise within the class. Nobody was listening to her. Suddenly Deblina saw that on the teacher’s platform goddess Kali,Sri Ramkrishna and (as she mentioned) grandpa of the photo( Diamond ) appeared and  scolded the students so loudly that everybody kept silent at once. Within a moment they disappeared. After coming back HOW home she narrated this incident to her mother who after long years told me for my magazine. Deblina is now 22 years old and still she remember that scene.]


Volume 11, June, 2016

Chapter 74

Stability   of   mass   austerity

337).    1st February, 1979. Thursday.

Late night dream:    I had gone to the residence of Sri Sushil Bandyopadhyaya, an old devotee of Jibankrishna, though he demised long ago. There I saw Ranjit Banerjee, Sushil Banerjee’s nephew and also a devotee. He had been suffering from diarrhoea. I said to him, ‘It will be recovered‘. Then from there I went to the house of Nisith Bairagi, my friend and also aJibankrishna companion. But he was not there, so I again went to the main road and walked. I noticed that an unknown fellow was following me. Suddenly he said to me, ‘I had a dream and that was regarding you. I am dreaming that you have gone to Russia via America, I have this meaning that you will get married. What will you mean’?

I said, ‘I have a different meaning. I experienced the austerity in descent. I have experienced mass austerity though individualistic austerity. Do you know why? The individualistic austerity occurs in ascent and the mass austerity occurs in descent though individualistic austerity occurs in descent to a little extent. And America means democratic—Individualistic, while Russia means Socialistic, which deals with masses. For this reason I experienced both’.

Hearing this, the fellow surprisingly said , ‘How wonderfully you have given explanation in microcosm. I said, ‘I could say as because this has happened in me’. Here the dream went off.

Again I fell asleep and dreamed two devotees Arun Ghosh and Souren Bhattecharjee, although the subject matter could not be remembered.

[The dream is self explanatory.]

Accompany to devotees

338).   2nd February, and 3rd February, 1979, and

339). 3rd February, 1979.

Both these days I had the accompaniment with Arun Ghosh and Raghunath Sen in dream which indicates that even in dream the seer is having spiritual practices with accompaniment of devotees.

Accompany to a large number of devotees and increase of spiritual power

340).   5th February, 1979, Monday.   Early morning dream:   The scene opened with the residence of a devotee Sri Indranath Mukherjee at Makardah, Howrah where a large gathering of innumerable Jibankrishna’s devotees were being held. Amongst them Raghunath Sen was remembered. The dream continued for a long time and then went off.

[Seeing a large number of devotees in the dream, the brain capacity increases as Jibankrishna used to say. At the same time it indicates that the effect of dreams will last within the body of the seer as in a previous dream Jibankrishna said to the seer, ‘The more you will give accompaniment to devotees, the more the effect of the dream will last in your body’.]

Elimination  of  old  prejudices

341).   6th February, 1979, Tuesday.    Early morning dream:   Among many incidents in the midst of the dream once I saw myself going somewhere by car through a highway driven by an unknown person. Suddenly some fellows were seen in front of the car and they seemed to be evil ghosts. But the car continued to run by running over them. At this moment I woke up.

[The dream indicates thus:  Car represents life force with full power of the seer; Ghosts represents old prejudices which were destroyed within the body of the seer for newer realizations or mass austere, as in individualism prejudices last while in mass austere these are eliminated.]

Indication  of  future  new  realizations  and

their  lasting  in  the  body                   

342).    7th February, 1979, Wednesday.   Early morning dream:  Being invited somewhere I was having a good supper. Plenty of food staffs were arranged and I was enjoying them in full stomach. Then I observed that fried fishes were served tome. I ate so much as if up to my neck. At this moment I woke up.

[The dream indicates that the seer will have innumerable realizations in future and the effects will last in his body as fish fries means lasting of the effects of the austere within the body as said by Sri Jibankrishna. The dream corroborates with the previous dream.]

Conception  of  Divine  Dream  theory—Introspection  of  mind     

343).    19th February, 1979.  Monday.   Early morning dream:   The scene opened with a discussion about divine dreams between a Jibankrishna devotee and his wife. With full concentration II was reading a book. At this moment when they were interpreting wrongly, I began to explain about the divine dream to them.

Afterwards that gentleman asked me, ‘Have you ever been in holy place’? I answered, ‘The day I went to Jibankrishna, all the prejudices left me’. While saying these words my eyes were full of tears for love of Jibankrishna and with such condition the dream went off.

[The dream indicates two aspects:  Firstly, the seer has achieved a good conception about divine dream and secondly, the seer’s mind has achieved introspective condition.]


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 11, June, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

The Master with Sri Keshab


Dakshineswar and other places.

Saturday, January 1, 1881

  1. “Why so? Can’t you sleep without the smell of the fish-basket? Once, at night, a fish-wife became a guest at the house of a gardener. She was lodged to sleep in the room where flowers were stored and she could not lull herself to sleep. She commenced fidgeting. The flower-maid marked it and asked, ‘Hello! What’s up? What keeps you awake’? The fish-wife replied, ‘Well mummy, this smell of the flowers hinders the sleep. Can’t you get me my fish-basket’? Then a little water was sprinkled on the fish-basket, it gave off smell of fish and she fell fast asleep”.

Fish-basket – The lower zone of the three planes: –

  1. a) Organ of evacuation,
  2. b) Organ of generation,
  3. c) and the navel.

It is the head-quarter of Tama-Guna which denotes dullness and inertia. One of the foremost insignia of Tamas is heavy sleep.

Fish-wife – is Avidyamaya or the Maya of ignorance. In some cases she assumes form and is seen by the aspirants.

Guest – Ego or ‘I’.

House – temple or church or mosque or synagogue – the human body.

Gardener – God in the body. Sri Krishna is called the gardener of the forest, Vanamali, and Vana is forest, i.e. body. It is so compared as ‘I’ in the body has lost his way in the forest. It is only the Gardener’s grace which can set a man aright and lead one in the right path.

Room where flowers were stored – It is the seventh plane or the cerebrum and here only divinity reigns Supreme – Sattva-Guna.

Flowers – Cells in the brain – they are so seen by the aspirants. Flowers of various kinds are seen and it expresses divinity occupying the cells in place of the animality. Lotus is the best insignia and then comes rose.

Could not lull herself to sleep – When one reaches the seventh plane Sattva Guna prevails and he loses sleep.

Flower-maid – Vidyamaya – the Maya of knowledge.

Water – (here in the metaphor) indicates Pranamaya Kosha where Life Power at the outset is seen like bluish gurgling water. The test is that one comes down to the lower zone where Tama-Guna pervades and the outcome is sound sleep.

Of course there is another rough sense that runs in the under-current of the metaphor. Sri Keshab has got his wife and he will get a sleep in the company of his wife.

Saturday, December 10, 1881.

  1. “Now you see, it is due to her undivided devotion to her man-the-preceptor she saw Narayana (God with form and with four hands – a creation of imagination) and she showed Narayana to the Guru (Preceptor)”.

It is not the seeing of God.

It is a realization of the sixth plane.

Even in the case, God took pity to her earnest yearning, gave His grace and the realization of the sixth plane came upon her and she in her turn, gave her grace to the preceptor and he also saw Narayana.

The episode of the widow with the pot of endless curd and her guru bears a different character.

Thakur’s version runs thus: it is Guru, God-the-Preceptor, who shows the disciple his (disciple’s) Ishta – or an imaginary form of God and merges into the form. No guru or man-the-preceptor can do it.

Here it reveals that of one makes a man-guru then it turns out that the disciple may see Ishta – God-with-Form (if God takes pity and gives His grace) and if he (disciple) gives his grace to the preceptor then the guru may see the Ishta. In other words, the disciple becomes guru and man-the-preceptor takes the place of the disciple. Rather, it is a warning to the ‘gurus’ that being a man if you play the role of a guru, then your fate is sealed; nay, you are doomed.

There is no man to play the role of a Guru in the Universalism as it is ‘One and Oneness’. Very simple and plain is the method. A man becomes Brahma through spontaneity; numberless people will see Him within and become ‘One’ with ‘Him’ in the Atmic (spiritual) sphere and the ‘seeing of Him’ also comes automatically. A mango tree is grown. Not only the owner enjoys the mangoes but thousand others enjoy the mangoes.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 11, June, 2016

1989 A.D.

Ms. Sikha Goswami narrated: I was dreaming that Bani and I were standing on the road waiting for a bus. Suddenly a bus of great height came. But I could not get up due to its height. Then I saw that the driver was transformed into Jibankrishna and he dragged me into the bus. I was very pleased. His hand seemed to be very cold. Then my dream was off.

[Here Bus is the symbol of motion of life power of the seer. Driver is Jibankrishna who is guiding the motion of the seer as God-the-Preceptor.]

1989 A.D

Tapan Ghosh of ten years old says : I saw in my dream that some of us were going somewhere seated. The bus was running but strangely the front portion of the bus seemed to jerk while I was not feeling any jerking on the back side, and it seemed as if the bus was floating in the air. Then many passengers came to the back side from the front, and my dream was off.

[Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor. Who  achieves him as God-the-Preceptor will have austerity without any obstacles.]

1989 A.D.

Rajesh Sharma of 13 years age has narrated : I dreamed that I had gone to a fair and roamed here and there. Once I bought a photograph of Jibankrishna. There was only one photo. Another person wanted a photo of Jibankrishna. But there was none left. At that moment Jibankrishna came out of the photo gave a photo to that boy. Here my dream was off.

[The photo and the living form are all same. God-the-Preceptor fulfils the devotee’s desire.]

1989 A.D.

Srinvant Ganguly of 6 years of age has narrated his dream thus: I was dreaming that I was reading a book. When I closed the book I saw that the cover printed with a picture of Jibankrishna. My dream was off.

[The picture and living form are same. The seer got Jibankrishna as his God-the-Preceptor.]

1989 A.D.

Abhijit Gayen has narrated :

I had a great desire to join the function of Charupalli Reading Centre held at Kolkata on 26the January, 1989. But unfortunately I had an infection in my eyes and could not go.

At noon after lunch I was lying on bed and slept. I saw a dream. I was feeling great sadness due to my inability to go to the function. I was also feeling guilty. In the mean time Jibankrishna came to me. He wore a dhoti up to his knee carrying a stick. He said, ‘why are you feeling sad? Get up and come with me.’ He extended his stick towards me and said, ‘Hold it.’ So holding one end of the stick I started walking behind him. We walked for a long time and the more we were walking the more I was feeling great joy. When my dream was off I till felt a great hilarity in my body.

[God-the-Preceptor removes the sadness of the seer in such a way.]


Volume 11, June, 2016

Chapter 36

The dream comes true in reality

August 27, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – A few days ago Gopal saw in a dream that Bidhan Roy (Then Chief Minister of West Bengal State) was saying in a lecture that this year the production of paddy would be so much that the State would be self sufficient. We did not require purchase of paddy from anywhere. And Kali Babu came today and said that the production of the Khariff paddy was so much this year that the cost of paddy fell down remarkably in the market. Then with production of Monsoon paddy the cost will fell down further.

Now we see that there are effects of dreams in reality.

Full fledged individualistic austerity has manifested only in Jibankrishna, none in the world will have

October 25, 1960:

Today a new comer Satyaranjan Das has come to Jibankrishna. He saw a dream which is as such. He was seeing a fare with a narrow path. On both sides there were shops in rows. The path was blind on one side. The shops were off different types. Some were sweet shops, some were grossaries, some were garment shops etc. These shops were attached with each other. The seer was walking looking at the shops. In the mean time suddenly earthquake started with storm. Being scared the seer began to flee away, but failed. He was falling on the ground again and again and was rolling on the ground.

Suddenly there was an oracle, ‘To get something fully one has to tolerate this storm and earthquake’. The seer shouted, ‘I cannot do it’. When the earthquake stopped the storm was not fully stopped. The seer got up and saw that an ox raising its horns chased him. There was no way out. With a great fear of life he jumped and entered into a shop. It was a sweet shop. He saw the shopkeeper but showing his unconcerned attitude was seated there. With a minute look he noticed that the shopkeeper was Jibankrishna with smiling face. Just at that moment he saw that a mad person with a laughing attitude came and told him, ‘You did not take sixteen annas (hundred percent), so give me something. I shall purchase sweet and eat’.

At this moment the seer woke up and noticed that he was sweating. The pillow and bed became wet and his throat became dried up.

Jibankrishna – Can anyone of you say what he has seen? After a silence he said, That fare is this world and is full of diversities. His mind was during that time extrovert and so he was roaming with gay. In the mean time the storm and earthquake came means his Kundalini and life force became manifested simultaneously within his body. He fell down which means he could not resist such power. Then he heard an oracle, ‘To get hundred percent he has to bear this storm’ and he shouted, ‘I cannot take it’. It shows that hundred percent individualistic austerity will not be achieved by anyone in this world. The earthquake stopped and the storm subsided which means his mind was becoming calm. Then the ox chased him which means, without hundred percent austerity the animal passion will chase which a man carries with his birth. Still they will get the shelter of God. And that mad man is fake that means this world who shares has right though it is to a little extent, as the mad person is wanting a little amount. But see, this is the individualistic interpretation. In individualism no such question arises.

Jibankrishna will annihilate the darkness of mankind

November 11, 1960:

The reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on in Jibankrishna’s room at Kadamtala, Howrah. While listening Bholanath became engaged in meditation. After a long time when the meditation was over, he told Jibankrishna, ‘In my meditation I had a vision. I saw that within an illuminated light you were standing, and just in front of you it was complete dark. Within that darkness something was moving, standing within that light you were blowing within the darkness continuously and as far as you were approaching the darkness was removing and the place was being covered with light. It seemed as if by such continuous blow you will completely break the darkness. With this thought my body was shivering.

Jibankrishna – It clearly shows as all of you know that I shall annihilate the darkness of human race by appearing within the body.