(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 18, September, 2016

Chapter 63

In future religion will be manifested spontaneously – Man is above all

April 8, 1960.

Every being has an essence and an existence – Existence means I exist, my body exists. This truth is the most precious thing. How do I understand that there is an essence within this human body? This essence is taking the form of a living human being. Many are seeing that form. And for that it is understood that this essence is one. The existence is separate but that essence is one.

Some days ago I explained Cosmic Law, but I did not say about the form. Yesterday I discussed about the form. My body and self are merged in the five elements of Nature. And for that reason my form is always about to manifest. Wherever there is congenial ground it is manifested enveloping the world. But if everything returns to my body then the cycle will be complete. This body – self – Nature’s five elements and then again this body. Then only the cycle will be complete. And then whatever pure thoughts will arise from this body that will be manifested in the whole human race.

Do you know what do I want? Nobody has to try for manifestation of religion. None has to acquire religion by self-exertion. The religion will be manifested within the body spontaneously. It will be acquired in a natural way. This is compared with the natural habit like eating, sleeping etc. and then only it will be right process.

The man can come to know that extra something is happening within his body. It is just like this fact as you see my form within you without your knowledge or will, and this happens in a natural way.

What is Brahma or Supreme Self remained a hazy thing so long. But here you are seeing that you are that Brahma. Brahma is a living human being.

The self of Brahma is Bliss. ‘A man is above all things’ – this is established here. We have understood that beyond ‘Samadhi’ (Profound meditation merging in God which is the Zenith of individualistic austerity) there is man only.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 18, September, 2016


Alok Banerjee had a contact with Dhiren Mondal, a companion of Diamond. They had regular discussion on Diamond. One day Dhiren took him to the residence of Raghunath Sen, another companion of Diamond. It was winter then. He wore a coat and there was Rs.500/- in the pocket. Dhiren told him not to go that day with this amount of money, better to go another day. But he said that nothing would happen, it was kept inside the pocket. After having some discussions on Diamond at Raghu’s house he came back home and had a dream that night.

He saw that he had gone to a lake. No where he found an empty bench to sit. At one side he saw an old man sitting on a bench keeping his walking stick beside. While he was hesitating to sit, the old man gave him hints to sit and moved his stick away. Then he asked, ‘have you gone to the other side of the lake? The launch has come you better go to other side, it is a very nice place.’ Alok told the old man, ‘so why are you here?’ He said, ‘Boys and girls are taking their bath, so I am sitting here.’ Hearing his words Alok had gone there and saw, really the launch had come. He went on seeing the beautiful site. Suddenly it flashed in his mind that he had the money in his inside pocket. In the meanwhile some drollish young ones came and began to behave with him saucily. So the moved away from there and came to a shop like house. A man came to him and asked, ‘Something happened to you’? Alok said, ‘I have lost my coat with Rs.500/-‘. He brought a coat and asked, ‘See, whether this coat belongs to you’. Alok said, ‘yes this is mine’. But while going to wear it, it did not fit him. The man said, ‘so why have you said that it is yours’? Then he brought another coat, but I didn’t dare to say that it was mine. He said, ‘It is yours.’ Saying this, taking the Rs.500/- notes from the pocket of the coat he threw all the notes in the air and again collecting the notes returned to Alok with a laughing face. Alok felt very uneasy. Returning to his old place he noticed that the old man was moving away from the bench. Alok held his hand and went to take him to the other side of the lake. Meanwhile he saw a drunken man was coming towards him, though no smell was coming out of his mouth. So Alok held his hand also and went to take them both to the other side of the lake. But all on a sudden all the scenes vanished like magic and he saw only flowers spread all over. Wherever he casted his eyes, he saw nothing but flowers and he was standing alone. At this moment the dream went off. The old man seemed to him to be Diamond. After a few days of this dream he saw another dream. He was at Puri sea beach. Thereon a hillock Diamond was seated. When Alok came nearer to Diamond he gave him hints to sit down. Sitting there Alok told him, ‘I want to tell everybody about you, but they don’t listen to me’. Hearing this he burst into laughing which he had never heard before in his life. His heart was shivering and started running. But he saw everywhere there were walls of stones. Suddenly he saw that sitting on the wall Sri Ramkrishna was showing him something pointing his fingers. Looking at that site he noticed that the height of the wall in that region was a bit low. As soon as he went there, Sri Ramkrishna holding his hand took him on the wall and his dream went off.

Thus in his dream Alok was fortunate to see both his God-the-Preceptor Diamond and Sri Ramkrishna and gradually got his peace and divine joy in his life. Later on he identified Diamond through his photo.



Volume 18, September, 2016

Chapter 81

Purification  of  Sahashrar  or  Cerebrum

372).     2nd September, 1979.

I saw in an early morning dream that I was having a loose motion several times. After a while I took bath and washed.

Loose motion means excretions of all impurities from the body. This means the Sahashrar or the cerebrum will be capable of having more powerful realizations in the long run.

The previous three consecutive dreams seem to be interlinked.

Vision  of  future—Intense  mental agitation 

 Of  the  Holy Ghost  for  mankind

373).  10th September, 1979.  Monday.

Early morning dream:  A great war started, as if bombing would start all round and there was sign of great fear everywhere.

After a while I saw Diamond. Tears were shedding from his eyes. I saw it and then said to myself – Oh! Everywhere was a sign of such tranquility and he was shedding tears for the welfare of the world! At this moment I woke up.

[The dream gives a clear indication that in far future the world will be in peace by the grace of God-the-Preceptor after overcoming all agitations. The whole mankind will be under the grace of Diamond.]

Abandonment  of  worldly  knowledge—indication  of own’s  spiritual  capacity     

374)       4th October, 1979. Thursday .  Place :  Ghatshila .     Early morning dream:  In the first scene I saw that Dhiren Mondal  and I had appeared for a final examination. I wrote my name on the answer paper. The examinees were 3-4 in number. The examiner distributed the question papers which were on political science.

But failing to answer anything, both of us came out submitting the blank papers.

In the second scene I saw that I came out of my previous house at Kadamtala, Howrah (1953-1962) out of anger.

In the third scene I saw that  Jibankrishna had come to my residence at Kadamtala and it  seemed to me that he has come back again after his physical death. I became overwhelmed with joy as I could again get the accompaniment of the Holy Ghost.

It was then 8 A.M, I thought that I should go to him before going to school. So I started and on the road I met Jibankrishna. He was coming back from his walking. Seeing me Jibankrishna passed his hand on my body and head and went back home. I thought that I would go to Jibankrishna now. So I went to Jibankrishna’s house. But from outside I went on thinking that Jibankrishna would take rest now, so it would not be proper to disturb him. With these thoughts I looked inside to see what Jibankrishna was doing now and noticed that his body was transformed into Dwijendra Nath Roy’s body (He is a companion of Jibankrishna and resides at Ghatshila). He was bowing dowing to Sri Ramkrishna Deva’s photo hanging on the wall. So I went on waiting and at this moment the dream went off.

The first scene shows that the seer’s brain has become incapable of being entangled with any worldly affairs as it has become saturated with only spiritual matters and so the same with Dhiren Mondal.

The second scene shows that the seer is becoming devoid of his body matter. Here the house depicts body.

The third scene is linked up with the second one thus: Jibankrishna had been transformed into Dwijendra Nath, whom he used to say the most suitable body of universal austerity as Dwijendra Nath was free from all prejudices. Here the seer is going to have the same effect in future.

Indication  of  gaining  sense  of  Oneness

375).     14th  October, 1979 . Sunday.   Place :  Makardah.     Early morning dream:   First I saw Dwijendranath Roy of  Ghatsila .  Then saw a man named Ratan. Dwijendranath told me that Ratan had a nice Gobindabhog rice (Best quality rice with fragrance), and to take that from him. But when I told Ratan about the rice, he showed the same with half quantity broken and half intact. So neither me nor Dwijendranath liked it. I said that I would buy rice from the market. Hearing this He said, ‘I have more superior quality of the same rice and I am giving it to you’. I said, ‘You give that’. Then dream went off.

Rice is the symbol of knowledge of Brahma or Supreme Self  in individualism. Here Gobindabhog rice is the best quality which is the symbol of knowledge of ‘oneness’ in universal austerity.  Dwijendranath also symbolizes the same. Here there is a clear indication that the seer will have the knowledge of ‘oneness’ in future.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 18, September, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Rama is only One but He has got thousand names”.

Rama – (Lit:) means One.

This saying is coming down from generations to generations but no proof of it has yet been set up.

In individual realization there is no proof of it. You have got to believe the speaker. But to believe is no religion. Religion is based on the Universal Truth. It is meant for one and all. Universal Truth bears its own proof. ‘Diamond’ is seen within them by thousands and thousands and it is a positive proof that in the spiritual world the human race is identical with ‘Diamond’. They see, they announce and they evince. Such is the wonderful force of religion. Yes, ‘Diamond’ is One in the spiritual world but He has got millions of different names and forms in the outside world.

  1. “All the Vedas, the Puranas, the Tantras – all scriptures, they seek Him and no one else, only that One Sat-Chit-Ananda”.

Him – Who is this Him?

There is no other ‘Him’ anywhere else, save and except, a Man becomes God and it is proved and acknowledged.

Sat-Chit-Ananda – is a state of individual Bliss. It is not a mental calculation. This Bliss comes over a man in Samadhi. His two cheeks will be seen swelled and his face will have a reddish glow with ecstasy.

There is an Universal Satchidananda in the form of a living human being and He unites all into One in the spiritual world. Nobody will call Him – “Jala, Water, Aqua or Pani” – in different appellations. On the contrary, the Buddhist sees Him within and calls Him ‘Diamond’. The Jew sees Him within and calls Him ‘Diamond’. The Moslem calls Him ‘Diamond’. It is but ‘Diamond’ and One and no other appellation. So we find here a mark of departure from “The Universal Catholic Church of Sri Ramkrishna”.

A gulf of difference lies between “Jala, Water, Aqua, Pani” and ‘Diamond’. Here the latter is pointed out in the Vedas and it is ‘Reality’; whereas, the former is symbolic and based with the view of toleration though no toleration is yet come in all the ‘Isms’ i.e. the sectarian religions of the world.

  1. “You see all the women but they are only She – the Divine Mother”.

It is but Individualism – self-created fancy– sectarianism. There is neither ‘he’ nor ‘she’, nor Sankhya, nor Vedanta; but there is Reality – the real life of a human being.

Thousands and thousands of women see within them Diamond in their own places without physically coming in contact with Him. Yes, it signifies, outwardly they are women but spiritually they are One with Him. The operation is carried on in the Mahayoga having its origin in the Mahakarana – the cause of which cannot be known but its effect reveals the Truth.

In individualism one man sees and in the case of Diamond, He does not see but thousand others see.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 18, September, 2016

Aniruddha Bhattacharjee.

1991 A.D. Aniruddha Bhattacharjee from Bahirari, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:

I saw in my dream that I was telling my friend, ‘Since now I shall not remain in any discussion other than Jibankrishna.’ As soon as I said this, the inside of my body was shocked and felt a great divine joy. In the next scene I saw a paddy straw dump behind our house and it was fired. Thinking that the five might spread I shouted ‘Fire! Fire! My dream was off.

[In the first scene the spiritual condition of the seer is indicated. In the second scene also all the defects of the seer were removed straw is the roughage which means unwanted prejudices.]

Manidip Ghosh.

Manidip Ghosh of Chaupalli Reading center (Birbhum) is an undergraduate student has narrated his dreams:

1991 A.D.

1.I saw in a dream that a butterfly sat on a flower. Bright rays of light was emerging from its eyes. Suddenly I saw that in the junction of the light emerging from the two eyes thumb like Jibankrishna was seated. Then my dream was off.

2.In the house of Babai, Snehamay uncle, Bulbuli and I had assembled. We were doing something there. Then the darkness came in the evening. It was so dark that we could not decide how to go time. Suddenly Jibankrishna came with bare upper body and wearing a white dhoti. He gave a torch to Snehamay uncle and said, ‘Take this torch, don’t worry.’ Snehamay uncle took the torch and all of us bowed down to Jibankrishna. Then my dream was off.

[ In the first dream thumb like Jibankrishna gave his grace to the seer. In Upanishad Atma or Soul or God was described as thumb like God’s light. Jibankrishna is Atma.

In the second dream it is indicated that God-the-Preceptor guides the seer with his light of knowledge.]

1992 A.D.

3.Uttam and I were standing beside a pond near a microwave centre. A thread was immersed in a pond. Its end was fixed on the land. We store inside the water and began to draw the thread. But with surprise we saw that it was a snake instead of thread. With fear we got up from the water. But we saw that it was not a snake, it was a thread. So again we got down in the water, but again saw that it was a snake. This was repeated thrice and in the fourth attempt we saw that it was a thread. When we drew it, we saw that goddess kali came out of the water. I was scared and touching my forehead with two hands I bowed to her with closed eyes. When I opened my eyes I saw that instead of goddess kali Jibankrishna was seated on the water with the posture of meditation with one hand in the posture of giving safety. The dream was off.

[God-the-preceptor was giving the seer his grace and protection.]

Haimanti Ganguly.

1991 A.D.

I dreamed that I had gone to Babydi’s house. I picked up a tumbler full of water from the well. The face of Jibankrishna was seen in the water inside the tumbler, and with surprise I was watching it. Then my dream was off.

[The divine consciousness of the seer spread all over. Again the meaning of water is life. So the seer was seeing the form of Jibankrishna inside the water, as Jibankrishna is another form of life.]



Volume 18, September, 2016

Chapter 43

Full-fledged individualistic austerity has manifested only in Jibankrishna, none in the world will have

October 25, 1960:

Today a new comer Satyaranjan Das has come to Jibankrishna. He saw a dream which is as such. He was seeing a fare with a narrow path. On both sides there were shops in rows. The path was blind on one side. The shops were off different types. Some were sweet shops, some were groceries, some were garment shops etc. These shops were attached with each other. The seer was walking looking at the shops. In the mean time suddenly earthquake started with storm. Being scared the seer began to flee away, but failed. He was falling on the ground again and again and was rolling on the ground.

Suddenly there was an oracle, ‘To get something fully one has to tolerate this storm and earthquake’. The seer shouted, ‘I cannot do it’. When the earthquake stopped the storm was not fully stopped. The seer got up and saw that an ox raising its horns chased him. There was no way out. With a great fear of life he jumped and entered into a shop. It was a sweet shop. He saw the shopkeeper but showing his unconcerned attitude was seated there. With a minute look he noticed that the shopkeeper was Jibankrishna with smiling face. Just at that moment he saw that a mad person with a laughing attitude came and told him, ‘You did not take sixteen annas (hundred percent), so give me something. I shall purchase sweet and eat’.

At this moment the seer woke up and noticed that he was sweating. The pillow and bed became wet and his throat became dried up.

Jibankrishna – Can anyone of you say what he has seen? After a silence he said, That fare is this world and is full of diversities. His mind was during that time extrovert and so he was roaming with gay. In the mean time the storm and earthquake came means his Kundalini and life force became manifested simultaneously within his body. He fell down which means he could not resist such power. Then he heard an oracle, ‘To get hundred percent he has to bear this storm’ and he shouted, ‘I cannot take it’. It shows that hundred percent individualistic austerity will not be achieved by anyone in this world. The earthquake stopped and the storm subsided which means his mind was becoming calm. Then the ox chased him which means, without hundred percent austerity the animal passion will chase which a man carries with his birth. Still they will get the shelter of God. And that mad man is fake that means this world who shares has right though it is to a little extent, as the mad person is wanting a little amount. But see, this is the individualistic interpretation. In individualism no such question arises.

Jibankrishna will annihilate the darkness of mankind

November 11, 1960:

The reading of the gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was going on in Jibankrishna’s room at Kadamtala, Howrah. While listening Bholanath became engaged in meditation. After a long time when the meditation was over, he told Jibankrishna, ‘In my meditation I had a vision. I saw that within an illuminated light you were standing, and just in front of you it was complete dark. Within that darkness something was moving, standing within that light you were blowing within the darkness continuously and as far as you were approaching the darkness was removing and the place was being covered with light. It seemed as if by such continuous blow you will completely break the darkness. With this thought my body was shivering.

Jibankrishna – It clearly shows as all of you know that I shall annihilate the darkness of human race by appearing within the body.

Seeing Jibankrishna in dreams after reading the Foreword of his book ‘Religion and Realization’

November 13, 1960:

A new comer told to Jibankrishna – It seemed that I had seen you in dream before coming to you. It was about two weeks ago. Hiru (A companion of Jibankrishna who brought the new comer today) gave me the Foreword of your book ‘Religion and Realization’. After reading twice of thrice I saw you in dream wearing this Punjabi as now I am seeing in reality.

Jibankrishna – Now-a-days I see that by reading the Foreword some people are seeing me in dreams. And you are quite lucky that after seeing me within you, your soul is liberated in this lifetime.








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