(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 22, November, 2016

Chapter 67

In future only universal religion will be manifested

May 6, 1960.

To-day I was saying, day by day where we have come! We have reached in such a condition which cannot be fathomed. I feel that henceforth only universal religion will be manifested within the human race, because in individualism there are many illusions.

This is called mystic knowledge. This is in vogue for time immemorial and will exist for indefinite period. For infinite time this evolution will continue. Swamiji’s (Swami Vivekananda) sayings – ‘Where intellect fails religion begins’.

At my 12 years 4 months of age I got Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) and at 13 years 8 months of age I got Swamiji within me.  I don’t know its mystery. Now at the fag end of my life I have seen so many mysterious incidents, heard about it, but could understand nothing. Because it is a mystery to me. Again, when you are seeing me within you is also unknown to me. So the whole phenomenon is a mystic knowledge.

The spontaneous evolution of life power remains forever and will remain forever

May 6, 1960.

To become God may be understood by a few Bengal Hindus, but does the whole human race become God? They will become Ruler, Governor. I have understood it now. Such finer things cannot be conceived by most people. They will comment that what matters if some people see a man within them? So it cannot be Universal and I have understood it. We may have prejudices for many centuries, so we can understand ‘Ekoham Bahusyam’ (I become many- Upanishad), but what about others? This may be said as evolution of life power in the human body. This phenomenon exists for time immemorial and will remain forever. All the old traditional religions are the religions in the terror of death.

What has happened here is the evolution of life power. Being prejudiced we are giving it the term ‘Religion’. I presume that it is created after surpassing individualistic austerity and henceforth this will be manifested within the human race.

What a man is capable of holding such immense power is shown here. You cannot tolerate such immense power unless you see me within you. And unless you see me within you, hearing my words what would you do with me?

The individualistic austerity is much inferior to Universal austerity

May 19, 1960.

The manifestation of such Supreme knowledge is a great mystery and amazing. If someone has some individualistic austerities, he will understand it to some extent.

At my 12 years 4 months of age I saw Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) in dream. Then at 13 years 8 months of age I saw Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda) within me. Why did I see both of them? Then can it said that Thakur was lacking one? So through Swamiji’s Rajyoga was manifested within my body and became fulfilled within me. Then it can be said, that Thakur + Swamiji = I, This phenomenon (seeing Jibankrishna within the body) can also be called Rajyoga. There is another one which is Hatayoga but through that a man can show miracle.

I have got no speciality. I do not claim any superiority. I know that the whole world is God. Every man is God. There is no superior or inferior. So this individualistic austerity happened in me should occur in every human being which is absurd. Therefore, I say that this individualistic austerity has no value as this is not universal.

Every human being is Brahma or God with proof

May 24, 1960.

Sri Ramkrishna says, ‘In Adhyatma Ramayana it is said that though Lord Rame resembles a human being, yet this universe is within him’, Quoting this from the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna JIbankrishna said, ‘By saying this why Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) is not explaining that this universe is within the body of this human being? Though he knew that there was no existence of Rama. If he would have said, ‘See, that this universe is in every human being, then what would have happened? The man would have become restless thinking that this universe was within him and tried to see that.

But instead of that what they are doing? They kept aside the human being. They did not allow the man to know that he has immense and infinite power within him. The Vedic Rishi (Sage) is saying, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ (I am God or Brahma)’. as if he wanted to say that he was the God. But no, he wanted to say that every man is God.

Oh, in this Country where the melted lead was poured inside the ear of lower caste people on hearing the Vedic hymns, what should I say about this! As they deprived the man of such wonderful thing, this was abolished from this Country. Where the sages of this Country said, ‘I am God’, there the people are purifying their bodies by cow dung and urine, worshipping snakes, and cows. The religion has reached to such a stage!

[in Brihad-Aranyaka Upanishad it is mentioned as such:

When a man (the Vedic sage) thinks he is about to depart, he says to his son, ’Thou art Holy Knowledge(Brahma). Thou art sacrifice. Thou art the world.’

Verily, whatever has been learned (from the Vedas), the sum of all, this is expressed by the word ‘Knowledge’ (Brahma). (1.5.17)]



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 22, November, 2016

Seeing Diamond in dreams after hearing his name   

Sanjay Sen, Netaji Nagar, Kolkata

Sanjay Sen resides at Netaji Nagar, Kolkata. On 1st July, 1971, (after Diamond’s demise in 1967) he went to Mr. Dhiren Roy, a devotee of Diamond and heard many things about Diamond from him. After then up to 2nd July he felt very gloomy and could not pay attention to his work.

On 2nd night Sanjay saw in a dream that he was going to visit Kedarnath (Hindu sacred place). After crossing Gupta Kasi he walked alone leaving other companions behind. Kedarnath was only 6 miles away. Suddenly he noticed that Dhiren uncle was accompanying him going on one side of the road he saw that the river Alakananda was well below their spot. All on a sudden Dhiren uncle pushed him down. While falling, he saw a tiger standing on a place of the hill. But strangely his body was resembling a tiger while the head like Buddha. While falling down further he saw a lion standing on another place of the hill, but his head was like Swami Vivekananda. Then further down he saw an elephant whose head was like Sri Ramkrishna. He was still falling down and just at the point of falling in the water, he saw a tall and stout holy man emerging from inside the water and standing in the water up to his knees, held Sanjay on his lap and came out of the water. He wore dhoti and a long coat but completely dry as if he was not at all inside the water. He had fair complexion with back brush hair, sharp nose. Holding Sanjay’s hand he started walking along the bank of the river. Within a short moment as he recovered from the shock of his falling down, he found no trace of him. Sanjay was alone then, and the dream went off. The whole day Sanjay felt joyous and peaceful.

After a few days when Sanjay narrated this dream to Dhiren uncle, he showed him a photo of Diamond. And what a surprise! The same man appeared in his dream! Though   the photo was of his old age and bald headed. The man in the dream was middle aged and with hairs on the head. Perhaps he saw Diamond at his middle age in his dream.


Mrs. Madhabi Ghosh is a resident of Charupalli, Bolpur, Birbhum District, W. B. India. One day she was going to see a T.V. program at one of her friend’s house. Suddenly her eyes were fixed on the window of the first floor of another friend’s house. She noticed that Diamond, wearing a dhoti with bare body was moving down from the first floor. As she had already seen his photo before she had no trouble to identify him. But instantly it appeared in her mind, oh! He had already   expired, how could I see him in flesh and blood! Then and there Madhabi understood that he showered his blessings on her by appearing before her in reality and she shed tears thinking about his grace, Madhabi’s life purpose was fulfilled thus.



Volume 22, November, 2016

Chapter 85

Vision  of  Dakshina  Kali—One  of  the  ten  forms

Of  Dasa  Mahavidya  or  goddess Durga

387)     2nd December,  1979. Sunday.   Just before waking up from sleep early in the morning, I saw a room where a photo of a woman named Dakshina was hanging against the wall. Simultaneously I saw on another wall another photo seeming to me to be of Dakshnina Kali (Which is one of the ten forms of goddess Durga or called Dasa Mahavidya as per Purana mythology) . Then and there I woke up.

In the last dream seen on 7.11.79 I saw another form named Kamala which has been mentioned in Lakshmi Tantra as the last form of Dasa Mahavidya. This time I saw another form named Dakshina, though in photo. But as per version of Sri Ramkrishna both picture and real one are identical.

Long time back Jibankrishna saw in a dream a man nemed Dakshina about which he gave explanation that peace will be bestowed on mankind in the long run overcoming all hazards.

Narration and effect of previous dream

388) 3rd December, 1979, Monday :

Early morning dream: I saw in front of me two devotees. One was Khitish Roychoudhury and another one was Dhiren Mondal.

I was telling Mr. Roychoudhury, ‘you know Khitishda (Brother Khitish), the dream I saw before (01.12.1978) where the condensed form of the life force was moving up and down within the spinal cord in between 3rd and 4th plane, now I am feeling its effect and about this I am sure now. Though my mind is existing in the lower zone but I have no attraction for anything and at the same time the mind does not move to the upper zone – It is a peculiar state which persists in me and which is very difficult to bear.’ Then Khitishda said, smiling, ‘Oh! It should not happen in me.’ Dhiren Mondal was so long listening keeping himself quite. Then the dream went off.

[The dream was like this: 1st December, 1978.  Friday.

Early morning dream:   I had a dream to-day with a deep impression.  I was standing on a place. Suddenly I felt that my life force was moving up and down through my spinal cord in a zone below my waist. The life force was looking like a thick whitish condensed matter and it was moving just like the mercury used to move in a thermometer. It seemed to me that the zone was between third and fourth plane of the body.

At this moment I instructed the life force saying, ‘Go, Go upwards’. Then I noticed that the life force obeying my order approached towards my cerebrum with a groaning sound, but very smoothly. I realized that the life force was obeying my instruction and approaching towards the cerebrum. At that moment it was appearing to me that once more the life force reached this death zone in the cerebrum in a previous realization where death used to occur. Then I said to myself, ‘Then let me die, I want to experience death. But instead of that I saw that the life force merged at that point, and the very moment I was awakening uttering the word ‘Jibankrishna’.

The dream gives a clear indication that the seer may have a power to control the life force and if it comes to reality the effect will be of long lasting effect.]

Vision  of  other’s  spiritual  state

389)     6th December, 1979. Thursday.    Early morning dream:   I had gone to the house of the eminent industrialist Lakshmi Narayan Birla (who has affection for me in reality ). There I saw that during talking to someone he became ill. Then and there I saw myself passing my hands on his face and head. Birlaji was almost on the verge of death. Seeing that I went on thinking that at this situation it must carry some meaning that I was passing my hands on his head and face. Meanwhile I also saw a devotee Indranath Mukherjee there. He was asking me how it would be if a camp were being made in a place. I told him, ‘Wait, first let me recover him, then I am telling you’.

Meanwhile I called all other members of Birlaji’s family. Thereafter when I was about to leave their house, Indranath Mukherjee said that he would stay for a while. Then the dream went off.

Special  Grace  of  the  goddess  Annapurna  falling  on  the  seer

391)       9th December, 1979.  Sunday.

Early morning dream:  I saw a two storied house which seemed to belong to us situated at Shantipur of Nadia District (my birth place). A great supper had been arranged on the 1st floor, Many devotees were present there and sat for the suppers on chairs with tables. I noticed that a very beautiful lady motherly looking was serving.

The supper was now on the way to be finished and at the end it seemed that a very special item would  now be served and that was seen on the hand of that lady . It seemed to me that this item was the rarest and most precious thing which might not be in existence on earth .

The lady then began to serve that item. From the plate she began to serve one spoonful in a limited quantity to each member and at last came to me who thought that I would also be served with the same quantity. But I saw that she served me with plentiful quantity and I also finished all. Then washing hands while I stood on the balcony noticed that two other devotees Ashim Biswas and Netai Ghosh were coming for the supper. I told them, ‘The supper are finished. Come soon’! So they came up and the dream went off.

Immediately after waking up the lady appeared to the seer to be goddess Annapurna of Hindu mythology where she was the wife of Mahadeva and serves rice to everybody . Though in yoga it means that she is the Adyasakti or the body and by the grace of body Brahmagyan or knowledge of Brahma is achived by human being.

Here the rarest item means that in future the seer may experience in future completely new realizations which will be first in its kind in the arena of earth.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 22, November,2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar.

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

October 1, 1884


  1. “When the Lord appeared before Dhruva, (a mythological 6 years old devotee) he saw Him and noticed the ear-rings of the Lord were not moving. Dhruva said – Why are not your ear-rings moving? The Lord replied – If you make them move then they will move”.

The Lord appeared before Dhruva – The Lord came out from the body of Dhruva. It is seen that the Lord (of course, with form) comes out from the body. It was so spoken by Thakur on several occasions that Sat-Chit-Ananda came out from his body and talked with him.

If you make them move, then they will move – The Lord says, “I am but your creation. You have created me; it is but manifestation of your Life Power in the causal body”.

An aspirant creates sand seas.

It is the Semitic religion. One imagines some form and that form comes out from his body and appears as a living one. Yes, this human body is so much so wonderful a thing, i.e. a man is Brahma and he has got such a wonderful creative faculty in him! But all these realizations cannot give him entire satisfaction. Some doubt in the long run crops up and lurks in the mind. Yes, such is Individualism.

It is Universalism and Universalism alone which eradicates all doubts. ‘Diamond’ is seen by thousands long, long before they heard His name or saw Him. The difference between these two kinds of realizations is that the former one is a ‘set-up Siva’ and the later is the ‘Siva coming out after penetrating the bowel of the earth’.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 22, November, 2016

2002 A.D.
Ms. Karabi Malakar from Charupalli Raeding Centre Bolpur(Birbhum) has narrated her dream thus:
In my dream I saw that in a two-storied  earthen building Jibankrishna was coming down through the steps from the first floor. I became very joyous seeing him. He sat on the portico where chinu uncle was also seated. I saw that earthern lamps were prepared for ignition. Running towards Jibankrishna I lied putting my head on his lap and felt a great sense of safety and I have nothing to do. Then my dream was off.
[ On the lap of God, a man become safest.]
Seeing Jibankrishna in dreams as unknown man
2002 A.D.
Kanchan Malakar of nine years old from Charupalli Reading Centre has narrated his dream as such:
I saw in my dream that I was swimming in a pond. While crossing from one side to another I was drowning. Then an unknown man pulled me from the water and said,”Nothing to be afraid, I am there.” He seemed to me to be very kith and kin. My dream was then off. Next day when I narrated this dream at the Reading centre, Snehamay uncle showed me  the photo of Jibankrishna with beard. I recognized him to be the unknown man in my dream.
[Jibankrishna used to say,” Atma” or soul is one and in every human being. Atma is now transformed into my form which is present in every human being. Wherever congenial ground appears within anyone, he or she will see my form without his or her knowledge and gets my as God-the-Preceptor. This is an Instance here.]
2002 A.D.
Prasanta Ruj  from Charupalli Reading Centre has narrated his dreams thus:
1)      I saw in my dream that I was going to Charupalli Reading Centre. On my way I heard that Jibankrishna himself had come to the Reading centre and many people had also come. There was no need to listen to the interpretation by brother Snehamay. We could listen to the reading and interpretation from god’s own mouth. I was feeling great joy for this. Furthermore  I heard that henceforth Jibankrishna would stay here  permanently. Then my dream was off.
[Wherever Diamond’s (Jibankrishna) book and the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna is read his spiritual action is there.]

2)      In my dream I saw that I was having chit chat with Barun and brother Snehamay. My daughter who was still incapable of speaking suddenly talked. With a great surprise I was listening to her. She said,”Listening to the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna will serve the purpose of worshipping “. Then my dream was off.
[ The seer’s daughter has grown spiritual power even at this early stage.]

2000 A.D.
Kaushik Ghosh, Bolpur  a student of class nine has narrated his vision in reality thus:

After listening to the reading of Diamond’s book (Dharma O Anubhuti in Bengali) from Biplab’s residence I was returning home alone. The road was dark in the night. I was scared and remembered the name of Jibankrishna. Then and there I saw that Jibankrishna  with bare upper body and wearing white dhoti was coming behind me. So without any fear I went home. Entering into my house I thought how to see Jibankrishna, let me see him again. But coming out of my house I could not see him anymore. So running to Biplab’s house I narrated this vision to the listeners.


Volume 22, November, 2016

Chapter 47

Seeing Jibankrishna as sun in dream

January 14, 1962:

Tulsi from Baruipur (24 Parganas South District of West Bengal State) narrated his dream to Jibankrishna.

Tulsi – I saw in my meditation the sun and that sun was you. In front there was a mirror and so many images were seen in that mirror. Then you were saying, ‘As you are seeing those images, those are the reflection of the sun’.

Jibankrishna – What a strange vision! This indicates Parama Brahma (Supreme Self) of the sun and the golden Person (mentioned in Suetasvatara Upanishad).

Indication of Godhood state of Jibankrishna

February 3, 1962:

One person of 25 – 26 years old from Lilooah, Howrah said to Jibankrishna – In a dream I was seeing that people were running to see ‘Yogya’ (Fire Ceremony). Seeing me on the street they asked, ‘Where do we see God?’ I said, ‘Go to Kadamtala (where Jibankrishna resides), you will see God’.

Jibankrishna – You have got God and this is indicated in your dream.

The phenomenon of Supreme Cult was manifested in the prehistoric era

June 3, 1962:

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – A person was seeing in his dream that he was eating raw beef. What will be its meaning?

Dhiren Roy – This phenomenon (Supreme Cult or Brahmavidya) happened during that period when people used to eat raw meat.

Jibankrishna – Yes! Listen during that time even the fire was discovered. When they saw that due to friction of woods fire was produced they learnt to use fire.

The form of Jibankrishna exists in every human being

June 12, 1962:

Radhacharan Mitra (To Jibankrishna) – My second elder brother dreamed that he had gone to his homeland. The residence had only one room without any door and windows. But somehow he entered into the room and seeing Jibankrishna there was thinking – I had seen him before! So he asked Jibankrishna, ‘How did you enter into the room?’ He said, ‘Just see’! My brother saw that he went outside through the wall and again entered inside.

Jibankrishna asked Dhiren Roy to interprete the dream.

Dhiren – As you say that your form is within everybody so it means that same thing.

Jibankrishna – You conceived in the right way. I also gave the same meaning in this room before.

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream ten years before seeing him in reality

June 17, 1962:

One teacher narrated Jibankrishna how he saw him in dream ten years before. His narration is as such: I dreamed that Sri Ramkrishna was pushing me towards you. At that time this house was not even built. Then about two years before you went for walking towards Dasnagar wearing a comforter around your neck. I saw you on the road and became overwhelmed. I stopped before you for a moment. I did not remember whether you noticed or not.

Jibankrishna – No I did not remember.

Vision of Cosmic Man

June 23, 1962:

Khagen Das (To Jibankrishna) – I had a dream of my childhood. I saw that as if this would was a body of a human body. Then saw a huge person.

Jibankrishna – Oh, you visualized the Cosmic Man. What a strange thing that you saw it in your childhood!