(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 23, December, 2016

Chapter 68

This Human body is the perpetual home of God

June 4, 1960.

To-day I have understood the meaning of ‘Nityadham’ (Perpetual home). This human body is the perpetual home of God. You will die one day. But in succession within this human body this phenomenon of Supreme knowledge will continue. But these are very tough to understand. Listen, this life is all. You have to do everything within this life. Nothing is in the sky, everything is within this body.

There is no need of nurturing rebirth, prejudices. The Atma or Soul is within this body and so everything is within this body. It has no value.

The individualistic austerity cannot be proved

June 9, 1960.

Why I had I seen Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) within me at 12 years 4 months age? Is it to eradicate or to know the individualism of Thakur? Had this individualistic austerity between, such wonderful phenomenon would never occur here. Moreover, when the individualistic austerity is confined only within a man, I cannot be said to be true, because it cannot be proved. So to eradicate the individualism I saw Thakur within me, as I had dream that there will not be two, there will be one.

Now who is this ‘one’? Did they say anything? In an individualistic austerity there is visualization of Atma or Soul, visualization of God, visualization of universe within Atma etc. But what is happening? These are the concentrated forms of my life power. And what are you seeing? This ‘one’ is the form of a living human being. What will happen in future? Who will live for thousand years to witness it? So I say, if I live forever with this physical body then only I say that this is true, otherwise I will say that this is nothing but hoax.

One in many is One-ism

June 10, 1960.

What is the difference between Oneness and One-ism? Oneness is Absolute and One-ism is one in many, what you are seeing here. Again I am that Absolute and so is everybody. Oh, how many thousand years ago this Chandogya Upanishad was written! What a wonderful comment they made during that time – ‘Oh! Let us eat, let us drink – a pack of dogs are chanting’ (Addressing to these who were chanting Vedic hymns on the occasion of fire ceremony or Yogya the sages or Rishis of the era of Upanishad are saying). Oh, can you imagine, about four thousand years ago when people could not ignite fire properly, they were making these comments! Can you imagine what a strange thing it was! Don’t think that they said it intellectuality, but as they had realizations within their bodies, they could make such comment. Within me these are in mild form as I say sometimes that I don’t know a single hymn!

Universalism is based on Individualism

June 14, 1960.

After several stages of individualistic austerity the foundation is made for universalism. So this individualistic austerity should not be considered as illusion. From this Causal body so many forms of gods and goddesses like Shiva, Krishna, Kali can be seen. This has two aspects. One, by self-exertion and another is spontaneous.

Yes at the age of eleven years Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) saw light, and it was a proof that he was ‘Nityasiddha’ (Siddha by birth). But thereafter he tried by self-exertion, and then he became ‘Sadhansiddha’ (Siddha by performing austerity through self-exertion. But in his case it was premature. Listen, I these happened in my case spontaneously. Even the dates I could remember during that time.

For indefinite period how any new things will be manifested cannot be fathomed.

Every human being has the same right of achieving

the Supreme knowledge – spiritual communism

June 17, 1960.

See, every human being has the same right of achieving this Supreme knowledge. When this will be same with each man then only it will carry true value. Each and every man is tied with the same wire. Unless this communism of God is established this will not get its fulfillment.

Here we have got that amazing phenomenon, though all the things are not manifested still now. How many things are still left. But let it be, can you imagine what a wonderful thing we have got here!



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 23, December, 2016

SEEING  DIAMOND  IN DREAMS  AFTER HIS DEATH                                                          

Part – 1

Mrs. Renu Kejriwal, wife of my friend Mr. Ajit Kejriwat sees Diamond in dreams in many ways.

Being asked by me, one day she narrated her experiences through dreams.

I was born in a very conservative family, though my father was liberal and I have go that nature, having no belief in traditional and ritualistic religion. Yet I had a great regard for Sri Ramkrishna Deva.

However, I grew up and got married. After a few years I got in touch with Asim Mukherjee through my husband as they were the members of the local swimming club. Asim Mukherjeee, having long acquaintance with Diamond often used to discuss about him with my husband and so I also got to know about Diamond.

Once it appeared in my mind, how will it be if I translate the Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realisation’ written by Diamond) into Hindi! But I knew nothing about Bengali. So I gave up the idea. In the meantime one day I had a dream that I was looking here and there standing on the road outside our apartment at Ballygunge Calcutta. Meanwhile, an unknown and unseen gentleman was telling me, ‘what are you looking for? You see here’! I thought, ‘what is this! He is quite unknown to me, how can he dare to say like that’!

I was holding then a book in my hand, though I had no idea what was that book. The gentleman told me, ‘Will you spare the book for my reading? Within 2-3 days I shall return it to you after completion’.  So I gave it to him and he went away. But days were passing on but he showed no interest to return the book to me. Ultimately being very annoyed  I told my husband, ‘how is this gentleman that he is not returning my book’! He said, ‘well, I shall take it back’ and then he brought back the book to me. Opening the book I saw with surprise that it was written in Bengali. Then my dream went off.

When   this dream was narrated to Asim, he only said, ‘Oh! This is O.K’! And also said that perhaps I saw Hiru Chatterjee (another devotee of Diamond).

After a few days Asim invited both of us to his residence as Hiru was supposed to come to his residence the same day. So we went and entering his house I saw that gentleman and exclaimed, ‘oh! I have seen him in my dream’!

However, a strange incident happened within a few days. When I began to translate ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ into Hindi, I noticed that I had no trouble in translating the book and ultimately it was completed. I realized if God wishes, anything is possible.

Henceforth I was having many divine dreams though I never saw Diamond in my dreams.

My husband had an urge to see Diamond in dream, but he always used to repent as he couldn’t see him. So one day when he was repenting to Dr. Pramanik he said to my husband casually, ‘why don’t you scold him before going to bed? He himself used to tell others to do the same thing. And you will see, he will definitely appear in your dream’.

After hearing this from my husband I did the same thing and in that same night I had a dream. In between 18.10.2007 to 21.10.2007 both of us were living at Hrishikesh (Near Hardwar). One night, it was then 8-45 pm, Ajit was reading the book ‘Harano Purush’ (Lost man) compiled by Dipak and I was listening. After a few minutes I went on sleeping and dreamt that I was talking to myself with a sad mind addressing to Diamond, ‘Old man! You appear in dreams of so many persons who do not know you, call you, and I want to see you so much, yet can’t you show me you face’? Just at the very moment Diamond appeared before me and addressing to somebody said, ‘see, she is blaming me because I don’t appear before her in dreams. But ask her whether she saw me in a dream 3-4 months back when walking with him she was having conversations’! Just at that moment the same dream flashed in my mind that I was walking with a tall, stout man in a garden and we had conversations though, I couldn’t remember anything. At that moment one gentleman from an adjacent house called me saying, ‘you should be honored that you are talking with God’. I answered, ‘there is no question of being honored. But yes, I had a divine joy in my mind’. And here the dream went off.

I felt a great satisfaction that at last I got Diamond in my dream as God-the-Preceptor. And henceforth I am having numerous dreams involving him. No doubt I have got   peace and divine feeling in my mind with complete eradication of all worldly hazards.



Volume 23, December, 2016

Chapter 86

Oracle  of  future—It  may  be  possible  for  human  being

 to  see  Sri  Jibankrishna  in  physical  body

392 )     25th December, 1979, Monday .

Early morning dream:  I was saying something about yoga to Diamond’s companion Arun Ghosh, establishing my comments in support. Another companion Anil Nath was going to say something. But I said, ‘No, it is not applicable here. It will be like this.’ But as Arun Ghosh was unable to understand, I became sorry.

In another scene, I heard that some unknown voice (Oracle) was saying, ‘In future people will see  Jibankrishna in his physical body.’ Then and there the dream went off.

The dream has two aspects. Firstly many devotees may not gain full conception about Diamond. Secondly, in future, this may happen that Diamond, in spite of his physical death will appear before anyone with his physical body besides dream.

[This oracle came true even after the demise of Diamond when large number of people are seeing him in physical body even now-a-days.

Indication  of  phase  change

393)       26th, December, 1979 . Tuesday ,  Place;  Makardah .

Early morning dream:  I had gone to the Kadamtala power house at Howrah . There was a building at the crossing of four roads. On its ground floor there was a balcony in front. I went to that balcony as around it became water logged due to havy rain. There was a wide drain in front of the balcony and then the road. I wanted to go to that road but thought how could I go there by crossing such wide drain. Meanwhile  I saw that Arun Ghosh coming from somewhere to the verandah went again to somewhere through the side of it . There was a drain in that side but it was narrow. I went to go through the front side by crossing the wide drain and full of filthy water. I approached by supporting the wall and when I was about to keep feet on the road after crossing the drain saw that there was a bamboo fencing in front and there was no way to cross that fence . In the meantime the water level became upto my shoulder height. I was standing helplessly on the water by supporting the wall and went on thinking whether I would be drowned in the drain water. I thought again to go back to verandah. But all on a sudden I found myself standing on a dry place. I took off my dresses and washed my hands and feet and then I woke up.

[The dream shows the inner movement of life force to further development of austerity. There may be many hazzards during the upward movement of life force within the human body, but by the grace of Holy Ghost and body or Primeval Mother (Adyasakti) the seer overcomes all.

After the dream seen on 1. 12. 78 in which the life force reached the palate and the seer wanted to see the face of death, a peculiar mental condition is continuing with a feeling of non attachment to any worldly affairs and tendency to leave this physical body by yoga process . It is not known how long this condition will continue, though the same change of phase came previously with the same mental condition .]

Indication  of  experience  of  universal realizations

by  overcoming  obstacles   

394)       29th December, 1979. Saturday.

To day again similar type of dream seen on 25-12-79 was seen by me early in the morning. I had gone somewhere which was very huge area with huge building which seemed to be a University Campus. New constructions were going on. I would go out of that campus through the back side to avail the main road. But I found a drain in front. I was trying to cross that drain but failed and my feet became stuck to the mud. Meanwhile one senior College mate named Biswendra (Monarch of Universe) said to me, ‘let me escort you to the main road’. I realized that he was very influential in that area. So I approached with him and he escorted me to the main road through another place. Meanwhile I woke up.

[The dream is showing again that the seer is going to have change of phase and will have universal realizations as because Biswendra depicts universal man or the monarch of universe. He is pleased with the seer and will help the seer to reach to a higher phase by overcoming any obstacles.]

Indication  of  achieving  high  brain  power—experience

of  fourth  dimensional  condition         

395)       31st December, 1979 .  Sunday.

I had a very peculiar dream early in the morning:

I had fallen in a war like situation and had my own peculiar group of warriors who could fly anywhere like Indrajit (A hero warrior described in Ramayana who could fly and fightfrom inside the cloud) by a special type of jet like instrument and destroy enemies. I also saw that I had a tiny instrument in my hand and that was acting as the jet. So with this I was going anywhere and nothing seemed to me to be impervious. Quite easily I was penetrating walls and going anywhere I liked. Then I saw a multi-storied building with innumerable rooms in different floors covering a vast area with varieties of arrangements starting from hospital to anything. Some soldiers were also there. I entered there and with the help of that jet I was going anywhere by penetrating through walls, and rooms. The enemies could not catch hold of me.

From there I came to a very steep hill, but effortlessly I was climbing up and down and then the dream went off.

[The dream indicates that the seer has gained fourth dimensional power within himself as because when this fourth diamensional power is gained nothing is impervious.

The seer had a special device by which he was going from one dimension to another. It is based on the theory that to go from one diamension to another one medium is required. But the whole dream is significant in microcosm, that means the seer has gained the power to move effortlessly from one dimension to another in the spiritual world and nothing will be impervious to him.]



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 23, December, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

October 18, 1884

566. “Also a goat is to be slaughtered”.

Goat – is the emblem of ignorance. What is ignorance? Yes, a man is Brahma. But it is ignorance (Maya) which makes him think that he is this human body – a living hillock of flesh and blood. The Aryan culture taught him that he was Brahma. In course of time Tantra appeared and in spite of eliminating ignorance, it was introduced to sacrifice a goat in lieu, as if ignorance would be done away with it. Such is the striking difference between the Aryan cult and the later cults. By slaughtering a goat a man’s ignorance cannot be done away with. It merely pushes him on to make a parade of the ignorance.

October 20,1884

567. “An Avatar is for the Bhakta and not for the Jnani. (God incarnates Himself for the Bhakta and not for the Jnani)”.

Avatar – an Incarnation of God.

Avatar appeared in the mythological era. It has its origin in the Dravidian cult or the Semitic cult. Hinduism takes in its fold the Tirthankars of the non-Aryan religion and the Buddha (an agnostic) of the Buddhism and speaks of them as Avatars.

With all its glories, Avatarism is but an Individualism and no proof of it is borne by anybody, save and except, that they themselves declare and declare that they are Avatars. Thakur himself declare, “An Avatar is Perfect (Siddha) by seeing the Descent and the manikin form within him – Pratyaksha Siddha”. Ram Babu and Girish Babu (devotees of Thakur) declared him as an Avatar. He criticized it and said, “What do they know of an Avatar”? Both Ram Babu and Girish Babu had an idea of Avatar from the mythology. To criticize them, it means that the mythological Avatars are not realities. Yes, Avatarism is but an individual realization and it is for himself and not for others. Even they have got so much peculiarities in their own lives that the general people cannot follow them. They may say, “Give up everything and follow me”. But hardly this idealism is copied and followed. These Avatars and Prophets, they are just for a band of people and not for the whole human race. It is their idealism, teachings and mode of living that brought discord, disagreement, disunion and division in the midst of the human race. The present uproar of dissensions raging in the surface of this earth are but due to this dualism or Avatarhood. Long, long ago it was so pointed out by the sages of the Upanishads that those people who worshipped other gods save and except themselves were but beasts to be slaughteredin thesacrifice.
The Rishis were Dhiras Personified (coolness and patience). The term Jnani was introduced later on in the Hinduism. The followers of the Puranas (Mythologies) are called Bhaktas and those who followed the rational way of thinking as outlined by Sankar and other schools of thoughts, such as, Atma,jnanis etc.were termed as Jnanis.

Religion is neither Bhakti (devotion) nor Jnana (knowledge by reasoning). It is realization and this realization must be Universal and then and then alone it is established and proved.

Avatar for Bhakta – Bhakta creates this Avatar in his spiritual life and then plays with his own spirit.

Not for Jnani – A Jnani worships himself. But this Brahma Vidya is not confined within this well of ignorance. This Supreme Cult of unification springs up with a single individual unit and then it envelops the world. It is so proved in our life.

  1. “Two pieces of bleached short cloth”.

Cloth or linen or any kind of wearing apparel or robe seen in dream denotes human body.

Here short cloth (Tel Dhuti – small cloth used at the time of rubbing the body with oil before bathing) points out that the ‘I’-ness or egoism in the body is small.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 23, December, 2016

Nemai Sarkar’s (Bakalsa, Birbhum) narration:
In the month of November, 2000 I joined a gathering of Jibankrishna devotees and was overwhelmed with divine joy. Suddenly I saw that Jibankrishna  was seated alive in his photo. After a while he was again transformed into his photo. I was very joyous.
In the same night I saw in my dream that Snehamay was telling me,”Come to the reading centre from time to time. My dream was then off.
Really speaking, such type of discussion on God I have never experienced anywhere. I had a new experience in my life.
[Jibankrishna is not merely a picture, he is alive everywhere. Moreover the own self of the seer is instructing him to do regular spiritual practice.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in physical body as a savior
Mousumi  Dhar

1.      Ms. Mousumi  Dhar from Abinashpur, Birbhum has narrated how she saw Jibankrishna in physical  body in reality.
Her narration is as such:
On July 24, 1998 I was returning from Seuri to Abinashpur by sitting on a motorcycle on the backside of my husband who was driving. It was raining very heavily and he could not see the surroundings well. Once the bike jumped falling into hole. I was raised higher up from the bike. I was fearing that now I would fall on the ground and my waist would be broken. But strangely I saw that Jibankrishna made me sit on the bike by holding my waist. I was not harmed or injured. In the next time I had a confusion whether I saw it properly. Was it not my hallucination? Probably Jibankrishna within me understood my confusion. But again strangely the same incident happened. The bike jumped  due to falling into a hole and I was raised up high, and then Jibankrishna made me sit on the bike.
[This time my disbelief was removed. Thinking about the grace of Jibankrishna I returned home crying throughout my journey.]

2.      A few days back I saw him in dream. As for many days I did not see him in dream, I was not in a good mood. But one night I saw in my dream that I was holding a baby on my lap. When I went on patting him, he began to be grown up fast. Then getting down from my lap he sat before me. At that time I saw that he was Jibankrishna. For a long time I observed his luminous form and I was fulfilled.
[Atma or Soul is within the human body in the form of Jibankrishna. He becomes the savior whenever necessary. Baby is Atma or Jibankrishna patting is spiritual practice due to which the spiritual power advances.]

3.       In the year 2000, one day I was listening to the  reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book “Dharma-O-Anubhuti”(Religion and Realization). Then I fell into trance and saw that I had entered into an old temple. Inside was seated Jibankrishna. Seeing him I was very joyous and he was also happy. He asked me, ”What  do you wish to eat today?” I said, ”Bean, as it came to market freshly.” He smiled and bowing down to him I came out. In a place I saw that on a wall there was a packet of marigold garland and in another packet there were beans. I did not know to whom it belonged. But I saw that on every flower the name of ‘Kathamrita’ (The Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) was written. Then my trance was off.
[Temple – Body, which is the place of Jibankrishna. He showers his grace on the seer.
Flowers are the brain cells. It is indicated that the brain cells of the seer are full of divinity. Beans are realizations. Nothing should be expected from God. He showers spontaneously.]

Upanishad’s manifestation

4. In the month of May,2000, at noon I was sleeping for a moment. In dream I saw that coming to me          Jibankrishna  was saying,” Get up, won’t you go for today’s programme?” I said,”Why, was it 4 o’clock? I am getting up, will you give me a glass of water?” He went for bringing water. I was thinking that  I asked God for bringing water for me, I should not do it. Next moment it seemed that he was my father and I could tell him this. Then he brought water for me. I was satisfied after  drinking the water and my dream was off. I remembered the hymns of Upanishad that they mentioned God as Father whom they used to see within their bodies.
[Here in the dream Upanishad was manifested within the seer.]

5. One day at night in the year 2000 I saw in my dream that Jibankrishna was telling me,”Why do you worry  so much? I am with you.” I said, ”I always think that I shall tell you  about my problems and discuss with you, but how can you get you?” He said, “I am very near to you. Listen, whenever any worry comes you take my name and all those worries will be removed. Then your mind will be free.” As soon as he said these, my mind was full of divine joy and my dream was off.

[God-the-Preceptor always looks after the welfare of the seer.]

6. One night in the year 2002, I saw in a dream that on the top of a temple like structure Jibankrishna was seated. I hugged his legs. At that moment i saw that all the gods and goddesses were within his body. Next moment I saw that all the trees, houses etc. of the whole world were seen within his body. At that time it seemed that I saw the same thing which was shown to Arjuna by lord Krishna during the great war described in Mahabharta and it was shown this time by Jibankrishna with his grace.


Volume 23, December, 2016

Chapter 48

 Seeing Jibankrishna in dream ten years before seeing him in reality

June 17, 1962:

One teacher narrated Jibankrishna how he saw him in dream ten years before. His narration is as such: I dreamed that Sri Ramkrishna was pushing me towards you. At that time this house was not even built. Then about two years before you went for walking towards Dasnagar wearing a comforter around your neck. I saw you on the road and became overwhelmed. I stopped before you for a moment. I did not remember whether you noticed or not.

Jibankrishna – No I did not remember.

Vision of Cosmic Man

June 23, 1962:

Khagen Das (To Jibankrishna) – I had a dream of my childhood. I saw that as if this would was a body of a human body. Then saw a huge person.

Jibankrishna – Oh, you visualized the Cosmic Man. What a strange thing that you saw it in your childhood!

Meaning of Slaughtering goat

July 8, 1962.

Abala Dutta (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in my dream that after slaughtering a goat you wanted to give me the body without head. But I said, ‘No, I won’t take it’.

Jibankrishna (To the listeners) – It means that I have eliminated his animal passion. And he did not accept to take the body even in spite of my offer to give him the body. It is a strange thing! Just see how difficult it is to interpret a dream!