(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 15, August, 2016

Chapter 60

Spiritual immortality is achieved through oneness

February – March, 1960

Let me ask you, whether you have become immortal or in other words have you achieved immortality? Give proof whether you have become immortal. See, if ‘one’ is wiped out, what remains? Nothing, Swami Vivekananda said, ‘Give me one and I will give you million.’ That means, in this world ‘one’ is the eternal truth. Only

‘One’ exists in this world – it was in the past and will exist in future. When ‘oneness’ will be achieved ‘Immortality’ will automatically be achieved.

How will you eradicate ‘one’? Because you exist. As you exist, so ‘one’ will exist.

Jibankrishna’s (Diamond) oneness is the combination of Swami Vivekananda’s ‘Point of Union’and Nagarjuna’s ‘Abalokiteswar’.

February – March, 1960

After 500 years of Lord Buddha’s death Nagarjuna imagined three forms of Buddha –

Abalokiteswar Buddha, Amitava Buddha and Maitreya Buddha. These three Buddhas would come in the world to liberate human race.

And then after imagining these three images Buddhists started worshipping them.

Abalokiteswas Buddha, he made an oath that unless a single human being remains without liberty of Soul, he would not take ‘Parinirban’ or liberty of Soul. He made this oath, but does that materialize? No, not at all! There is no proof whether such person was ever born on earth.

But what we are getting here? First let us know the meaning of this term ‘Abalokiteswar’. The real meaning is the God can be visualized. Another meaning can be like this – He, who has visualized God. Both the meaning can be appropriate.

When He is seen, He exists outside which means the God who is seen both inside and outside, and he is a living human being. When we see him inside, he is the form made of light and he is Amitava Buddha. When he is seen inside by all establishing oneness, then he is Maitreya Buddha. Unless he is seen unity o oneness can be established.

So this Abolokiteswar Buddha merges with Amitava and Maitreya Buddha.

Such doctrine of Nagarjuna established such indication that, when the whole human race becomes baptized into Buddhism only then they will achieve such state. So what did it prove? Nagarjuna could not avoid the fanatic doctrine. But what Swami Vivekananda mentioned crossed all fanaticism when he said, ‘Let each and every religion be there, there should not be any conflict, but above all there should be such thing which will unite the human race – Point of Union.

But he could not clarify the meaning of ‘Point’.

Here what we have got here? Nagarjuna’s  Abolokiteswar and Swamiji’s ‘Point of Union’ – both combined. Here nobody has to leave his own religion. Let them stick to their own belief in religion. But above all what has happened here? To see my form within. But is anyone leaving his own religion? No!

Past is dead

February – March, 1960

‘Immortality of Soul’ – from where this has come? From the Vedas, where they have mentioned Soul as immortal. When they realized that the physical body was mortal, they said that Atma or Soul is immortal. But where is the proof that Atma is immortal? Then there will be no answer.

Do you know where is the proof? That book of Swami Avedananda (Life beyond  Death) and planchet! Oh! That is a great fraud! We cannot conceive these things. Just see that ‘Sradh’ ceremony (Ritual performance on the dead person). What they are doing? They will say, ‘We are performing the ritualism of the past memory.’ What is the gain? That means, you are instructing the human being to go back to the past, of course, there are many who get pleasure with the past, not with the present and don’t know the future. But what is its gain? The past is past. Human being cannot live with the past. He wants something new. ……. Had I have wealth, I would have perform an experiment with you like this. I would have dressed you with tree bark like stone age and leave you on open road. Then I want to see how many of you would agree!

See, to live with past means to humiliate God. He is infinite. So will He be limited within the past?



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 15, August, 2016


Mrs. Sikha Banerjee, 200 W.S. P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata. Since 1980-81 Sikha Knew me in connection with her son’s study at Birla High School. I often used to give her matters to copy for my magazine ‘Manikya’. And with a great pleasure she engaged herself with this work. In due course of time she began to have divine dreams which gave her great peace and joy in mind in spite of so many hazards in her family life.

On 29th December,1996, at about 11 PM she sat and began to read the book ‘Amritadhara’ (Messages of Diamond). In page 10, she read – Jibankrishna is saying, ‘a man is born with innumerable prejudices of his family, country, clan etc’. When she read it, it attracted her too much.

Then early in the morning she saw in her dream that her mother (expired) and she was running to a temple to worship with different materials required for worshipping. They were accompanied by many ladies. But it seemed strange to her that both of them were well behind in spite of their great attempt to hurry. At last they reached the temple, and saw many ladies wearing saris with red border and the priest was worshipping. He accepted her mother’s materials offered for the deities but when she wanted to offer her, he rejected and said, ‘I will not accept your offer’. He was surprised hearing it and said, ‘why, am I late’? The priest said,’ no, you are widow and a widow cannot offer to god’. She burst into tears and thought, why? He did not reject her mother’s offer! Everybody was looking at her with great surprise. But it was strange that within a short moment she checked herself and stood calmly. She thought, it was good that all the prejudices of ritualism were eradicated from her mind. In reality also she was free from these ritualistic ceremonies.

3rd January,1997, Friday.

For a long time Sikha had been copying the matters for publication in the Bengali magazine. To-day this copying came to an end and she felt a great peace in mind. Next day early in the morning she dreamt that along with her mother and brother she was staying in her room. She noticed that everything inside the room was burnt to ashes. Her mother was crying and she was scolded by her brother. But she stood quite unconcerned observing how everything was burnt to ashes. She felt no attraction, no grief, no sorrow, and shed no tears. Then the dream went off.

[Later on in her real life this came true. Her husband, only son died in cancer. She fell in a great financial crisis. But in spite of all these hazards she was quite strong mentally and always felt peace in mind with divine joy, passing days with Diamond’s philosophy.]

First week of December,2008

One day early in the morning Sikha had a dream. She saw a wide road like Eastern Metropolitan by-pass of Kolkata with big trees on both sides. There was none on the road. She was walking with a gentleman. He seemed to be her ex-teacher named Prankrishna. But again it seemed that he was Jibankrishna or Diamond. She was telling him not to accompany her, but he was not listening to her and held her hand saying, ‘let us go, I am accompanying you.’ She was repeatedly requesting him not to come with her. At that moment a question came in her mind that this hand did not belong to her teacher, because he was black-complexioned. This hand was a fare-complexioned and the gentleman wore full sleeved Punjabi. Instantly it flashed in her mind, these hands belonging to Diamond? Though in such a darkness she could not see him clearly. And she was continuously requesting him to leave her hand to allow her to walk alone. But he was not listening to her request at all. At this moment her dream went off and instantly it was clear to her that he was Diamond himself.

[She realized that Diamond as God-the-Preceptor will guide her throughout the life.]

4th February, 2009. Wednesday.

Early in the morning Sikha saw in a dream that a man was seated in a posture of meditation on a high place. His backside was facing her. He seemed to have black complexion with hairs upto neck. Somebody was saying, ‘he is Jibankrishna (Diamond)’. Sikha thought that Diamond had fair complexion what she has heard. So why should he be black complexioned? (every night before going to bed she prays to him’, you appear before me in dream with your real form’). However, that voice continued to say, ‘He is Jibankrishna’. Then her dream went off and she went on thinking, had she really see Diamond! Sikha is leading a life with divine peace in spite of numerous family hazards and seeing divine dreams.



Volume 15, August, 2016

Chapter 78

Prevention  of  leaving  the  accompaniment  of  devotees

359).    5th June, 1979. Tuesday.   Early morning dream:   In the residence of one senior devotee Raghunath Sen at Taltala of Kolkata during a discussion about Jibankrishna between me and another devotee Dilip Mitra he began to oppose me. I was realizing that he was not correct. But when he continued opposing, I said, ‘I am going away from here’. He noticed that others sat without saying anything. On my way to leave the place I was searching for my clothes, but could not trace anything. I was groping again and again but ultimately could not trace it. I throught at that moment then I could not leave them. Meanwhile the dream went off.

[The meaning spontaneously flashed that the seer cannot leave the accompaniment of devotees at the present moment for any reason.]

Visualization of the previous dream’s snake

360) 8th June, 1979, Friday :

Early morning dream : I saw the same snake on a table as seen in the previous dream on 19th May’79. I said to myself, ‘Oh! This is the same snake as seen in my previous dream’!  It was lying on the ground almost half dead. Then the dream went off.

[The previous dream was as such:

Early morning dream:  A thread like snake was first seen. It was highly poisonous. I pressed on the ground firmly so that it could not do any harm. It lied on the ground almost half dead. After a long time it went away somewhere almost lifelessly. The dream then was off.]

This type of repetition of dreams seemed to be very strange and no specific meaning came out. One interpretation can be drawn that snake represents Kundalini which represents Tantra. As in my case the austerity of Vedas (Spontaneous evolution of life power) has manifested, so Tantra becomes defunct as it gives stress on exertion for achieving God.

Exposure  of  new  cells  of  brain

361).    14th, June,  1979 .  Thursday .   Early morning dream:  Suddenly I heard a sound like opening of a cork from a bottle and hearing this sound I woke up.

The dream indicates that probably a new call exposed in the brain and new realizations may occur very soon.

Lamp  black  on  glass

362).     Last week of June, 1979.   Early morning dream:   I saw a lantern in front of me in which the top was not fixed properly. I fixed it properly as this was not lighting well. But I noticed after fixing the top that the glass of the lantern had been painted with lamp black and here the dream went off.

The dream indicates that the seer may have some frailties which would be recovered in its own way.

Stability  of  ‘Dharma  O  Anubhuti’  in  the  seer’s body and future publicity of Jibankrishna’s name among Oriya people

363).     7th July, 1979. Saturday.   Early morning dream:   I was traveling by a state express bus. I was carrying the Bengali book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ written by Diamond and 2 to 3 more English books (Religion and Realization). For some reasons I got down from the bus and left it. But being absent minded  I left all the books in the bus. I became doubtful whether I would get back the books. But again it came in my mind that at least the book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ was there, if anybody got it, that would be of great blessings to him. Still I went forward a far distance with a hope if I would catch the bus. After a while an Oriya gentleman told me, ‘I have kept the book ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ with me, while other two books I have auctioned at Rs.5 each’. I said, ‘This amount you take. At least ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ is there’. Then I woke up.

The dream indicates that ‘Dharma o Anubhuti’ will be intermingled with the seer throughout his life and its many realizations will become stable in him. This was corroborated long before in a dream where Jibankrishna told the seer, ‘You will write the 2nd and 3rd part of ‘Dharma O Anubhuti’ although he had no idea of the existence of 2nd and 3rd part of the book. It meant that the austerity mentioned on those parts will be experienced in the life of the seer in future which was proved in due course of time gradually. Another aspect is indicated that in future Oriya people may have experiences with the ideology of Jibankrishna.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 15, August, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Not this, not this – process enables one to get Atman collected and accumulated in the seventh plane. When one, in the process of ‘Not this, not this’ gets Samadhi in the seventh plane then Atman is accumulated”.

Realization succeeds realization from the first plane to the entrance of the seventh plane. The aspirant is but a seer and the realizations follow from one plane to another as the awakened Kundalini marches on to her destination in the cerebrum. Here in the seventh plane Kundalini is transformed into Atman – the essence of Kundalini. Thakur very adroitly pointed it out in the metaphor where the snake held a chase and the frog tried to escape near the vicinity of the skull with rain water of the Swati star. The frog jumped over the skull. The raised hood of the snake spat the venom in the skull. As venom bespeaks the essence of the snake so Atman is the essence of the human body. But each and every iota of the transformation of Life Power comes spontaneously. ‘Not this, not this’ – indicates motion in upward move as the seer never utters this and the visualization of Atman does not take place within a day or a week or a month or a year but it takes twelve long long years and four months after the appearance of God-the-Preceptor in the body and furthermore there are other bindings and conditions.

A man gets real Samadhi in the seventh plane when God-the-Preceptor shows the Atman to the aspirant and the consciousness (pure one) of the seer remains within the Atman from where he sees and hears. He sees God-the-Preceptor to merge in the Atman. Yes, there is Samadhi in the sixth plane, known as Unmana Samadhi. The scattered mind is collected and placed in the sixth plane and Ishta or god or goddess with forms are seen and even in some cases God-the-Preceptor shows it to the aspirant.

  1. “After seeing God and being acquainted with His attributes and characteristics as if He is the dearest self of mine, one is called Vijnani”.

This is the realizations of Atman or Self as termed ‘the realizations of the Vedanta’ or ‘Videha Sadhan’ as the realizations come after the aspirant has got the knowledge that the he is not body but he is Atman. It has five aspects and it is already stated.

  1. “The pure mind acquires an attitude of Self-hood”.

A man’s mind becomes Pure after seeing Atman.

Attitude – Bhava – his own thought has taken the shape; it is not fact or reality. It is an illusory state, a far distant echo of the Reality to come after a long time.

Self-hood – I am all.

Here it is spoken of Bhava, the real thing comes in a different way. Pure means perfect. The force of this perfectness is a miracle. The people will see the Perfect Man within their own bodies and they shall declare it and that tantamount to the declaration that we are one with Him.

The knowledge of ‘Self-hood’ has got two aspects; the humanity shall be seeing the attainer of Brahma and the attainer shall be seeing the mankind in Him i.e. “One is All and All is One”.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 15, August, 2016

Chabi Banerjee.

Mrs. Chabi Banerjee from Surul reading centre (Birbhum district, WestBengal, India) has narrated her dream thus; In the year 1991, one night I saw in a dream that I was going to Kedarnath (A sacred place in the high altitude of the Himalayas). To go to one place horse riding was necessary. I was going riding on a horse. All the horses belonged to one owner and he was looking after all the horses. He wore a dhoti and had clean shaved head. I told him, ‘See I am feeing pain on my legs. I cannot go like this’. Then he said, ‘Well, I am making proper arrangement.’ Saying this he brought a small horse and made me sit on it. While riding my dream was off. After a while I realized that the owner of the horse was Jibankrishna. Then my dream was off.

[Horse – Life power, Different horses means life power of different capacities. This varies according to different human bodies. According to the capacity of the life power Jibankrishna or God the- Preceptor guides the seer.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in physical body

Biswanath Chatterjee from Charupalli (Birbhum district of West Bengal state, India) has narrated his experience how he saw Jibankrishna in physical body.

It was the year. For a few days I was hearing about Jibankrishna I attended the reading centre of Sridhar Ghosh’s residence for listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book ‘Dharma –O- Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version). I enjoyed reading this book and at the same time I was surprised hearing that he is seen in dreams, trances etc.

In the meanwhile one day I had a strange experience in the reading centre. Snehamay was reading and all of us were listening. At that moment I saw in my open eyes that Jibankrishna with bare upper body and wearing dhoti was sitting beside Snehamay. I was once looking at him and again listening to the reading. It continued for a number of times and then he disappeared.

[The seer gets Jibankrishna as his God-the-Preceptor and also saw him in reality by his grace.]

Jibankrishna or Diamond in Sun

Ms. Rupa Pradhan from Charupally (Bolpur, Birbhum district, West Bengal, India) has narrated her dream thus:

One night in the year 1991 I saw in my dream that an old man was telling me, ‘Will you visualize God?’ Listen, if you see a person in the sun, you should know that is God.’ Then the sun was rising. Out of fear I was going to flee. But a wall was created on all the four sides and a form of Jibankrishna was seen inside that sun. Then my dream was off.

[In Isha Upanishad the version is like this.]

Golden Jibankrishna

Malabika Mahato

Ms. Malabika Mahato from Charupalli ( Bolpur, Birbhum district, West Bengal, India) has narrated her dream thus.

In the year 1991, one night I saw in my dream that after taking my bath in a pond while I was coming back home I saw a golden statue of Jibankrishna was standing in front of me. He became alive and told me, ‘Extend your palm’. So I did that and he put a sweet on my palm. Then my dream was off.

[Golden-Atma or Soul; Golden Jibankrishna- Golden person described in Upanishad as the Supreme Being who poured blessing on the seer.]



Volume 15, August, 2016

Chapter 40

Vision of own self in the mirror

April 14, 1960:

Dhiren Roy (To Jibankrishna) – I saw a strange dream. I was seeing a mirror and in it instead of seeing my face I was seeing your face.

Jibankrishna asked Sudhin about its meaning. Sudhin said after thinking a while, ‘It is the ownself’.

Jibankrishna – Then, who am I?

Sudhin – You are becoming God, we have to admit.

Jibankrishna – But I am a living human being. Why should I accept the term God? A living human being is one with God in the spiritual world. Rather I should term ‘Inner Man’.

The Atman or Soul of the whole human race is the form of Jibankrishna

May 19, 1960:

Jibankrishna was discussing about immortality. He said, the cell of immortality exists in this body. Can you take it out? No, not by exertion, if it manifests spontaneously then only it will do. Yes, this cell opens, but  that is confined with individualism. But that is of no use.

Dhiren Roy then narrated two of his dreams:

In one dream seen a few days ago I saw that from one of your eyes fire was emerging and from another eye the smiling impression was seen. In reality just now it flashed in my mind and so I told you.

A few days ago I saw another dream:

I was seeing that a mango fruit was swinging from the branch. I was looking at it thinking that I was standing here alone and as soon as it would fall down I would get it. But strangely it did not fall but burst in the tree and spread in the whole world in powdered form. What had I seen?

Jibankrishna – Oh! Oh! What should I tell you? Just a few minutes ago I was saying that your longevity could increase my longevity and so you were shown that the mango fruit spread throughout the whole world in powdered form. But still it is confined with individualism. When it will manifest is reality then only its proof will be achieved. Otherwise it will be merely hypothesis which has no place in my brain my boy!

Dream comes true in reality

May 28, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To Dhiren Roy) – Moni Babu had a dream. In reality his grandson became ill. He dreamed that I had kept him on my lap.

When he came and narrated the dream, I said, ‘He was not I, He was God. So when God had taken him on lap he would recover’. Though it may have another meaning. He may die. But ultimately the boy recovered.

Indication of the seer’s spiritual condition

June, 1960:

Satya Ganguly (To Jibankrishna) – I saw a peculiar dream. I was seeing that I was going somewhere by a jeep. Ultimately it took us to an old fort. There were no steps. The path lead to the fort.

After going there I was seeing through a window a man named Jyotish. Then returning from there to our house I was seated on the long corridor. Some people were seated there. They were telling me, ‘We shall see Jibankrishna’. I told, ‘I am opening my mouth, see him inside it’. I felt that during that time I was having a state of Samadhi (Profound meditation merging in God). My face was then transformed into your face and seeing it they were saying, ‘There is Jibankrishna!’. Then I saw that you were seated in all of them.

Jibankrishna – It is a very good dream. It shows that you and I are one and at the same time the dream is showing your preaching power. Ultimately you may have to do this job.