By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-2, January, 2012

God is the Universe – Its proof

Sri Ramkrishna used to say, ‘God is all and everything’. Nowhere any explanation or an account of his own personal experience, or any definite proof of the thing has been given by him.

As a matter of fact it is a dogma. All through the religious annals of the world this dogmatic assertion runs. It did never strike the teachers to make the humanity understand, or clarify it through the experience from which they have made their calculation and as for proof or pragmatic aspect based on common data of the mankind this has never been given. They simply say that I make this conclusion and you only have to believe it and follow it.

Yes, everything is God when this universe is seen within this Atma. Atma as shown by the human form made of God’s light come down from Brahmapura or the cerebrum or the brain and then in course of time the universe within this Atma is seen. I am very glad to point out here that in an English (Collins) pocket Dictionary the definition of Pantheism is written as ‘God in the universe’. But actually it is so seen and experienced, yet it is an individual experience and no proof can be set out for it. Even so far, Sri Ramkrishna did never speak. He simply asserted and left it at that. It is spoken here from the writer’s own personal experience.

Now to the Universalism or in the Vedic principle, its declaration is that each and every member of the mankind is Brahma or one, as Brahma is but one.

Spontaneously or by nature a living man becomes Brahma or the perfect one and he unknowingly through the agencies of these five elements will place the replica of his form in the hearts of millions and they shall announce that they are one with him in the Atmic sphere, that is Brahma or God. I do not advocate this individual experience but it happens in an individual man and also in an esoteric condition so it is better to live it aside and to live the life with the rationalistic and pragmatic Vedic principle of oneness. Furthermore, it is also made of five elements, that is Nature or the universe or the man – they are but one. In every respect, in every aspect and in every way and every form there is but one, and again, this ‘One becomes All and All becomes One’.


Volume – 2, January,2012

Diamond in his life-time

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘ He Mahajivan’ or Great Divine Life)


Srikanta Ghosh

Longtime ago, before I met Jibankrishna (Diamond) or hear anything about him I had a dream. I saw that a large crowd was running hastily towards Howrah Municipal Office. Being curious I asked somebody and came to know that Sri Ramkrishna came and was staying at Howrah Town Hall. So the public ran there to see him. Hearing this news I also started running there. But I Started from Kali Banerjee Lane. Coming near Town Hall I saw that all roads were blocked due to huge gathering of public, as if the whole Town come there. But I thought that I must go to see Sri Ramkrishna once. I entered the hall. Sri Ramkrishna was staying in the 1st floor. There were two ways to reach him. One on the northern side another on the Southern side. I went through the northern side and reached a hall. There was a small size room on its eastern side which is used for the Chairman of the municipality. Sri Ramkrishna was staying in that room. I saw him sitting on a table looking at the Ganges. Somehow I reached there and saw him from the back side. I saw his bare body and though standing on his back side I could see his face very clearly before my mental eye. My dream then went off.

After a few days during my conversation with Satyacharan Ghosh, very familiar to me, ‘well brother, where do you go every Saturday and Sunday?’ He said, ‘Oh! I go to a real Saint. Will you go?’ without answering him, I asked him, ‘well, is he very healthy with a slightly short stature? Does he go to office and market’? Hearing this from me he became somewhat puzzled and said, ‘Yes. He leads a very ordinary life. But how do you know it’? Still I don’t know his queries. But I used to see someone in the market and I never went to introduce myself with him. But it suddenly flashed in mind, that he might be that saint.

However, taking his address from Satya I went to Diamond’s house at Kali Banerjee Lane. And how strange! In my dream I started from this lane to visit Sri Ramkrishna. How strangely the dream came true’!

However, when I went to Diamond, he welcomed me very heartily. I saw that day about ten to twelve people in the room.

After going to Diamond four to five times one day I saw in my dream that I had gone to the same house of Diamond. I saw Nagen Ghosh standing in front of the door to cover the entry. But somehow I went inside the room beneath his two hands. I saw a huge carpet covering the whole floor area. It was very neat and clean and Diamond was having his meditation. But he seemed to have half consciousness. So very humbly I was telling him, ‘Can I come to you’? He answered, ‘yes, you can come.’ Here my dream went off.

To-day (May, 1972) I am 75 years old. I went to Diamond when I was 50. After that 25 years have passed by, but still Diamond is shinning in me like a sun giving me endless bliss. The way he got diamond in his life spontaneously, so we have also got the same thing.

May, 1972

297, Sarat Chatterjee Road,Howrah – 2.

Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from Bengali Book ‘Manik’ published from Bolpur Reading Center)

Diamond’s grace on Kartik Mukherjee

[ This is a narration of Kartik Mukherjee of Bolpur (Birbhum district of West Bengal,India) how he got the grace of Diamond (Jibankrishna) even after his death in 1967.]

Due to some urgent necessity one day I had to go to the residence of Sridhar Ghosh at Jambuni. At that moment the reading of Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ was going on. So I sat there to listen. I was feeling a great satisfaction to listen it. Thereafter I went there twice and one day I had a dream where Diamond eliminated all my confusions and doubts.

In my second dream I had such a dream about him which I never forget in my life.

In my dream I saw that I was having a walk accompanied by Sandhya. Both of us was roaming here and there by walking. Ultimately we reached at the base of a hill. Sister  Sandhya gave me a bitternut leaf. I told her, ‘No body is here to talk. Let us go somewhere.’ Then we noticed quite a number of honey bees and a hillock of beehive. It seemed that it was a country of honey bees. And they were not ordinary ones. They were huge in size. At that moment from one of the honey bee some of them said, ‘why will you go away? You have come to our country we will not allow you to go. You can tell us whatever you have to say. We will help you.’ Hearing these we were surprised and told Sandhya, “In our childhood we read these lines – Oh, honey bees, where are you going by dancing, wait my brothers. Then they said, ‘we are going to suck honey in that forest. We have no time to wait. Now they have time to wait and so we have got the opportunity to talk with them.” Then the honey bees told us to sit. We sat at the base of the hill. Some 14-15 honey bees gave us honey, and we took it on our hands and drank. It tasted as if Amrita and drinking the honey we were fed to the full. We though it would be much better to bring a pan for my child as this honey seemed to be very rare. Everybody at home would be pleased and happy by drinking this kind of honey.

Then the bees told us, ‘Let us have our introductions.’ We said, ‘We have come from Bolpur. We are devotees of Jibankrishna (Diamond). But we have not got your introduction yet. What are you names? One bee said, my name is Madhumita. second one said – Madhushree; third one said- Madhumalati; forth one said- Madhu-anamika; fifth one said – Madhubarta; sixth one said – Madhusudan; seventh one said – Madhu-Aleya; eighth one said – Madhu-Ranjan; ninth one said – Madhurajant; tenth one said – Madhu-Dibakar; eleventh one said – Madhusandhya; twelvth one said – Madhumalavika; thirteenth one said – Madhumata; Fourteenth one said – Madhuaharan. I asked, ‘how many days are you here? In the meantime a Brahmin came there. We could not recognize him properly. He had bare upper body, wore a dhoti and had short hair cutting with a short beard on his chick. He sat near us, and then began to recite : Madhubata Ritaote, Madhu Kharanti Sindhabah. Madhirnah Santosadhi, Madhu Naktamutosasho Madhumat parthi bang rajah, Madhu dourastu nah pita Madhumanno  banaspatih MAdhuman astu suryah. Maddhi gabo bhabantu.’

As soon as he recited this hymn, we saw that honey was coming down from the hill top like falls. Everywhere only streams of honey were seen. Then that gentleman vanished. Suddenly a feeling of cry emerged from within me, though that was the cry of joy. Even after waking up I cried for a long time. Then lighting a lantern I wrote down this dream. The names of fourteen honeybees and the whole hymn was prominent in my memory (as mentioned in Upanishad).

Next day I went to Jambuni and when I narrated my dream to Snehamay, my whole body began to Shiver with divine joy, my eyes became full of tears. Hearing my dream Snehamay showed me that hymn from Upanishad and I became perplexed. I never heard this hymn, but hearing it in my dream without forgetting a single word I wrote it down.

But here is not the end of surprise. When Snehamay showed me the photo of Diamond taken in the hospital ready for his funeral procession, I became speechless. Oh, this was the Brahmin gentleman seen in my dream! I never saw this picture of Diamond with short beard and hair-cutting. I saw his another photo with shaved head and face in a sitting posture. I really couldn’t think any more.

[The dream has two aspects : (1) The seer is transformed into honey which means he has achieved the immortality and  (2) The whole Universe is within a human brain including past, present and future. In a pure brain, anything may reveal through dreams.]


Volume -2, January, 2012

Dream came true in waking life

16th August, 1992, Sunday.

Early in the morning I met in my dream Diamond after a long gap. He was seated in a room with a smiling face wearing a white dhoti with bare body, and I was having a conversation with him. In the midst of talking I told him jokingly, ‘now-a-days you do not meet me’! But he only smiled and did not comment anything. Then I said, ‘I must have a fault, that’s why you do not come to me.’ He hastily answered, ‘no no! It is not that’! Then what he said could not be remembered. After a while I showed him all my compilation works on Diamond  and said, ‘you know, that after a hard work, till 1976 I have completed all these.’ Saying this I explained to him one by one all the topics e.g., his autobiographical sayings at different times, his own divine dreams, divine dreams and explanations etc. At the last stage showing him the compilation of his sayings I told him, ‘these are the sayings of you which you have said at different times on spiritual aspects. He saw every topic and appreciated me to a great extent and became delighted. At this time I woke up.

The dream have many indications :

(i) In reality the seer actually started compilation work in the year 1976 after leaving the topmost post of a reputed concern joining an English medium school to get sufficient  time having no responsibility and being provided all facilities by the owner L.N. Birla. This helped a great deal to me to do my work without disturbances;

(ii) The presentation of the compilation work to God-the-Preceptor and his appreciation transmitted power to the work as well as to me and these will be beneficial to the whole human race in the long run. Moreover a promise by Diamond in his early days that he would not hide any mystery of the spiritual aspects to the world and will tell the truth. These compilations are the result of his great sayings regarding the spiritual aspects. Moreover, this is a strange coincidence that as soon as the work was completed within a few days the facilities given to the seer were removed and he resigned from the full time job in the school.

(iii) God does not count any faults of a devotee.

(iv) [Within a few years all the compilations are being published one by one in different names in the magazines and thereafter as books.]

Indication of a devotee’s death

10th January, 1997, Tuesday.

Early morning dream : I saw Diamond very vividly. He was passing through Kedar Deuti Lane in front of his residence towards Makardah Road. Through the door of his residence I saw that Diamond was seated alone on his cot. I became overwhelmed with joy and thought that I would return to him as fast as possible and did so. I noticed that Abala Kant Dutta and another one entering inside the room were paying their respect toughing their heads on the cot. I also did so and Diamond holding my chin patted though there was no conversation.

After this he sat on the floor amongst them silently, but without any conversation. I went on thinking that he had so many talks to have with him. At this moment the dream went off.

In the afternoon the news of death of Khagen Ghosh (a devotee) of Sainthia came to me and then and there it flashed in my mind why in the dream Diamond kept himself so silent and gloomy. In this way the indication of a devotee’s death was conveyed to the seer.

Indication of publicity of the newly published book‘Ritam Badisyami’

30th August, 1998, Monday. Place : In the remote jungle of Hazaribagh..

In reality on my way to Netarhat from Patna for my Echo-Tourism project was stuck up on a short-cut road in the jungle of Hazaribagh (Previous Bibar State) due to defect of our car and had to spend a night in one of the villager’s hut.

Lying on a cot I had a dream early in the morning : I was roaming in many places accompanied by Dhiren Mondal, a companion of Diamond. Then we were passing through a lane. Both sides were big houses as seen in Kolkata. I crossed the lane and turning my head backwards I was checking whether Dhiren Mondal was following me. But I saw that he stood infront of a building and with great astonishment was looking for something through a window. I insisted, ‘what are you seeing! Come on!’ He said, “Do you know, what I was watching? I was seeing  that inside the room one gentleman was reading the book ‘Ritam Badisyami’, and so I stood up.” I was so surprised thinking how could this book come to such a remote place!’ Just at this moment I felt that something was moving on my chest and so I had to wake up and saw that a big rat was moving on my chest.

The dream was an indication that in the long run the book ‘Ritam Badisyami’ will be widely spread in many places of the country.

[Within a short time this actually happened when this book gained a huge demand from the readers from different places.]


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -2, January,2012

MARCH –1882, Place : –  Temple  of  Dakshineswar

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

8)   “What a nice place ! What a lovable man ! How charming his Words are ! The spot has charmed me .”

The awakened God is in the body of Shri Ramkrishna and has expressed Himself here in divine sweetness .So here, everything is beautiful and everything seems to be charming .

The magnet has attracted a piece of iron and the iron is helpless .

9)  “Alack, books ? No, dear no ! All the world of knowledge is in him.”

This remark is made by Vrinda, maid of this temple, She is in touch with Thakur : so truth is coming out from her .

Books contain knowledge . All the knowledge of the world is in Thakur.God is in man. The world is in God. The world is conscious but for Divine Consciousness. The very same Divine Consciousness through Thakur .

10)    “It took him (Shri M) aback to hear that Shri Ramkrishna was not a reading man”. Shri, M was a man of English education .

The Europeans are of opinion that knowledge comes from without . They analyse the world and thereby want to reach the Truth, Shri M was of the same opinion with them .So he was amazed to hear that Thakur did not read any book .Only by two letters Thakur upsets this opinion of the European scholars .

They are Ma (Maw) and Ra (Raa)

Ma—means  God .

Ra –means the world.

God first, then comes the world .

God is seen in the body and the world is seen in the God .It is called Viswarup, or God is in the form of the world or God is the world  The devotee is also in God ; nay, he himself is God .He opens himself up sees world in himself .Here starts the knowledge of Vedanta and this is the first realization when God has separated from and expressed Himself in the body in toto. God is His own creator and His expression of the Self is His sports .

11)   “Shri M marked that Thakur was becoming absentminded every now and then , Later he came to know that this is called Bhava—transformation to God by part in the body .”

It is called the condition of ‘Ardha Bajhya’ half-man and half-God. God has emanated from the body not in full measure but by half. Its manifestation is visible lengthwise (vertically) in half portion of the body .It appears and it seen in the right side . The face on the right side contorts and looks swollen ; the eyes get closed ; half of the tongue looses its power of speech and hairs on this side of the body stand on their end .

‘Looses all the senses’—means to get fully changed into God (Samadhi)

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