(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 24, December, 2016

Chapter 69

Divine dreams occur spontaneously

June 18, 1960.

I have understood to-day what is oneness in ‘Many’. Whenever it is established this world also becomes true. From time immemorial what an effort has been made to unite this human race! And you think what a wonderful thing you have got here! This proof is being borne by the world saying, ‘oh, we all are you’!

Just imagine, what an amazing thing is this divine dream which you see off and on! Have I done this? From dualism point of view you can say that God has done it. These divine dreams occur spontaneously. Just go to bed one night keeping in mind that you will not see any divine dream! But it will act within you automatically.

How many renowned men are born in this world! They are intellectual giants. And compared to them I am like a beggar. But still think that throughout my life this strange phenomenon has been continuing in such a manner!

This living human being is the Truth – Jibankrishna’s forecast

June 19, 1960.

See, what an amazing phenomenon is happening here! Imagine how many years back these Upanishads were written. In Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad Rishi (Sage) Jagyabalka is saying in one place – ‘Those who worship anything except himself is like a sacrificial animal for the fire ceremony (Yagya). This means that they are like animals.

But every man is Brahma or God, and I won’t accept anything other than human being as I have not got any proof till now. So let others be kept aside. Let us deal with human beings.

Chandidas (Poet and saint of West Bengal) has announced 600 years ago, ‘Above all Man is the truth and nothing exists above that.’ So think what you are witnessing here!

But what is happening here is without my knowledge. I am just a witness.

I have nothing to say what is happening here. This is really amazing. Remember, the seeds which I have broadcasted now will germinate and mature one day in future.

Mystery of this human body

June 25, 1960.

Listen, this living human is God or Brahma, nothing beyond that. See how a man can imagine! For example, see the incident of Gopal’s mother! She used to feed Gopal, lie with hum and that Gopal being a living body used to cut woods for her (Gopal is the child Lord Krishna and is worshipped by Hindus). But they are confined with that. And in our case what we are seeing? I am a living human being and how many mysterious and amazing things are happening here encircling me! But this is not maximum. We don’t know how many amazing phenomena are there beyond this. For infinite period such mysterious phenomenon will continue. Is there any account how many unknown and mysterious phenomena are hidden in human body! Everything is within the human body. A man is Brahma. Whatever thinks he can create.

The definition of God

June 30, 1960.

What is meant by God? Can you say what do you understand about God? I have not got any answer. In Atharva Veda I have only got these words ‘Sah Ekah’ (He is One). But we do not get anything about this ‘He is One’ in the past and do not know whether it will be found in future. We have only known that human beings are different looking but inside they are one. They have a separate entity inside. Here this oneness is manifested within some people. We shall only judge on those things which we have achieved here. Now how can we say whether this God is one or not? You can say, ‘why, you were told about that (in dream)! But in my individualistic austerity that prejudice was manifested somehow. And besides this, that God’s light was my transformed form. I am becoming God-the-Preceptor and at the same time I am visualizing. Nothing comes out from outside through my ears, nose and eyes. I shall tell what I have understood and you will understand according to your capacity.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 24, December, 2016

Diamond and the amazing dreams and reality in his life time and after death

Part – 2

Mrs. Renu Kejriwal, after getting Diamond as God-the-Preceptor in dream has seen many divine dreams    out of which a few are narrated as per her version.

In the month of December,2006 one night I dreamed that I had died and I myself was making arrangements for my own funeral. At the same time I was seeing that everybody in my own form came there for attending my funeral. I saw Ajit, my husband, with his own form only, sitting with a smiling face on the steps. Four persons carrying my cot were also of my form. Then the dream went off.

Her dream was interpreted thus – the dream indicates that the seer’s ego consciousness is wiped out. The dream also establishes the quote of Upanishads where the ‘Rishis’ are saying, ‘I only exist’ (Aaham asmi).

February 5, 2009. Thursday.

Early in the morning I dreamed that I was seated in my room. Suddenly I saw two lanky persons up to the height of the ceiling had come to me. I understood that they had come from the king of death. They had short ropes and tied the thumbs of my legs with a view to take me to the pandemonium. I scolded them and said, ‘why do you take me? Do I fear death! Death is a joy, and I myself can go’. Hearing my words, they shrunk into tiny ones. And I went forward. After going for a while I saw a round room on a raised place with 7 steps to enter the room. When I started getting up through the steps, I noticed that they were becoming narrow. Ultimately when I stood on the last step with one foot resting my another foot on the lower one, I saw that inside the room only sofa sets were set up and on each sofa my own forms of different ages were seated.

When I was going to enter the room, suddenly my husband Ajit dragged me down holding my hand, though so long he was not noticed. Then and there I woke up.

[Her dream was interpreted like this – the hymns of Upanishads are personified in the dream, ‘Take me to immortality from mortality …’ The seer says, ‘I do not fear death which means she has overcome the fear of death. It only comes when a person gets the knowledge of own self.]

April,16, 2009. Thursday.

We were at Hrisikesh (near Hardwar of Himachal Pradesh, India) for some days. It was then 6 p.m. My husband Ajit went out for a while and I was lying on my bed, holding the book ‘Lost man’. I was thinking that the name of this book is ‘Lost man’ (this book is compiled on the basis of Diamond’s realizations thoughout his life), but why this name was given”? Diamond still appears among human beings in dreams and reality! While thinking this, I slept.

I dreamed, somebody knocked at the door. I opened the door and saw Diamond standing outside the door I became puzzled and thought what to do, whether I should bow down to him or not. But on the contrary he saluted me with folded hands. I told him, ‘please sit down’. But he told me to sit on the chair and he sat on the floor and said, ‘I am very thirsty’. When I got up to bring him water, he said, ‘No, No, you need not get up’. Saying this he took out a cloth bag from his bag and then opening its mouth he began to drink water from it with the help of a pipe. Then he said, ‘I am feeling sleepy, because I am very tired’. I was thinking where he would lie? Suddenly it appeared in my mind, that I had a mat; let me put it on the floor (In reality it was kept vertically supporting against the wall).Then Diamond lied down on it. I told him, ‘should I give you a pillow’? He nodded and slept. After some time he woke up and looking at different directions he peeped into the kitchen and said, ‘Oh; all arrangements are ready here’! Then he asked, ‘where is Ajit? Where is he now’? I told him, ‘you are asking about his whereabouts. But he has become very worried about seeing you in dreams (in reality Ajit often asks why he does not see Diamond in dreams frequently). Diamond said, ‘It will be delayed. Tell him to keep his mind calm’. I said, ‘He well not believe me, better you tell Dipak about this’. He said, ‘of course, I shall tell him’.

At this moment Ajit rang the calling bell and I woke up. With a great astonishment I observed that really the mat was kept opened on the floor. But actually it was kept in vertical position being rolled up. So how was it possible! [The meaning of the dream is that the dream was so vivid that she actually performed this in reality within the dream. Here the dream and reality became merged .Moreover, God-the-Preceptor shows his sportive forms in dreams which are mentioned in Upanishads.]



Volume 24, December, 2016

Chapter 87

Future  vision—Win  of  goodness—Defeat  of  Evil

396)   5th January, 1980. Saturday,  Place :  Ghatshila.

Early morning dream:  To-day I had to come back to Kolkata after staying a few days at Ghatshila. Early in the morning I saw a very peculiar dream with different scenes.

First scene opened with a last part of a fierce war.  I had taken a shelter with some of the soldiers of the Indian army in a house. But I was only the witness. There was a place like a jungle in front of the house where the rest of the soldiers of the enemy side were continuing their fight. They were using such deadly weapons which would chill the blood. Still the Indian army continued the fight with hand grenades. Some of the soldiers climbed up a tree without any noise and killed some enemy soldiers. Just at this moment my sleep became light. But then I thought that I should see the consequences of this fight. So I again slept and saw the same scene, but in a different situation. This time I saw myself hiding my near and dear ones along with relatives in an underground room of a house. Meanwhile hearing some hullabaloo from outside I went out to the roof and exclaimed – what a surprise! Everybody was enjoying! The house was just like Alipore Central jail and as in reality the Ganges were flowing beside but it was much wider with a bridge and the Indian soldiers with exhaustion were crossing the bridge. I was taking care of them. Underneath the bridge boats were running carrying the enemy soldiers as prisoners.

At that moment I began to dance on the roof uttering ‘Hail Jibankrishna’ and then the dream went off. Then I went for urinal and again went to bed and slept.

Again another scene opened and I saw myself within my own residence. I got a message beforehand that an old man of my house named ‘Samaru’, sitting inside the room was reciting the name of God with fear due to war. Just at this moment a young boy with untidy and slovenly condition coming to me gave a message that a great war started covering half the portion of the world. I came down to a room in the ground floor, and told Samaru, ‘There is no fear.’ Saying this I took out Samaru outside and then the dream went off.

The dream was so deep that I felt irritation in my body and again felt asleep.

This time I saw in the dream that I had come back home from Ghatshila and my mother washed out my clothes and the room also. I then woke up.

In microcosm the whole dream showed the war between good and evil within the body where good won and mother or the Holy Mother washed out all the filthy matters from the body for further development of the austerity.

In macrocosm, there may be an indication of  a future that the spiritual force will defeat the evil forces and control the world.

Accompaniment  with  devotees  and  increase  of  brain  capacity

397)      9th January,  1980.  Wednessday .  Early morning dream :  Alongwith 3-4 devotees I was staying at the residence of a devotee at Makardah, Howrah . But when cooking was going on, somebody said, ‘Many devotees have come’. On hearing it I said to another devotee, ‘Then it is good, as because there will be a good accompaniment’. Then I woke up.

The dream has an effect on the seer’s mind thus; The mentality of the seer had the tendency of being lonely for a number of days . He could not bear the accompaniment’. But after this dream this tendency has gone.

Removel  of  tendency  of  buying  land  in reality  through  dream

398)     12th January, 1980 . Saturday.  Early morning dream: Somebody had come to measure a land as I would buy it . But it was observed that the land was not suitable—it was a boggy place. Then many other lands were searched but could not be found out.

After a while I noticed that many dead people were lying on the ground alongwith dead vultures and some living ones, though they were on the verge of death. I was observing this from a distant place and my mind had a hatred feeling .

As soon as I woke up, it flashed in my mind that I had a wish in reality to buy land for cultivation .But in dream it showed that I could not get suitable lands and in reality practically this tendency vanished completely. The teaching is that the seer with much spiritual power should not go for any worldly addictions.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 24, December, 2016


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

December 27, 1884

  1. “Then for sometimes I remained losing myself in the indivisible Satchidananda”.

Of course, Thakur remained being absorbed in his own cerebrum or the seventh plane.

What is this Indivisible Satchidananda? He does not say anything about it. He remained being confined within his own body. He declares that it is Indivisible Satchidananda and we accept it. But it is Individualism. It leaves us in darkness. No bright sunshine is here.

In Universalism the human race gets the sunshine. The shape of a living human being becomes Indivisible Satchidananda and He shall be seen by thousands. How Indivisible? He is the very same person with one and all.

  1. “The Gopis saw Krishna everywhere”.

Yes, it is so. The form of Krishna was in the eyes of the Gopis. So on whatever thing and on whichever side the Gopis cast their eyes, their eyes met with the form of Krishna. It was but reflection of their own eyes. Their eyes in turn got this reflection from their causal body. By always thinking Krishna, their causal body assumed, or better to say, was transformed into the form of Krishna. In the Upanishad (Chandogya) ‘Man in the eye’ was referred. It stopped there. The matter was not enlightened. Thakur referred the subject by saying the instance of the jaundice-eyed man. A man with jaundiced eyes sees yellow color on whichever side he casts his eyes. It is Individualism. The Universalism differs. ‘Diamond’ is seen by thousands before they hear his name even and not to speak of seeing Him. The form of Krishna is set up, whereas ‘Diamond’ is spontaneous.

December 27, 1884

  1. “Some are born with the cell of knowledge (Jnani-Siva) in their brains and again some are born with the cell of devotion (Bhakti – Vishnu) in their brain”.

It is heredity and heredity speaks, that is, cell in the brain comes along with birth due to the temperament of the forefathers. There runs a proverb in India that it is due to the good work of the fourteen generations upwards that a descendent who may aspire to attain God, is born in the line. It is a biological development and evolution.

Siva (Jnana) – is that which unites all into one. Not in imagination, but de facto, all in the spiritual world will be transformed in spirit in the form of a living human being. Then alone he is to be reckoned as Jnani. As the light in his own identical form he casts in the body of each and every member of the human race and they see him within them and thus they enlighten themselves. Jnani has a see-saw way which covers him as well as the whole human race enlightening both the ways – ‘He’ and the rest of the human race. He shall be seeing all in him and all shall see him within them.

Vishnu (Devotion) – it is confined in individual life. A devotee alone knows what is happening in him. Its reality cannot be proved by him, nor, it can be read by anybody else.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 24, December, 2016

Vision in reality
Pranati Gayen
Ms. Pranati Gayen has narrated a vision in reality. On January 8, 2001 at noon I was planning to conduct my own dance program on the stage.  Suddenly a vision appeared in front of me. I saw that on the hanging corridor of a two-storied house Jibankrishna was standing with a mild smile. On the background there was a blue curtain with ornamental work and from there a bright illumination was coming out. After a few seconds the vision disappeared.
[God-the-Preceptor  thus shows his grace on the seer.]
Haradhon Mondal  from Bolpur, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:
One day at night in the year 2001, I saw in my dream that an old man and I were walking. After a while a river was seen in front. It seemed that the supreme court was situated on the other side of the river. Suddenly Jiabnkrishna came and took me to the other side. I felt a great joy. But the old man remained on the same side. Here my dream was off.
[Old man-Past; Jibankrishna-God-the-preceptor; River-Life river; Supreme court-Place of Brahma or Supreme Being, because the chief Justice is all in all to judge everybody.
Here God-the-Preceptor pours his grace to take the seer to supreme Being leaving the past behind.]
Deblina  Garai from Sultanpur , Birbhum is a 10 years old girl reading in class five. She has narrated her trance thus:
On June 28,2003 I was listening to the reading of “Dharma-O-Anubhuti”(Bengali book written by Jibankrishna on the basis of his life long realization. The English book is “Religion and Realization”). After a while I had headache and lied down. Suddenly I saw that Jibankrishna came wearing dhoti and Punjabi. He told me,”Get up and listen to the reading.” I said,” Due to headache I am not able to sit.” He said,” It will be cured, get up,” and he made me sit by holding my hands.
Then I narrated my vision to other listeners. Actually they saw me lying down and then hastily getting up.
[Jibankrishna as God-the-Preceptor guides the seer to do spiritual practice in a proper  and perfect manner.]Tilak Chatterjee from Sarsuna, Kolkata narrates his dream thus:

I saw in my dream that today is 25th December. My daddy and I arranged our room nicely. Suddenly Jibankrishna entered into the room. I was very joyous and he became very happy after seeing the arrangements. My dream was then off.
[Whenever Jibankrishna appears in dream, that day is the sacred day.]

2002 A.D.
Seikh Lokman from Sahidapur, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:
I saw in my dream that hugging the legs of Jibankrishna I was telling him,”Please make me your servant.” He said,” Can you do what I shall tell you?” I said,” Yes I can.” Then he said,” I shall hang you.” I said, “you do that.” Seeing that I was not afraid, he said,”The whole day you graze the cows.” So I did that. In the evening I entered all the cows in his cowshed. He was happy and said,”I approved you as my servant. Come near me.” Saying this he hugged me, and I was lost in him. I cannot explain what a great divine joy I have got  from such dream.
[The dream indicated the death of the seer  and it really happened within a few days. He expired. The dream showed that he was merged in Allah.]



Volume 24, December, 2016

Chapter 49

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream as King of Kings

July 2, 1963:

Bholanath and Atindragopal Singha Roy went today with Jibankrishna today for a walk at the sea beach of Puri. Once they sat on the sand for meditation. Bhola had a vision in his meditation, he narrated it to Jibankrishna. He said thus: From this end to the other end of the sea the water was divided into two halves and a road was created in between. On the road riding on a big white horse Jibankrishna was coming from the other end to this end. Beside him on another horse an unknown man was holding a large umbrella over the head of Jibankrishna.

As soon as they came this side the scene vanished. Next moment he saw a bright light. Sometime it became soft white color, sometimes bright, sometimes blue or red. Then I lost my sense. After one hour I woke up from meditation.

Jibankrishna – What a wonderful vision. This vision indicates that I have become ‘Raj Chakravarty’ (King of Kings).

Destruction of all animal passions and lust

July 16, 1964:

Bholanath Mukherjee (To Jibankrishna) – I saw in a dream that on a cot a white bed cover and a white pillow were kept. On, one corner near the pillow was kept an earthen pot covered with an earthen dish with many tiny holes through which smoke was coming out.  When I was going to enter into the room I noticed that Sri Ramkrishna was with me. He seemed to be my very bosom friend. After a while I saw that the bed and pillow got ignited and it was burning. I said to Sri Ramkrishna, ‘What are you seeing? Bring water immediately’. But I remained motionless and did not go to extinguish the fire. The dream was then off.

Jibankrishna – It indicates that all your animal passion including lust became eliminated.

End of Symbolism in the Religios world

January 8, 1967:

Bholanath Mukherjee narrated a dream seeing by him on December 19, 1966 to Jibankrishna as such: I saw a sweet shop in a village. There was a bench in front of the shop. Two – three persons were seated on it and I was standing. A street dog very sickly having no hairs on his body was licking some leaf dishes with eaten food left on these. In the mean time a greyhound like strong dog came with barking and chased the street dog, who fled with whining sound. Ultimately the dog became tired. Seeing me in front he jumped on me and began to bite my wrist. Blood was oozing from my wrist. The dog lied down being tired. I also became angry with him. Seeing him lying on the ground I caught hold of his tale and thrashed him on the ground. He died. My dream was off.

Jibankrishna – All the symbolism of traditional religions were eliminated. All the traditional religions continued so long are the symbols of that sick street dog that were detrimental to the welfare of mankind. The strong dog though replaced the street dog is a symbol of traditional religions. This means that the era of symbolism in religion is finished. But am I a symbol? God is an object – Reality. After seeing me within the body the symbolism does not stand, because I am a living object. ‘Brahma’ or the Supreme Being is the truth and the world is also ‘Brahma’. So man is Truth and the world is also Truth.








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