(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 3, February, 2017          

Chapter 72

There is only one birth

July 25, 1960.

Listen, there is only one birth and there are no other births. A human being is Brahma, so past, present and future, everything is within a man. You have to do everything within this birth. There is only the present birth. Don’t take rebirth.

Jibankrishna or Diamond a new man

July 28, 1960.

See, I want to say one thing to you, who am I? I am a man. Do you know what type of man I am? A new man. Say why am I a new man? This is because whether such phenomenon has ever happened before? No, this is completely a new thing which never happened before. So a new era is created in the world – A new era in the annals of the world. I have never accepted any old tradition in my life. Still why are you seeing my form within you? Well, even if I suppose that the individualistic austerity is its cause and so I am not getting any other reason.

At my 13 years 8 months of age I have fully digested ‘Rajyoga’ and since then people used to see me within them. Then gradually I have become transformed into Parama Brahma (Supreme self) through different processes of Rajyoga. But I have never accepted any traditional and old prejudices whatever you will tell me, you will take from old prejudices. Being devoid of old prejudices how can you tell me?

Oh, even seeing my form within you is not also being accepted by me now, because I have crossed this region. Can you say what is the meaning of seeing me within you?  You will get my entities, though I do not know what is the effect of it. When this will manifest then only I can say. Because such thing has never happened before.  And see, whatever will manifest spontaneously within this body, that will manifest within the whole human race. When such thing will happen, then there is no need of saying about immortality about which I mentioned before. It is because I thought before that the whole human race would see me within them and then tally later on. But whether that is an absurd data I have understood. When this new thing will happen the world will be benefited. You are now seeing this oneness. But what a magic you are seeing! There are more magic which you will see in future.

So long religion is performed on the basis of fear of death

July 30, 1960.

Can you say, what kind of religion with fear of death has been performed so long? And what you are seeing now? A very strange phenomenon has manifested here. Better say in the sense of dualism, otherwise nothing can be understood. God has created this thing here.

See, a man is the doer, he is doing everything, on the other hand he says that God is doing it. As for example, see the case of Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna)! His hand was fractured, and lastly he suffered from cancer, now, has God done these things? Then you have to say that God is cruel. Whether God searches only the faults of a man? Is it His duty? No! A man is doing everything, though he cannot understand it, and so he brings an outer agency. Listen, a man is doing everything. This is ‘Brahmavidya’(Knowledge of supreme self) and this is indestructible.

So long everybody had been bearing this fear of death. But I am the exception. Only I am saying that I shall live forever. Am I giving the witness of such thing? No, the human race is bearing its proof.

Every human being is a cosmic man

July 30, 1960.

Say how many years ago it was said! Rishi (Vedic sage) Uddalak was saying ‘That art thou’! How strong was their brain power! Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) saw and heard the devotional chant of Sri Gouranga (Chaitanya, the founder of Vaisnava Cult in Bengal in the fourteenth century) with his companions at ‘Panchavati’ (Groups of five different trees at Dakshineswar temple, Kolkata). But how he had seen them he did not mention. Was there none there at that time of his vision? No, none saw Gouranga. Then Thakur said, They merged in my body’. See, this human body is very strange. A man himself is Brahma (Supreme self), so he can do anything. Even he can project a living human being outside from his own body.

I don’t accept past. Future is good because there is a scope in the brain. There are endless things inside the brain of a human being. It is good to think on these aspects. Past is dead.

Listen each human being is a cosmic man. The potential power exists in every human brain equally.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 3, February, 2017      

My strange experience with Jibankrishna (Diamond) as unknown man

Dr. Sasadhar Mukherjee

Part – 1

This amazing experience of life was narrated  by Dr. Sasdhar Mukherjee residing at Purbachal, Kolkata in the year 1996 :

“Now I am 25 years old on September 24,1996. Long time back from now, when I was about 10 years, I had a very strange dream. I saw in my dream that I was walking aimlessly through a muddy path. After walking for a distance, I noticed that the path was bifurcated into two directions, and saw a huge figured gentleman standing just at the junction. He wore a dhoti up to his knee and a Punjabi (a type of long shirt). He had short-cut hair on his head. He was standing there as if he was ready to catch me. I was walking very fast but as soon as I saw him, my speed lowered down. I slowly went to him, but saw that he had a glaring look at me.

Somehow I wanted to cross him. But holding my neck and pointing out the right direction he ordered me, ‘go this way’! Then and there my dream went off.

Then long time passed by. To-day so far as I remember, I was being diverted to a wrong life-style at that time by mixing with some notorious friends. Except study any other subjects I used to like. I realized now that I had a great change in my life after dreaming that huge gentleman whom I wanted to identify among a large number of people, but failed. Then as days passed by, I forgot that chapter.

After passing the secondary examination I joined Cossipore gun and shell factory at Kolkata as an apprentice. In Gun-D department one gentleman named Dhiren Mondal was an employee. I used to call him uncle. I used to notice that during the lunch interval he used to discuss and read a book with some of his colleagues. With a great curiosity sometimes I also used to go there. I understood that some religious books were read and also realized that the discussions were just the opposite of the traditional religions.

However, after passing the final examination of the apprenticeship with merits I joined Gun-A department and as a result, again a connection was made with Dhiren Mondal and then I heard the name of Jibankrishna or Diamond from his discussions. Though his comments were against the traditional religion, I always loved to hear these discussions as if it seemed that he was talking about our own selves. Gradually I felt a great attraction for this philosophy and grew some repulsive mentality against the traditional religion. I stopped going to missions & temples.

One day uncle said, ‘let us go to my reading place’. With a great enthusiasm, I went with him to the residence of Balai Das where every Tuesday regular discussion and reading on the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (written by Diamond as a Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realzation’) and a magazine ‘Manikkya’ on Diamond are held regularly Mr. Das was also our colleague. A huge photograph of Diamond was huge against the wall of the reading room. Entering the room my eyes were fixed on the photograph for a long period. Then I gave my attention to the discussion and reading. But frequently I was looking at the photograph, trying to remember that somewhere I saw him and seemed to be very familiar. I tried to remember and all on a sudden the scene appeared before me experienced when I was eleven years old. Oh, I saw this man on the street in my dream!

As soon as I narrated this incident to them, I came to know that numerous people used to see him in dreams and reality when he was alive and they narrated their experiences to him.

After this incident long days passed by though I used to go to Balai’s house off and on and came to know that Diamond often used to comment, ‘those who has seen me in dreams before coming to me or seeing me physically are spontaneous Shiva’.

Then one day I saw in a dream that we have purchased an old house. While I was observing its rooms, bathroom, kitchen, I noticed a huge hole in a wide place. With a curiosity I leaned and wanted to see what was there inside the whole. I saw a spider net at the mouth and strangely, instead of spiders, very tiny men were moving in the net. Seeing me they were moving very fast here and there within the net. It seemed as if they were the guards of that hole. Then I saw that a hand was coming out of the hole holding a full dish of Sandesh (sweet made of curd)as if for me and I also took the dish. Then and there the hand vanished inside the hole and at the same time a full length man came out, wearing white pajama and Punjabi with long hair tied on head and a snake with its hood opened, spiraling his neck and hands. It seemed to me, he was Shiva the God! I gave him the sweet and he ate a bit. Looking clearly I saw with a surprise, that his face resembled me and also notice that he was me! With a great astonishment my dream went off. When I was writing my dream, it flashed in my mind that Diamond used to say, ‘those who has seen me in dreams before seeing me physically are spontaneous Shiva’.  I realized that his comment came true through my dream though he demised long time before I participated in reading with Dhiren Mondal.



Volume 3, February, 2017          

Chapter 90

Narration  of  previous  dreams  to  the Holy  Ghost  and  his  blessings

410)   24th March, 1980 . Monday.  Place :  Shantipur

Early morning dream: The morning has started. I was in hurry to go to my school. In the mean time Diamond had come to me and it seemed to me as if Diamond had come with his physical body. Both of us were feeling joyous and spending the time with great joy. I felt no urge to go to school. But he was insisting me saying, ‘Go, Go, otherwise you will be late.’

So I went to the bus terminus, kept my line reserved and came back. As after long time I met Diamond, so I said, ‘In the meantime I had a number of dreams. Amongst them should I tell you about my last two dreams (21.02.1980 and 14.03.1980) first? And the meanings of these dreams which revealed in me, I will corroborate with your explanations, He said, ‘of course I will listen to your dreams. Then you start from the beginning. Oh! Devine dreams are so important!’ No sooner he uttered these words, symptoms of great ecstasy were seen in his body and each and every hair tips of his body became erected and his whole body became red like red meats as if the whole body became toasted. Pointing every symptom he said to me, ‘See! See!’ Along with it I was also having ecstasy. Then I was thinking, which of the dreams I would start – at the same time the last two dreams were not being remembered by me. Then I said, ‘my condition was such in these days that I used to feel myself within dreams even in reality.’ Hearing this Diamond said with ecstasy, ‘Aah! What a wonderful thing this is’!

At last I thought that I should tell him the dream seen on 01.02.1974, where coming out of the residence of my friend Nisith Bairagi I said to an unknown person, ‘America means capitalism – Individualism; Russia is Socialism – Universalism. So when I told Diamond about Nisith, he said, ‘yes, yes, I know Nisith, but he is a bad guy.’ Hearing this, I thought with a great surprise – why he was saying so!

However, in the midst of our conversation, I said, ‘Well, I had a dream where I chewed a woman named Prakriti (Nature). Well, even if this effect is not taken by body, but there must be a little bit taste of it’? He nodded. Then and there I thought that I should stand in the queue for bus, otherwise I would be late in school and Diamond was also wanting. So very unwillingly I went forward and Diamond also gave accompaniment. Both of us were in a very intimate mood. Looking at went on thinking – He is now 86-87 years age (in reality he would be of such age, so he is looking such old, but in spite of that he is walking so steadily! With great affection I told him, ‘come like this, watch the road, go cautiously etc.’ Once I said, ‘You know that at every 2-3 months interval I go to Dwijendra Nath Roy at Ghatshila.’ (In reality this used to happen). Hearing this he became very happy. As soon as I came near the bus terminus, the dream went off.

Firstly, here the dream and reality were merged together. Secondly as the effects of dreams will be established in the body of the seer, so these were corroborated and confirmed by the Holy Ghost.

In recent days since 2-3 months, a charge has come within the mind and body of the seer – a great peace as well as a continuous hilarity has come in the mind and which is continuous. Long time ago Jibankrishna (Diamond) used to say, ‘you will see that you will feel a continuous hilarity in your mind,’- this has come true in the seer’s life.

Vision of future – Leaving of attachment with ‘Manikya’ publication

25th March, 1980, Tuesday.

411) Early morning dream :  At the residence of Raghunath Sen’s residence at Taltala the matters for ‘Manikya’ magazine were read and discussed for publication. Khitish Roy Choudhury, Raghunath Sen, Indranath Mukherjee and Arun Ghosh were present. I was making some comments on the matter written by Asim Biswas, but noticed that many were not liking it. So I went on thinking, when they could not understand, I should keep silent. At this moment the dream went off.

The dream gave an indication of a future incident about my attachment with the magazine ‘Manikya”.

[Note: It came true when I became detached from ‘Manikya”’ publication.]

Completion  of  one  stage  of  austerity  and  beginning  of  a  new  one

412)     3rd April, 1980.  Thursday.

Early morning dream:  I noticed a huge waterbody where a large number of mushrooms were observed. I wanted to pick up one but when I was going to pick up, saw that inside there was a crab. I was unable to pick it up, but suddenly an unknown person came and throwing the crab handed over the mushroom to me.

The scene then changed—I saw a huge building and I was staying there, suddenly a huge swarm of locusts sat on my body and very quickly ate all hmyflesh of the body and saw that hmyown skeleton was lying on the ground.

The scene again changed—this time I met Nisith Bairagi, who in reality took and introduced me with Jibankrishna. While I was going to discuss with him about Jibankrishna’s affair he used to make adverse comments about him and I was feeling shock. Still I thought, probably Nisith was pretending such. Then and there my dream went off.

In the first dream it seemed to the seer that the future he may have new type of austere by the grace of God (unknown person) by eliminating ten sensual desires (crab).

Next scene indicated that the seer has completed a phase of austerity, as Sri Jibankrishna used to say that to see skeleton in a dream means completion of a phase of austerity .

The last scene probably confirmed the previous dream seen on 24-3-80 where Sri Jibankrishna made adverse comments about Nisith.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 3, February, 2017          


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “These house-holder devotees have got an attitude like that of Ravana who would enjoy the maidens of the Devahs and the Nagas and at the same time realize Rama”.

It is Vividisha and its promulgation and glorification.

Vividisha demands a strict renunciation of lust and gold. Ravana did not do so. But still he wanted to have Rama. Yes, he got Rama at the time of his death.

To get Rama – liberation at the time of death is no liberation. The Bliss of liberation is to be enjoyed during the lifetime. Liberation after death is but a superior imagination and a false consolation as there is no proof of it. It is but a great expectation based on high imagination – rather false. When a man is really liberated during the lifetime then he will be an Universal Man like ‘Diamond’ seen by thousands within them and it is real liberation – spiritual oneness with the rest of the humanity. Religion has its proof, otherwise it is high and poetic imagination! Lord, Lord, as I am real, this Universe is real, and so religion is also real, its proof is not to be given by an individual but en-masse.

  1. “Is there any chance for the worthless babul tree to bear mangoes”?

Tree – human body.

Babul tree – It is a worthless tree as it does not bear any fruit, nor it can be used as timber. It is simply utilized as faggot.
Babul tree is that human body where emanation of the Atman does not take place.

Mango – Symbol of Brahmajnan.

When a man attains Brahmajnan he sees that somebody places a ripe mango on his palm and he eats it. It is so seen here by almost all men who have seen ‘Diamond’ within them. It is but symbolic Brahmajnan. Thakur often compared Brahmajnan with a ripe mango.

According to Vividisha almost all the men are so born that there will be no emanation of Atman in their body.

But we have experienced a different thing and that is there is no babul tree at all. Every tree is a mango tree as he sees ‘Diamond’ in him. Such is Mahayoga; of course, it is beyond the scope of the ordinary Rajayoga as the Mahayoga makes a babul tree to bear mangoes.

No shortcoming in a man can bar him to get a mango and to enjoy it. He may not attain the mango-tree – the Absolute Equality or become the Man in the Sun but he has every right to eat the mango, i.e. Abstract Equality or Hiranmaya Koshastha Brahma and thus equates ‘Oneness’ with the Man in the Sun.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 3, February, 2017          

Seikh Alauddin from Rangaipur, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:
One day in the year 1998 I saw in my dream that taking a book I was going to read it and opening the pages I saw that in every page only the pictures of Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna were printed. Then my dream was off.
[The dream indicates that Sri Ramkrishna and Sri Jibankrishna are for all religions, because  they are universal.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream as unknown man

Ranajit Bagdi from Sultanpur , Birbhum has narrated how he saw Jibankrishna in dream without seeing his photo before. He has narrated his dream thus:
In the residence of my mistress a black fatty man like me was hiding behind a column. It seemed as if he was hiding there for 4-5 days. I asked my mistress, ”What to do?” she said,” Kill him.” So I killed him by twisting his neck and then according to the instructions of my mistress I packed the dead body in a jute bag and engraved beside a pond nearby. When I was entering into the house I saw that an unknown man was seated near a cow tied with a column. He had bare upper body and wore a dhoti. He had sacred thread around his neck. Seeing him a great regard grew in me and my dream was then off.
Next day due to some work I went to mistress  house and saw that a Bengali book “Dharma-O-Anubhutu”(Religion and Realization in English) were read. After listening to the reading for some time I narrated my dream to them. Dholoda showed me a photo of a person. I was amazed when I saw that I saw the same man in my dream. I heard that his name was Jibankrishna.
[To kill the unknown man like the seer means to kill ego consciousness. His animal passion was eradicated and divinity was grown by seeing Jibankrishna as his God-The-Preceptor. Wearing sacred thread indicates that Jibankrishna has known Brahma or Supreme Being.]

Tarun Banerjee from Gargaria,Bolpur has narrated his dream thus:
1.      On April 26,2003 I saw in a  dream that Jibankrishna was lying in our house and I was seated beside him. He seemed to be very kith and kin to me. I told him,” You know, I have kept your photo in my room. Shall I show you?” Then I brought the photo. But he did not give any importance to my words. I saw that the figure of the photo was not resembling his figure. I thought that perhaps his teeth fell and so he was looking much older. So I kept the photo. Then I told him, “Tell something about religious thing and tell me how to perform austerity.” He said, ”You should do cultivation. Do you understand…?” I said,” Now you get up and let both of us meditate.” He hastily got up and both of us started meditation face to face. Then my dream  was off.
[To cultivate means cultivation of the body to emanate Atma or soul and to proceed to Supreme Being. God-the-preceptor thus gives instruction to a seer.]
2.      One day at night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream that Sri Ramkrishna was murdered. I rushed there so that I could meet Sri Ramkrishna before his death. In a place forcing through the crowd I went near him. I saw that Vairabi (who taught Sri Ramkrishna about Tantra in his life time in the nineteenth century) was seated there immutably. The dagger was penetrated into his belly. Blood was oozing and he would die within a short time. I told him,” Thakur, please give your touch by your grace.” So extending his hand he touched me and said, ”You will have blessings.” With a great excitement I woke up.
[Sri Ramkrishna is the insignia of dualism and Jibankrishna is the insignia of universalism. Here the seer is crossing dualism with the blessing of Sri Ramkrishna to attend universalism.]






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