(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 12, June, 2016

Chapter 57

A man surpasses the three attributes after seeing Jibankrishna (Diamond) within him

January 17, 1960.

The main attribute of God is ‘One’ – Ekam Sat’ (Veda). So whoever is seeing my form within them gets only my attribute. And what is the surpassing of three attributes (Satva, Rajah, Tamoh – creation, existence, dissolution)?

Just look here Bhola, his father and his son – all of them see me within them. The son is the creation; Bhola the young man is existence and his father the old man is the dissolution as because he is going to die (Tamoh).

These three have their three attributes, yet they are seeing me within them. Therefore, I am not only beyond these three attributes, I a beyond time span. See this Brahma or the Supreme Being is beyond the three attributes. No such positive, fixed tangible example has never been set up in the world till now. So you are lucky because you are becoming beyond these attributes by seeing me within you.

To understand this will take time and you will not feel it. But in the long run you will understand with proof.

Religion begins from Advaitism (Nondualism)

January 25, 1960

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) says, ‘Advaitism is the zenith of austerity.’ But what is this ‘Advaitism’? To know about being one. In their case it is the last one, but in our case this is the beginning. But there are so many things after it, you can know later on, Vedas even said ‘Advaitism’ or ‘Oneness’ or ‘Brahmahood’ as the end of austerity. But this knowledge will be given by whom? In individualism the seer will say in his own mouth, ‘see, you and I am one’. On the contrary, in universalism this will be announced by the human race. ‘you and we are one’.

So this knowledge is donated by the whole human race, not to be said by an individual and therefore it will be denied as that is without any proof.

Jibankrishna’s form is eternal

One day in January, 1960 – Jibankrishna said

1)  Let me tell you the meaning of seeing my form within you. In the spiritual world you have no existence, but it is I. You have your materialistic existence but in the spiritual state I exist.

This Mr. Mukherjee who is sitting here, his son Bhola and grandson Swapan, all have seen me within them. In the spiritual world all of them are I.

In an advance stage this may be said that I am eternal. But how I am eternal? Isha Upanishad mentioned this when they said about the man in the sun, and till now 14-15 people have seen me in the sun through their dreams.

A man is born to become God

2)  Though Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said that the aim of human life is to visualize God, but that is meant the practical life. My opinion belongs to the principle. A man is born to become God, and this is the principle. A rose flower is grown in a rose plant. In the same fashion whether a man knows or not, a perpetual action is running within him, how he will be transformed into God. This action is termed as perpetual change by the Buddhists. No! this is not the perpetual change, but should be termed as perpetual evolution.

Our phenomenon is the evolution of self. No! Self evolution and revelation both. When I saw water in Pranamaya Kosha (Sheath), what happens? This is both evolution and revelation. When I saw Divine light in Monomaya Kosha, what happens? This is evolution. When I visualized God in the cerebrum (seventh plane) that was also evolution. After that when I visualized divine consciousness from the seventh plane to the fifth plane that was also evolution. Now jump to the Godhood. What happened? He appeared within myriads of people. This is revelation. All came and said, ‘Oh, we are you’! This is the evolution of self. This is just the diamond in the coal mine. Diamond is the evolution of coal. Now come to microcosm. This human body is the coal mine and Diamond is produced in the cerebrum or the seventh plane.

How a man becomes without any religion or race

Maitri Upanishad says:

Verily, that ‘One’ (Brahma) became threefold. He developed forthfold, eightfold, elevenfold, twelvefold, into an infinite number of parts. Because of having developed forth, He is the created being, has entered into and moves among created beings. That is the Soul (Atman) within and without – yea, within and without! ( 5.2 )

How this has manifested in Jibankrishna or Diamond will be revealed through his discussion:

One day in February, 1960 Jibankrishna discussed:

Visualization of God is not so much high ranking in the spiritual world. That may be compared with matriculation examination (Final year of school examination). What an innumerable realizations I got in my life cannot be expressed. For this reason sometimes I think how have I survived.

One thing I should tell you and try to keep it in your memory. When you will see me outside I am becoming God and when you will see me within the body, I become your own self.

Each and every human being is controlling this world. Each animal and other creatures are controlling this world. Each tree is controlling the world. Whoever has reaction is controlling the world.

See those cow dung pallets on the wall! These are also controlling the world. How? By spreading the obnoxious odor in the surroundings they are controlling the world . So, what is the sum total? The world is controlled spontaneously.

I am not a Hindu in true to sense. I am without any race or religion. In a dream once I said to myself that I have no race or religion.

Whenever you have seen me within you, mind that you become without any race or religion.


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 12, June, 2016


Sanjay Pramanik is my nephew and we reside jointly at Lake Town, Kolkata. On 7th November, 2004 being severely attacked by Jaundice, Sanjay was admitted into Pearless Hospital at Kolkata. But his bili rubin content reached 42 and so he had to change his hospital to Apollo at Kolkata. In spite of all the efforts given by the Doctors, the bilirubin content reached 59 and the doctors almost left hope for his life. But due to some miraculous incidents how did he recover ultimately  is the story.

After 3weeks of his admission in the hospital, a continuous recitation ’Everything will be all right’ used to be uttered in me off and on. During these days, one day I was seated in my room being depressed with tension. The date was 24th November, 2004. Suddenly I heard the voice of Diamond, ’My boy, don’t be worried, everything will be all right.’ In reality, though my nephew’s condition was critical, it was within control.

On 29th November, I dreamed that he was curing very fast. On the same day on 24th November, my another cousin brother at Santipur(Nadia District,West Bengal State,India) saw a dream. He saw that in our two-storied house (My birth place) I was standing at the door of the kitchen on the 1st floor. Suddenly my brother saw that I was transformed into Diamond and was saying, ’It is critical no doubt, but he will re cover .’ Gradually Diamond was transformed into my own form again.

However, my nephew also experienced some strange dreams in hospital as given in his own version .

  1. I saw that I got down from train at Ghatsila Railway station and approached towards the right direction. At this moment started a storm and my dream went off.
  2. I had gone to Jamshedpur Town (Jharkhand state). But I noticed that everything became new including buildings, roads etc.
  3. I had gone to Santipur by a motor bike and I noticed that everything had become new. Suddenly I saw that the back tier became punctured. I was thinking what to do, as all the automobile shops were closed. At this moment somebody told me that one shop remained open nearby. I went there and saw that the shop owner was an old man. Seeing him I felt relief, and the dream went off.

When I went to the Hospital to visit Sanjay, he narrated all his dreams to me. I gave him interpretations like this:

  1. The first dream indicates that he will be recovered soon and there will be a great change in his life. To go right side means goodness as mentioned in Upanishads. Storm indicates that a total change in his mind will come after recovery.
  2. Jamshedpur symbolizes the cerebrum which will be transformed into a new one and he will have a new phase in life which was indicated by new buildings, roads etc.

3.Santipur was once upon a time a town where people used to go for peace,and Santi means peace also. Motor bike means life force. It was punctured  which means the life force of the seer was damaged but by sheer mercy of God(the shop owner) he will get back a new life and gets peace.

After a few days Sanjay saw the fourth dream. He saw that at Lake Town, a long ladder approached towards the sky from the ground and he was getting up by that ladder. All on a sudden somebody holding his hand told him,’ You have won. You have no need to go up’ and he made Sanjay get down. He saw that a large crowd was showing overwhelming joy as he had won. Then his dream went off.

Hearing this dream  I said ,’You were going up in the sky. It means that you were going to die( going up to heaven). But God in the form of an unknown man brought you back to life. ‘You have won’ means you have won the death.

After a few days, I dreamed that being completely recovered, Sanjay came back home and everybody enjoyed his return from sure death.

Actually after my dream, with utter astonishment of the Doctors, Sanjay came back home being completely cured.

I realized that Sanjay got the grace of Diamond through me and after this incident he reads every day the Bengali book ’Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond(Bengali version of Religion and Realization) and had grown a great respect and love for Diamond.

In this context, my elder brother’s wife Purnima (Sanjay’s mother) had an experience in her dream on Sanjay’s critical condition and saw Diamond first time in her life.

Every day she uses to read Dharma-O-Anubhuti book early in the morning. Though she sees divine dreams off and on, but she never saw Diamond in dreams. Then one day, when the condition of Sanjay was critical, she dreamed that she was going towards Jaya cinema hall at Lake Town to buy some snacks. There she saw Sanjay taking some snacks. He wore a green shirt. She became very surprised to see Sanjay there, as at that time he was fighting for his life in the hospital. Purnima was thinking that even after such serious condition how he was taking such food ! At this moment she met one familiar neighbor who told her, ’I didn’t know anything about Sanjay. I heard from that gentleman (pointing out to an unknown old gentleman). He told me that he had recovered now. She noticed that the old man had a medium complexion, strongly built body and having French-cut beard with short hair-cutting and round face. Sanjay told her, ’Mom, give him some money.’ Purnima had a five Rupee note and she gave the money to the old man. The dream went off.

When she narrated to me her dream, I showed her the photo of Diamond. Looking at the photo she said, ’Yes, I have seen him in my dream.’ I told her.’ not only Sanjay, but you have also got the grace of Diamond, God-the-Preceptor. Sanjay will be back to life.’


Volume 12, June, 2016

Chapter 75

Achievement  of  sense  about  the  merging  of  dream  and reality

344).  1st  March, 1979. Thursday.   Early morning dream:  After about six months I met the Holy ghost in dream (Last meeting in dream on 6th September, 1978). I came to know that Jibankrishna had come to his old residence at Kadamtala, Howrah. So I went to him and observed that he had become much older as he would be 85-86 years old in reality. The body skin was pale and shrink. As soon as I reached there, with great happiness he welcomed me saying, ‘Come ! Come ! Come’! Such welcome he used for everybody in reality. After bowing down I took my seat. Nobody was there as it was noon time. Narrating an incident of Sri Ramkrishna, he began to give some instructions to me and very attaintively I was listening to him, none of which I remembered after waking up.

After a while I returned home. Afternoon was approaching and I went on thinking that in the evening I would go again to Jibankrishna. Then evening came. I went to toilet and determined to go to Jibankrishna. It came in my mind ‘Oh! Now so many devotees have come there and spiritual discussions are now going on’! My mind became restless while thinking these and at this moment the dream went off.

Again I went on sleeping and had a dream like this: I met Dhiren Mondal, an old devotee saying to him, ‘I have dreamt that Jibankrishna has come to Kadamtala and I have decided that I shall go there regularly’. He said, ‘It would not be wise to go everyday’. Then I went out with him on road. The dream continued for more time and then went off.

Again I slept and dreamed that as if Jibankrishna was still at Kadamtala and I had to go to him and the same thing was repeated 3-4 times in dreams that I had to go to Jibankrishna as he was still residing at Kadamtala. Then finally I woke up.

One peculiar thing was observed that whenever I used to meet Jibankrishna in dream, his figure and age was the same as it would have been in reality. This clearly indicates that reality and dream became merged which proves that the seer has acquired a highly developed brain capacity. This is further establishing the sayings of Vedanta that there is no difference between dream and reality.

The  seer’s  own  future  spiritual  condition 

345).     4th March, 1979.  Sunday.    Early morning dream:   I saw that the devotees assembling at the residence of one of the devotees Raghunath Sen at Taltala were discussing about my present spiritual condition. Arun Ghosh said something as he could not understand my present spiritual condition. So I said, ‘No, No, it is not that. It is a special condition which others are unable to understand’.

After saying this, I began to explain—‘When Kundalini moves upward direction in a zig-zag way there is probability of diversion of the devotee. During this time the devotee has to be steady, and then only it will be correct’. Hearing this even Ghosh wanted to say something against this explanation. So the seer said, ‘What? Why don’t you realize this? With a great grief and sorrow I said, ‘Then I shall stop coming here‘. Mr Ghosh smilingly said, ‘No, No, it is not so’. But I said the same thing and became benumbed with grief and sorrow and at this moment I woke up.

[In dream it is clearly indicated that it will be difficult for others to understand the higher spiritual condition of the seer. Another aspect is indicated that in future the seer may have to stop coming to Taltala. The third aspect is that when Kundalini moves upwards within the body of the devotee straight, it will be in the correct form otherwise the devotee may have diversions.]

Destruction  of  evil—Beginning  of  goodness – the  future indication

346).   5th  March, 1979 . Monday.

Early morning dream:  In the first scene I saw that was walking on a road at a place like Maniktala of Kolkata. On the other side of Maniktala bridge a procession of young boys were running.

In the next scene, I observed that bloody civil war was going on. Innumerable people died. One policeman was killing the mob with a rifle. Seeing this thought, he was killing so many person! If he was killed then everything became alright. Thinking this I killed the policeman with a revolver.

Next scene: The civil war had stopped. All around there was a calmness like a cemetery, and in the midst of it in a house a large group of devotees had gathered discussing spiritual aspects on Diamond and the surrounding was full of great peace. Among the group only the face of Indranath Mukherjee was prominent. At this moment the dream went off.

The dream had two aspects: Firstly in macrocosm in future the evils will be eradicated and Diamond’s new philosophy will be established; bringing peace in humanity and secondly in microcosm, within the seer all the evils are eradicated and only diamond’s philosophy has been established.


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 12, June, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “It is so, that a pearl oyster is in readiness for the rain coming down from the star ‘Swati’. It takes a drop of rain, dives deep in the fathomless ocean, stops there until the pearl grows”.

Pearl – is Atman.

Oyster – is the cerebrum.

Rain – is God’s grace. It is seen in dream that rain is falling and it means that God’s grace is coming down upon the seer of the dream.

Swati – is an invisible star. So it is compared with Nirguna Brahma.

The drop of the rain in the form of God’s grace comes out in the proper time as Atman, and it is shown by God-the-Preceptor. The first and foremost thing is to obtain the grace of God and it comes spontaneously. A real aspirant sees such rainfall many a time in his life and it denotes that more and more grace is coming upon him.

Grace should be looked upon as spontaneous. It makes a man – Universalle-La’-Homme.

It becomes the true insignia of grace, as Universalism is the summum bonum.

  1. “Whom God makes great, let him live in a forest but he shall be known to many”.

Yes, it is so. God is in every being and in man He manifests in a degree.

God in a man will appear in the form of the very same man whom He wants to be made known i.e. publicity. It is a wonder, in its connection, vide our ‘Preface’ and furthermore it signifies that the man has become God or attained Godhead.

  1. “The flowers bloom in the dense forest and the bees search and find them out”.

The saying has got two aspects. One is ‘Individualism’ and the other is ‘Universalism’.

1) Individualism – Thakur is at Dakshineswar and the devotees flock there.

(a) Thakur is flower

(b) The devotees are bees.

2) Universalism –

(a) When a man attains Godhood, He becomes a bee.

(b) The devotees are flowers.

Flowers are seen to bloom by the aspirants in the seventh plane and in the seventh plane of the devotees this Universal Man or Paramatman or Parama Purusha or Paramahansa – in its true yogic sense, i.e. the shape of a person who will be seen within by thousands appears.

It is said in the Vedas that Brahma in order to taste His own sweetness has become many. The devotees are many and God is but One. So devotees are flowers and God is a bee.

Forest – is this human body and this simile is current from the days of yore.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 12, June, 2016

Sridhar Ghosh from Charupalli Reading Center has narrated a few dreams

1)August 7, 2000.

Early in the morning I saw in my dream that I was seated in Jibankrishna’s room at Kadamtala, Howrah. The room was full of listeners. Jibankrishna was seated on the cot. During discussion once he roared and said, ‘See St. Paul did not preach like Jesus Christ; Ashok did not preach like Buddha; Nityananda did not preach like Sri Chaitanya and Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) did not preach like Sri Ramkrishna. They all preached of their own. But here what I was saying is true. Know this as truth.’ My dream was off, but even I was covered with a sense of ecstasy after waking up.

[In the past we came to know about religious thoughts of the great Preceptors through the preachers who could not conceive fully the thoughts of the Preceptors. But in Jibankrishna era God has taken the responsibility of religion Himself.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in Sun

2002 A. D.

Sridhar Ghosh has narrated how he saw Jibankrishna in sun.

I saw in my dream the first sun rise on earth. I thought, then Japan is the Country of first sun rise, it is Country!

When the sun came nearer I saw Jibankrishna’s form in it. Coming out of the sun he entered into our house, holding two pomelos in his two hands. He gave these to me and went away. I told him, ‘At least have a cup of tea and snacks.’ But he said, ‘No, no, I shall come later on, but it will be a bit late.’

[Person is sun is described in Isha Upanishad as such :

Ms. Kanaknalini Banerjee from Sultanpur Reading Centre has narrated a few dreams:

1)Sometime in the year 1990 I saw in my dream that the river water was rising and ultimately entered into my room reaching up to waist height. I saw a silken curtain on the water. I removed the curtain by my hand and saw a lotus. On it was seated Jibankrishna in meditation. With a great divine joy I woke up.

[The water is seen in Pranamaya Kosha (Sheath) and the lotus is the cerebrum, where God is visualized. The curtain is seen in between sixth plane and seventh plane.]

2) In the last 26 January, 1989 I had a great urge to attend a gathering at brother Himangshu’s residence, at Kolkata. But as my son and his wife were going, so I could not say anything about my desire.

In that night I saw a dream: I had gone to the same gathering and was listening to the discussion on Jibankrishna. Thereafter I went to the last residence of Jibankrishna at Betaitala, Howrah and saw him seated on his cot. He was smiling and then I woke up with a great satisfaction.

[God-the-Preceptor fulfill the desire of devotee.]

3) One night in the year 2002 I saw in my dream that Madhu’s father-in-law came to our house and sat on the portico on a small cane tool. Then he took out a stone from his bag. Being asked he said, ‘This is a stone which transform anybody into a divine man by a mere touch.’ I said, ‘Let me taste it,’ and I touched it on a jackfruit tree but nothing happened. He said, ‘It should be touched on a human body not on a tree.’ So whomever I saw in front of me I touched on his body. But seeing no change I became hopeless and returned to him. Suddenly I saw that he was Jibankrishna himself. He said, ‘Idiot, can the change be seen from outside? Havn’t you understood this after attending the reading for so many days. The change comes from inside within a human being.

[The dream is self-explanatory.]


Volume 12, June, 2016

Chapter 37

Seeing Jibankrishna in dreams after reading the Foreword of his book ‘Religion and Realization’

November 13, 1960:

A new comer told to Jibankrishna – It seemed that I had seen you in dream before coming to you. It was about two weeks ago. Hiru (A companion of Jibankrishna who brought the new comer today) gave me the Foreword of your book ‘Religion and Realization’. After reading twice of thrice I saw you in dream wearing this Punjabi as now I am seeing in reality.

Jibankrishna – Now a days I see that by reading the Foreword some people are seeing me in dreams. And you are quite lucky that after seeing me within you, your soul is liberated in this lifetime.

Indication of the seer’s spiritual state

November 22, 1960:

Dhiren Roy saw in a dream that after coming to Jibankrishna’s room he was reading the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. In the meantime Jibankrishna gave him a mango. It was green and hard, Jibankrishna told Dhiren to eat it. But it seemed to him that it would be unripe and sour and so he was unwilling to eat it. But when Jibankrishna requested him again, he started eating it, and it was strange that the taste of the mango was sweet! And as he continued to eat it was not finishing. It remained as it is as it was before eating. Then he gave it to others for eating.

Jibankrishna gave its yogic meaning like this: Dhiren was reading the gospel and I gave him a mango. Say what is its meaning? As he was making me listen to his reading of the gospel, so I was giving him the ‘Brahmagyan’ (Supreme Cult). Why was the mango green? This means what I have achieved he did not get that. This is also indicating his own spiritual state. He is a ‘Barnochora mango’ (when the mango seems unripe from outside but tasty it is called so), and why he is so? It is because whomever he will say about this phenomenon will see me in dreams instead of Dhiren. Whoever will make me listen to the reading of the gospel are ‘Barnochora mangoes’.

Self-explained dreams

December 3, 1960:

Khitish Roychowdhury (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that many of us were seated here in your room. When I got up and went outside I was saying to myself on the street a word ‘Atavism’ and meant it as ‘Change’. Then after waking up I saw in Chamber’s dictionary that it means unity in diversity. I read this word somewhere but in my dream I could not remember its meaning.

Jibankrishna – It is showing here what an infinite power a human brain possesses.

Self-explained dream

December 9, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Mr. Mukherjee of Navadwip saw a strange dream. He was seeing that he was going somewhere on sea by a huge sheep. The name of the ship was destroyer. Then in a place the ship halted and someone placed him down on the sea holding his hand. Then he began to go to a far away place under the sea. He went on thinking that I was drowned in the sea of Brahma or God.

What a strange dream!

(The dream is self-explanatory)







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