(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 21, November, 2016

Chapter 66

The eternal religious cravings of mankind are fulfilled in Jibankrishna (Diamond) era

April 24, 1960.

“At the age of 12 years 4 months Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) appeared within my body. Then at 13 years 8 months age Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) taught me ‘Rajyoga in dream. Then what happened? It established my form within the human race. We don’t know who did this or how was it happened. It means who have seen me within them are transformed into my form and become one. All of them are announcing, ‘Oh, you and we are one’.

This human body is the perpetual home of God

April 24, 1960.

‘This human body is the perpetual home of God’, say what does it mean? For thousands of years this has been continuing. Do you know what does it mean? Where God is visualized – this body, not anywhere. So this human body is the perpetual home of God. What is happening for this reason? This human body is infinite and the world is also infinite. You can say, but a man dies. But still, the human race exists. For example, you are seeing me within you, but in your absence others exist and so on.

A forecast of Jibankrishna (Diamond) – In future Jibankrishna’s

sayings will spread in the world

April 30, 1960.

‘Kundalini’ is the term for Hindus only. Nowhere in the world this term is used. See, this Supreme Knowledge (Brahmavidya) was manifested in our Country long, long time ago. Now we are trying to explain those things. This is an amazing phenomenon.

See, now I am seeing Asim (Infinite) within me, again I am seeing Amar (Immortal) within me. Asim is present here, but Amar is absent. Do you know what does it mean? All my explanations are spread in infinity, means throughout the world and then I saw Amar which means these sayings will be immortal. Though these are individualism but it cannot be denied. It is true.

‘One  becomes many’  is proved

April 30, 1960.

‘EKkoham Bahusyam’ (I have become many – Upanishad) – We are getting its concrete proof here. Upanishad says – ‘In the beginning there was self alone in the shape of a person; and again Upanishad says –Your Soul is the inner self of all beings – we have got its proof here. ‘All is one’ means that all of you see me within yourselves. This Universe is within the body of every human being. Everyone is seeing this world by projecting from his own body. I am within you and at the same time you are within me. This is very difficult to conceive this due to illusion. And, when somebody dies, the world may be finished to him, but within others this world remains. What do I say? Past, Present and future, everything is within a human body and for this reason the question of rebirth not stand. Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) also said, ‘when the knowledge of non-dualism is achieved then it can be understood that there is no birth.

I have become all. In the scriptures an adjective is used for God – ‘Sah Ekah’ (He is one). So no desire can exist after this. No other thing can exist above it.

What is divine consciousness

May 1, 1960.

Achievement of divine consciousness means innumerable people will give him this divine consciousness. Innumerable people will come and say, ‘We are you.’ SO, when these people are announcing this before me, then only I am getting divine consciousness. At the same time they are also achieving it.

This world is exploiting me, beyond my knowledge and conception. How can I be exempted from it? It is possible when we shall be one. I am one and many and this is simultaneous. My existence has become merged in the world. It is very difficult to explain it. I exist and at the same time I do not exist – This is happening simultaneously. Suppose, you are wiping your name and form. Then what remains? I remain only. And why should we imagine this, it is happening automatically. Each of you is seeing my form within you. We are one inside but many outside. Once it is becoming ‘Yes’ and once it is becoming ‘No’. It is very difficult to understand it.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 21, November, 2016

In the year 1975,   Patit Paban Dutta shifted to their newly built house from Salkia to Shibpur at Howrah. The house was not yet completed. Some portions were under construction one day one of the masson told Patit, ‘you know, to-day one gentleman came here. After surveying everything he told that the house was constructed nicely’. Patit ignored it. But after 3-4 days he thought something and decided that he would show Diamond’s photo to the mason and asked, ‘is this the gentleman who came to you’? He at once said, ‘yes, yes, he was the man who came to me that day’.  Patit told him nothing but thought that the mason got the grace of God without his knowledge [Diamond expired in 1967]


Banabithi Biswas (7 years old)

(Narrated by her mother)

September 2008.

Banabithe is 7 years old. One day she told her mother, ‘Mom, I saw an old grandfather in my dream. Being asked she told, ‘I am dreaming a rainbow in the sky and saw him sitting with folded legs inside that rainbow.’

Afterwards her mother showed her the photograph of Diamond and she said, ‘yes, I have seen him in my dream’.

Strangely she never heard anything about Diamond.

Kota, Rajasthan, India.

Ritam Roy (6 years old)

October, 2007

That time Ritam was four. One day he dreamed that in the morning he was playing under a murrya plant on their portico. Suddenly he saw an old man, fair complexioned wearing a dhoti and short cut hair style and bearded. He told Ritam, ‘Are you playing? You are a very good boy.’ Saying this he patted on his head. Then he woke up. Later on when Ritam saw photo of Diamond he recognized him to be the same man seen in his dream.

Harisabha Madhyamgram

North-24 Parganas

West Bengal



Volume 21, November, 2016

Chapter 84

Both  real  object  and  picture  have  become  identical

383).     20th November, 1979.  Tuesday.   Early morning dream;    Someone was telling me showing the photo of Jibankrishna, ‘See, how dazzling his eyes are ! As if lights are coming out.

Then I noticed that those eyes in the photo were moving just like real ones. I was watching those eyes with great affection and becoming full of joy. The dream then went off.

Here the relisation establishes the saying of Sri Ramkrishna ‘Real thing and pictucre are all identical’ and this has been experienced by the seer. Moreover he has grown great love for God .

Gaining  of  special  power

384)     20th November, 1979.  Tuesday.   Noon time dream:   Arun Ghosh was reading Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna), After reading for some time he said to me, ‘You read now’. I thought whether I could read well as for a long time I was out of touch in reading . However, I started reading . Initially I could not read well but after a while a great change came in my voice and I was merged in reading. Gradually that voice began to spread all over the places of the earth. Then the dream went off.

Here a special power have been grown within the seer i.e., in reality whenever he will read Kathamrita or ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’, the power will penetrate the brains of others who will listen to him.

Vision  of  other’s  spiritual  condition

385)     21st November, 1979.  Wednesday,   Early morning dream:   I was staying at the top floor of my residence. Somebody called him from below. Getting down he opened the door and saw Arun Ghosh standing with a bag. He stepped up straight to the upper floor and at this moment the seer wake up.

The dream indicated the advancement of the spiritual condition of both the seer and Arun Ghosh.

Gaining  power  of  transmitting  spiritual  power  to  others

386)     30th November, 1979.  Friday.   Early morning dream:   In a room some of my familier ones were seated. Their names were Haradhan, Bimalakinkar and Debasish. was I discussing about dreams with them and they were listening very keenly to me. I narrated also a very old dream in which Debasis told him that he saw me in his dream (seen on….). Then dream went off.

Here the dream has two indications:  Firstly the seer, in future may have spiritual power transmitting capacity to others and secondly, his brain capacity has become very powerful as in the dream he was narrating a dream seen long ,long ago.

The inner meaning could not be understood. Though there is a faint chance that Birlaji by coming in contact with the seer may have spiritual improvement in the long run.

It may happen in another way as Jibankrishna used to explain that anybody seen in this way in a dream may be helpful for the seer for his spiritual life . So it came true in the long run thus ; Birlaji alwaysused to give protection against all hazzards to the seer and provided facilities for the seer so that he might compile all the diaries and arrange manuscripts for publication of ‘Manikya’ for next 12—13 years in his school .

Accompaniment of devotees and spiritual practices

390)    7TH December, 1979, Friday.

Early morning dream:  It was the room of Raghunath Sen’s house at Taltala, Kolkata. There were many Jibankrishna’s companions, and Arun Ghosh was reading the diary of Binay Mukherjee who used to keep records of Jibankrishna’s discussions in his diary. Here the dream was off.

[it indicates that the seer is enjoining the spiritual practices both in dream and reality which increases his spiritual power.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 21, November, 2016


Place :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

Saturday, April 5, 1884.

  1. “No invitation is required for one”.

There is no outward agency to help you. Here the principle chalked out by the Upanishad is fundamental – “Whom Atman chooses, he gets it”.

Thakur at the age of eleven, while on his way to the village Anur, saw light within him. It was spontaneous. It establishes the saying of the Upanishad.

To the above I add my own personal experiences:

(i) I did never see the picture of Sri Ramkrishna but I saw him – an unknown man at the age of 12 years and 4 months.

(ii) I did never hear the term ‘Rajayoga’ but I heard it in my brain at the age of 13 years and 8 months.

(iii) God can be visualized, I did never hear of God before but God was shown to me at the age of 24 years 8 months and so on is my further experiences.

(iv) Furthermore, to conjoin the Universalism as outlined in the Vedas followed by seeing God within, in the cerebrum.

September 23, 1884.

  1. “There is a kind of rocket that gives off sparks in one pattern and seems to go out. But after a moment it gives off new sparks, pattern after pattern, as if there is no end of it. But there is one kind of rocket which when lighted, gives a dull sound, giving a few sparks and then goes out for good”.

Rocket – Life Power.

Sparks – realizations.

Pattern after pattern – various kinds – really they are innumerable and they are all so seen.

No end – it is numberless. This is spoken of the Iswarkoty.

Dull sound, a few sparks – In a poor way Life Power is awakened and realizations are but small. It is spoken of the Jivakoty. In individual realization such distinction is made between Iswarkoty and Jivakoty.

But from the experiences of thousands Jivakoty men, women and children, it transpires that there is no distinction between Iswarkoty and Jivakoty in the Universalism, because all of them see ‘Diamond’ within them and thereby they declare – they are all one.

According to the Vedas and it is de facto that every man is Brahma – Tatvamasi.

It is the very ‘One and oneness’ of Swami Vivekananda.

In other words, let you attain this Brahmahood and the human race seeing you within unhesitatingly, nay, willingly and joyfully will declare that in the spiritual world you are the whole human race.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 21, November, 2016

Seeing  Jibankrishna in dream as unknown man
2002 A.D.
Subrata Banerjee from Jambuni has narrated how he saw Jibankrishna in dream without prior  seeing  his photo and without knowing anything  about him.
On 22 nd May, 2002 during my meditation in the morning suddenly a man with clean shaved head and illuminate body wearing  a red ochre dress. I bowed down with my whole body lying on the ground. He gave me assurance of safety and said,” Don’t worry.” I said, “My health is not running well.” He said,” Show yourself to Dr. Sarkar, it will be okay.”
On the same day in the afternoon seeing a photo of Jibnakrishna with my nephew Malay I understood that I saw Jibankrishna  in my meditation.
Next day going to office I was seriously ill. Other teachers took me to doctor and I felt better. Then suddenly it flashed in my mind, oh, it was so strange that they took me to Dr. Sarkar without my knowledge! What a strange sportive form of God within our body!
[The seer not only achieved Jibankrishna as his God-the-Preceptor, but got his grace at the same time.]
2002 A.D.
Basanti Chatterjee from Sultanpur( Birbhum district) has narrated her dream thus:
I saw  in my dream that I had gone to goddess Durga temple. Jibankrishna was  seated with his face in opposite direction. Going there I was going to bow down to the idol. At once turning his face towards me Jibankrishna said,”Not there, bow down here.” Saying this he pointed towards himself. Hastily I bowed down to him and my dream was off.
[The dream indicates that God-the-preceptor is teaching the seer to avoid idol worship.]
2002 A.D.
Ms. Sova Saha from Charupalli Reading Centre has narrated her dream thus:
One night I saw in my dream that Sri Ramkrishna was seated and Jibankrishna was standing . He told me, “Let us go and bring wood apple leaf?” I asked,” what will you do with wood apple leaf?” He said,” I see that you don’t know anything .” He seemed to me as my grandfather and I was feeling great joy by his companion.
Then I saw that many people are entering the room in groups and after bowing down to Jibankrishna were going out. He was also giving his blessings silently to all. I asked him,”Well during bowing what those people was praying silently and what you were saying during your blessings?” He said,”You will not understand.” Then he said,”Every morning and evening sitting in front of Thakur’s (Sri Ramkrishna) portrait you should meditate.” I asked,”what should I say?” He said,”Nothing to say, sit silently. He will do whatever is to be done.” Then my dream was off. After waking up with a great surprise I began to think, well Sri Ramkrishna is my deity,but how I could see Jibankrishna and why he seemed to me so kith and kin at the first sight?
[ Here both ‘Ista’ and God-the-Preceptor have merged, and god is the dearest one. So Jibankrishna seemed to be so intimate.]


Volume 21, November, 2016

Chapter 46

The form of Jibankrishna is eternal

July 11, 1961:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Just think about the phenomenon happening here! Without hearing about me or seeing me before how many numbers of people are seeing me dreams! What will you say about them! That Kali (Chakraborty) is sitting here. (Addressing Kali) When you saw me in physical body at the cemetery of Puri?

Kali – Then I was 10 – 11 years old.

Jibankrishna – Not only Kali, including male and female there are innumerable people who are seeing and had seen me in dreams.

[This establishes the fact that the form of Jibankrishna is eternal. His form was present in the past, present and the future also, because even after his demise in 1967 still he is seen by myriads of people in dreams and physical body.]

Indication of Godhood stage of Jibankrishna

July 22, 1961:

Dhiren Roy (To Jibankrishna) – Last night I saw a dream. I was seeing a crowd and you were seated in a place. Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) was explaining to the crowd saying that he (Jibankrishna) has become God. The dream was then off.

Jibankrishna – Thakur was saying that I have become God! What a strange thing! Yes, it is so, but without him I would have got nothing.

At the very young age Jibankrishna used to be seen in dreams and physical body by people

September 9, 1961:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – Yesterday two persons came here. One of them said, ‘I have seen you in dream long time ago’. Another one said, ‘I saw you in dream in the year 1937. Firstly I thought him to be Sri Ramkrishna. But after coming here I see that it was you’.

Jibankrishna – Now I can see that immediately after my birth people started seeing me in dreams. Now the question arises whether before my birth anybody had seen me in dreams. Certainly not! Because when there is no proof so none had seen me before my birth.

And it is strange that the gentleman saw me when beard! At that time (1937) I had no beard.

Jibankrishna’s book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali) and ‘Religion and Realization’ are Divine books

January 6, 1962:

Hiru Chatterjee (To Jibankrishna) – Robin saw in a dream that two volumes of your Bengali book ‘Dharma – O – Anubhuti’ (Religion and Realization in English version) were kept on the selves of their room. He took those books and putting on the cheek of his son who was standing there went outside.

Jibankrishna – Father symbolizes the Primeval man or God. This means that God has accepted my books. And see, that boy of Metiaburuz saw in his dream that the second volume of my book was not yet published. When the book was published, in the previous night he saw that the book would be published tomorrow, and coming here the next day he saw that it was published.








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