(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 14, July, 2016

Chapter 59

Through a simple and honest livelihood a man can achieve the true Religion

February – March, 1960

Now I have understood one thing. Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is saying, ‘’After visualizing God the man has no more work left.’ When he was offering to his dead father, the water percolated through his palms. What matters to that? Nothing. He himself visualized God. And here what has happened? The Godhood has manifested here, and this is the difference.

Throughout my life I had spent my livelihood through service, but yet why people see me in dreams instead of Thakur? This has become the standard in the world. Whatever I have done in my life human beings will follow that. This is called the idealism. As I have got that oracle, ‘There will be effect of this idealism and the human race will get this effect.’ Whatever I will say henceforth will be the cosmic law. It is said, whatever a true Saint says, that produces effect. Who is the Real Saint? God, when you see me within you, I am your own self and when you see me outside, I am becoming God.

This has been mentioned by Katho Upanishad thus:

As the one fire has entered the world;

And becomes corresponding in form to every form;

So the Inner Soul of all beings;

Is corresponding in form to every form, and

Yet is outside. (5.9)

Religion is a phenomenon with proof

March 8, 1960.

When this ego consciousness is eradicated? See, when I say that off and on I see many of you in trance, at that very moment with my single reaction you appear before me. What is its meaning? With my minimum reaction it shows that I have no existence, you are there in my place. And when is your ego-consciousness gone? As soon as you are seeing me within you. When is the starting point of a man’s spiritual life? Whenever you are seeing me within you, your spiritual life begins as this is a phenomenon with proof. This is such a thing that the world will bear proof.

See, Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) gave a positive aspect of religion. That is to visualize God. But what is the proof of achieving Godhood? The world will give proof that he has achieved Godhood after seeing him within themselves.

The Real knowledge is the spiritual oneness

March 10, 1960

Pure intellect – that is mental – individualism. But what we are seeing here, this is the real knowledge. I am all these. In such a manner every human being is so. What is this divine intellect? It is happening spontaneously in Nature and we are merely the seers. We cannot conceive this phenomenon.

Jibankrishna has crossed the realizations of the seventh plane

March 21, 1960

For some days it is striking in my brain – why Vedas mentioned about only five sheaths or seven planes? But I saw that there are more sheaths and I had realizations of those sheaths. But as Vedas have mentioned about only five sheaths or seven planes, so I also did not that. But they merely mentioned about the five sheaths without any realizations. In that case I have mentioned my realizations so vividly and clearly so many times. But do you know what happened? I have such realizations which do not come under those planes. My realization of the mysterious ‘Mayamurti’ (Mysterious form of woman), what is the category of that realization? So many realizations I have experienced which cannot be considered in any of the planes or sheaths. For this I have only mentioned about the realizations of the five sheaths seven planes.

Then it flashes in my mind, that Veddas have mentioned about the seven plains, but why Tantra have mentioned about ‘Satchakra’ (Sixth Circle)? This is due to deterioration of the body. Tantra could not find seven planes and so they could not say about the seventh plane. This means that they only had their realizations up to sixth plane. So whatever they saw they would mention about that!

Rejection of Individualistic austerity

February – March, 1960

‘Ista’ (Gods or Goddesses) is visualized in the sixth plane – that is a presupposition object. This happened in case of Sri Aravinda. In Alipore jail he saw Basudeva (Lord Sri Rmkrishna) and he mentioned it as his visualization of God. But who said that this Basudeva was God? He supposed it. This means that this was his presupposed object. And how did he know? He did not achieve God-the-Preceptor. Lele was his preceptor. However, you should know it from my book where I have clearly described it. Now I have made my book as public property. Previously I feared that public might perform fraud with these things. But now I have rejected the individualistic austerity. There is no need of such austerity in future. We have got a new criteria about visualization of God and for that reason I have made my book as public property. Whatever public want let them do it. Such realization about visualizing God is recorded wonderfully in my book in the world history. (‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ in Bengali and ‘Religion and Realization’ in English. After reading this book innumerable people irrespective of races, religions, sexes and ages see Jibankrishna in dreams, trances, meditations and even in reality during his life time and even after forty four years of his demise in 1967, getting him as their God-the-Preceptor).



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 14, July, 2016


Ms Jyoti Kumar, an Agricultural expert was my junior colleague at the Agri-Horticultural Society of India, Kolkata. After graduating in Agriculture, she got married and joined the Agri-Horticultural Society of India, Calcutta.

In August, 1997, I joined the Society as Landscape advisor. She was much junior to me, but due to regard and hesitation she could not dare to talk too much except some official matters.

One day during a discussion about dreams with my typist Mrs. Banerjee, she told her, ‘I use to have dreams and sometimes those happen in real life. I use to see gods and goddesses and I had keen interest in religious matter from my childhood.’ When I came to know about it, I become curious and asked her about the type of dreams. So she narrated some of her dreams seen since last August as described in her version :

‘In August, I dreamed one day that I was standing beside a lake and saw many people standing there. I asked them, ‘What happened there’? One of them said,’ God is seen inside the lake. If you wish you can also see that.’ So, I went there and looked through the water. With great surprise I saw only beautiful greeneries therewith a very sweet music. It was so calm situation there! I came out but having something in my mind, I again went there and this time I saw inside the transparent water a face with beard and smiling face looking at me. He was an old man. My dream went off, but that face still was illuminating in front of me.

The next incident was stranger. After two days these dream, I was returning to our apartment from the Society. I saw that an old man with the same face seen in the dream was walking in front of me. I was surprised as I thought, ‘Oh, I have seen him in dream two days ago!’ I was thinking to ask him questions, but felt a bit shyness to talk to him as the gate keepers were sitting nearby. While thinking all these, I noticed that he, with a smiling face was looking at me. Being puzzled I went home.

In September, I again saw a dream like this: That same man bearded with a shortcut hair style, and wearing a white dress was standing in a cloud and numerous devotees with folded hands were standing around him. It was a clam situation. A devotee told me, ‘He is our master; you pay your salute to him’. So did I.

One feeling I had at that time that so long I was there, I had a strange calmness in my mind. Even after the dream I had the same feeling’.

When she narrated all these dreams and incidents to me I told that I would bring a photo of a man whether she could recognize him.

Next day I brought two photos, one with sitting posture without beard and bald head and in another he was beard and short cut hair style taken for cemetery work from Hospital after he expired due to cancer.

When she saw the first one, could not recognize, but seeing the second one with a great astonishment she said, ‘Oh, I have seen this man in my dreams and reality!’

I explained to her everything about this man who was known as Jibankrishna or Diamond. I also said that Diamond is the cosmic Law- he is merged in the five elements in his lifetime and so people everywhere see him in dreams or reality without hearing or knowing anything about him.

I shall finish my story after hearing from her another incident happened in May, 2000 when she left the job and used to stay at home. As she narrated :

‘That was morning. I went out of my flat. My elder son was 6 and the younger was one plus.’

The sky was cloudy and it started drizzling. I feared about my children as they might be drenched. So I was frantically searching for a taxi. Suddenly I heard an old man’s voice, ‘come my mother, I called a taxi for you’. I ran towards the taxi and entered into the taxi and again heard the same voice, ‘Mother are you seated well’? I was then placing my children on the seat thinking that I had to thank him. All on a suddenly it flashed in my mind, ‘oh, this is the same old man whom I saw in dreams and in reality beforehand’! A strange feeling was playing then in my mind. Meanwhile the driver, asked me, ‘well mother, who was that old gentleman who called me for you? Where did he go? He was here a short while ago’? I realized that, all the incidents were real and the taxi driver saw him also. But, it remained mystery to me why he was showering his blessings upon me repeatedly’. When she told me this, I told Jyoti,’ God really has his, blessings upon you. You are a blessed lady’

13th November, 1997.



Volume 14, July, 2016


Experience  of  Jibankrishna’s  realizations

353).     9th April, 1979.  Monday.   Early morning dream:   I saw the house of Indranath Mukherjee, a devotee situated at Makardah, Howrah District, though it seemed that it was situated at Kadamtala, Howrah. Many devotees had gathered there, spending time with reading of Kathamrita, Jibankrishna’s sayings, meditation etc with eating and drinking also. Once I went out for a walk. I was passing by the playground beside Bantra School. At that moment I fell into a different mental state. My eyes almost became closed feeling a sense of meditation and it seemed to me as if I was not walking in reality although I was in full sense. I  could see the road with my head downwards and eyes fixed on the road. People were passing by but they were unnoticed by me who seemed like shadows. At that moment I had no worldly sense. This type of state also used to happen with Jibankrishna when he used to walk on road. Then I continued walking for a while and then the dream went off.

[The dream gave experience of the same spiritual condition of Jibankrishna to the seer.]

Freedom  of  all  bindings

354).     15th April, 1979.  Sunday.   Noon time dream:   I was walking on a road wearing a pair of sandal on feet. Thereafter I entered into a room and keeping my sandals inside the room I went out again. After a while returning there I saw the sandals were missing. So I came back with barefooted.

[The dream indicates that the seer will be free from all bindings in his life.]


 Indication  of  change  of  life  style

355).      6th May, 1979.  Sunday. Place:  Ghatshila.    Early morning dream:   A huge building was seen where I was moving on the top floor. From there I was about to go downwards and noticed that the steps were very unusual and wonderful unlike the conventional steps, well arranged step by step. I was going downwards very smoothly and quickly. Seeing this style many people were discussing among themselves, ‘How wonderfully he is going down’!

At last I descended on the ground floor but still then I was not walking on foot. I was floating in air up to chest height from one place to another. Here the dream went off.

[The meaning was revealed instantly thus:  Big house—Brain with big capacity; Going down – Descent; Everybody is appreciating which means the descent during the seer’s austerity will be in a correct way by the grace of God . Floating in air for going here and there instead of using foot means the seer’s process of austerity will be in an unconventional way which may influence his future lifestyle.]

Gaining  of  power  to  transmit  spiritual  power  to  others

356).   18th May, 1979. Friday.  Early morning dream:   One of my friends Amitava by name had come to me (In reality he raised a question about the seer’s movement to Makardah and Ghatsila off and on, but the seer diverted this question to other topics).

I told him about Jibankrishna and then narrated about thousand years history of the spiritual world starting from the very first religious teacher up to Sri Ramkrishna and then how further development occurred in Jibankrishna. All these I narrated in short and my friend very keenly and attentively listened to my narration. Then he went out by a car and the dream went off.

[The dream indicates that in reality whenever the seer will talk to anybody about spiritual aspects the listener will be motivated without any objection.]

Control  over  evil  Nature

357).      19th May, 1979.  Saturday.    Early morning dream:  A thread like snake was seen. It was highly poisonous. I pressed it on earth firmly so that it could not do any harm. It lied on earth half dead. After a long time it went away somewhere almost lifelessly. Here the dream went off.

[One meaning came in the mind thus:  The seer has grown a power of controlling evil nature. But some other meaning may come later on.]

The  dream  seemed  to  be  real

358).     A few days after the previous dream seen on 19. 5. 79, I had an early morning dream:  I was sleeping in the top floor room of my residence. Suddenly in the early morning my cousin brother was pushing the door, shouting, ‘Get up!, Get up’! The voice was so loud that I hastily got up and went to open the door but immediately realized that it was a dream and nobody was outside.

Again I went to bed, and in a trance it flashed in my mind—Oh! The name of my brother was Suprabhat, means good morning! Then it was carrying some good senses! Then I woke up.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 14, July, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “The demon Hiranyaksha was to be killed. God incarnated Himself as a sow. Hiranyaksha was killed. But God would not go back to His heavenly abode. The sow’s life was a great enjoyment to Him. Several young ones were born to him and He was very happy with them. The gods in heaven felt the separation. They consulted Siva and requested him to bring god to heaven. Siva agreed, came to the sow, made Him known His Godhood, but the sow disagreed to leave the body. Then Siva with his trident destroyed the sow-body. The Lord came out a-laughing and went to His Heavenly abode”.

It is a very fine allegory where it is clearly depicted a through picture of a man for attainment of Godhood.

Demon Hiranyaksha – Egoism or ‘I’-ness.

Sow – a living picture of animality but yet there is Godhood in embryo in the sow even.

Hiranyaksha was killed – Animality was partly annihilated.

The ten Avatars are – (a) Fish, (b) Tortoise, (c) Sow, (d) Half-man and half-lion, (e) The Dwarf, (f) Parasurama, (g) Rama, (h) Krishna, (i) Buddha and (i) Kalki.

All the ten Avatars are but the ten aspects of an aspirant in the process of the Life Power transforming into God. They are all seen within the body as the Life Power marches in its upward course.

(a) Fish – a symbol of Atman in the first stage. Life Power is in the Pranamaya Kosha. Water represents Pranamaya Kosha. Fish is an aquatic animal.

(b) Tortoise – The same as fish. It denotes better life than fish.

(c) Sow – A quadruped – living on land – between the navel and the heart.

(d) Half-man and half-lion – The animal life is changing into divine life – divine and animal consciousness both combined – from heart to throat – the fourth plane and the fifth plane.

(e) The Dwarf – divinity but not in the full-fledged form. It is the sixth plane.

(f) Parasurama – It is the seventh plane and the zone of Raja Guna. Parasurama killed all the Kshatriyas. These Kasatriyas or warriors represent worldly activities. Each and every activity (Rajas) was annihilated.

(g) Rama – Knowledge of the Vedanta.

(h) Krishna – Vedanta and the Descent.

(i) Buddha – Practical moralities for the benefit of the society.

(j) Kalki – Universalism – having no restrictions or barriers or obstructions for transforming all into one in the spiritual world. All the time-worn ancient bindings have been set at naught. It is the summum bonum or the greatest manifestation of the Life Power. It is time now to remember the great Swami Vivekananda – “Being one with Divinity, there cannot be any further progress in that sense”.

Go back to His heavenly abode – the seventh plane.

Several young ones – plenty many fresh desires and thirsts for further enjoyment of the animal life.

Gods in heaven – the good cells in the cerebrum.

Separation – Pang of separation gives birth to a keen yearning.

They consulted Siva etc. – they united into one.

Siva – God-the-Preceptor of the Universe.

Siva agreed – God-the-Preceptor made the sow realize the sportive forms of the self.

Trident – In the medulla oblongata these three forks represent the three streams of Life Power as they come from the Muladhar and ultimately they make their way in the cerebrum where ego-consciousness is annihilated. The stick of the trident represent the backbone. The three forks at head of the trident represent – (1) Ida, (2) Pingala, and (3) Sushumna.

Destroyed the sow body – became devoid of the sense of the physical body.

Lord came out – Atman separated from the body.

A-laughing – indicating pleasure – i.e. Bliss in Samadhi.

Went to His heavenly abode – became Brahma.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 14, July, 2016

Initiation of Charupally Reading Center, Bolpur

In the month of January, 1987 on the basis of two dreams the reading center at Charupally, Bolpur (Birbhum district of West Bengal, India) was inaugurated and it was decided that every Saturday of each week Jibankrishna or Diamond’s Bengali book should be read.

In the month of august of the same year again it was instructed in six dreams that in addition, every Wednesday the reading should be continued.

From the adjacent villages like Sultanpur, Monoharpur, Ballavpur, Islampur, Ruppur, Bahadurpur, Surul, Jambuni, Sian, Bolpur and Santiniketan many people of different sexes, ages and religions have started attending this centre and narrated their dreams on Jibankrishna. A few dreams of some students are given as such:

Sabyasachi Ghosh a five years old child and student of class one from Charupally narrated his dreams thus:

  1. One day in the year 1989 Dhren Mondal and Himangshu Das (Companions of Jibankrishna) came in the evening during Holi festival. When they were listening to the voice of Jibankrishna in the tape recorder in a special programme, I closed my eyes and saw that Jibankrishna came to our house and filled up a bucket with marigold flowers. From where he was picking up flowers and again new flowers were blooming. I asked him, ‘why are you picking our flowers?’ He said, ‘Are you the owner of this room that you are preventing me?’ Then the dream was off.

[Room means the body; Flowers means the brain cells of good prejudices. Jibankrishna is God-the-preceptor. He blooms cells of divinity and it is endless.]

2.I dreamed that there was a picture of a chariot one of my books. On the chariot were seated two persons. One of them was bare on the upper body with short hair cut. Another one was also bare the upper body with curled hair. After waking up I realized that one of them was Jai and another one was Jibankrishna.

[Chariot is this body which is the container of God.]

  1. On February 21, 1990 one nail was pricked under my feet. I had to take injection in the hospital. In that night I dreamed that a nail was pricked into my feet and I had gone to hospital. The Doctor was Jibankrishna himself. He gave me injection and after patting me said, ‘It will be okay.’ When I woke up I felt that I had no pain on my feet. I felt a great joy.

[By spiritual power the healing may occur]

  1. In one night in the year 1990 I saw in my dream that there was a riot between Hindus and Muslims. After a while Jibankrishna came and told them to stop. The riot was at once stooped and my dream was off.

[In future when this oneness will be established after getting Jibankrishna within the body, real peace will be established because human race of different religions will understand that God or Allah is within this body and not in temples, churches or mosques. Then real love will emerge from within the body. This was also the forecast of Jibankrishna.]

  1. In the year 1991, in one night I saw a dream that the house of brother Mahadev was illuminated with bright light. Then I saw a lotus and from it Jibankrishna came out with a smiling face. The dream was off.

[Lotus – cerebrum or seventh plane and this is the place of God. Room is this body and it was illuminated with the knowledge of oneness which is symbolized by Mahadev or Lord Shiva.]

  1. July 29, 2003, Noon time dream.:

I lied on the bed and slept for a moment I dreamed that my father and I had gone to Digha seabeach (Midnapur district of West Bengal state, India). I saw a big hotel and inside a large room an aged healthy tall man was laying almost half dead. He seemed to be Jibankrishna. I told one person, Tell him that Sabyasachi and Sridhar had come.’ Come, come near me!’ I went to him and saw that he was Jibankrishna himself. Then he put one of his legs on my father’s head and another one my head. My father held his leg tightly and began to cry. I also cried with joy. Then my dream was off.

[Both the seer and his father got the blessing of Jibankrishna.]

  1. One night in the middle of January, 2004 I saw in a dream that along with some friends I picked up a dead body from a well. The body became rotten. Suddenly I noticed that he was smiling. What a strange thing. How did he become alive! All of us became overwhelmed with surprise. At that moment we got an oracle, ‘Before committing suicide he said, ‘Hail Jibankrishna’ and so that he did not die. Then my dream went off.

[To die means elimination of ego consciousness. Those who wants to eliminate their ego consciousness by self exertion become unsuccessful but with the grace of Jibankrishna’s name they become successful.]

  1. In the year 2004 one night I saw in a dream that I was observing the sunrise on a hill side. The sun rose and at the same time I saw five more suns also rose in the sky. I remembered the words of Sri Ramkrishna in his Gospel, ‘ One true sun and innumerable reflected suns. But how these reflected sun were created could not be understood. I observed minutely and noticed that those five reflected suns were without heat. Suddenly a spark came out of the real sun and fell on earth like a meteor. At that moment it seemed to me. Whatever I would want I shall get it. Then my dream was off.

[The reflected sun gets the attributes of the real sun excepting its real heart or power. But they were enlightened with the light of the real sun.

Jibankrishna is that sun as innumerable see him in dreams and trances. After seeing him within the body the seer get his attributes though in the same measure as he has.]



Volume 14, July, 2016

Chapter 39

The oneness of Jibankrishna will spread among the Europeans through the Americans in future

March 18, 1961:

Radhacharan Mitra (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that you would go to London and became ready. I bowed down to you. Then you started for London by a cargo ship. The ocean was huge and the ship went away far and I was observing it. Thereafter a stormy situation was created. I thought that God Himself was on the ship, so nothing could be happened by storm. At that moment it seemed to me that the Americans would come to see you. The dream was then off.

Jibankrishna – Now I have understood its meaning. This means through the Americans this oneness will spread in Europe. It is a very strange dream!

Nothing is a barrier of seeing Jibankrishna within the body

July 8, 1961:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – In my working place none of my colleagues were exampled from seeing me in dreams.

One person, he was a thief, though of a well-to-do family saw me in dream. He was seeing that both of us were travelling by a Tram. I jumped from the Trum and so he also did, but he could not see me anymore.

Another person, he was also a thief. He was seeing in his dream, that both Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) and I were present. Addressing me Thakur was saying, ‘Have you done all these things forcibly’!

Then think about that Muslim gentleman (Golam Saheb). He was seeing in his dream that I took him to a field holding his hand, and was showing him all the places of Belur Math (Established by Swami Vivekananda). Do you know what does it mean? This is the spontaneous manifestation of Life Power which cannot be checked by any barrier.

The form of Jibankrishna is eternal

July 11, 1961:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Just think about the phenomenon happening here! Without hearing about me or seeing me before how many numbers of people are seeing me dreams! What will you say about them! That Kali (Chakraborty) is sitting here. (Addressing Kali) When you saw me in physical body at the cemetery of Puri?

Kali – Then I was 10 – 11 years old.

Jibankrishna – Not only Kali, including male and female there are innumerable people who are seeing and had seen me in dreams.

[This establishes the fact that the form of Jibankrishna is eternal. His form was present in the past, present and the future also, because even after his demise in 1967 still he is seen by myriads of people in dreams and physical body.]

Indication of Godhood stage of Jibankrishna

July 22, 1961:

Dhiren Roy (To Jibankrishna) – Last night I saw a dream. I was seeing a crowd and you were seated in a place. Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) was explaining to the crowd saying that he (Jibankrishna) has become God. The dream was then off.

Jibankrishna – Thakur was saying that I have become God! What a strange thing! Yes, it is so, but without him I would have got nothing.

Oneness of Jibankrishna is indicated

March 13, 1960:

Dhiren Roy (To Jibankrishna) – In a dream I was seeing that I had gone to a fair. I saw a hermit sitting there at the entrance. Seeing me he said, ‘Why are you making a whole into parts’? Then he said, ‘Go and see the fair, and you will find that everything is Lord Rama’. Hearing his words I went inside the fair and saw many stalls and all the customers and sellers were you.

Jibankrishna – What a strange dream!

Dhiren – Then after visiting the fair I returned to that hermit and saw that in every body hair of the hermit you were seated.

Jibankrishna – The dream is showing oneness. Everything is one which was shown in the dream. Before entering the fair, when the hermit said, ‘Everything is Lord Rama’ – it means ‘Rama’ represents ‘One’. So all are one.








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