(Translated from my Bengali book ‘AMRITADHARA’)

Volume 5, March, 2017              


Seeing Jibankrishna or Diamond within the body establishes oneness

August 6, 1960.

He is the God-the-Preceptor who is constantly fighting against this law of gravitation and holds this human body. Now you can raise this question how is that?

The most common feature of human beings is his life power. When this life power manifests within a human body in the form of a living body, then this life force becomes demonstrative and manifested. But that happens in the form of a living human being and it is in my form, though I am quite ignorant about this incident. You are the seers and you are the speakers. I am only saying about your visions. Now say what this form is doing after being manifested within myriads of people? It is uniting everybody in a point and this oneness.

A living human being’s form is the self of God

August 7, 1960.

What is the self of God? A human being’s form is the self of God. I am a human being. It is beyond any concept that so many conflict about God’s self occurred in the world. No other wars can be compared with the wars regarding religion. In Crused the Christian world gathered as many soldiers as they could and against them the Muslims gathered maximum number of Muslim soldiers. What was the conflict? Whose God is greater.

In India also so many wars occurred regarding religion. And here the Self of God is the form of a living human being. Where is the proof? The proof lies in you who are witnessing. Who has done it? How great is the magician who has done it!

‘Thou’ of the Vedic era is the ‘I’ of Diamond’s era

August 7, 1960.

Several thousands of years ago the great sage Uddalok was saying to his son Svetoketo ‘That art thou’. And after thousands of years Swamiji (Swami Vivekanada) echoed that comment in Chicago ‘ Thou art the man, thou art the woman, thou art the young man walking in the pride of youth, thou art the old man tottering with a stick.’

Now the sage Uddalok was saying ‘Thou art that’ – who is that ‘Thou’?  who is that ‘thou’ of Swamiji? None has given that answer for so long years. But who is that ‘thou’ to you? Who is this ‘Thou’? Yes say it loudly. This ‘Thou’ is ‘I’ to you. Who has created such miraculous thing? Uddalok was saying to svetoketo. He was a man and you are saying to me – I am also a living human being. With them it was higher imagination, with us it is a reality, and this truth was proved by you. The gift of this reality has been made by you to the world at large, to the whole human race! But even that I do not accept. I have crossed that stage. I have got the world within me. The world means the human race. At present I am seeing many of you within me during eating, sleeping or sitting.

This morning I saw a dream. Nothing is remembered except that there is a wire fencing and I have gone to the other side of that fencing.

Freedom of Soul or Atma does not occur after death – This life is all

August 7, 1960.

Hindu philosophy is so methodical and accurate, yet they are saying that after death soul or Atma is liberated. Once you die and instantly your soul will be liberated. Sometimes they are saying about the liberation in life, easy liberation (‘Sachhanda darshan’) or instant liberation but what is that none could explain. Almost all are saying about liberation of Soul after death.

Thakur is saying to keshab Sen (Stall ward figure of Brahma Samaj of Calcutta in the nineteenth century. ‘What will you get in those things (Life after death), You have come to this world to eat mango (Achievement of Brahmagyan or Supreme knowledge), you do it.’ This is better in one sense.

Lord Buddha also never talked about life after death. When asked about that, he kept silent. But it is a strange thing that after his demise with all glory ‘Jatak’ was written and he is saying that I was such and such in my money previous births. But whether he said this could not be corroborated during that time.



(Translated from my Bengali book ‘Tales of Divine Dreams’)

Volume 5, March, 2017           

Sarat Chandra Dutta

Part – 1

A group of people saw Diamond in dream after coming in Contact with the companions of Diamond. After hearing his name during discussions, they started seeing Diamond in dreams.

Sarat Chandra Dutta is such person residing at Benepara Lane of Kolkata (Calcutta) who came in contact with Murari Dey, a regular companion of Diamond in his life time. Murari was his neighbour also. After discussions for a few days Murari requested Sarat to go to his watch shop to listen the reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna and ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (Bengali version of ‘Religion and Realization’ written by Diamond based on his personal divine experiences). From that time onwards Sarat began to go there regularly and within a few days he started seeing divine dreams. Afterwards he submitted some of his dreams for the magazine. These are as such:

On 16th May, 1990. I was dreaming that a tall strong and stout man appeared before me. He had long hairs and told me, ‘you recite the name of your religious teacher ‘Satchitananda’ (God-the-Preceptor). He is the teacher of all. You recite like this – I pray and submit to you the Preceptor Satchidananda. Recite this eight times. Nobody is there above me. You have no worry about your family. So you can think of these’. Saying this he wrote those words on a paper with red ink and disappeared.

When I narrated this dream to Murari, he showed the photograph of a man. As soon as I saw it I recognized him as the same man in my dream and came to know that he was Diamond.

On 8th June, 1990. I dreamed that Murari was calling me knocking at the door. When I opened it, he said, ‘let’s go, have a walk in a place’. Both of us went out, though we were quite ignorant about our destination. After walking for a distance, we crossed a narrow path and reached a house. It was made of mud and inside one large room we saw Diamond sitting on a cot surrounded by many devotees sitting on the floor.

The reading of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna was finished just at that moment. After a devotional song Diamond noticed us and told Murari, ‘you have come so lately! Reading and devotional songs are all finished. However, sit well. Whom have you brought with’? Murari told him everything about me. Hearing everything from me Diamond remarked, ‘It is good. At such an old age (in reality I am old) he got God-the-Preceptor. He need not take any hymns’.

Then all the devotees left. Even Murari also left leaving me alone. Diamond said, ‘Murari has left! It would be better to massage me with oil’. So I said, ‘Well, I am massaging you with oil’. He said, ‘So you do that’. I started massaging him and went on thinking, Murari left me alone, how can I go home! When I finished massaging Diamond told me, ‘you can go home without any trouble’. So paying my salute to him I came out, and my dream went off.

Dream on 12th June, 1990.

At 2-30 AM, I dreamed that I was walking through Linton street of Kolkata. There was a Shiv Temple at Linton Street bus stand. I reached that temple. The door was closed. Opening the door I saw Diamond sitting alone inside. I asked him, ‘Are you sitting here along since morning’? He said, ‘Being tired after a long walk I am taking rest here’. I said, ‘I am lucky that I could meet you in the morning. Please give me your foot dust on my head’. When I was bowing down to his feet, I noticed butter on the fingers of both of my hands and I started eating butter with a great joy. My dream then went off. [ Here butter symbolizes Atman or Soul. ]



Volume 5, March, 2017           

Chapter 92

Revelation  of  Previous  dream  and  indication  of  other’s  spiritual  condition

418)    19th May, 1980.  Monday.  Place:  Ghatshila.

Early morning dream:  I saw again the same baby as seen in my dream on 16-5-80. I was patting him and trying to trace where the operating was done.

The scene changed. I was telling one of the senior devotee, Sri Indranath Mukherjee, ‘The mental condition does not stick to one point, it always fluctuates and this is the reason that you have so many anomalies in your editing (for publication of ‘Manikya’). But you know as soon as Jibankrishna is seen within oneself, yogas always persist and it cannot be felt. After this conversation I saw other devotees e.g., Baren Mitra, Ramchandra Das etc and then the dream went off.

The first scene indicates the confirmation of the effect in reality about the dream seen on 16-5-80. The second scene revealed the reality as was happening in recent days.

Grace  of  God during austerity

419)    22st May,  1980.  Thursday.

Early morning dream:   I was approaching towards Howrah Station via Howrah Maidan. I was passing in front of Bangabasi Cinema accompanied by my elder brother Pankaj (Janardan). Waking a few yards  I saw that the rood was closed. Even if I would approach, the road was in a very dilapidated condition. I said to my brother, ‘we have money in the bag. If we approach more, evil people may snatch your money’. So we turned back and availed grand trunk road. In the mean time the dream went off.

The dream clearly indicates the inner condition of the seer’s body when during the upward movement of life power towards the advanced stage of austere there many come many channels causing harms to the seer. But when God Himself (Janardan or elder brother) protects, the seer is saved and the life power avails the right track. Here the G. T. Road symbolizes the right channel Susumna nerve of the body, wgich is the main nerve to Sahasrar.

Grace  of  God – Annihilation  of  unnatural  mental  condition

420)    25th May,  1980.  Sunday.

Early morning dream;   A class was going on and  Jibankrishna was the teacher. The students were many of his devotees. Suddenly saying something Jibankrishna went to the back bench and slapped somebody. The student cried loudly. I turned my head and saw that Souren Bhattacharjee was slapped. I went on thinking that at  Kadamtala he used to be scolded by Jibankrishna in the past and now also he was slapped! I also thought for what reason he was slapped! Then and there it appeared in my mind, there must be some faults for which he was slapped. The dream then went off.

In the next scene I saw a scorpion. I went on beating it with a broom, and then saw it vanished.

The first scene indicates that through other agency the Holy Ghost was eliminating the faults within the seer. The second scene also indicates that the evil things are also being eliminated.

Elimination  of  ten  physical  senses – Vision  of  King Ravana

421)   5th June, 1980. Thursday.

Early morning dream:   First I saw Indrajit, a hero of Ramayana, then saw Ravana, the king of Lanka as described in Ramayana. He was lying on ground in the battle field almost half dead and was covered with a sheet of cloth up to his neck. Only the face was visible. The skin color was a bit blackish and had a large moustache. He was trying to say something to me, but due to his grave condition could not say anything. At this moment a song on Rama was uttered from my mouth and then gradually the song faded away when the dream went off.

Here the dream indicates that the seer will overcome all worldly passions by seeing Indrajit (who wins over physical passions) and at the same time Ravana shows that the seer will win over ten physical senses. Song of Rama means Oneness which will be achieved by the seer.

Vision of twelvth plane of the cerebrum

422). Last week of May, 1980.

Early morning dream:  I saw a house having twelve stories, and I had ascended on the top of it. The dream then went off.

[In Vedas it is mentioned about only seven planes within a human body. Here house represents the body. Twelve stories mean twelve planes. There are innumerable realizations in different planes. The dream indicates that the seer may have realizations in future above seven planes, i.e., exceeding Vedas.]

Achievement  of  power for  transmitting  spiritual  power  to  others

423)    18th June, 1980. Tuesday.  Place :  Ghatshila.

Early morning dream:   In the first scene I saw that I was going towards Alipore via Hazra road. Nearing Kalighat I saw a man almost half dead lying on the road being run over by a vehicle. The grey matter of the brain and the stomach were detached from the body. As soon as I crossed the body, the man stood up. With great surprise I noticed that the man was my elder brother saying to me, ‘It happened due to an accident’. Immediately I took my brother on the shoulder and started for a hospital, but having no taxi I was running here and there. At last a private car driver agreed to take us. When I was about to start for hospital, the scene changed.

In the next scene, I saw that I had some unpleasant situations in my house and I said, ‘I am leaving the house now’. Nobody chased and  with a broken heart I left the house. After going to a certain distance, I saw my elder nephew Sanjoy and younger nephew Sandeep were seated in a place. The surroundings were bushy and they couldnot move. I caught hold of their hands and by beating the bush started for the house.  Meanwhile the dream went off.

The dream gave an indication that in future all of the seer’s brother and nephews might see Jibankrishna through the influence of the seer.



By Diamond picked up in the street

Volume 5, March, 2017           


Place  :—Temple  of  Dakshineswar .

(Henceforth  Shri  Ramkrishna  will be  spoken  of  as

Thakur” when required  as  it is so  done in the  Gospel )

  1. “While the Pundit left the world, he sent a messenger to the King with the message – Yes, O King! Now I have understood”.

The best interpretation of the parable is that the Bhagavat is not to be read or to be heard but to be realized and established within. Even in that case it cannot stand. It becomes a set-up Siva and not a Siva coming out piercing the womb of the earth (body).

The parable is fabricated in the light of Vividisha. A man carries God with him and within him. If God (of course, not in form – to see God with form is to see Ishta – in the sixth plane), the specified realization of God where knowledge of God is given by God-the-Preceptor (‘Jnana Murtim’ – the form of Knowledge), is to be seen then He is seen within you and nowhere else. You carry God with you and within you! A man is not required to go away anywhere else for God. God is for one and all and it is in ordinary course of life and no extraordinary course is to be adopted. ‘Extraordinary’ means Individualism and ‘ordinary’ means Universalism.

  1. “Regarding all female genital organs – they are the genital organ of my own mother (Matrijoni)”.

Indeed, it is a curious thing. One’s own mother’s genital organ is seen in the cerebrum. Then and then alone each and every female will be looked upon as one’s own mother’s genital organ, otherwise not. Religion is not a mere set of words or rosy and cozy ideas. It is a definite object of realization and there its effect will be in action in the physical body of the seer. Of course, this realization is a rare species. But yet, it is realized. This is another insignia which reveals that lust is evaporated from the body.

An instance of experience is quoted here. In the little assembly of ‘Diamond’, a student of the M.A. class of the University of Calcutta is a regular member. He is one of those people who saw ‘Diamond’ before they heard his name and saw him. He at the time of seeing ‘Diamond’, was a student of a district college some 400 miles off from Calcutta. Subsequently for further higher education he came to Calcutta and was astonished to meet ‘Diamond’ and that was also in a queer way. Then his realizations started and they knew no bounds. One evening when the little assembly was dispersed, the young man kept on sitting. ‘Diamond’ asked him, “Have you got any special thing to tell me”? The boy with tears in eyes said, “Yes, Sir. How is it that in dream I saw my mother’s genital organ”? ‘Diamond’ inquired, “How did you know that it was your mother’s genital organ”? The young man replied, “Somebody told me, sir”. Then the thing was explained to him. Such wonderful thing exists and happens!

Yes, again it is but an individual realization and a rare thing. In the Universalism the question of male or female or father and mother does not arise. Everyone is ‘Diamond’ in the spiritual world irrespective of any question concerning dualistic form.



(Translated from our Bengali magazine ‘Manikya’)

Volume 5, March, 2017           

Ratan Kisku from Gopalnagar, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:
One day at night in the year 2003, I saw in a dream that I was walking on a road. I saw a canal in front. One of my students said,”Sir, how do you cross it?” I said,”I shall cross by jumping.” So I jumped and crossed the canal. In front I saw a branch of the same canal, and in the water there were many devotees of Jibankrishna. Seeing brother Snehamay I also jumped into the water and reached its source swimming against the stream. There I saw that from a hole water  was coming out and an old man was seated there, with bare upper body and wearing a dhoti. Nearby there was a slab for sitting. I was debating  with my companion for sitting there. I said,”One of us will sit there by showing greater spiritual power, by closing our eyes and two fire balls fell on us. When I woke up I realized that the old man was Jibankrishna himself.
[Water is the grace of god and by spiritual power Supreme knowledge can be achieved.]

Manoj Bhattacharjee from Srikanthapur, Birbhum has narrated his dream thus:
One day at night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream that I was reciting the name of God keeping my right hand on my chest. Suddenly I saw that Jibankrishna was seated in air in front of me and is smiling . Opening my palms I saw a sweet light in it. I looked at him. He said,”Can’t you understand?” Saying this he disappeared. The dream was then off.
[The sweet light is Atma or soul which is mentioned in Upanishad as Atma inside the palm for a true devotee of God.]

Seeing Jibankrishna in dream before seeing his photo 


Sovan Dhibar from Abinashpur, Birbhum has narrated his dreams :
1. Today  I was perplexed and astonished seeing a photo of Jibankrishna with my teacher Snehamaya Ganguly. I thought that he was very familiar to me. Many times I had seen him in my dreams. Even last night I saw him in my dream. I saw that a big stone was floating on the pond. I was observing it. From my back side a gentleman called me and took me with him in an adjacent room. He discussed with me for a long time and gave me many advice. I asked him,”Will you give me that stone which is floating on the pond? I shall take it my home.” He said,” Well, you take it. But come here from time to time.” I returned home with the stone. My dream was then off.
Now I understand that the man seen in my dream was Jibankrishna himself.
[Floating stone-Living in a family life with great apathy and sense of ego-consciousness has become light. Jibankrishna is God-the-Preceptor who gives advice to the seer through dreams. To come to him off and on means to be in regular spiritual practice.]
2.One night in the year 2003 I saw in a dream that I had become a child and holding my hand Jibankrishna is walking forward. I was having a great divine joy and then my dream was off.
[God- the-Preceptor takes the responsibility of the devotee in the spiritual world. Here the seer has got his grace.]
3.One night in the year 2004 I saw in a dream that after reciting Jibankrishna’s name for a certain period my body became light and I flew in the air. Then by flying gradually I moved higher and higher region and ultimately saw the galaxy. From that galaxy I moved to another galaxy and then approached to the black hole surrounding  which this galaxy was encircling. Coming nearer to this black hole I stopped near its centre. There I saw chromosom  like double helix structure. Then it was transformed into luminious Jibankrishna in meditation posture. I was charmed seeing this. Then again I came back to earth by flying and my dream was off.
[Black hole is the infinite Brahma or Supreme Being which is transformed into Jibankrishna. His form is stamped within every human being as he is universal.]
4.One night in the month of October,2005 I saw in my dream that I was going to a royal palace. I crossed six apartments. Then at the time of crossing the seventh apartment the gate keeper wanted me to show him my gate pass. I took out the magazine “Manikya” from my pocket and showed it to him. He became happy and allowed me. Going inside I met the king and got a great joy. After waking up, I realized that the king was Jibankrishna.
[Jibankrishna is the king of spiritual world and his dwelling place is the seventh plane of every human being.]
5. In the year 2006, one night I saw in a dream that I was approaching through an unknown road. I met a person and saw that inside his body  Jibankrishna  was seated. Going near him I said loudly,”See, inside you  Jibankrishna  exists. He is the concentrated form of your life power  and he is your own self.” Hearing this the man went away with a great surprise.
Thereafter  I saw Jibankrishna inside everyman whomever I met. Seeing this everytime I ran  towards them  and said loudly the same thing, and my pleasure went on increasing. With an extreme  pleasure once I woke up and the sense of Jibankrishna’s existence within everybody was working inside me resulting increasing my regards for the human race.
[The seer has achieved the sense of oneness.]