By Diamond Picked up in the street

Volume-3, February, 2012

 Faith and Vedic Truth

Neither by reasoning nor by faith God can be visualized. God is visualized through His grace. This visualization of god bears its own proof. The seer of god is seen by scores of thousands as he is Universalle La Homme. This confirmation en masse is the positive proof and also it entails the correctness of the Vedic teaching by the Rishis some thousands of years ago. It is but a natural and spontaneous evolution of the life power. It is nature’s way to establish ‘oneness’ in the midst of the humanity.

Sri Ramkrishna emphatically declared a bout his visualization of god, but who it was not followed by ‘Swenarupena Abhinispadyate’ or why he was not seen by myriads of people while he was alive? This visualization of god by Sri Ramkrishna lacks in proof as outlined in the Vedas and thus it transpires it is defective and imperfect. In case of Diamond thousands hold the proof and declare the corrections of the Vedic ‘Truth’. Faith is but a poetic creation of pure imagination. It is self made. Yes, by faith a man may create an image, may see it in the sixth plane and may plunge himself in a thousand kinds of self illusion and thus pass his days in chasing a wild goose but not the Truth. Truth is Oneness, did any champion of any faith, though they are as numerous as black berries in a tree, ever create this oneness? We do not find so in any part of the globe.

What is God and who is God? Yes, a man’s life power automatically moves on into the cerebrum and gets transformed into god (‘Paramjyoti Upasampadya’).

This ‘Paramjyoti’ does not idly pass it days in enjoying the bliss of sat-chit-Ananda in Samadhi but assumes the form of the man in whose body this life power has become ‘Paramjyoti’ and brings about ‘oneness’ in the heart of millions and He is called Brahma. This is the Vedic Truth and not faith.

Deities and the Vedic Truth ‘Oneness’

Sri Ramkrishna says, “Those who are liberally disposed, acknowledge and accept every kind of image such as Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Kali’.

Here the term ‘Liberal’ has been used in the esoteric (yogic) sense. One may see his own deities such as Rama,Krishna, Shiva, Kali, etc. One has a narrow experience and the other a broader one. They differ, disagree and dissent. A man with brader experience will accept Rama as the deity of the man with narrow experience, but the latter will not acceptKrishna, Shiva, kali, as the lacks in experience.

Sri Ramkrishna means to say that man with more experience becomes liberal. Even he (Sri Ramkrishna) goes so far as to declare that blessed is he who has united all into ‘one’. It reveals his idea of ‘oneness’ which is considered as an experience of the causal body where it is experienced that the causal body of the aspirant assumes multifarious froms being the creation of imagination and the aspirant comes to be acquainted with the esoteric secret that all the various deities about whom he heard so much is but the various forms of the one and the same causal body.

The vedic principle of ‘oneness’ deals with a man alive and thus announces:

1.“Ekam Rupam Bahudha Ya Karoti” – (one human form of a living man made numberless and seen within their own bodies by also numberless men).

2.“Ekam Bijom Bahudha ya Karoti” – (one seed made innumerable and seen within).

The deities are but fictions and the fountainhead of disagreement in the midst of the human race whereas this oneness brings ‘harmony of love’ and the ‘Point of Union’ between man and man sought by Swami Vivekananda though it did not reach him.



Volume – 3, February, 2012

(Translated from my Bengali book ‘ He Mahajivan’or Great Divine Life)

Diamond in his life-time


Naba Kumar Dutta

Whoever came first to meet Diamond, His first question was, ‘My boy, where is God? He is within you – you are that God.’

When I first went to Diamond, I was not so matured to understand these words ‘you are God?’ I was then just above ten years old. At noon, my father told me, ‘I shall take you to a  place.’ So my mother dressed me with half trouser, socks and shirt. In the afternoon I started for the destination holding my father’s hand. When we reached Diamond’s residence, it became evening. The exact date I could not remember, but it was 1947.

It was the main room of the red colored single storied house. There were altogether 8-9 people sitting inside the room, some on the cot, some on easy chair, some on the table and some on the floor. Almost all were my father’s age. Someone was reading a book loudly. I came to know later on that it was the Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. When my father and I stood near the door, a very strongly built gentleman with bare upper body sitting on the cot welcomed us with a very sweet voice, ‘Oh Choto Gour! Have you come! Come! Come! Who is with you? Oh, you have brought your son!’ My father answered very humbly, ‘yes sir, I have brought him to you.’ He replied with a great joy, ‘well done!’ I realized that this was that place and he was that man – Jibankrishna (Diamond). Following my father I also bowed down to his feet and at that moment he touched my shoulder. The very moment his body began to shiver and ultimately became still for a while. Then with a smiling face he asked me, ‘what is your name?’ I was at that time feeling very nervous, but said, ‘Nabakumar is my nickname, and my name in the school certificate is Trilochan Dutta.’ Just at that time he asked, ‘My boy, can you say where is God? Listen, God is within you. You are that God?

However, he told me, ‘come here on the cot. Put off your shirt, it is too hot to-day. Come nearer to me. If you feel uncomfortable, lie down.’ After a while he again said, ‘Have you dreamt any Gods and Goddesses? Do you remember?’ So I narrated some of my dreams :

1)     I saw Shiva as I see in the picture;

2)     My mother was saying, ‘There was a flood of human beings;

3)     A large beehive with numerous bees flying;

4)     I heard somebody saying, ‘He is that man, He is that man.’

Hearing my dreams he appreciated with a great enjoyment.

In the evening everybody sat for meditation switching off the light. Then gradually night approached. It was about 8-30 pm. Diamond told my father, ‘Gour, it is going to be late. Don’t keep your son detained go home.’

I was now going to depart. When again I was going to bown down, he hugged me with great affection and began to tub my head with his forehead. This situation I never forgot in my life. Then he took out a one rupee note from his pocket and told my father, ‘Gour, buy him sweets for one rupee, and then addressing me, he told, My boy, you need not have to do anything. Only study attentively, keep your healthy well, listen to parent’s advice and regard them. Now you can go, you are free.’ He gave my father standing instruction to take me to him whenever possible.

This first day experience is still alive in me.

It was one day’s incident. My friend   Anath and I was seated on the cot on both sides of Diamond. Suddenly he asked, ‘To whom you have come’? We answered, ‘To you’. Being happy he again asked, ‘see who I am? But both of you tell me through my ears from both sides and with a very low tone. We did that and both of us told him, ‘you are Sri Ramkrishna’. Hearing this he said, ‘Then you said that you have come to me’! No sooner than he finished his words, he was again transformed into his own form.

Another time I alone experienced the same phenomenon, Once I was seeing him as Diamond and then and there he was transforming into Sri Ramkrishna.

After going to him several times, he began to appear in my dreams. I am narrating my first dream about him.

A huge banyan tree was seen. Beneath it there was a high cemented platform. All the surroundings including trees were glittering and with bare upper body and wearing dhoti, Diamond was dancing with laughing face saying, ‘See my Satchidananda form, see my Satchidananda form!’ (Form of God with bliss). Seeing this scene I lost my senses within the dream. That first dream was never lost from my memory,  it was so wonderful and divine.

November, 1970

73, Nandankanan,Hindmotor, Hoogly,

West Bengal, India.


Diamond’s appearance after death in dreams and reality

(Translated from my Bengali Book ‘Devswapner Kahini or Tales of Divine Dreams)


Mrs. Sikha Banerjee, 200 W.S. P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata. Since 1980-81 Sikha Knew me in connection with her son’s study at Birla High School. He often used to give her matters to copy for his magazine ‘Manikya’. And with a great pleasure she engaged herself with this work. In due course of time she began to have divine dreams which gave her great peace and joy in mind in spite of so many hazards in her family life.

On 29th December,1996, at about 11 PM she sat and began to read the book ‘Amritadhara’ (Messages of Diamond). In page 10, she read – Jibankrishna is saying, ‘a man is born with innumerable prejudices of his family, country, clan etc’. When she read it, it attracted her too much.

Then early in the morning she saw in her dream that her mother (expired) and she was running to a temple to worship with different materials required for worshipping. They were accompanied by many ladies. But it seemed strange to her that both of them were well behind in spite of their great attempt to hurry. At last they reached the temple, and saw many ladies wearing  saris with red border and the priest was worshipping. He accepted her mother’s materials offered for the deities but when she wanted to offer her, he rejected and said, ‘I will not accept your offer’. He was surprised hearing it and said, ‘why, am I late’? The priest said,’ no, you are widow and a widow cannot offer to god’. She burst into tears and thought, why? He did not reject her mother’s offer! Everybody was looking at her with great surprise. But it was strange that within a short moment she checked herself and stood calmly. She thought, it was good that all the prejudices of ritualism were eradicated from her mind. In reality also she was free from these ritualistic ceremonies.

3rd January,1997, Friday.

For a long time Sikha had been copying the matters for publication in the Bengali magazine. To-day this copying came to an end and she felt a great peace in mind. Next day early in the morning she dreamt that she along with her mother and brother were staying in her room. She noticed that everything inside the room was burnt to ashes. Her mother was crying and she was scolded by her brother. But she stood quite unconcerned observing how everything was burnt to ashes. She felt no attraction, no grief, no sorrow, and shed no tears. Then the dream went off.

[Later on in her real life this came true. Her husband, only son died in cancer. She fell in a great financial crisis. But in spite of all these hazards she was quite strong mentally and always felt peace in mind with divine joy, passing days with Diamond’s philosophy.]

First week of December,2008

One day early in the morning Sikha had a dream. She saw a wide road like Eastern Metropolitan by-pass of Kolkata with big trees on both sides. There was none on the road. She was walking with a gentleman. He seemed to be her ex-teacher named Prankrishna. But again it seemed that he was Jibankrishna or Diamond. She was telling him not to accompany her, but he was not listening to her and held her hand saying, ‘let us go, I am accompanying you.’ She was repeatedly requesting him not to come with her. At that moment a question came in her mind that this hand did not belong to her teacher, because he was black-complexioned. This hand was a fare-complexioned and the gentleman wore full sleeved Punjabi. Instantly it flashed in her mind, these hands belonging to Diamond? Though in such a darkness she could not see him clearly. And she was continuously requesting him to leave her hand to allow her to walk alone. But he was not listening to her request at all. At this moment her dream went off and instantly it was clear to her that he was Diamond himself.

[She realized that Diamond as god-the-Preceptor will guide her throughout the life.]

4th February,2009. Wednesday.

Early in the morning Sikha saw in a dream that a man was seated in a posture of meditation on a high place. His backside was facing her. He seemed to have black complexion with hairs upto neck. Somebody was saying, ‘he is Jibankrishna (Diamond)’. Sikha thought that Diamond had fair complexion what she has heard. So why should he be black complexioned? (every night before going to bed she prays to him’, you appear before me in dream with your real form’). However, that voice continued to say, ‘he is Jibankrishna’. Then her dream went off and  she went on thinking, really she saw Diamond!

Sikha is leading a life with divine peace in spite of numerous family hazards and seeing divine dreams.



Volume -3, February, 2012

 Kargil war – Future vision on end of war – meeting with American President, Vice-President & Indian Prime Minister

24th June, 1999, Thursday.

Early morning dream : In a huge room I was seated on a chair. On my left side Prime Minister Atal Behari Bajpeyi of India was seated on another chair face to face resting his legs on a table kept on his front side. Just in front of me Vice-President Al Gore of U.S.A. was seated on a chair and on front right side President Bill Clinton of U.S.A. was seated on another chair putting one leg on another.

I was giving a long lecture to Al Gore though nothing could be remembered later on. Both President and Prime Minister were listening very attentively.

After a while the conference was finished and I saw that the ambassador of U.S.A. had come. I said something also to him and told, ‘I shall bring ghee from Shantipur for you.’ Just at that moment the dream went off.

Within a short while I again went asleep and dreamt that my another figure was in a standing posture in front of me. That figure vanished and was transformed into Diamond’s figure wearing dhoti and Punjabi, standing silently. Then I woke up.

As soon as I woke up, spontaneously it flashed in my mind. Whether the Kargil war was going to come to an end, though I neglected the dream. But I became surprised when I saw in the newspaper next morning that the ambassador of U.S.A. is coming to India which was not known to me and strangely the war came to an end within a short time.

It revealed then to me why my figure was transformed into Diamond! Instantly I realized that he is the own self of every human being and whatever happens in dreams (divine) it comes to reality as this happens through Diamond and not through the seer.

I also realized that in the dram bringing ghee from Shantipur meant pure consciousness will arise in everybody and ‘Shantipur’ means place of peace (in reality people used to stay at Shantipur for mental peace  long  time ago, and the name had been given for this).


How the ‘Information loss’ theory of Stephen Hawking is revealed

22nd July, 2004, Thursday.

Early morning dream ;

I was going towards an unknown place by Metro rail from another unknown place. Though Tube rail, it was running through open space. The train was over crowded and it was night. I noticed that my next brother Asit was seated beside me and many relatives and knows ones were also sealed beside me along with my own father. Then I stood by holding the rod above. Suddenly I saw that a known person came from another place of the train and stood beside me and then and there the fast bowler Soeb Akhtar of Pakistan Cricket team came near me.  By touching his body with my hand I began to talk with him like a very intimate person. His body was very strongly built. After a while he went away. It seemed that the train stopped in a station. Without thinking I suddenly got down and it seemed to me as if it was Esplanade station. But immediately I realized that perhaps it was not my destination and so I was going to get up. But at that moment the door was closed. I saw that it was dense dark as if there was a load shedding. But surprisingly everything was visible just like I was looking through night vision spectacle. It seemed that I had to get down through the opposite platform. So I got down on the opposite side availing the footbridge. As soon as I got down,  I saw a row of meat shops both of mutton and chicken. In one of the chicken shop I noticed that the owner was seated there with his son aged 14-15 years. I asked the owner, ‘What is the name of this place’? The boy answered, but in such a low voice that nothing could be heard. I told them, ‘will you show me the way out’? The boy came forward and holding my hand went forward. It seemed that a flyover was on the left side and beside it there was a narrow lane and we walked through this lane. It was so dark but I had no trouble as everything was visible to me clearly. Suddenly I saw that a flock of pigs were coming towards us from the opposite side. So we stopped and they went away. Then the boy again holding my hand went forward. After a while I saw that we reached the end of the flyover where the lane ended. In front of us I saw the gorgeous roads with lights and buildings. The boy still was holding my hand and now reaching there he detached his hand and bringing his face near my face uttered with a very low but district voice said, “This place is known as ‘Nisith’ (or ‘Midnight’) and here the dream went off.

In the evening, a very striking meaning was flashed in the mind – each and every feature represented certain meanings – Asit means Nirguna (Black hole in macrocosm; Amrita means immortality; Nisith also means midnight or Nirguna. The seer was in complete darkness or lost in Nirguna. But he could see everything – it means his Divine Consciousness was in awakening condition even in Nirguna and not lost. The boy symbolizes God or Divine Consciousness who was always guiding the seer even in dark or Nirguna and ultimately took him to light from darkness. It means nothing is lost in Nirguna and when time comes it reappears again with new power. The appearance of Soeb Akhtar (Pakistan’s greatest fast bowler in cricket) indicates that he may have a change in his lifestyle and will become quite and calm.(After ten months in an interview by a newspaper he confessed that he was feeling an inner power within him). The narrow lane was quite dark and looking like a tunnel.

It became very surprising when in the next morning it was found in a Bengali newspaper that the world famous physicist Stephen Hawking established the theory some thirty years back that any material entering into the black hole (Nirguna according to Upanishad) is lost due to continuous radiation and it was named after him ‘Hawking radiation’. But according to Quantum mechanics it cannot be. It is possible that the matter swallowed by black hole revives again.

It was also astonishing that at Dublin in the midnight of Indian standard time in a science seminar without being invited Stephen Hawking appeared there to confess that his information loss theory was wrong and to correct it he appeared in the seminar to say that nothing is lost through Hawking radiation in the black hole.

The whole dream has established the corrected theory of Stephen Hawking in macrocosm, while in microcosm it was established thousands and thousands of years back by the sages in Vedic period.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume -3, February, 2012

 MARCH –1882, Place : –  Temple  of  dakshineswar

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

12)    “Such changes both of mind and body come over Thakur at evening and sometimes he looses all the senses of the outer world.”

A body having no iota of lust in it is a divine one . Thakur’s body was thetempleofGodas He emanated and manifested there in full measure . His was a divine body .Dusk is the bifercation between day and night . It brings a change in the outer world . So at dusk his divine body had a change as this happened without invocation on his part . Such change takes place in a divine body—a body having no least desire for creature comforts .

‘Looses all the senses’—means to get fully changed into God (Samadhi).

13)     “No, no evening prayer with rituals, Mine is not so.”

Evening prayer with rituals is but showy religion . It is for the beginners . Thakur was a master in the Supreme Culture—Brahma Vidya monks, had the same dress on .

The world . All that was needed in his part was either to remember or to hear any attribute of God or to think of God and God would manifest Himself in his body sometimes in half measure and something in full, and the inner-self of Thakur would be transformed into God .No show of religion can be performed by him who has attained God in him, as his inner self will be transformed into God no sooner he will remember Him .

14)    “ Who is this person of mold mine ? I feel an inclination attracting me to go back to him .

Is it possible for any one to achieve greatness without a thorough scholarly education”?

Lo, wonder! I would like coming again to him. Either to-morrow or day after, I shall be Coming again to him .”

Shri M’s purification of mind started at the sight of Thakur—God in person . Shri M was thinking of Thakur. Thought of God would purify the mind and body. A winged insect of rain has seen the glow of fire . It is sure to come and jump in the fire . It is not the glow of fire but luster on a gem and it will not burn though a jump is taken in it  .



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