oneness the future universal religion


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 17, September, 2016

Chapter 62

The sense of Oneness is the true knowledge

April, 1960

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) has mentioned the term ‘knowledge’ so many times, but never explained what is this knowledge in true to sense. He has said, when ‘I’ ego exists, it is not termed as knowledge, but when ‘He’ exists, it is knowledge’. But what does this ‘He’ mean, he has mentioned? No, this is not the knowledge. This oneness what we have achieved here is the true knowledge, And this should be donated by mankind. Here the human race is donating this knowledge to me. Otherwise nothing stands.

What has happened here? The human race is announcing ‘We have seen you within us and we are one with you. So what has happened? You are giving me this knowledge that I am all human beings.

There is no incarnation (Avatar) in One-ism

April 4, 1960.

Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is saying, ‘Avatar (Incarnation) is for a devotee,’ – \what does it mean! Thakur had so many Avatars – but that is applicable for individualism. He is Avatar to himself. But what is there? There is only oneness. Here all are one. There is no devotee, no incarnation. What will remain – only oneness. There are no two. That means the question of devotee and God does not arise here, and who are announcing? Not I, but you are coming and informing me. Then who are eradicating all these? You are doing it, isn’t so? Then what happens? These old tradition in the spiritual world is being eradicated by you, and you can understand what is the meaning of seeing me within you?

Atma or Soul is a form of a living human being

April 7, 1960.

Rishi (Sage) Jagyabalka (In Upanishad) was saying to Usasta – “Your soul is the self of all beings.” So far Usasta and my own self are concerned it is all right, because Usasta is a living human being and I am also a living man. Here Jagyabalka has made a near approach, though could not say the real thing. He meant soul as Atma and Atma is within everybody Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) ultimately getting nothing discarded that Soul or Atma. And what we have got here? What does Atma mean? It is the form of a living human being. What they had said about Soul meant only hypothetically.

The origin of devotional religion in India and the unity in diversity

April 7, 1960.

Do you know from where this devotional cult has come? Listen – when Romans captured Palestine and made inhuman torture on the Jews, some of them fled to the South India. Thereafter we find five Alvers. These Alvers were influenced by the Jews. These five Alvers were Sankaracharya, Ramanuj, Nimbar, Madhacharya and Ballavacharya. This means that whoever wrote the interpretation of Brahmasutra, none could avoid the influence of the Jews.

Then after seven hundred years the Muslims came to South India in connection with business and influenced the Alvers with Islamism due to fallen Hinduism and trodden Budhism. Now what are the religions of these Alvers? These are Emotion and Devotion. We get these things in Jews also. For example Ezakiel used to have ecstasy. In such a manner the Bhakti cult (Devotional cult) was formed in South India.

In next centuries this devotional cult was established in North India by Nanak, Kavir, Tukaram and Mahaprabu (Sri Chaitanya).

Now come to the issue of Religion of slavery. Have I not told you if a foreign student of Philosophy studies the religions of Sri Chaitanya and Mohammed, what will he conclude? He will say that Chaitanya preached Islam in the garb of Hinduism. This devotional cult is the Non-Aryan Cult- Cult of slavery, not at all a cult.

I knew that the Alvers had no ‘A’ class proteins, without ‘A’ class protein a Cult cannot be formed. Now what is our Cult? This is a Cult of self evolution. Nay, this is a Cult of my own. I shall unite the whole world. Nothing is required. Here there is no recitation, no meditation, nothing is required. Here there is no recitation, no meditation, nothing is required. If I exist, I shall control the spiritual world. I am the Cosmic Law. I permeate the five elements of the world. From there I shall create unity. I am merged in the five elements. This is called ‘Mahakaran’. Do you know how does it happen? It is like pollen of flowers which fall on barren flowers without our knowledge and ultimately produce fruits. This is the void according to the spiritual scholars which they cannot see or know.

[This phenomenon was revealed in Jibankrishna’s life and the effect was not only seen in his life time but is still seen among myriads of people after 45 years of his death without their knowledge.]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 17, September, 2016


Nidhis Mukherjee from Baruipara lane, Kolkata was devotional from his childhood and had divine dreams sometimes. In the year 1964-65, once he saw in his dream that he was flying and ultimately reached a room. He entered into the room through the open door and saw Sri Ramkrishna lying on his cot. With folded hands Nidhis sat in front of him with kneel-down posture and then and there Sri Ramkrishna touched his leg on his chest and with a posture of blessing he kept his right hand in upward position. The dream then went off.

In 1967, he was transferred to N.R.S. Hospital  from Bagbazar office. Going everyday to the office by bus he was acquainted with Jyotirmay Basak who was a regular companion of Diamond. After  a long time he introduced Arun Ghsh, another companion of Diamond with him.

On 1st November,1979 Jyotirrmay took Nidhis to the residence of Raghunath Sen at Taltala where regular discussions on Diamond used to be held. He was so attracted that he used to go there at regular intervals. Now he got peace and divine joy in mind having regular divine dreams.

15th June,1980. Sunday.

At noon time was reading the magazine ‘Manikya’, Gospal of Sri Ramkrishna and Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ written by Diamond. After finishing reading, he was thinking with a great ailment that Diamond used to appear among so many people in dreams, but why he does not appear in his dream? Then he slept and dreamed. He saw in his dream that along with his elder brother and his sons and daughters he went for a walk. After a while he noticed a dog chained with his hand. They approached and ultimately saw a bridge on a calm sea. They crossed the bridge and entered into a jungle. After walking a distance he told his brother, ‘let us go back, otherwise it will become dark while returning’. Here the first scene vanished. In the next scene he saw that they had reached a locality and handing over the dog to one of his friend they returned home by a car. The house was very huge.  After a while the friend came there keeping the dog there. While Nidhis was getting down from top floor to catch the dog, he saw himself floating in air and then caught hold of the dog.

Next scene :- Someone was telling Nidhis, ‘do you know the sweet shop of Kalakanda (a type of sweet)? He answered, ‘there it is at Amherst Street’. Next moment Nidhis saw himself standing in-front of that shop and noticed that Diamond was holding some small earthen glasses in his left hand. He was the shop owner and was selling continuously two sweets in each glass. After a while he observed that a young man was also working at the shop. Somebody said, ‘The shop-owner is the father of that boy’. Then Nidhis saw a customer who gave Diamond one rupee, though the customer was not clearly visible. But Diamond did not return the customer twelve annas (3/4th of one rupee). He kept the balance in a packet of sal tree leaf and told that with this money it can be enjoyed with ganja (hashish) and sweet. The dream then went off. But there remained a repentance in Nidhis’ mind that Diamond never talked to him. Yet the consolation was there that after a long time he could see Diamond in dream. In the dream he was seen with dhoti with bare upper body just as he is seen in photo. Thereafter he saw Diamond in many of his dreams.



Volume 17, September, 2016

Chapter 80

Blessings of God-the-Preceptor upon the seer and his narration of previous dreams to Diamond

369)  13th August, 1979, Monday:

Early morning dream: I was seated in front of the Diamond with many other companions, but none of the faces were remembered. I was telling him, ‘After a long gap I have seen you in a dream.’ Saying this I narrated my dream seen on 06.08.1979, ‘you have again come back after your physical death to give companies to us. I had gone to you and come back. Again I would go to you. It was morning time and I had to go to school but had in my mind that what would be the utility of going to school. You had come back and I would require nothing else except spending days with you only.’

Hearing this Diamond being lost in ecstasy said, ‘Oh my boy, what should I say about the inner meaning of this dream! Oh my boy! See, what you have noted about your dreams in a copy book, you should bind it and tell Indu (Indranath Mukherjee, a companion) to read and discuss with others at Taltala (Where devotees assemble for spiritual discussions). I shall be staying for some more days – I shall listen and it will be beneficial.’

I told him, ‘I have seen another dream a long while ago (1.12.78). This dream shook my mind for a few days. I am seeing the inner part of my spinal cord.’ While I was narrating this dream, huge noise of the students of Birla High School were heard due to Tiffin break and it was seeming to me that they all sat in a room of the school along with a number of devotees but except Dhiren Mondal none of the faces couldn’t be remembered and Diamond was seated beside me. Paying no attention to the noise I went on narrating, ‘Inside the spinal cord I am noticing near the pelvic zone in between 3rd and 4th plane, a light whitish condensed form of fog like substance moving upwards and downwards. Seeing this I am saying, oh! This is the condensed form of life force’!

While saying this I noticed that Diamond was going to enter into Samadhi State, but he was managing to control it and sometimes he was looking very strangely at my eyes.

Then I went on narrating, I am ‘then saying to that life power – Hey, why are you here! Go up! Go up! As soon as I noticed that the life force began to go upwards in a very rhythmic manner.’ Hearing this, Diamond said, ‘See, it will be rhythmic, otherwise this would have been something else.’

I continued again, ‘Then I am seeing my palate – which  seemed to me a place of ‘Mahakarana’ where if the life power reaches death occurs.’ While saying this, I was hearing the hullabaloo of the students outside and the loud conversations of the devotees inside and in the midst of these a sound of falling of somebody’s spectacles was heard. Diamond snubbed, why did the spectacles fall’? I noticed that everybody kept mum and a devotee Mrityunjay Roy was entering the room. I sat without talking with a hope to finish the rest of the dream but at that moment the dream went off. So the rest of the dream could not be narrated.

One remarkable thing was noticed within the dream that it seemed to me that as if Diamond had come to accompany the devotees and after this he would go back to Nirguna or Infinity. Another thing came in my mind within the dream that Samadhi had come under the control of Diamond. Further development might come in the spiritual world.

One thing was not said to Diamond where I was thinking to witness death, but in lieu of that I saw Mrityunjay (who has conquered death) entering the room which indicated that in spite of physical death I have grown the power of having perpetual spiritual body. The dream also indicated the achievement of very high brain power.

Vision  of  good  symptoms

370).     22nd August, 1979.  Thursday.     Early morning dream: I spent a long time in the residence of my mother’s friend. Her name was Sulakshana(Good symptoms) whom I used to call aunt . Then the dream went off.

For the namesake the dream indicates that the seer will have many good realizations in the long run.

Gaining  of  power  from  Nirguna  or  Infinity

371).     28th August, 1979. Tuesday.    Early morning dream:   I spent my time at the residence of my friend Nisith. His house had become three storied instead of one story.

Here the dream indicates thus:   Nisith mean dark which depicts Nirguna or Infinity. Power comes from Nirguna.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 17, September, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Had Keshab Babu been a genuine one, then his disciples would have in a better plight”.

“Like father, like son”, they say.

The yogi gets the spiritual self, in the shape of his own image, transferred and established within the body of his disciple and takes his charge. He is seen to accompany him everywhere. He talks, guides and instructs him. In the spiritual world the disciple is thus uplifted.

But here in Keshab Babu it was not so found.

  1. “A man must be renouncing everything, then his teaching will be accepted by all”.

Renouncing everything – It is Vividisha. No renouncement can be made by self-exertion. Yes, he may give up everything, but yet he has got to eat. The time honored custom of living on alms was discarded by Thakur. He accepted the post of a priest and then a pension. His life recommends an honest living for one and all. He opened a new era in the spiritual world for one and all. An extraordinary phase of his life is painted herewith. Was he a Paramahansa or a Babu? No Paramahansa was ever seen throughout the length and breadth of India in an ordinary dress of a Bengali gentleman, yet he was a Paramahansa. Even a man like Gouri Pundit Jeered him saying, “Hallow, where are you Paramahansa Babu”? His dress announces that a Paramahansa does not require any special dress. Everyday dress is sufficient.

‘Renouncing everything’ in the yoga means separation of body and the Self. When true and actual separation comes within, this Paramahansa becomes an Universal Self when he will be seen by thousands within their own bodies.

The actual meaning of the term Paramahansa is that whose spiritual self in the shape of his own image travels from one human body to another human body. Renouncement cannot follow, succeed, establish, or prove itself without being Universal.

Teaching will be accepted – Whosoever used to come to ‘Diamond’, he used to say, “Well, God is within you. He will assume a form and shall teach you”. The result used to be that the man so addressed got ‘Diamond’ either in dream, or in trance, or in meditation, or as a man alive in an awakened condition. This seeing of ‘Diamond’ within, declares renouncement and teaching both combined and its acceptance is announced by the seers.

  1. “Adhyatma Ramayana contains only statements of Jnan and Bhakti”.

It does not mean harmony. There are statements of Jnan and Bhakti in the Adhyatma Ramayana and it means the author has placed the Semitic cult and the Eternal cult of the evolution of the Life Power in the human body side by side. The former is self-imposed and the latter is natural; nay a bit more, the real revelation of the Self. Semitic cult is the ‘set-up Siva’. Evolution of the Life Power is the ‘Siva coming up piercing the womb of the earth’ (Muladhar in the body). It is called the Aryan cult.

  1. “Sometimes Keshab used to declare you as John the Baptist”.

This declaration of Sri Keshab does not convey the sense that Thakur was John the Baptist and Sri Keshab was Jesus Christ. It has got a deeper sense. It is not yet established but its advent is observed. This is Universalism and Oneness in the spiritual world and Thakur paved the way for its manifestation.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 17, September, 2016

Sukumar Chatterjee

Sukumar Chatterjee from Surul (Birbhum, West Bengal, India) has narrated two dreams thus:


1.I saw in my dream that one of my friend in the hostel told me, ‘I have seen you in dream.’ I asked, ‘What have you seen?’ He said, ‘I saw that you have become Jibankrishna and each of your ten fingers have become Jibankrishna.’ The dream was then off.

2.I saw in dream that I was walking in a mango orchard. Seeing a bird in front of me I threw a stick towards it and the stick penetrated its body like an arrow. Suddenly that bird was transformed into a monk. I asked him, ‘Who are you?’ Then I saw that he gave a stern look at me and began to grow larger. Out of fear I was going to flee but he said, ‘There is no way out. You are fixed with my look. Then I saw that he began to grow larger and larger and ultimately became large like the whole world. I had goose bumps and for a long time I could not speak. I felt a mixed sensation of fear and enjoyment and then my dream was off.

[Bird – Soul or Atma; The reference of arrow is mentioned in Upanishad as such]

The bird became monk who is God, because God is the real monk. Then he became as large as the world. This has also been mentioned in Upanishad like this.

Here the monk is Jibankrishna or Diamond who has his blessings on the seer.

Sikha Goswami

Ms. Sikha Goswami from Sural (Birbhum of West Bengal State, India) has narrated her dream thus.

One night in the year 1991 I dreamed that I had gone to one of my friends’ house and got up on the roof type through steps. On one side a group of girls were seated weaving white sari and on another side a group of boys were seated wearing white dhotis. I noticed surprisingly that the faces of all the boys and girls were the faces of Jibankrishna. Then the dream was off.

[Atma or Soul is one in all and the form of Atma is the form of Jibankrishna. So he is within everybody. The seer had such experience.]

Nabakumar Bauri

Nabakumar Bauri from Surul, Birbhum (West Bengal, India) has narrated some of his dreams thus.

  1. A.D.

After hearing the name of Jibankrishna (Diamond) I had a few dreams.

1.One of my friends asked me, ‘What have you known about God?’ When I started to answer I felt that no words were coming out from my mouth and saw that Jibankrishna was seated inside my body. He told me, ‘Tell him that with whom you are boasting, with whose power you are speaking and working. He is the God and He is within your body’. Then my dream was off.

[God-the-Preceptor is making the seer introvert and giving him the knowledge that God is nowhere outside. He is within the human body.]

2.Sri Ramkrishna was telling me, ‘Don’t be hasty, you will have many realizations’. The dream was then off.

3.Next day in the early morning I saw in my dream that at first Sri Ramkrishna, then Jibankrishna and lastly Swami Vivekananda appeared before me and said the same words and then said, ‘You have achieved ‘Brahmagyan’ (knowledge of the Supreme self).

4.After three days of the previous dream I saw in trance in my school that it was 5 A.M. I woke up but did not leave the bed. I saw that beneath my feet there were two earthen containers on the occasion of marriage ceremony. They were kept one above the other. On the body of the higher container the illuminated form of Jibankrishna was seen. I saw it with full attention for a long time. Then it disappeared.

[The container in this body. The form of Jibankrishna is always awakened within the body of the seer.]

5.After a few days I saw in my dream that I was lying on my bed. Suddenly Jibankrishna entered into the room with bare upper body and wearing a dhoti. From his chest diamond like illumination was coming out. After a while he disappeared.

[The seer is always enlightened with the God’s light.]

6.I saw in a dream that I expired. But nobody was feeling sorry. Instead of that everybody was enjoying. After a while my another form appeared there and everybody was looking at me with great surprise. I told them, ‘My actual form has left. I am the second ‘Naba’. Then and there I woke up and became surprised with such unusual dream.

[The ego consciousness of the seer is gone and a divine consciousness has appeared within the seer.]



Volume 17, September, 2016

Chapter 42

 Seeing Jibankrishna in the eye in dream as a person in the eye mentioned in Upanishad

July 1, 1960

Satya Ganguly (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that a saint was talking too much about these traditional religions. I said to him, ‘Say whether you have seen God?’ He could not give any answer and glared at me. Then I said, ‘Will you see?’ If you want to see God, then look at my eyes and see that Jibankrishna is in my eye’. The dream was then off.

Jibankrishna – It is a strange dream! This is mentioned in Chandogya Upanishad. The Purusha (Person) is seen in the right eye.

Human being will be guided by Brahma (Supreme Self) in future from inside

July 18, 1960

Dhiren Roy (To Jibankrishna) – In a dream first I saw a Tantrik (A person who performs austerity by the process of Tantra). He was saying, ‘To get God something is to be performed’. Hearing it I told Abala, ‘What is he saying! By exertion God has to be achieved! And we saw that by God’s grace He is achieved. Jibankrishna says the same thing’. Then Abala and I walked out from there. I saw a guava was touched on my head. I picked up one and when I tested it, seemed to be quite tasteless like a dried unripe fruit. I spitted it outside my mouth. Abala told me, ‘You have sacrificed this fruit in Gaya for your dead father’s soul, and you are eating it!’ I said, ‘this is nothing to me’. Then both of us came to the road where we met many of Jibankrishna’s companions. I also saw that you were walking ahead. While going we noticed that a trolley was moving on the rails. It was very strange looking. A woman was seated inside. She was fully covered except the face. As soon as you touched the trolley it stopped. The woman got down from the trolley and stood on one side of the road. We did not care for her and got up on the trolley. It began to move at once. The woman stood like a statue on the same place. We were approaching and ultimately reached a field. It was fenced. Everybody somehow crossed that fence and jumped on the field. I was thinking that I am short height, so how can I cross this fence! And I had no capacity to cross the fence. Then you touched me and I saw that I was standing with others on the field. Here the dream was off.

Jibankrishna – The first phase of your dream is showing you the result of the austerity by the process of Tantra. One has to spit it one day. The second part is showing that human beings are confined in the body with ego-consciousness. So long what this body wanted human beings performed that i.e. eat, drink and be merry. So long this primeval power (woman) controlled this body. From now onwards Brahma (Supreme Self) is driving this body chariot. Where did He take? Into a field with fencing which is this cerebrum. And you also reached the cerebrum (seventh plane) crossing this fence of ego-consciousness by the touch or grace of Brahma. The most prominent feature of the dream is that from now onwards the body sense will not guide the human being. It will be guided by the Supreme Self from within the body.

The dream comes true in reality

August 27, 1960

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – A few days ago Gopal saw in a dream that Bidhan Roy (Then Chief Minister of West Bengal State) was saying in a lecture that this year the production of paddy would be so much that the State would be self sufficient. We did not require purchase of paddy from anywhere. And Kali Babu came today and said that the production of the Khariff paddy was so much this year that the cost of paddy fell down remarkably in the market. Then with production of Monsoon paddy the cost will fell down further.

Now we see that there are effects of dreams in reality.







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