(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 20, October, 2016  

Chapter 65

Nothing comes from outside

April 14, 1960.

See, in this father’s semen, what is there – this human body. Then what happens? Within this father’s semen all these bones, meat, heart, liver lungs etc. are present and then coming inside the mother’s womb these are developed. So nothing came from outside. What an astonishing phenomenon it is!

Now what is this semen I have told you. This can be seen in ‘Jada Samadhi’. Suppose a mango tree and a mango is formed there. Now this mango was inside that tree. When proper time comes, a mango is formed. But that mango is not taking anything from outside. Just think how this mango is formed! Who has adjusted all these phenomena!

How much have we known? We have only come to know that human beings are different in the material world but one in the spiritual world. Has it come from outside? No, it was inside and then is manifested outside.

What a miraculous this human body is! I understand nothing else about religion, I only understand what an unfathomable container of power this human body is!

The new phase of Jibankrishna (Diamond)

April 18, 1960.

Today I was going to rub mustard oil on my body, the granddaughter of Manik (Manik Lal Basu, Jibankrishnas cousin brother) ran to e with the bowl of the oil. As soon as I took the bowl from her hand I was transformed into her form.

Some days back I told you – I was seeing so many people, even while a person was passing by on the road, I started seeing him within me. But so far I had never seen any woman. This is the first time I saw a woman folk. She might be a child, but still she was a woman.

To-day it flashes in my mind, whether everything is retarding within me. The Circle is complete now so the thing is returning to its original place. I have clearly understood I have reached in a different sphere. Perhaps so many things happened only to make me understood, but none could understand what it was.

Sri Ramkrishna’s religion is not the ultimate one

April 18, 1960.

The religion what Sri Ramkrishna had given to mankind, I am saying that this is not the end.

Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) is saying – Being one with Divinity there will not be any further progress in that sense.

Divinity – A living man, and that proof is borne by you. It was not fulfilled encircling Thakur’s (Sri Ramkrishna’s) life. Now I am saying whether is this the end? Though Vedas are also drawing a final conclusion here, but I am saying that there are still so many things after this. Let it be manifested then I shall tell you Listen, there is no end of it.

The human body is a container of infinite power

April 19, 1960.

How wonderful this human body is? Nobody knows what an infinite power is within this body.

This afternoon I was thinking about this human body. From father’s semen gradually the heart, lungs, brain, liver, spleen are formed. Nothing comes from outside. Everything was in the father’s semen. Are these taking anything from outside, except only for development? Nobody knows how does this occur. How much have we known so far? We have only known that human beings are different in the material world but one in the spiritual world. Have these come from outside? No, these were inside and are manifested.

This phenomenon of the material world is not only confined within the human body but also in other objects. Just think how a mango is formed in a mango tree!

This mango is not coming from outside. It was within the tree. What it is taking from outside? It is taking water, air, light and neat. That is, the five elements are taken from outside only for its development. But how a mango is formed? This mystery has not yet been solved. How mysterious this human body is? To me religion does not mean any planes or any sheaths of the body. It means the infinite power of this human body.

Liberty means achieving oneness

April 21, 1960.

See, I have read that book ‘Liberty of Soul in the light of Indian philosophy’ and understood that the writer has read philosophy so thoroughly and for that reason he deserves thanks and credit. But that gentleman has mentioned about liberty of Soul so many times but could not explain what is liberty. Listen, liberty of Atma (or Soul) means achievement of oneness which has happened here. Their liberty means liberty of Soul after death. But it is not actually so. It is achieved in life time, that means achievement of oneness. Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) says, ‘If Atma wishes to be liberated from the body then only the real liberty will be achieved.’ But who achieves that? But again his sayings – ‘If someone brings light in a dark room of 1000 years, then does the darkness go gradually or it goes instantly’?

See, I have understood this during my individualistic austerity when I saw that the divine consciousness in the form of light flashes all on a sudden from the cerebrum to the waist.  Understood that in the light of Thakur’s version.

But to-day I have understood in a different manner. The moment when you have seen my form within you, that is the lighting in an one thousand years dark room. Whenever a man sees me within him, he gets liberated and achieves oneness, whether he knows it or is quite ignorant.


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 20, October, 2016  


This was the narration of Mrs. Anima Chatterjee of Howrah, West Bengal, India.

I met Prabal Dutta, son of Patit Paban Dutta, a regular companion of Diamond  in his life time. After a few conversations on Diamond he gave some books ‘Beyond Upanished’, ‘He Mahajiban’ and some old issues of the magazine ‘Manikya’ about Diamond. For a few days I read these books and suddenly one day, I saw a dream, though I couldn’t remember the date or year. I saw in my dream, ‘a photo of Diamond was hanging against the south facing wall of my bed room with a sentence written beneath the photo, ‘Man is the Eternal Truth’. Then suddenly I saw his another photo in a posture of meditation came out of the existing photo and got fixed against the north facing wall opposite to my feet. Immediately after that I saw Swami Vivekananda with a turban and a red ochre cloth standing on the floor. He then patted me from foot to head and went away. I also followed him. But reaching to our electric meter room he disappeared. At that moment while standing near the meter room. I saw Diamond placing his right hand on my head and here my dream went off. Thus I got Diamond as my God-the-Preceptor and series of divine dreams began to appear within me gradually”.



This incident happened one day in the year 1975 at Howrah Town. Prafulla Das a resident of Howrah Town (West Bengal, India) had frequent conversations with one of his friend on Diamond. One day while he was going to one devotee’s house for reading ‘Religion and Realization’ etc. he met his friend on the road. He said to Prafulla, ‘you know, I met Diamond on my way coming here. Prafulla got surprised and asked, ‘what are you saying’! He said, ‘yes, I had a long conversation with him. He was holding a can in his hand and he wore Dhoti and Punjabi (Bengali National dress).

Prafulla told him, ‘I never told you that he expired in 1967’. He became speechless and kept looking at Prafulla with mere astonishment.

This incident is beyond any explanation that the friend of Prafulla saw Diamond in flesh and blood after his demise in 1967


Volume 20, October, 2016  

Chapter 83

Indication  of  lifelong  experience  of  realizations

379)      3rd  November, 1078 . Saturday .   Morning  dream:   I saw myself eating fried soft rice in a bowl with many other items . Sometimes I was falling in trances . In the midst of it two devotees Anath nath Mondal and Arun Mukherjee were debating with each other by singing on the aspects of Jibankrishna. But I continued eating which seemed to be never ending .

In the next scene I met Anath Mondal atold him that in the previous dream I had seen thus which I narrated .

Then again scene changed—I had gone to Jibankrishna at Kadamtala. It seemed to me that in reality  Jibankrishna did not exist in physical body . So I said to myself, ‘When he was alive, I did not search for him and now I am doing the same thing’! Afterwards I met one of the devotees Barendra Nath Mitra in his shop and told him everything . The dream then went off.

The first scene indicates that the seer will have lifelong realizations mainly based on Vedanta, as dried rice symbolizes Vendantic realizations (As Vedanta is dry in Character without any emotion ).

The second scene corroborates the first on and third scene indicated the real facts of the seer happened in his life .

Narration  of  previous  dream  in  the  next  dream—Indication

Of  more  powerful  brain  power

380)    3rd November, 1979 Saturday.

Noontime dream: Two of the senior students of my ex-Agricultural College were telling me that they had seen Sri Ramkrishna Deva coming by train at Ranikhet and he liked that scene very much.

Thereafter they had come to my residence. The name of one of them was Bimal and the other was not remembered. They were taking tea and describing this fact. Hearing this I said to Bimal, ‘I also have seen the same scene in my dream.

In the next scene I saw the house of Raghunath Sen. I asked Arun Ghosh, ‘How are you now’? In reality he had a fever. He answered, ‘well’. Then I narrated all the incidents to him and then the dream went off.

Here the narration of one dream in another dream indicates a powerful brain of the seer.

Blessings  of  last  form  of  Dasa  Mahavidya (Ten forms of Holy goddess Durga)

381) .     7th November, 1979. Wednesday.   Early morning dream :   I had gone to the residence of a senior devotee Dwijendra Nath Roy at Ghatshila . As soon as I entered the house, the wife (Kamala by name) of the house owner said to me in a joyous mood, ‘Sweets are kept for you. I shall give to you’. Saying this she was going to call me to another room with arrangements of Russgullas and Pantuas (Bengali sweets made of posset). Meanwhile I noticed that due to the presence of one of my ex-office-mate Samar by name I was called to another room. But within a short time I saw that she took sweets to me and I ate all the sweets. Thereafter nothing could be remembered.

In a next scene the seer saw an old devotee Abhay Mukherjee and said to himself; He is now spending his days at Kamarpukur and is doing service in Math ! But how long he got accompaniment of Sri Jibankrishna and in spite of that he is under such condition! Then the dream went off.

Kamala is the last one of the forms of the Holy mother which brings the controlling power in the spiritual world. Here ‘Kamala’is the name sake. She is pleased with the seer and feeds him with varieties of sweets i.e., lots of realizations will be experienced by the seer by the grace of Holy mother in future and the effect will be determined in future.

Indication  of  transmissions  of  spiritual  power

382).     15th November,  1979  Thursday,    Early morning dream ;    One of my students named Sovan had climbed up a tree and I was observing it . Suddenly I noticed that a huge monkey jumped on the student from another branch. Sovan tried to run away but before that the monkey jumped on his neck and Sovan along with the monkey fell on the ground from the tree. Very anxiously I saw that the monkey very firmly hugged him and just at this moment I woke up.

The dream indicates that the student may have spiritual exposure in future . Here the monkey means Mahabayu or the life force which may awake within the student as he has come in contact with the seer. Jibankrishna used to say to the devotees, ‘whoever will come in contact with you, if they have spiritual prejudices, they will see me within them and will have spiritual exposure?’


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 20, October, 2016  


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “Once a bird sat on the mast of a vessel. The vessel sailed, crossed the mouth of the Ganges and came into the black water of the sea. It did not notice so long. The bird later became aware of it. It flew out north, east, south and west for land. No land would be found. It came back and sat quietly on the mast”.

Bird – Atman in the seventh plane and mind.

Mast – backbone. It is very apt and befitting comparison.

Vessel – human body.

The vessel sailed – Life in a man running in quest of God.

Ganges – Sushumna or the course of Life Power or Kundalini through the backbone.

Mouth of the Ganges – Muladhar in the lower zone and Medulla oblongata with three currents of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna winding their courses to the seventh plane (the trident of Siva) above the neck.

Sea – World in the outside and Brahma in the cerebrum. It was not noticed so long – forgetful of oneself and God.

Became aware – felt hankering after God.

It flew out north, east, south and west – seeking God in the outside.

Land – the safety zone – the zone of no fear (Advaitam).

Came back – nowhere else in the outside God was found.

Sat quietly – saw God – became God – attained the stage of Kutichaka.

In vain, a man attempts to find out God in the outside world. You are to be transformed into God and a man being transformed into God becomes quiet and it is Kutichaka.

  1. “What one seeks is very near him. Still he moves about hither and thither”.

The whole human race is running after God, though they are not aware of it. A man is born to become God and it is an innate urge but he can hardly understand it. His egoism or ‘I’-ness is the impediment to the evolution of the Life Power to get transformed into God. If this ‘I’-ness is effaced then automatic transformation of Life Power takes place. It is His Life Power reaching the cerebrum which is transformed into God and nothing else. If this transformation is to come, it comes from within and nowhere in the four quarters of the globe, it is to be had.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 20, October, 2016  

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream as unknown man

Samipendu Panja from Abinashpur narrated his dream:
2000 A.D.
I saw in a dream that my aunt (father’s sister) was coming back home. Without informing anybody I got up in the train. Seeing me my aunt became angry and in the next station she put me down from the train. With a great sorrow I began to walk. After walking for some time I stood on a raised place and my mind was satisfied. I saw a streaming river away from me. On the sand beach a complacent sage was meditating. His head was clean shaved without any moustache and beard. Seeing him I was very joyful. The dream was then off.
Later on seeing Jibankrishna’s photo I was confirmed  that the sage in my dream was Jibankrishna himself.
[ Raised land is the seventh plane of the body where god is visible. Unknown man is god. The seer visualizes god.]

Basanti Chatterjee, Sultanpur
I saw in my dream many idols in a garden scattered here and there, though Jibankrishna’s idol was prominent. Nobody could say who made these idols. I met a young boy. He told me,”For Jatra(open stage theatre) keep these coins.” Then he gave me three coins. On each coin I saw the form of Jibankrishna inscribed. I tied them with my dress and the dream was off.
[Idols of gods and goddesses, but Jibankrishna is the superior most as he himself is Parama Brahma or supreme self. Three coins are physical body, astral body and causal body and in each there is presence of Jibankrishna.]

Debkumar Mondal, Bahadurpur,Birbhum
2000 A.D.
In a dream I saw that reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and “Dharma-O-Anubhuti”( Diamond’s Bengali book) was going on.
Sri Jibankrishna, teachers Ganguly and Dipak were seated side by side. Suddenly a huge snake came and encircled me. I was scared. But Sri Jibankrishna  told me,”Do not be afraid, I shall move it out after the reading. The dream was then off.

[ Snake is Kundalini; Jibankrishna –God-the-preceptor; when the reading will be finished-when the austerity will be completed God-the-Preceptor will transform Kundalini into Brahma or God.]

Mrs. Sarmani Ghosh, Debendragunj, Bolpur(Birbhum)
2000 A.D.
1)      During reading of Diamond’s Bengali book “Dharma-O-Anubhuti”(Religion and Realization) there was load shedding. A lantern was put on and the reading was continued. During this time I had a trance and saw that the lantern was giving bright light and inside it was a seated Jibankrishna. From his body bright light was coming out and in that light reading was going on.
[ Whereever Diamond’s book is read it creates divine light among the listeners.]

2003 A.D.
2)      In a dream I saw that there was a conflict  between congress and communist party supporters. But when I went near them I saw that all of them were devotees of Jibankrishna. Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was read. Then I saw that each of them were Jibankrishna  with clean shaved Jibankrishna with sacred thread on their bodies. Whoever was entering there everyone was transforming into Jibankrishna. With a great surprise I woke up.
[ In this way the true communism will be established among the humanity.]]


Volume 20, October, 2016  

Chapter 45

Proof of Godhood of Jibankrishna through dream

December 17, 1960:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Dhiren Roy saw a dream. He saw that he was walking through a hilly road and ultimately reached a hut. He became so tired that he was thinking had he get a cup of tea it would have been nice. Just at this moment a hill tribal girl came out of the hut and asked him, ‘Do you want to drink tea?’ Dhiren agreed and entered into the room which and no door but there was a cover of cane. Entering into the room he saw a picture of a man on a mirror. He asked the girl, ‘Is it a picture of Guru Nanak?’ She said, ‘No, it is the picture of God’. Then Dhiren noticed that it was the picture of mine and at its bottom it was written ‘He is God himself’.

‘Himself’ means in whom godhood is manifested he himself is transformed into God.

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream after reading the Foreword of his book ‘Religion and Realization’

December 22, 1960:

A 35 years old person fell in ecstasy after entering into Jibankrishna’s room. After he became normal Jibankrishna told the listeners, ‘He uses to read the Foreword of his book ‘Religion and Realization’ everyday and then has seen me in dream. Being asked by Jibankrishna the person narrated his dream. It is as such: ‘After reading your book I saw a dream in the night. I was passing before your corridor through the lane in front of your house. Your east facing window was open and I saw through the window that you were seated on your cot with bare upper body. Then my dream was off’.

The oneness of Jibankrishna will spread among the Europeans through the Americans in future

March 18, 1961:

Radhacharan Mitra (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that you would go to London and became ready. I bowed down to you. Then you started for London by a cargo ship. The ocean was huge and the ship went away far and I was observing it. Thereafter a stormy situation was created. I thought that God Himself was on the ship, so nothing could be happened by storm. At that moment it seemed to me that the Americans would come to see you. The dream was then off.

Jibankrishna – Now I have understood its meaning. This means through the Americans this oneness will spread in Europe. It is a very strange dream!

Nothing is a barrier of seeing Jibankrishna within the body

July 8, 1961:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – In my working place none of my colleagues were exampled from seeing me in dreams.

One person, he was a thief, though of a well-to-do family saw me in dream. He was seeing that both of us were travelling by a Tram. I jumped from the Tram and so he also did, but he could not see me anymore.

Another person, he was also a thief. He was seeing in his dream, that both Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) and I were present. Addressing me Thakur was saying, ‘Have you done all these things forcibly’!

Then think about that Muslim gentleman (Golam Saheb). He was seeing in his dream that I took him to a field holding his hand, and was showing him all the places of Belur Math (Established by Swami Vivekananda). Do you know what does it mean? This is the spontaneous manifestation of Life Power which cannot be checked by any barrier.