(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 4, February, 2017          

Chapter 73

Jibankrishna’s forecast- Controlling spiritual world

July, 1960.

I have understood one thing – Days will come when a man’s thoughts will control the whole world in spiritualism. Because, we have understood that nothing comes down from the sky whatever happens, are performed by a man, because above all a man is the truth.

This human body is Brahma (Supreme self). Where is Brahma?  ‘Sada Jananang hridaya sannibistha’ – He is within the heart of every human being. My form being manifested within the human body is bearing the proof that every man is Brahma. This is called self-evolution. This self-evolution produces principle. Again there are three forms of this principle – The casual body, Paramatma (great soul) and cosmic time. Then from this principle is produced cosmic law, This means merging in the five elements of Nature (Earth, fire, air, light and sky). Being projected from that cosmic law my form is manifested within you.

In lifetime Jibankrishna’s lifepower is merged in five elements

July, 1960.

Kapil (The great sage of ancient time) mentioned that this human body is made of five elements (Earth, fire, air, light and sky or void). Then afterwards with gradual disintegration of this power a man ultimately dies. But they could say nothing about the condition in between these periods. Then a man’s power can merge within those five elements. Such phenomenon has happened here, but they had no idea about it.

To see Jibankrishna (Diamond) within the body is the end of philosophy and beginning of religion

July, 1960.

Take the comments of Swamiji (Swami Vivekananda),’The end of philosophy and beginning of Religion’ (Hamilton). Now I am sixty seven. Go back to fifty years ago. Was there not any twelve years old boy? There were innumerable numbers. Why Thakur (Sri Ramkrishna) and Swamiji appeared in my dream? This is the end of philosophy and beginning of religion. Now anybody can say, ‘Sir, we do not believe that Thakur and Swamiji appeared within you.’ Well! Then why so many of you are seeing me within you? Why thousands and thousands people are seeing my form within them? What is happening there? This is also the end of philosophy and beginning of Religion. In the beginning this is mysterious and in the end also this is mysterious.

To see Jibankrishna (Diamond) within the body is a new thing in the world history establishing oneness

July, 1960.

You see me within you – who am I? Why do you see me within you instead of so many people? Who am I? If you say I am God or Brahma or Atma (Soul), those are your prejudices. If you say that I am a man, then I question why me instead of so many people? Is there none, whom you can see within you? No, the phenomenon that has occurred here cannot be explained. So you can say that a new thing has happened here. Then I am a new man. What this new man is doing? He is creating a new era.

Here all are same. There is no distinction between man to man.

In universalism supreme knowledge is the knowledge of oneness borne by human being

August, 1960.

The meaning of ‘Brahamagyan’(Supreme knowledge) depicted by the previous scripture writers is not understood clearly. But its real meaning is the knowledge of oneness and that knowledge will not stand when the achiever will say that. It should be announced by the human. What has happened here has nullified all those previous doctrines.

Two thousand and five hundred years ago Lord Buddha announced, ‘By self- exertion we will achieve ‘Nirvana’, and then Hinduism announced, ‘By self-mortification and self-exertion we shall achieve the supreme knowledge. And now what we are seeing? This supreme knowledge means knowledge of oneness. No, not the knowledge of oneness, it is rather oneness only and that is achieved spontaneously. So what has happened for this period of two thousand and five hundred years? We are blessed that we are witnessing that this oneness is achieved spontaneously and so our lives are honored.

The oracle of the future spiritual world

August 5, 1960.

Can you say how sorrow can be eliminated? When the human race will come and say, ‘Sir, I am you.’ As for example you are coming here saying, ‘Sir, I do not exist, you exist’. But still this won’t do. It contains roughage. When it will be all right? When in my spiritual thoughts whatever will arise will manifest within the human race. So it is not sufficient that so many people are seeing me within them. There are more things.

Listen, I have an oracle – ‘’Two more things will happen.’’ This term ‘will happen’ means it will happen in the world in future. It is not for me because who am I?



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 4, February, 2017          

My strange experience with Jibankrishna (Diamond) after his death

Dr Sasadhar Mukherjee

Part -2

After my first dream being in touch with Dhiren Mondal long period passed by. Once there cropped up some unpleasant situation in my working place. One day with disturbed mind I was seated on a wooden tool with my head down and a mental agony was persisting in me. Suddenly, when I was raised my face for a long breathing I saw the face of Diamond covering the whole place in front of me and then suddenly vanished.

A few days after this incident I heard an oracle, ‘wait for another year’. And really after one year this unpleasant situation vanished.

After a few days I saw again a very peculiar long dream. I saw a two-storied building under construction beside the border wall of Calcutta Airport. Only brick work was completed without framing doors and windows and plastering. I noticed that I was standing at one of the windows. Suddenly I heard the sound of landing of a plane. While looking at the runway I saw a plane landing. I thought that I could see clearly from the other window. But as soon as I thought it I saw with surprise that I was moving automatically without any pause and then began to fly. I crossed so many buildings, rivers, forests and so on. Gradually I saw more and more nice building as I proceeded. Ultimately when I reached the last palatial building, its architectural work exceeded all others. With a great astonishment I landed at the main gate of that palace and saw innumerable people of all sexes were engaged in meditation. Everything was illuminated with golden color. It seemed as if the inner portions of the palace was made of gold which was beyond my imagination. However, I landed on the golden floor and interrupting, the meditations of those devotees I asked, ‘Where is he’? Before getting any answer, I saw Diamond coming out from the adjacent room. Looking at me he said, ‘Oh, you have come! Pointing out to the gold made steps he said, ‘go to the 1st floor’. So I crossed the steps by flying again and then vanished.

Among my few dreams here is my last dream :

I was seated in a classroom along with many other students. In front there was a platform with a table and a chair for the teacher. Then I saw that Diamond came and sat on the chair and within a moment a student started asking him questions one by one. He was answering very calmly. This went on for a long time. Then from the midst of the class room a reporter stood and asked him, ‘This action of your spiritual power, is it still continuing’? At the moment it seemed to me, as if it was a Reporters’ conference.

However, Diamond, with a smiling face ‘you prove it yourself. Do one thing. One of you keep your hand on another one.’ I felt very happy and observed who put his hand on another one. Let me see the action of Diamond’s spiritual power. At this moment I saw that one of my colleague Bhaskar of the music school was seated on the last bench. He, intermingling the fingers of his both hands put on my neck and kept on pressing and gradually I began to lose my body .’senses. My body was becoming paralyzed. Somehow I stood on the open space beside I visualized that the national flag of India was waving and innumerable people beneath the flag were praying. But nothing was understood. In the meantime I could not resist standing for a long time and was on the verge of falling down. At this moment Diamond, leaving his chair came to me, took me out of the class and disappeared. Meanwhile I came back to my senses. I saw an urinal in front of me. I urinated there and wanted to go back to the classroom. But after searching for a longtime I couldn’t find that classroom. The dream went off.

Now I have no confusion in my mind. I have realized that Diamond is the truth. In every movement the name ‘Jibankrishna’ (Diamond’s actual name) appears in me and have know that we are one with him.



Volume 4, February, 2017                                                        

Chapter 91

Dream coming to reality

Vision of the glory of ‘Manikya’ magazine

4th April, 1980, Friday.

413) Early morning dream:  I have gone to my birth place Santipur. With me was another old devotee Dhiren Mondal. There we met a familiar boy Subhendu and had conversations for a while and I took him to my house.

Then we saw a boy with black complexion and drunken who told us harshly to follow him. With an attacking mood I asked him, What was he doing? He said, he used to arrange matters for the magazine ‘Manikya’. I became astonished. The boy then said that he was going to leave drinking wine only for this. I noticed that the boy, though harsh from outside became changed due to influence of ‘Manikya’. Then the dream went off.

[The dream indicated a future when human beings by merely reading books on Diamond will be transformed into perfection. In reality this is happening now and then. Innumerable people after reading diamond’s book and also the magazine on him are seeing him in dreams, trances and reality.]

Vision of future – Establishment of Truth

13th April, 1980, Sunday.

414) Early morning dream:  I saw that a narrow flag from one side of the horizon to another was waving.  I could not see my own physical body but only was feeling my existence. It was revealing in my mind that after a long-lasting war as if peace had come and only Khagendra Nath Ghosh and I had survived as witnesses. At this moment the dream went off.

[The dream indicated that ultimately the Victory flag of truth will be established on earth overcoming all the evils and the seer may witness an initiation of it.]

Vision  of  Future—the  lifestyle  of  the  seer

415)    27th April, 1980.  Sunday.

Early morning dream : I was singing with great devotion in an unknown language. After a while when I started singing with words. ‘Gobinda, Gobinda’(Lord Srikrishna’s another name), it appeared in my mind, why I was singing these ? So I started singing with name of Jibankrishna in various tones and styles, and then the dream went off.

The dream indicates that in the life of the seer only the existence of Jibankrishna will persist and nothing else. Besides this that in future there is a possibility that songs about Jibankrishna will be composed in various ways.

Preparation  of  field  for  new  phase  of  austerity

416)    10th May, 1980. Saturday.

Early morning dream:    I was visualizing a huge multistoried building with innumerable rooms and seemed to be a hostel building. I observed that rail lines were laid in each room all along the walls. A very beautiful train almost like a Japanese mono rail, were running through each room one by one. I was the only passenger. Completing all the rooms when the train reached a lowermost room in the ground floor, I noticed that the room was huge in size and merged in a very beautiful naturitistic garden without any wall in front. Both nature and room were merged. But again I saw that the room was filled with various materials quite unsuitable for laying rail lines.

Then I saw that my elder brother Pankaj (Janardan), uncle (Jyoti) and younger brother Asit and Malay respectively, all of them cleared up the room by removing all the materials. Then and there I saw that the room was completely cleaned and the rail lines were laid as if the train would travel in the room. At this moment the dream went off.

The dream clearly indicates the inner condition of the seer about the new phase of austere thus:  The huge building—Large capacityof Sahsrar or brain capacity ; New train—Life power with new vitality ; Many rooms—Cells of the brain ; All the rooms of different floors—Different cells of the planes of Sahasrar in both ascent and descent ; The lowest huge room was cleared by Janardan and Jyoti meaning God ; Asit—Nirguna or infinity from where new power comes, Malay indicates Mahabayu by which new realizations will be experienced by the seer in future by removal of obstacles by God .

Grace of Adyasakti or Primeval Mother – indication of new realizations 

417 16th May, 1980, Friday:

Early morning dream: First I saw my nephew Sanjoy of 12 years old, then saw a baby. Suddenly my mother came there and tearing the upper left side of the baby took out a nerve from inside. Then I noticed that the nerve was Knuckled in different places. The baby was crying and I forcibly held him tight. Mother rearranged the knots very quickly, placed the nerves in proper places and stitched the read. As soon as I woke up I felt as if my own head was operated.

Here the dream clearly indicates that the Primeval Mother by her grace prepared the body of the seer by removing all the defects for new and advanced austerity of the seer in future. This is also linked up with the previous dream.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 4, February, 2017      


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “When has worldly man leisure to think of God”?

Yes, you must have sufficient leisure to think of God and have sufficient time and leisure to give un-diverted attention to God; you must renounce the world and adopt the life of a monk or a roving mendicant. Such is the instruction and injunction chalked out in Vividisha for those people who want to have God by self-exertion. But even they cannot attain God, nay, impossible to alter the natural law as experienced and laid down by the sages of the past; if it is to come, it comes spontaneously.
All-knowing and all-merciful God is within you. He knows and understands your ins and outs more than you do. Yes, He is fully aware that you have not got any leisure – it is also His creation. So He has created the Swapna Siddha for you. Every man has leisure while he is asleep and in that sleep he reveals himself. So no life of monk or any other life is required. It is a false conception which goads a man to go this way or that way for attainment of God because it is individual spirit or egoism which makes him so. Whereas sleep is an universal state of the human race and to attain God in sleep is also an universal thing for any and everybody. No spiritual life of a monk is required at all, because a monk’s life is an individual life denoting special aristocracy. It is also so announced by Thakur through Suresh Babu (Surendra Nath Mitra of Simla) while he spoke before Thakur, “Let us sleep now and when we shall get up in the morning we shall find that we have become Babu”.

Babu – means God.

  1. “I want such a scholar of the Bhagavat who has sufficient time and leisure at his disposal to read the Bhagavat to me”.

Bhagavat is not a book to be read. The real Bhagavat is the realizations and the manifestations of God which an aspirant experiences within. God-the-Preceptor appears within and teaches him from the first plane to the seventh plane and till a man becomes God and appears within the human race – the reading of the Bhagavat is going on.

So it is said, Bhakta, Bhagavat and Bhagawan – the trio is but one; i.e. a devotee, the holy book and God – they are but One.

Religion is not a book but it is realization and manifestation of God within; nay a bit further, a man becomes God – “Thou art That”, and it is acknowledged by the human race!



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 4, February, 2017          

Ms. Kusum Malakar from Jibankrishna palli, Sriniketan (Bolpur) has narrated her dream thus:
One day at night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream Jibankrishna in meditation state.
In the next scene I told my father, ”I saw Jibankrishna so vividly that I can draw his picture.” He said,”Then show me.” I drew the picture and he corrected it. The dream was then off.
[The dream indicates that the seer begins to conceive about Jibankrishna though not fully. Her father was correcting her. Father is symbolized as god.]

Ms. Bharati Pal from Sultanpur, Bolpur has narrated her dream thus:
One day at night in the year 2003, I saw in my dream that due to heavy storm our house was wiped out. Sitting in a place I was crying. Suddenly I saw that Jibankrishna was seated in an earthen hut beside me. Seeing me crying he gave me consolation and said,”Why are crying? I am with you.” Hearing this I was filed up with divine joy. Then my dream was off.
[ House is the body with ego-consciousness. Storm is the movement of life power. Due to progress of life power towards Supreme Being in the seventh plane or Sahasrar, gradually the ego-consciousness is wiped out, and the seer cannot accept it. But when God-the-Preceptor gives his grace the seer becomes full of divinity.]
Jibankrishna seen in reality before seeing his form in photo
Ashis Karmakar from Gargaria, Bolpur has narrated his vision in reality thus:
In the month of February,2003 one day I was listening to the reading of Jibankrishna’s Bengali book “Dharma-O-Anubhuti” (Religion and Realization in English).
At the end of reading everybody touched the book on head and Rudra babu kept the book on a drum. My notice fell on the outline of Jibankrishna printed on the book. I saw that the outline became alive in the form of Jibankrishna. I noticed that two front teeth were slightly bigger and the eyes were large. Bright light was coming out from him. But strangely I never saw his photo. For a long time I kept on looking at him with great charm. Then the vision was off.
[The effect of listening to the reading fell upon the seer and he got the grace of Jibankrishna.]

Biswajit Mondal from Gargaria, Bolpur has narrated his dream thus:

One day at night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream that in a room there were many idols of gods and goddesses, like Kali,Nataraj (Shiva). That room was locked up. The side room was open, and inside was hanging a big portrait. The portrait was showing Hanuman (of Ramayana) with Rama and Sita inside his chest. Beside it a statue of Jibankrishna was kept on a throne. All the students standing in a queue were entering into the room and garlanding on the statue were coming out. Nobody was caring the portrait of Hanuman. Then my dream was off.
[Dualism has eradicated from all and they are achieving the sense of universalism or oneness. Jibankrishna is the insignia of universalism.]








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