(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 13, July, 2016

Chapter 58

God’s existence is first time proved in the world

February, 1960

The writer of ‘Sankhya Philosophy’ was very intelligent. These 24 divisions of the human body still remains as such still now. There was no change. In those dark ages what he has mentioned still remains unchanged. He was so great scholar, but has said the right thing that there is no proof about God’s existence.

But in the world history you are the first to prove the existence of God after seeing my form within you.

So I am contradicting their version by saying that there is proof about God’s existence.

Oneness brings the union of all religions

February 1, 1960

[While talking about the union of all religions, Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) used a metaphor as water, aquoa, pani (used by Muslims), jal (used by Bengali Hindus) bring the unity of all religions, because all these indicate the same object (As in different religions Hindus use the term ‘Bhagawan’, Christians use the term ‘God’, Muslim use the term ‘Allah’. But all the terms indicate God.]

In this context Diamond said, using this metaphor ‘Union of different religions’ cannot be achieved. But see Thakur used all the metaphors with outer objects or in macrocosm. But here we have got it in microcosm or in esoteric condition. Even if we consider this as his forecast, this will carry  significant meaning i.e., esoteric meaning.

Now come on! What is the alternate meaning of water? Life (‘Jiban’ in Bengali), and my name is Jiban. So there is no problem about the unification of different religions. There is only one name and that is ‘Jiban’. A Muslim has to see ‘Jiban’, a European has to see ‘Jiban’ and so a Hindu. All have to see ‘One’ named ‘Jiban’. There is no hatred, no zeal, no confusion. One among many – what a wonderful phenomenon, just imagine!

The spiritual form of the whole human race is Jibankrishna or Diamond

February 2, 1960.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) said, ‘God in the form of saints, God in the form of frauds, God in the form of thieve, God in the form of cheaters.’ But now he was seeing all these things! These are the worldly lives of human beings. Let him say that all those frauds, thieves, saints are I! What you are seeing here? Everybody is I (All categories are seeing his form within them). There is no question of these distinctions. In the spiritual world I am all these categories and this are taught by you. Throughout my life sitting in a place I went on learning from you, and I am waiting with a hope how many more I shall learn.

Swami Vivekananda’s ‘Point of Union’- merely intellectual

February 29, 1960

About two thousand years ago Nagarjuna imagined ‘Abolokiteswer Bodhisatwa’. What did he say? – ‘Each and every human being will achieve ‘Parinirvan’ (Liberty) and then only ‘Ablokiteswar’ will get the liberty or ‘parinirvan’. But actually there was no such person name ‘Ablokiteswar’. But its literal meaning is – who visualize God, he is ‘Abdokiteswar’. But where to see him? Within this body. In undercurrent  the object of Nagarjuna was that every human being should be transformed into Buddha.

And Swamiji’s (Swami Vivekananda) plan was thus – keeping own religion intact each one should reach a point where they can be united into one. That was the ‘Point of Union’ of Swamiji – wonderful plan! He was a great genius no doubt as this though came into his brain.

So Nagarjuna’s ‘Abolokiteswar’ was imagined centering an individual – though one sided and Swamiji’s ‘Point of Union’ being combined are both giving proof being manifested in every human being and will give proof in future, and that point is my form.

God is a Perpetual Motion

February – March, 1960

Do you know what is God? God is a motion – a perpetual motion. The spontaneous motion of the human body is always continuing – It was mentioned by Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) in another way, though he could not conceive its meaning. He was lying on his bed and Latu (one of his disciple was massaging his legs At this moment Thakur asked Latu, ‘Hey Latu, can you say, when God sleeps’? Latu replied, ‘How do I know that’? Hearing this Thakur told him, ‘Oh! Does God sleep any time? He is always in awakening stage and due to this we can sleep.’

A human being has come to this world to become God. Just see in my case! This phenomenon has started in my life from 12 years 4 months age and now I am 67 years old. What have I understood? I understood that He (God) is one. Nothing more I have understood except this oneness.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 13, July, 2016


Before starting my story I want to introduce Keramutalla Seikh who was a cycle-rickshaw-puller in most parts of his life, having a strange go of life.

In 1947, he passed matriculation examination and got a service in Police department as police constable. But even this profession could not suit him because. After some years he could not resist the corruptions and so resigned. Then he started a small business. But again as he could not cheat people in business he left this profession. He ultimately took his profession as a cycle-rickshaw puller and came to Santipur town leaving his home land at Lalbag of Murshidabad district, West Bengal State, India.

At Santipur, he used to take me here and there whenever required. One day, probably in the year 1987-88, I was having a discussion with one of my cousin sister about my magazine and he was waiting there. After a while, when I was returning he asked me, ‘Can you give me such book’? I agreed and after coming home I gave him the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) written by Diamond picked up in the street. He was very glad and took it.

Next day he came to me and said, ‘What a good book it is! I liked this sentence where it is written – God or Allah is within the human body’! Thereafter he always used to take the magazines and the books whenever published. He began to have dreams as well as realizations in reality though for a long, long time he could not realize whom he used to see until after long years I showed him the photograph of Diamond whom he could identify instantly that the same person used to appear in his dream as well as in reality. I told him to submit his experiences for my magazine and he did that.

His realizations in dreams and reality are as such :

  1. One night I fell in a deep sleep after thinking about my hard life. Suddenly I heard a voice, ‘you have slept! This is a dirty place, wakeup’. Just before I woke up. I saw an old man went away. Standing on my feet I saw a snake in front of me.

2)    One day I was walking beside the river Ganges in reality. I heard that somebody was saying from my inside. ‘Go cautiously’. Suddenly there was an erosion of the river bank just in front of me. I understood Allah saved me.

3)    One day I had another incident in reality. In the evening I was seated on my rickshaw being ill. I was on an attempt for a passenger as I badly needed money. I was thinking what to do. Just at this moment somebody pushed me on the backside saying, ‘Go’! Looking behind I saw a gentleman. He told me to go to Charaktala. I Said, ‘which Charaktala’? (Because there are two Charaktalas in Santipur). So I carried him to Charaktala by my rikshaw. Getting down he gave a hundred rupees note and when he was going away. I said, ‘I shall take ten rupees fare, as I have no change of hundred rupees.’ But saying ‘I don’t required’ he went away and vanished. I doubted whether he was my inner god who helped me in such a manner?

4)   One night I dreamt, some ruffians came and pushing me out of my bed was trying to hit me with bamboo poles. I was crying, but saw suddenly that another group of people came with poles and seeing them those ruffians ran away. At this moment the same old gentleman came and said, ‘look! Don’t be afraid, I am always with you.’ I went on thinking, who is this gentleman who appears in my dream and reality off and on??

5)    One night I was sitting on my cycle- rikshaw being greatly worried  about my family trouble. At that moment the same gentleman came and told me to go home immediately. So did I. And immediately after my departure there was a great chaos in that area. I understood that the same person warned me like that. But I never got the opportunity of asking him anything as in reality he never gave me opportunity to talk to him and I also had sucha great respect for the gentleman that I always had a hesitation to talk to him.

6)    One day lying on my bed in the evening I was trying to sleep. But due to tension for my poverty, I could not sleep. That day I badly needed money. However, one time I fell asleep and dreamt that somebody was pushing me saying, ‘wake up, there is a passenger for you.’ I woke up and saw, really a passenger was waiting for me. I took him to his destination and got a good amount of money, which was a great help to me.

I used to feel surprise that all the time during my distress conditions this old man always appears and removes the hazards.

All the above incidents happened in between 1998 and 2006 A.D

On 27.1.2010, I had a remarkable dream: I saw some people completely naked coming to our residence, as if they would cut my wife into pieces. Just then I saw the old man with a turban on his head and a small stick came and shouted at them,’Get out from here’! They fled immediately and I also woke up and felt a great peace and joy.

When I went to Santipur, Keramatulla narrated the dream to me. Strangely, I never showed him Diamond’s photo. This time I showed him Diamond’s photo. Seeing the photo he said, ‘I have been seeing him so many times in my dreams and reality.He must be Allah who always appears before me and saves me.’ He said,  ‘I can say that, I have achieved a great peace and divine joy in my mind. So in spite of my hazardous life. I never get morose or nervous. And this has become possible due to Diamond’s grace.



Volume 13, July, 2016

Chapter 76

Merging  of  reality  and  dream

347)  10th  March,  1979. Sunday. Place: Kalimpong

Early morning dream of the first night: Binay Mukherjee, a devotee was in a standing posture in front of me. Some discussions were going on and once I said, ‘I am going to have deep meditation and saying this I was going to be dissolute, my sleep became lighter and during this half awakening condition it was seeming to me that my body became paralyzed, though forcibly I drag my mind to reality and then I was fully awakened.

Blessings  of  Adyasakti  or  Holy  Mother  and  indication

of  future  achievement  of  mass  austerity

348)     25th March, 1979.  Sunday.    Early morning dream:   A prostitute was taking me to a restaurant for giving me a treat. Both of us sat in the restaurant. The rice was served to us. I noticed that the rice was of very superior quality which a few days ago I ate along with Jibankrishna in a dream. I ate a huge quantity of rice and finished all.

[As soon as I woke up it flashed in my mind that by the grace of the Holy Mother (The Prostitute as womanfolk represents Holy Mother in the spiritual world) I shall achieve very superior type of austerity in future i.e, the universal austerity.]

Merging of dream and reality

349) 27th March, 1979, Tuesday.

In the midnight in my half awakened condition I felt that the word ‘Bhagwan’(God) was continually and spontaneously uttered in my mouth. How long it continued that was not remembered, but it seemed to me that this was happening in an awakened condition. But actually when I fully awakened I realized that it was my dream or trance.

[The sense of difference between dream and reality is going to be annihilated within the seer.]

Destruction of evil – Establishment of goodness – the future indication

350) 1st April, 1979, Sunday.

Early morning dream:  I saw myself in a room where many devotees had assembled discussing about Sri Sri Ram Krishna Kathamrita(The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) and sayings of  Jibankrishna. Himangshu Das, a devotee was also present there. He said something and suddenly lied down with an ecstasy. I also saw my own father there. Sometimes was also reading Kathamrita (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna).

In another scene I noticed a tall figured man named Subho (Auspicious) who had injuries throughout the body. The injuries were so much that many places of the body were without flesh with bones seen from outside looking like leprosy diseased man. He was willing at his utmost to hug me saying repeatedly, ‘at least once you come to me.’ His motive was, if he would hug me, all his infuries would be recovered and he would achieve peace. So in spite of unwillingness I went to him and he began to pass his hands on my body again and again and at this moment I woke up.

The dream may show the present condition of the world when situations everywhere have become worst without peace. It is seeking peace and it can only be recovered through the practice of Diamond’s culture were the whole human race will be ‘one’ through Brahma-hood.

Indication of great war – future indication

351) 3rd April, 1979, Tuesday.

Early morning dream :  I saw many devotees of Diamond and I was forecasting to some of them.’ The great war will occur, it is coming.’ I said many things but none of them was remembered and the dream went off.

The indication of the dream was similar to that of 5th March, 1979, where the evils will be eradicated by goodness in future which was shown in 1.4.79. In microcosm it indicates the effect within the body of the seer. It means that there will be war between good and evil within the body and the animal passions will be eradicated by divinity.

Forecast – Spreading of Diamond’s cult

352) 8th April, 1979, Sunday.

Early morning dream:  I was saying to a devotees, Arun Ghosh, ‘See, whoever will see  Jibankrishna (Diamond) within them, they will only survive ultimately. Mr. Ghosh and another devotee Mr. Binay Roy could not grasp it properly and asked for more clarification. So I further explained, ‘ It is not like this that others will die quickly and those who will see Jibankrishna within themselves will thrive. This process will occur slowly and gradually through several generations. Gradually the number of people increase who will see Jibankrishna within themselves and this will happen through generations.  This is the truth! This is the truth! This is the Truth!’ Whenever I was uttering these sentences, I was experiencing ‘Samadhi’ jerking my head in the same fashion as Diamond used to have in reality. Then I woke up.

[The  dream is self-explanatory and indicates future.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 13, July, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

A day at Dakshineswar

Saturday, April 5, 1884

  1. “But manifestation of God in a man takes place in a greater degree”.

There is no other receptacle for God to get Himself manifested save and except the human body.

The idea of one section of Vedanta is that God permeates the Universe through and through. It is but a very happy imagination as no proof of it has ever been put forward.

Thakur’s realization in the temple of Kali, the goddess of Dakshineswar, that the whole inside of the temple containing any and every article was besmeared with God’s Light (Chaitanya or Consciousness) was explained by Himself when He declared that a jaundice-eyed man sees everything yellow.

The thing happens in the fourth plane. Your eyes are covered with yellow color which is but a reflection of the light newly manifested in the fourth plane. So with those eyes on whichever side you may turn, you shall be seeing yellow. This is a misconception or wrong way of explaining that God permeates the Universe through and through.

Yes, a man spontaneously gets himself transformed into Atman, God, or Brahma.

In a man when God incarnates as an Avatar, He is confined within the very same body. It is individualism and it does not bear any proof. It is Semitic or Dravidian cult. It is but a half measure.

When God manifests Himself as Brahma, it bears proof. It is Aryan cult and its proof will be realized by thousands and thousands of members of the human race as He will be seen by them within their own bodies.

It is but the evolution of the Life Power. The capacity of the Life Power cannot be gauged. Hence it is called Nirguna Brahma.

  1. “Being entrapped in the snare of the five elements, even Brahma Himself weeps”.

Every man is Brahma in embryo. Every man wants to be liberated. His body allures and entices him to remain confined in the body. He forgets his own proper Self or Godhood.

  1. “Don’t be forgetting that Rama had to weep for being stricken with grief at the bereavement of Sita”.

Sita – is the causal body. In the upward progress of the Life Power the causal body in the form of a god or goddess vanishes. But the aspirant for his devotion to his Ishta does not want to part with it.

It was so with Sri Radha – the heroine of the Bhagavat.

It was so with Sri Chaitanya.

It was so with Sri Thakur in the cottage at Panchavati when He was instructed by Totapuri Maharaj for Nirvikalpa Samadhi.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 13, July, 2016

How I saw Jibankrishna (Diamond) in dream before seeing his photo

Mrs. Sandhya Rudra from Bolpur Reading Centre has narrated her experience thus :

During my service life I had to stay at Nabadwip (Nadia District of WestBengal State, India) and search for a new residence. During this period we came in contact with a gentleman. His name was Bholanath Mukherjee. At the first introduction we had such discussion that both my husband and I got a new light of life. We got a rental house adjacent to his residence. We heard from him for the first time that God is within every human being. None of us is either superior or inferior. Every human being is same. God-the-Preceptor is within everybody, and by his grace he appears within the body. Even in dream God can be visualized.

From him we came to know about Jibankrishna who has interpreted the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna on the basis of his own spiritual experiences. The name of the Bengali book is ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization) in English version.

After a few days I got a magazine ‘Manikya’ from my colleague Mrs. Champa Ghosh and in that night I saw a dream : I saw that Champa and I went out for an official tour. Suddenly I saw that on a road two five feet long and thick snakes were intermingled with each other. We were about to cross them, one of them remained inert and another one chased me. I flew with a great speed in the air. Suddenly I saw two breads in my hand and tearing it I was throwing the pieces to them and flew away. Ultimately throwing all the pieces to the snake I came to a portico of a temple and lost sense. Then getting back my sense I began to move round the temple with other people, though I did not enter into the temple. It was only dark inside. Then my dream was off.

[The dream indicates that by coming in contact with Jibnakrishna’s companion and reading the magazine on Jibankrishna the grace of God is showered on the seer. Moreover darkness inside the temple shows that there is no God in a temple. This human body is the temple where God is found.]

In my second dream I saw that my office colleague Mrs. Champa Ghosh and Bhupal were seated on a boat in a river. I also got up. I saw the steer man on the boat. He wore a red-ochred dress up to knee with short beard. He sailed the boat and after crossing both the sides twice we returned in the evening, while I was crossing the field on the ridges my dream was off.

[River is the life span; steer man – God -the -Preceptor or Jibankrishna who was unknown. Later on she recognized the steer man as Jibankrishna after seeing photo.]

One noon time I saw in a dream that I was standing near the door of Radhikamohan Mukherjee’s residence where I used to listen to the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. I saw that Sri Ramkrishna and Jibankrishna were seated on mats side by side. Then Sri Rankrishnba stood with both his hands in the posture of yoga and approaching towards the wall vanished. Standing near the door I observed this scene and then my dream was off.

[The seer saw Jibankrishna who only remained in her life.]

One night in the year 2003, I saw in my dream several steps of fields, and on one field a gigantic man was seated. On his huge flat belly many of our listeners were listening to the reading. When I woke up I realized that the gigantic man was Jibankrishna himself.

[In Upanishad Parama Brahma or the Supreme Self was mentioned as minutest and biggest.  Here the seer had the same vision.]

Nitya Gopal Rudra.

Nitya Gopal Rudra from School Bagan, Bolpur (Birbhum district of West Bengal state, India) has narrated his dreams thus:

In the year 1989 I felt a great urge to join the gathering of Jibankrihna devotees on 26th January. But I could not attend it I had grown a grief on Jibankrishna. In that very night he removed it from my mind by appearing in my dream. I saw that in the residence of Himangshu Babu at Ballygunge, Kolkata the function was going on. Pushing the door I entered in to the room and saw that it was packed up with devotees. On one side the boys and girls of the reading centers were performing the function. Snehamay looked at me with both surprise and Joy thinking how could I come there. I smiled. The harmonium was played with other musical instruments. Behind them was kept a throne and behind that a big portrait of Jibankrishna was placed. In front of the portrait Jibankrishna was standing. He blessed me with both his hands in yoga posture. I was overwhelmed with Joy and then my dream was off.

[ God-the-Preceptor thus eliminates the grief of the seer.]

On August 31, 1998 I saw in my dream that I had gone to the residence of Jibankrishna. He was half-laying on a wooden platform holding a book. Going nearer I saw that it was a book written by Willium Shakespeare. He looked at me and smiled with a motive that I had gone to him after such a long gap. Then I sat near him and had a long gossip with him. He was talking with me like a friend. I was enjoying his companion and then my dream was off.

[ In his life time Jibankrishna used to tell others, ‘ Take me as your friend not as ‘Guru’ or Preceptor or God’. The seer had such experience]



Volume 13, July, 2016

Chapter 38

Visualization of the universe within Jibankrishna

December 15, 1960:

Bholanath Mukherjee (To Jibankrishna) – I was seeing in my dream a room having only one door completely opened. Leaning against the door with a standing posture you were looking outside. Through the gap of your body and the door I was also seeing the outside scene with endless trees, forests and the sea and hills behind them. The tops were looking white. In the room only brother Moni and I were present. Showing you I was saying to brother Moni, ‘He is God’.  Brother Moni said, ‘How is that? What is the proof that he is God?’ I said, ‘Have you not got the proof yet? Where is God? He is within the human body, then we are getting the proof that he is God’. But is seemed that brother Moni could not be satisfied. During that time I noticed that you were looking so calm and complacent which I cannot describe. The solemnity of the whole world seemed to be personified within you.

Then from that position slowly you came inside the room and stood in the middle of the room. Addressing brother Moni he asked, ‘Say what is your idea about God?’ You uttered twice these words, but those were carrying so much gravity that these seemed to be echoed throughout the whole world. Being surprised I went on looking at you. The calmness of the whole world was expressed in your eyes and it was so strange! The outside world which I saw through your gaps I was now seeing within your eyes. I lost my consciousness and could not see brother Moni and not even you. I could only see your eyes and the whole world within you. Seeing this whole scene I slept within my sleep.

When I really woke up I saw that my body was shivering and had no strength in my body.

Jibankrishna – The whole world is within the Atman or Soul in individualism but that is proof less. But I am within your brain and this whole universe is within me. You saw ‘Viswarup’ (Universe in Atman) within me.

Proof of Godhood of Jibankrishna through dream

December 17, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Dhiren Roy saw a dream. He saw that he was walking through a hilly road and ultimately reached a hut. He became so tired that he was thinking had he get a cup of tea it would have been nice. Just at this moment a hill tribal girl came out of the hut and asked him, ‘Do you want to drink tea?’ Dhiren agreed and entered into the room which ahd no door but there was a cover of cane. Entering into the room he saw a picture of a man on a mirror. He asked the girl, ‘Is it a picture of Guru Nanak?’ She said, ‘No, it is the picture of God’. Then Dhiren noticed that it was the picture of mine and at its bottom it was written ‘He is God himself’.

‘Himself’ means in whom godhood is manifested he himself is transformed into God.

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream after reading the Foreword of his book ‘Religion and Realization’

December 22, 1960:

A 35 years old person fell in ecstasy after entering into Jibankrishna’s room. After he became normal Jibankrishna told the listeners, ‘He uses to read the Foreword of his book ‘Religion and Realization’ everyday and then has seen me in dream. Being asked by Jibankrishna the person narrated his dream. It is as such: ‘After reading your book I saw a dream in the night. I was passing before your corridor through the lane in front of your house. Your east facing window was open and I saw through the window that you were seated on your cot with bare upper body. Then my dream was off’.