(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 1, January, 2017

Chapter 70

This life is full of bliss

July 2, 1960.

On this earth there is one Soul or Atma and Kundalini. Through Kundalini all these are becoming one. As because the soul or Atma is within the human body, so a man loves his wife and son. When a man dies, others think the dead body as impure. Atma or Soul is the nearest and dearest one. One Atma is within everybody and for that reason one man loves another man. Some may say, why, there is war and killing? Let it be, because there is angry side of lord shiva. After seeing me within the body, the real love comes. I have also grown real love within me. As because  I love myself, so I am wanting the whole world to become one. This body is another form of Atma.

Lord Buddha said, ‘This world is full of sorrow’. What is he saying! Look here, where I am going or whatever I am doing I am seeing Ananda(Bliss). The own self of God or Brahama is Bliss and so am I seeing the living man Ananda? See how blissful is the world!

The human body is the container of infinite power

July2, 1960.

An inclination has come in my brain now-a-days I have conceived it for the last 2-3 days. I have understood that the realization of oneness can be achieved but cannot be achieved in full measure and never. When this is achieved there will be complete destruction. But it will never happen because this universe remained for infinite period and will remain forever. But in future this phenomenon will be developed.

I am remembering one comment of Hegel. In one place he is saying, ‘unmanifested object wants to get manifested. Yes, this whole phenomenon is a mystic and we are witnessing it here. It is unfathomable to conceive what an unlimited mystery lies within the human body. It is nowhere outside. But what remains within our body is unknown.

A man is God and the world bears its proof             

July 2, 1960.

So far in the world only in a single man Atma or Soul is released from the body in different eras. For example, you can consider Buddha, Moses, Christ, Mohammed, Mahaprabhu (Sri Chaitanya) and Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna), and even Sankar, Ramanuj, Nimbark, Ramananda. But they were scholars. Still they used to lead a pure and spiritual life. But what are you seeing here? Thousands and thousands of  people are seeing me within them in different ways. Every- body is Brahma or God and this proof they are carrying with them. This is the universal austerity. An unfathomable power is grown within my body and that power is uniting each into one point.

But in individualism what happens? Visualization of God is very difficult. In Gita it is said that among millions it happens in only one case. So Thakur has made it easy saying that visualizing the incarnation of God is the same as visualization of God. Yes, the human race is benefited for this. Otherwise the conception of God is very difficult. That is not possible. And so seeing me once within the body the seer can conceive this.

The spiritual manifestation in human body

July 9, 1960.

This amazing phenomenon what you are seeing here is completely unknown to us. Why this is happening, how it happens and who is doing this completely unknown. And even we cannot say whether this is final. There is neither beginning nor end of such phenomenon. For immemorial time this thing exists and will exist. We shall not consider Vedanta, because, ‘Vedanta’ (End of Vedas) was considered as  end by those scripture writers. But we see here, that we have only understood ‘A’ of such thing, not even ‘B’. So how can we say that this is Vedanta?

Rebirth is proofless but Religion is true

July 9, 1960.

Rebirth cannot be proved, but there is proof that religion is true. Religion (Dharma) means which holds us and as we are alive so there is proof that there is Religion. And whether God is there is also proved here.

This liberty in lifetime means whenever you have seen my form within you.

In Kashmir Shaivism the term ‘Sachhanda darsan’ (Easy visualization) and ‘Sadyamukti’ (Instant liberty of soul ‘ from the body) are used and when I found these terms I said, ‘Oh, this is proved here’!


(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 1, January, 2017            

Part – 3

[Mrs. Renu Kejriwal has narrated her amazing dreams on Diamond and strange experience in reality. The last part of her dreams and reality experiences is given.]

July 15, 2009. Wednesday.

I experienced a very strange incident yesterday. While I put my hand on the switch board on the wall, I got a huge shock by the current. Suddenly brother Dipak appeared in flesh and blood body, dragged me with a great force holding my hand. Then pushing me down he vanished. I was greatly puzzled by such an incident and lost my mind.

Afterwards I wondered how this could happen!

[such things may happen in a man where pure consciousness acts. This human body is the most miraculous and powerful phenomenon on earth. A human being may come out of the body and then again merges within the body. Such cases happened many times in Diamond’s life. But these incidents only happen in pure bodies.]

In the year 1999, I had a very significant dream which I forget to mention previously.

In my dream I was noticing a huge globe and I was searching a particular place in it. But being very tiny I couldn’t see it properly. So I thought, let me see the atlas. I took out the atlas and began to search for that place. But this was only showing the continents, not that particulars place.

Ultimately I could not find that place and noticed that everywhere in the atlas only the face or name of Diamond an atlas was too hard to be torn off. At this moment I woke up.

[The dream means thus : The dream may be an indication of a future when Diamond’s name will spread and he will be seen among myriads  of people throughout the world in dreams and in flesh and blood body as he has been seen since early 20th Century in India. And amazingly this was started now.]

July 14, 2010. Wednesday.

It was 3-00 PM. I slept sometime and dreamed that wining an award I got a ticket for London trip for both me and my husband. So we went to London and firstly I thought that I should go to Madam Tussaud museum (in reality I have the desire to see it). So we went to the museum and visited many places. We saw the wax statues of Mrs. India Gandhi, Amitava Bachhan (Bolywood film star) and many other celebrates. These were looking so living!

In one place we saw a statue of a person where no labeling was done like others. Seeing that statue the visitors were gossiping among themselves saying, ‘who is he? We have never seen him before!’ Then one dumb visitor explained to them by signs that he dreamed this man.

When I approached to that statue I recognized him and exclaimed, ‘oh, he is Jibankrishna (Diamond)’! Suddenly we noticed that he began to move towards the door and it seemed to me that he was almost moving by floating because I understood that being made of wax he might break into pieces when moving. Then I started walking behind him but couldn’t catch hold of him. I saw that many people were walking behind him, but getting out of the door he vanished and I woke up.

[This dream also indicates a future when Diamond’s form will be seen everywhere on earth. Diamond once got an oracle ‘The western world is crying for you. Please go there soon;’ there was another oracle, ‘you have to go to London’. But he did not pay any attention to these. This dream may be an indication that the actions of the oracles starts.

Diamond used to say that his form has become eternal because he is born so. The proof was established by the fact that he people began to see him in dreams when he was 7 years old and this is continuing still after 43 years of his demise and this phenomenon is now spreading among many people throughout the world in recent years which is the initiation of real ‘oneness’ among human race.

The wax statues are kept for permanent existence of the celebrities in this museum, though they are without life. But here in the dream it showed that the statue of Diamond began to move which means he is an awakened one. Then all the people followed him and he went out of the door. This means that his form will be exposed to the outer world from a limited place and will act among innumerable people in future.]


Volume 1, January, 2017            

Chapter 88

Indication  of  controlling  Nature

399)     22nd, January, 1980. Tuesday:

Early morning dream:  I saw in front of me my youngest cousin sister named Prakriti (Nature). Seeing her I took up an iron rod to drive her out, but she also took a wooden stick to chase, although she failed. I defeated her and snatched the stick from her and dragged her towards me with two hands. At this moment the dream went off.

The dream indicates that the seer may have the power of controlling Nature in the spiritual world.

Achievement  of  spiritual  prosperity  and  destruction  of  outward  show

400)       3rd February, 1980. Sunday.

Early morning dream :  I saw the prime minister Indira Gandhi sitting in front of me, wearing a new sari having conversation with me. I asked her, ‘Do you know Dwijendra Nath Roy’ (a Jibankrishna devotee and an ex-revolutionarist during the British period. She said, ‘Yes’.

Then I narrated an old incident of Dwijen babu, – When he was in Jail alongwith other political prisoners, he saw in dream a scene of Dhaka. Within a few days they were shifted to Dhaka jail. Then I went on discussing other things and had in my mind that I would talk now about the spiritual aspects. Sm. Gandhi seemed to be in a very joyous mood talking with me very intimately. Thereafter the dream went off and I woke up. Within a short time I again fell asleep and dreamt that two pairs of front teeth fell down from the mouth and I threw these out.

As soon as I woke up, it flashed in my mind that ibankrishna said about the front and rear teeth of elephant. The front teeth are for show and the rear teeth are for eating. Here the dream shows that the seer will have no show for his spiritual prosperity but can utilize it properly. The first dream is for name sake as Indira means goddess Lakshmi who is the symbol of spiritual prosperity and peace. Here the seer will have spiritual prosperity and peace in the long run.

Purification  of  five  elements

401)     5th/6th, February, 1980.   Early morning dream:   I urinated in the room of my elder brother and then washed the floor with broom and water. In a recent similar dream of Sri Ramkrishna Ghosh, Jibankrishna said to him that this means the purification of five elements.

The effect is not known.

Indication  of  devotees  death

402)   7th Feb. 1980, Thrusday.

The previous day the news of a Diamond’s companion Binay Roy’s heart attack made me very gloomy.

Early in the morning I saw in my dream that many of the companions had assembled in a room. Meanwhile Binay Roy suddenly entered into the room with a bag in his hand with very bright figure and joyous mood. Seeing him I asked, ‘oh! you are not well and admitted in the hospital! How have you come here!’ Binay Roy said with a smiling face, ‘No, No, that is not correct. Nothing has happened to me,’ then and there the dream went off.

The dream revealed to me in both ways: either he will be recovered or he will expire and in the afternoon Binay Roy expired. Thus the dream came true in reality.

Indication  of  having  minimum  animal passion   

403)     A few days after the previous dream 7-2-80 on 7th February’80, I had this morning dream:

I was mixing pea-legume soup with rice for eating. Meanwhile an unknown person came and ate almost the whole mixture keeping only the last mouthful forme, and I ate it.

The dream clearly indicates that the seer will have the minimum animal passion in his life with minimum requirement of livelihood. The pea-legume was depicted by Sri Ramkrishna as lower 1st, 2nd and 3rd planes of the human body on spiritual aspects.

Increase  of  spiritual  power

404)    17th February,  1980. Sunday.

Early morning dream:   Three lanterns were kept in a room. Two were small and one was large. My elder brother Pankaj (Janardan) was also present there. There was a switch board on a wall and the lanterns were kept near that. The brother kindled the bigger one but the switch board flashed off and the current went off. At this moment the dream went off.

Big lantern denotes the capacity of the seer’s body. Janardan i.e, God kindled the big lantern which means that He increased  the spiritual power of the seer and the current went off , that means God himself took the responsibility of the seer and there was no need of other agencies.


By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 1, January, 2017                


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

December 27, 1884

  1. “After drinking his liquor, a drunkard talks only about the joy of drunkenness”.

The term in Bengali is ‘mada’. It has got double meanings:

(i) One is egoism,

(ii) The second is liquor.

Drinking his liquor – annihilation of egoism.

Drunkard – an aspirant.

The joy of Drunkenness – talks of God only – the fountainhead of joy.

It takes place both in Ascent as well as in Descent. When the Life Power of an aspirant reaches the fifth plane, he talks of God only. In Descent, Sukdeva (of mythology) and Thakur talked of God only. In the former it is for individual benefit of the aspirant but in the later case, it is for the benefit of the mankind.

  1. “Do you know how the Jnanis tend to move their Life Power? They want to fathom the mystery of their own-selves”.

Jnani in individualism is one who thinks and has a firm conviction that God is within him and not outside at a distance. In Individualism there are three divisions. They are: –

(i) Ajnani or ignorant.

(ii) Jnani or man of knowledge.

(iii) Vijnani or man with special knowledge of God or Self.

(i) Ajnani is one who points out God at a distance.
(ii) Jnani is one who has a sure conviction that God is within him though he has not seen God.
(iii) Vijnani is one who has seen God and entertains Him as a son, a friend, a lover.

The best example is Thakur and Ramlala and Sri Chaitanya as Radha and Sri Krishna as her (Sri Chaitanya’s) lover.

But all these attitudes are confined in Individualism where as aspirant creates and lives in his own domain. Its veracity cannot be gauged by anybody else. So far the individual is concerned he is all right. He enjoys the ecstasy, and it goes well with him, but it is nothing to anybody else. This is but a partial realization of Life Power and it is confined in individual satisfaction. In universalism we get a different story. Nobody else is Jnani save and except whom the world enlightens and makes Jnani by solving the mystery of relationship between him (Jnani) and the world. They shall be seeing him within and they shall declare – “We are one with you”. It takes place only in the spiritual world. Then the Self reveals that the whole human race with different forms and names irrespective of sex or age is but my own self – the Real Self – the shape of a living person – the Universal Self – The Paramatman.


(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 1, January, 2017             

2002 A.D.
Dipankar Barik  of  Sultanpur, Bolpur is a twelve class student. He has narrated a few dreams:
1)      I saw in dream that a large dog was biting people. He pushed down a car on the road. I ran towards him with a stick and beat. Being half dead he lied on the road. After a while he was recovered and again came to bite me. Then closing my eyes I was calling Jibankrishna. He appeared and gave me a sword. As soon as I touched the dog with the sword, he died and my dream was off.

[Dog is the symbol of traditional religion which misguides human race from the Truth. Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor who eradicates the prejudices about traditional religion.]

2)      I saw in dream that everybody was saying that Ajay’s father became ghost after death. Sometimes he was appearing. I could not believe and said,”Where is the ghost?” Many people showed me a man alike Ajay’s father standing far away. I thought that I should know the truth. Certainly he was not ghost.  He must be god. So I approached but he was also moving away. Then running towards him I caught him and looking at his face I saw with surprise that he was Jibankrishna. I was joyous and bowed down to him. Then I woke up.

[The seer’s body becomes purified after seeing God.]

3)I was going to a shop by cycling. I had to buy something though I did not know what was it. Going there I saw that Jibankrishna was reading book. The shopkeeper approached towards me and asked,”What will you take?” I said,” I shall take that man who is reading. I shall not take any other thing.” Then my dream was off.

[The dream indicates the apathetic condition of the seer from worldly matters. He only wants God.]

4] On July 12, 2003 I could not go to the reading centre due to my waist ache. I felt very sorry and decided not to go to the center any more as God was not looking after me.
That night I dreamed that coming to me Jibankrishna was telling me,”Do not think on absurd things. Your ache will be cured. I shall send a doctor to you. Never think of being absent in the reading centre.” Then my dream was off.
It was a strange thing that next day a doctor who was married with a girl of our village came to me of his own desire and had a long chit chat with me. Then without being asked he prescribed some medicines for me. When he went away I shed tears by thinking about the love of God.
Thereafter, taking that medicine I was completely cured.

[God gives His grace to the devotee in such a manner.]

5) One night in the year 2003, I saw in my dream that I had gone to Kankalitala. There I saw that Jibankrishna was seated inside the temple. He was worshiping sitting on a mound. Seeing me he said,” See how fortunate I am to-day! I could worship the preceptor of my own preceptor. I was surprised hearing his words and then I woke up.

[In reality goddess Kali was the preceptor of Sri Ramkrishna.]

6)  On July 1, 2004 I saw in a dream that I was standing at Dharmatala. Just then Jibankrishna came in front of me. I bowed down to him. Giving his blessings he said,” I donated you a subtle body. Whenever necessary you can vanish in the air. Now go to the pond.” Saying this he went away. Then I saw that a snake was swallowing a lizard. From there I was coming back. I saw that grandpa Chandradhar was seated near the door of his residence. It seemed that there were some hidden treasure inside his room. I wanted to see it. But he closed the door. So I vanished myself and entered inside. I saw that in a room the underground was seated a five headed snake, having a diamond on her head and the room was illuminated with its light. It seemed to me that this was the hidden treasure and to observe it Jibankrishna had sent me here. Then my dream was off.

[The lizard is multi various forms of God, i.e. gods and goddesses which are imaginary. Snake is Kundalini or life-power. Awakened Kundalini eradicates the prejudices of many gods and establish one god. Diamond is the God which lives in the cerebrum or seventh plane. Everything is enlightened with His divine light or consciousness. This is the hidden treasure within a human body.]

7) One night in the year 2007 I saw in a dream that I was seated in front of the idol of goddess Durga. A young boy handed over 108 blue lotus to me. I was going to offer them to the feet of goddess Durga, but noticed with surprise that instead of Durga Jibankrishna was seated.  With a divine joy and surprise I woke up.

[The symbolism was eradicated by the appearance of Jibankrishna, God-the-Preceptor and thus one God was established. Lotuses represent different realizations.]