(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 2, January, 2017             

Chapter 71

Jibankrishna (Diamond) is beyond any knowledge

July 11, 1960.

Should I ask a question?  Say who am I? Why are you seeing me both inside and outside? I am a human being, still why others see me within them and why not you? You are also a human being. Listen do you know what type of human being am I? I am such a man about him nothing can be known. You have innumerable realizations and you are ‘Brahmabid’ (Who has known Brahma or God.). Still so far you have seen me within you is not the end. Again you will see me in the next night and so on. And you are not the alone  who will see me within the body. Irrespective of caste and creed, religions and sexes people are seeing me within them and will continue to see. There is no end of it. Ultimately you will say, ‘Alas, we have not known anything’!

The Own self of human being is the form of the person in the sun

July 13, 1960.

Can you say what is the own self of human being? It is the form of a person in the sum. Sometimes the Atma or Soul is said to be the own self of human being. But during the visualization of Atma nobody says that the Atma or soul is the own self of a human being. So that is judicial. A man is born with the dice of this form of the person in the sun. Where is the proof? The proof is borne by the mother who has seen me when she was eight years old. She has neither seen me nor heard about me. When I was fifteen years old, since then people are seeing me within me. Why do they see me like this? It is because the form of the person in the sum is the own self of every human being and as they are born with that dice so they see me within them.

God is achieved whenever Jibankrishna or Diamond is seen within the body and he is both inside and outside

July 14, 1960.

In the Gospel Thakur Sri Ramkrishna was saying, ‘Before dying one has to make austerity for achieving God.’ Hearing this Jibankrishna said to the listeners, ‘That means before dying one has to achieve Godhood; But how many days before he should achieve? Is it ten minutes before dying? No my boy. It starts from the age of 12 years 4 months and so long he will live this austerity continues. And what Thakur has said is, ‘ The main object of human life is to achieve God, and that should be achieved before dying. But what has happened in our case? Oh, how fortunate we are, can you say! In our case, we achieve Godhood beforehand whatever old a man comes here., and what is about coming here? So many people have seen me before and then have come here. Hegel is saying, ‘ God is going to realize Himself through the manifestation of the universe.’ This is partly true. He had no idea that the seed as well as this universe are same. This is a realization of Vedanta and he had not this experience. So how could he know this!

Go above this and you will know that this universe is merely a sound. Again there is something beyond it. By reaching there everything becomes silent.

This human body has infinite power

July 23, 1960.

I had been deadly against taking my photograph. So God said ‘Wait’! And He manifested my form within myriads of people. Now what should I do!

The dreams which you experience have so many strange meanings which we cannot understand immediately. Somehow we explain. But those may not carry any sense.

I am giving you one example. Long time back I saw in my dream that I was eating a huge ripe mango and trying to touch my teeth with the stone. But all my efforts failed. Now listen what is its meaning. Just now I have understood its actual meaning. This human body is the container of infinite power. This human body is so strange that nothing can be concluded. This human body has fathomless ‘ Amritatva’ (Divine nector) which cannot be finished by eating. And so in my dream I could not touch my teeth with the stone of the mango. Just imagine that I had this dream so many years ago and after so long years I conceived its actual meaning.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 2, January, 2017             

Seeing Diamond in dreams after his death as unknown person

Madan Mohan Karmakar of Kasundia Road, Howrah Town narrated his amazing dream experiences about Diamond how without knowing anything about Diamond he saw him in a dream. The narration is given according to his own version.

From my very childhood I used to have dreams and my parents became worried about me. Ultimately the situation was such that in the year 1949-50 I had take medicine from the neurologist. But still dream could not be controlled of course most of these dreams were related with gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology and except my mother I never told anybody about these dreams.

It was the end of September, 1992. One day on my way to market I met my schoolmate and intimate friend Basudeb Roy (a regular companion of Diamond). He told me, ‘Hey Madan! I have dreamed that you are messaging the legs of my father! Nobody can touch his legs without his grace’. Being puzzled I asked him, ‘what is that meant! Who is your father?’ Basudeb said, ‘yes, he is not only my father, he is the father of all. Do you have dreams’? I said, ‘yes, two days back I saw Ramkrishna in my dream and I saw you also, feeding you sweets’. Then after a few days I went to his house. Entering his room I saw a photo of an old man hanging on the wall became speechless. I asked him, ‘Well Basu, who is this gentleman? I have seen him somewhere’!

Before I finish my sentence he interrupted and said, ‘yes, he is my father Jibankrishna (Diamond). I was so much amazed that I could not speak for a moment. Then I told him, ‘Basu, I see this man repeatedly in my dreams along with Sri Ramkrishna. Once in a dream he called me a son of the Divine mother’.

Being asked by Basu I started narrating my dream seen on 25th December, 1992.

Dream : I saw walking on a rough lane and at one place on the right side of the lane the fishes were being loaded on the truck. Another lane coming from left side met this place. While trying to cross that truck I saw on the lane a young girl, full of joy and rejuvenated having a very sweet face suddenly blocked my way extending her two hands horizontally as if to play with me. I often saw her selling fishes in the market. I asked her, ‘Hey! Why didn’t you bring fishes to-day’? With a glittering smile she held my left hand and said, ‘Oh! Don’t you know that to-day is my birthday’?

I said, ‘How do I know? Have you told me? Well hold this bag, let me give you a presentation for your birthday’.

While keeping my bag in her hand, I saw another fair complexioned young girl with smiling face came and stood beside me. With large eyes she looked at me once and then told that young  girl (seemed to be her sister, ‘ Let’s go. Why are you doing late’? Then she told me ‘To-day is her birthday’.

However, when I took out my hand from the pocket, some small brick pieces came out. I wondered how could these get inside my pocket! I threw these out and again insert my hand into the pocket. This time some coins come out. When I gave all these coins to the young girl, both the faces of the two sisters brightened with joy and then they disappeared holding the hands of each other.

Again I started walking and reached a place with a village surrounding it. Crossing some houses I found a narrow field path in front. On the left side I saw a huge open field. In many places bases were being made for constructing buildings. Somewhere there were mounds, somewhere low height brick constructions. Suddenly I noticed that the same young girl with a naughty smiling face was walking in front of me waving her hands as if to direct me to walk forward. As soon as I was nearing her, she was hiding as if to play with me. But I went on following her with a great joy.

Coming to a place she pointed in front to a house with her finger and looking forward I noticed that I was standing in front of a half opened iron gate of a garden house surrounded by a high wall. Inside the house I saw many rooms under construction and steps were being made to reach the high elongated corridor in front of the rooms. It seemed to me to be a monastery under construction. Two front rooms were finished and masons were working in other rooms.

I thought, let me see the inside. So holding my bag I entered inside. I saw a culvert under construction supervised by a fair complexioned, healthy Youngman. He looked at me and then jumping across the drain I reached the half circled steps with an intension of looking into one of the finished room.

From the left side of the corridor a complacent healthy looking man stood before me with a smiling face. He wore a dhoti (a long cloth to cover the lower part of the body) and a loose fitting Punjabi (a type of loose shirt). With the same smiling face he indicated me with his finger to go inside the room.

So I peeped into that room keeping my bag on the floor and saw red painted floor with a small cot in the midst and a mat was placed on it. Sri Ramkrishna was half lying supporting against a pillow. He was looking at me with divine eyes and smiling face. He wore a dhoti with its end resting on his shoulder as seen on his photograph, holding a hand fan in his hand. It was very beautiful and ornamental. When I entered the room, he sat on his cot from his half lying posture. My heart palpitation started and he came forward towards me. My look was on his feet.

He gave me two hand fans, one was large, another one was small and again went back to his previous posture having the same smiling face.

Coming near the cot I fanned him for some time and after a while keeping the fans near his feet I came out of the room to take my bag kept on the floor. I saw that the same holy man standing on the corridor. Seeing me, with a smiling face he pointed to the room and said something to me though I could not follow anything about its inner meaning. Taking my bag I again jumped across the drain and reached the same place. At that moment due to some knocking sound on the door I woke up. Throughout the day I felt a divine joy and happiness.

After seeing the photograph in Basu’s room I recognized that the man seen in the dream was Diamond


Volume 2, January, 2017                

Chapter 89

Attaining  of  Brahmahood  after  crossing  previous  phases

405)      21st February, 1980.  Thursday.

Early morning dream:  I saw that some human figures came out of my body and roaming here and there. One of them was very clear and distinct while others were going out of sight.The name of the distinct figure seemed to be ‘Brahma’ and others’ names were ‘Bhagawan’(God), and ‘Avatar’. Within the dream it seemed to me that they were my different spiritual stages.

At this moment I noticed an old devotee Sudhindra Nath Sinha was seated there. He expressed his doubtfulness about these stages within me. So I said, ‘our bodies are not flawless and so these stages may not persist in our body, but gives some kind of effects . Here the dream went off.

The dream is self-explanatory.

Advancement  of  austerity with  the  help  of  Holy  Mother

406)      27th February,  1980,  Wednesday.

Early morning dream: I was going to Diamond Harbor by a car through Diamond Harbor Road , With me were my elder brother Pankaj (another name Janardan or Lord Sri Krishna), mother and another unknown person . After going far, we met some familiar nuns of Sri Sarada Math and they had some conversations with my mother. Then again we started. After going for sometime suddenly I noticed that my mother was missing. Somebody said that she got down at the previous station. So I went back there by car. My elder brother and the unknown companion went forward while after going to a certain distant place I stopped and took petrol from a petrol pump for the car.

Then after a while suddenly the seer noticed that both the car and the driver vanished. He searched for them but could not find them. It seemed that they were lost. So I walked for the place where my mother dropped down. After crossing certain distance I noticed that the place was like a market place which was not far off from my mother’s place. Suddenly I saw that the driver came hastily with the car for picking me up for Diamond Harbor and the dream went off.

The dream indicates thus: Cart represents life force of great vitality; Elder brother or the unknown person means God; Mother represents Adyasakti or Holy Mother;During the advancement of the seer’s austere God as well as the Holy Mother are assisting the seer .

Removal  of  obstacles  during  austerity

407)     4th, March, 1980. Tuesday.

Early morning dream:   the scene opened with my working place, Birla high School at Kolkata. It had become much bigger in size. I stepped upwards to the top and again started stepping down but noticed that this was spiral steps and broken in some steps. So I was stepping down with great uncomfort with a doubt whether I could get down. At the same time it come in my mind whether I was in a wrong direction and the steps became blocked at the end. But ultimately thought, no I was in a right track. Then ultimately I stepped down a bit with much trouble and reached a landing supporting a railing. If I slipped I would fall down to the ground from a great height. I could not keep my body on the landing in spite of great effort but ultimately reached the last landing with much effort and my dream went off. I felt a great uneasiness in my body after the dream.

It seemed to the seer instantly that the previous two dreams indicated that during the seer’s austere the life power was facing some obstacles which ultimately were removed. The hug building denotes the hug capacity spiritual brain power steps represent different steps of the planes of the body. Stepping upwards means Agam (Ascent) and downwards means Nigam (Descent) which the seer will have experience.

Exposure  of  the  Nature’s  mystery

408)      10th March, 1980. Monday.

Early morning dream:   One unknown woman showed her exposed body to me. After it the dream went off.

Woman means Nature (Adyasakti) who by her grace will expose her mysteries to the seer in future.

Realization  of  Real  Own  Self—establishment  of


409)     14th March, 1980. Thursday,

Early morning dream :   In the first scene I saw that after completing hmytoilet work washed myself.

Then the scene changed and I saw myself standing in front of a mirror. Suddenly I saw that my own miniature figure was stuck to my back side just like a baby on his mother’s back. With great wonder I was looking at that figure, who asked me, ‘Say, who am I ?’ Instantly I said, ‘you are Jibankrishna.’ But still he was not leaving me who had to carry that figure.

After a while, I saw in a place that two men were quarreling with each other and I went on listening to that. Then I noticed that the figure on my back was gradually merging in my body. At that moment I was saying to myself, ‘At this stage my mind is descending to lower plane and so this figure is fading—then it was my realization so long!’ At last the figure completely emerged in my body .

The first scene corroborated the sayings of Jibankrishna who used to say, ‘To visualise own self the seer will see that his own self will come out of his body and speak to the seer and only then that will be real visualization of own self’. Our own self is Jibankrishna and that cannot stay long as this is Advaitam or monism and for that reason the seer saw the quarrel between two persons which represented dualism. In dualism there is quarrel, not in Monism and so the seer’s own self faded away and merged in his body.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 2, January, 2017                


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

March 1, 1885

  1. “Let a cup that contained garlic be washed as many times as possible, but the smell lingers yet”.

Cup – Cerebrum.

Garlic – evil propensities.

Washed – Life Power goes into the seventh plane and gets it purified.

Smell lingers – Life Power comes down and the evil propensities revive. Only in Nirvija Samadhi the evil propensities are burnt down. But it is seldom attained by a man.

Yes, in Individualism so much peculiarities and specialties are required and must be observed. In other words, it creates aristocrats (of course, a false one) in religion. Whereas, in Universalism there is no bar; if the Himalayas stand on the way, it is removed by the grace of God and it happens spontaneously.

Rajayoga carries this operation and it works like a miracle but at the same time it expresses the perfection of the experiences in an individual life otherwise no Universalism will follow.

Rajayoga operates spontaneously. Nothing can bar a man to eat the mango.

  1. “The house-holder devotees, by themselves, form a class. They desire Yoga (transformation of Life Power) and Bhoga (worldly enjoyments)”.

Here also the same old tune in the chord – the peculiarities of the Individualism – the distinction between a house-holder and a Sannyasi. Yes, it had its origin in the non-Aryan religion, afterwards came to be known as Jainism, and Buddhism though discarded it (the self-mortification of Jainism) almost in every point but created the Sramans (afterwards Sannyasi in the Hinduism). They (Buddhists) made a clear cut distinction between a Sraman and a layman. Even they went so far as to codify that the only and sole duty of the layman is to feed the Sramans. Afterwards from Sankar down to Sri Ramkrishna, we find, the same distinction is advocated and entertained. Non-Aryanism, Buddhism and Hinduism, all of them strenuously urge this Sannyas but in the eternal religion, Sanantan Dharma, of the Aryans we do not find such distinction or institution. With the Aryans it was spontaneous manifestation of the Life Power, but in the subsequent religions which flourished in India, nay, in the world abroad, it is but by self-exertion; such is Individualism. But in Universalism no distinction is entertained. Everybody sees ‘Diamond’ within him. There is neither a house-holder devotee nor any Sannyasi. All that is required is a human body and having seen ‘Diamond’ within, he or she will declare ‘I am one with all’ – the summum bonum of knowledge doing away any and every distinction between man and man, establishing eternal peace and Love.

Everybody claims that his religion is based on love. Where lies its proof? Save and except some sweet slogans introduced by them, and they have left the burden to be borne by others with some bulls and bulletins – “Do this and do that”. Such is Individualism. But in the Universalism, we find what a deep love is entertained. Whosoever has seen ‘Diamond’ within him, his inner Self has been transformed into the Self of ‘Diamond’, i.e. One of this Oneness which declares perfectness and love and this is Universal Love. I love myself the best and utmost and I by my Mahayoga get others transformed into me only spiritually so evincing that I love him as I love myself.

To quote the metaphor of Patanjali that there is only one moon in the sky and innumerable tanks are there on the earth. The reflected moon is in every tank. The reflected moon gets the attributes of the moon in the sky.

I am Swapna Siddha but to my personal knowledge and astonishment all those who have seen me within them have also become Swapna Siddha and it is to run as long as I live.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 2, January, 2017             

2002 A.D.
Ms. Anita Ganguly from Adra, Purulia has narrated her dream thus:
I saw in my dream that the Atma or Soul of Jibankrishna was floating in the air like a thread. One big fish beside me swallowed that thread. Many people along with me wanted to have that soul. So we tore the face of the fish. Then we saw that it was a poisonous snake. My husband was trying to bring out the thread entering his hand into the mouth of the snake. But blood was oozing from his hands, though I thought that it would not harm him, because he was a devotee of Jibankrishna.

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream as unknown man
2002 A.D.
Srikrishna Sadhan Pal from Kalimohon Palli, Bolpur narrates his dream thus:
I saw in my dream that I was entering into a temple. It was crowded. By mistake I entered with my sandal. I was thinking to put it off outside without anybody’s attention, the priest understood my motive and said,”Don’t worry. I shall keep your sandal outside, you need not go outside.” My dream was then off.
In the afternoon when I went to the Reading centre, looking at Jibankrishna’s photo I realized that the priest of my dream was no other than Jibankrishna.
[The seer got Jibankrishna as his God-the-Preceptor who appeared in his dream as unknown man. To throw away sandals means to eradicate sense of egoism and God-the-Preceptor performs it.]

Ms. Bichitra Chatterjee from Charupalli, Bolpur narrates her dream thus:
1992 A.D.
I used to go to Bebi’s residence for listening to the reading of the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. But they used to discuss about a man named Jibankrishna and know him as God.  He used to be seen in dreams and give advice, save from dangers etc. But I could not accept it.
One day my husband went to the Reading Centre and saw Jibankrishna in open eyes. My two sons also saw Jibankrishna in dreams. So I began to think, when they saw Jibankrishna in dreams, why I was not seeing him?
Suddenly one night I saw a dream. I was seeing that from our rice drum a man came out. He had a few beard on his cheek. It seemed that he was Jibankrishna. He told me,” As you think that I do not exist, but see I am here.” And coming out of the drum he told me,”Now worship me.” I said, ”You please sit, I am coming just now with flowers.” I told a girl to sit inside the room and went to the nearby pond. I picked up many lotuses and returned home.  Thinking to worship Jibankrishna with the petals, I was going to separate petals from the lotus, but saw that the petals were automatically separated and in each petal I saw the form of Jibankrishna. I was very joyous and happy. Then my dream was off.

[Drum – the body, God is in the body; Rice- brain cells; To worship-To practice spiritualism; The petals are also brain cells where the form of Jibankrishna exists. The seer’s fervent prayer is fulfilled by the appearance of God-the-Preceptor.]


Jayanta Tapadar from Mohula, Birbhum has narrated his dream as such:

As if I had gone somewhere and saw there my maternal uncle’s children. I was gossiping with them. Their house was very nice. Beside us there were steps to the roof top. After a while an old man came to us and asked my maternal uncle’s son, “How are you?” Then he stepped up to the roof. When I looked at the steps, I saw that on each step red footsteps were inscribed.  Seeing this strange thing I asked my maternal brother, ”Where is his residence?” He said,” He lives at our top floor and he never eats.” That man seemed to be familiar to me. Going to the top floor I saw that the old man is in meditation.

Then and there a shivering sensation was felt and my dream was off. As soon as I woke up I realized that the old man was Jibankrishna.

[God-the-Preceptor appears in dream in such a manner from time to time.]








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